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There was a young boy named Ben  who moved to Ocean Shores, 

And he didn't know anyone until he met 4 cool kids the boy with sunglasses his name was Otto,  the girl with the purple shirt and purple hair was Otto's sis her name was Reggie, and the two boys the boy with the N on his shirt his name was Sam and the other boy with the blue t-shirt on and the angel-winged helmet on his head his name was Twister,  that's when Otto said... "Hey,  you must be new to Ocean Shores,  Hi I'm Otto Rocket it's nice to meet you umm...I didn't get your name 

And that's when Ben my name is Ben Rocket- Rodriguez,

That's when Otto said... Well, it's nice to meet you Ben, and welcome to Ocean Shores, 

And Ben said Thanks  Otto said Ben, 

And Ben said .. Wow Otto I can't believe the weather it's  really nice today, 

Say Ben have you ever try to skateboard before huh Ben Otto asked him,

And that's when Ben said... Otto, I tried to teach myself how to skateboard, and would you believe that my skateboard broke into 2 pieces huh Otto?

And that's when Otto said, Ben, I can get you a new bord from my pops shop,

And that's when Ben thought about it for a second,

And Ben said..Otto are you sure your pops is going to be cool with you getting me a new bord from his shop huh Otto?

That's when Otto says Ben  will you trust me ok cause my pops wouldn't mind if I getting a bord to a new friend, 

Hey Otto I am getting kinda hungry  said  Ben you know any good places to eat around here huh, Otto

Ben asked him and Otto said that we can go  to the shore Shack to grab a bite to eat,

while Otto and Ben was walking to the Shore Shack,

That's when Otto started to smile at Ben,

And that's Ben had to ask Otto why are you smiling at me like that huh Otto, 

That's when Otto said Ben I know I shouldn't say this to another boy that I just met said Otto,

But Ben I think you're a cute boy 

And that's when Ben started to blushed,


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