The Many Cravings of Kim Possible

BY : lilo1013
Category: Kim Possible > General
Dragon prints: 1973
Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or any of the characters. I do not make money off this story. This is for entertainment purposes.

Hey there. If you’re reading this right now, then you already know who I am. I’m Kim Possible. Global Heroine, protector of all, you know, Call me, Beep me? I hope you remember because that was a long time ago. You might be wondering why is that? Well…I already saved the world. Yeah. There’s nothing really left for me to do at this point.

Most of the villains I knew back then have all been captured and placed behind bars for a long…long time…Excluding a few who you’ll learn about soon enough, many of them don’t try anything stupid and no one waste their time trying to cause any real problems. So…what’s a girl to do now that she doesn’t need to save the world anymore? Just live her life that’s all.

So do me a favor…follow me through this new part of my life. Getting through the rest of school, my family life and most importantly…my sex life. I hope you won’t be bored by what happens and enjoy every second of it. I know I will…

Waiting with open arms and legs, Kim Possible.

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