Dear Teacher...

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Something new was coming at Springfield School. Something many of the inhabitants approved, something others rejected and some others who were simply unsure whether it would have actually worked at all.

The matter of fact was sex ed. This new educational program had been delayed for some years in Springfield, as many inhabitants didn't deemed it necessary, mainly because of the fact that they believed young folks shouldn't have learned such matters. Other people, instead, tried to argue saying that scholar institutions were the safest place where younger generations could learn about the various matters about reproduction and mating.

Whatever the opinions were, the program was soon extended to both school's main classes. Even then, both groups were divided between those kids who were either curious, scared, those who were more than curious and those who simply wished they were somewhere else.

And among the kids who were positive about the new program, it was none other than the first-born of the Simpsons family: Bart

There were a few reasons for why he was so excited - both mentally and figuratively about the prospect.

First one, he himself has always been a playful, quite enjoyable and snarky pest, whose knowledge about matters which sometimes exceeded the recommended target of his age. Such matters involved discovering things about pornography on his own, thanks to knowledges he acquired from his friends. He did have the opportunity to make "research" of his own, not only by watching videos and stuff, but also finding articles about the different "subjects" - all thanks to his deceptive craftiness.

Until recently times, at least in his eyes, he was sure nobody in his family ever discovered how much informed or instructed Bart was before the official educational program was approved - well, everybody with the exception of Lisa.

Bart's booksmart sister did know what his brother was up to, and once she almost caught him with his hands in the dough (well, not exactly there, but I'm sure you readers guessed it), and she was so close telling her mother about it. Bart however pleaded her sister not to tell it. He promised her he would have made everything necessary, so long as she didn't reveal anything to his parents.

Even though Lisa didn't like such sneaky behavior - even though she completely expected it from his brother - she came up with the perfect blackmail: if he was capable of bettering his grades in less than a month, she would have kept the secret until her tomb. Nobody would have ever found out about Bart's promiscuity.

Naturally, Bart was taken aback by her sister's own cunningness. He should have expected such sneaky tactic from his smart sibling. However, that's not to say Bart hated Lisa, nor Lisa enjoyed looking at his brother suffering. They did love each other quite fondly, as they both supported the other way around over the course of the years. Bart, in particular, has shown loads of support towards her sister, who he still considered quite cool and enjoyable as a person. On the other hand, Lisa sincerely did such bargain for his brother's own good. As far as she was concerned, Lisa wasn't bothered about his brother's own peculiar discovery about sex and reproduction; in fact, she wasn't that much more pure compared to her brother, since she too did her own research - not to the same extent as Bart did, but she still enjoyed the prospect of learning more about sex and all that was concerned. She just wished his brother didn't rush things too much, as well as not to be careless.

So, considering what he had to fulfill, Bart was very lucky. What he didn't know was that, he would have soon felt even more lucky and happy in the coming days…

In fact, the second reason Bart was so excited about sex ed was who would have led the lessons, and to his surprise, it was still her favorite teacher, Edna Krabappel. Before the time Bart started doing his own private research, she did find the middle-aged woman quite interesting and funny, both as a woman at work and as a woman in personal life. He even considered and told her that she was a nice looking lady, something the woman did appreciate, but something she deep down didn't share so enthusiastically.

Edna herself wouldn't have watched her body and say to it: "Wow, Ed! You're still quite hot for your age! C'mon, there's plenty of life to live outside!" - which is something she actually said to herself once looking at a mirror, and then immediately punched herself for the embarrassment. Edna thought that she wasn't really attractive anymore. She felt her wrinkles slowly covering her cheeks, her fat slowly covering both her armpits and the tighs. Because of this, she stopped taking too much care about her overal look and hygiene. She thought that, at this point in her life, what kind of man could have ever found her attractive or enjoyable? Edna herself did have a tendency to always be too much honest and straightforward with her words. Some people even described her as "disrespectful, annoyingly sarcastic and uncaring about shame", all because of the skirt she wore since the first day she came at school. Some parents believed it to be too short for students's sensitivity, which was something Edna never agreed, nor even cared about changing or bettering her look in any way.

Like mentioned before, she didn't believe in love anymore. Her own character was not the most welcoming of them all, and believed that nobody, outside of that wimp of Seamus Skinner, would have ever tried an avance towards her. One thing she had running her thoughts when she was particularly depressed was:

[Tsk! At this point, the least I would expect is a declaration from a student. Ah, like that is going to happen!~]

Despite the fact that Edna didn't find herself all that great as a person, Bart did actually enjoy Edna's character and attitude - especially once the whole educational program was about to be started. In a way, the whole program let Bart reconsider his thoughts about Edna in general, and discovered that, through certain aspects, Bart believed he and Edna were very similar. Always bothered by the tranquility of normality, desperately trying to break free and feel alive once in a while. Bart, obviously, had no idea about Edna's own issues, both at work and in private, so all of these thoughts were simply the impressions of a young teen who was slowly approaching adulthood. Bart still was happy believing such prospect, and couldn't wait any longer for the lessons to begin.

Of course, he tried his best to fulfill Lisa's sneaky blackmail, by studying and bettering his grades over the course of the month and, to both kids's surprise, Bart did manage to improve his grades. Sure, they weren't anything exceptional, but still, receiving a C was always better than continuous F's. Not only Lisa, but both Marge and Homer congratulated Bart for his efforts. Even teachers at school and Skinner himself noticed quickly how Bart was improving his scholar performances. Over the course of the month, there was nobody at school who wasn't talking about Bart's transformation. They even started telling made-in-the-moment stories about "the pest who turned genius!" and stuff like that. But, the most surprising of events happened when, during the last class work, Bart was complimented by the whole class, including Edna herself. She walked near Bart's desk, layed a hand on it, and stared at the young teen deeply in the eyes.

It didn't matter how many times Bart looked at her: it felt like he could never hate her, no matter how many times she annoyingly scolded him. But, that day, she didn't scold him: instead, she leaned her face closer to him, and softly said:

"Good job, Bart. I knew you had something brilliant inside that spiky head…" and she applauded him as well as the rest of the class.

For that brief moment, Bart felt like his heart just jumped out of his chest while riding a skateboard and playing heavy drums. For the first time in like 14 years, his favorite teacher, his favorite woman only after his mother, just congratulated him. Right in front of the whole class. Normally, he would feel ashamed for being called to the class's attention by an adult, but this time he was happy like he never felt before. And Edna talked to him while being so close to her. He could even smell her usual body scent - a mixture of cigarettes smoke and spoiled whisky. Not exactly the most pleasant smell for a young man, but he found it so captivating…

[Mmmh, perhaps being good at school isn't so bad…], he thought to himself once going back home.

Bart himself had no idea he could be so gifted. He wasted so much time playing and pranking around he didn't know he had so much potential. At first, he only studied hard because he had to. He didn't want Lisa to have it won, and he himself was reluctant talking to his parents about matters like "puberty" or the sex ed. When Marge told him to always pay attention to the lessons, not to take the matter seriously until he was mature enough and all kinds of maternal advices, Bart always nodded his head, smiling at his mother, so that she would feel reassured. And, of course, Lisa was the only one who knew what Bart was hiding and she knew he was only pretending to be good - still, she couldn't ignore his progresses in studying.

She even assured herself Bart didn't cheat or use any tricks. Bart himself did his best to try avoid counting on such means and, over the span of a month, he felt changed and… different.

How could this be? Was that what it meant to… grow up? He didn't know for sure, but something inside his small chest was pushing him forward to a path which, might not be the one he thought was the best one for him, but the one he felt was the right one for him…


"Yaaawn! Oh yeah! This is the day, folks!" Bart said to himself, jumping up and down on his bed. Today was the day of the sex ed lesson. He was impatient to discover what matters would they have discussed about?

[Mh, ehehe! Would we talking about this one? Or the one about that? Or, maybe… uuuh, nah! That would make Ralph crying!~] Bart was counting his fingers, slightly drooling from his mouth.

"Bart! Stop shouting like that, or mom would listen to you." Lisa was walking by Bart's room, while brushing her teeth.

"Oh, 'morning Lisa. Isn't this a good day for studying and enlarging our brains?!" Bart performed a forward flip from his bed, landing on his feet and putting his hands on his hips, like a superhero.

Unbeknownst to him, Lisa was chuckling at him behind her mouth. Bart asked why she felt so happy laughing at him. Lisa then smirked and said:

"Hihih! Oh nothing, big head. It's all because you look… way too enthusiastic to begin!~" Lisa pointed her finger downward and Bart looked where she was referring too, and immediately blushed.

His pants were showing a small buldge. It looked so stretched outward his pants would have fell down at any moment. Lisa, to Bart's surprised, wasn't disgusted about looking at his excited brother, and laughed at him. Bart covered his pants immediately and tried to think about an answer:

"Oh y-yeah?! W-Well then, y-you look like someone who still… wets its bed!" Bart said, hoping his words worked on Lisa.

But, again to his surprise, Lisa was unfazed by that attempted insult. She smirked once again and said:

"Mh? What's that? I think it's the voice of a barking head!~" Lisa dashed fast towards her room. Bart tried to catch her, but Lisa closed the door just in the nick of time.

"Ah! What's that? Are you afraid?!"

"No, Bart. Why should I? You seem enough quivered enough, ahaha!"

Bart snorted and walked to the bathroom:

[Dang it, Lisa! Since when she started talking so blatantly to me? And, why it seems my catchphrases have lost their touch?... Ugh, what is going on?! But, enough with these thoughts!]

He sat on the toilet. He lowered his pants and grabbed his erect penis with both hands:

"Today is going to be a good one!..."


Despite what Bart believed the lessons were going to talk about, once the first hour started, it became clear that the whole expectations were broken like a car glass hit by a football.

Despite the fact teacher Edna was leading the lessons, everything she explained could be summarized in one way: explanations, explanations and - you guessed it - even more explanations. Everything that were shown were slideshows after slideshows of scientific representations of both male and female reproductive apparatus, and nothing else. Then, a whole bunch of expositions and recommendations that were so common and uninspired even someone as detached and uninterested as Edna was almost falling asleep. She clearly didn't want to be in that place any longer. She thought she had better things to do, like buying a new postal market, buy the 13th cigarettes pack of the week - anything would have been more exciting than this.

The only student who wasn't completely bored out of the whole class was, surprisingly, Bart. The only reason he was following the lesson was because of Edna. For some reason, her uninterested and obstinate tone wasn't bothering him: on the contrary, he had his eyes following her lips for the whole lesson.

[Uh, if only I could join her. She has no idea of how many things I could teach to this class!~... Or…]

"Ehm, excuse me, teacher Krabappel!" Bart lifted his hand, asking for a question.

Edna, whose eyes were almost shutting down and was surprised from Bart's lifted hand. She exclaimed:

"Oh, it's Simpson! Eheh, I'm surprised you learnt how to lift your hand in class after all these years. Tell me, do you have any question regarding this 'interesting' lesson?" her mouth contorted in an annoyed grin. She was struggling so bad.

[Is she… Is she being sarcastic?! Ahah, oh, she's so funny every time!..] "Oh, well, I-I wanted to ask - but, please, would you promise me you won't feel scandalized?!"

Edna lifted her eyebrows, as so many of the classmates did also. Since when Bart learnt such word? Since when was the last time he even talked so politely?

Edna, still slightly bewildered by Bart's genuine awe, gently said:

"Oh, don't worry, Simpson. Remember, we are here to learn about these subjects. So, what is it?". She sat on her wooden chair, putting her elbows on the desk an holding her face with her hands.

Bart looked at his teacher. The more she looked at her, the more happy yet uneasy he felt:

[Ghaa! She looks so lovely and curious, like a fawn~ What do I do?!]. He sheeply wiggled his leg back and forth and looked downward on the left. He wasn't sure if he should ask for something like that. What if she…

He was sweating as he noticed his mates were looking curious at him. And then…

"Uhm, a-actually, it's nothing important, teacher! Ehehe~ Ehm, s-seriously, k-keep on going with the was just a stupid idea~" he was blushing a little and scratched his neck. He then shook his head in "no" and sat back on the chair.

Edna now felt strange and, low key, worried about her now new favorite student. His face was deep red and didn't seem to want to look at her in the eyes. She then stood up and asked:

"W-What is it, Simpson?... Bart, is there something wrong-"


The bell rang throughout the whole school, signaling the break time. Edna gasped for the sudden noise and clapped her hands.

"Ok, class. It's break time. Come on, go play outside! We'll resume the lesson in 20 minutes. See you later!~" Edna greeted the students who were slowly walking out of the classroom. She was smiling at them, but inside her head, she felt like she just unhooked an anvil because of how much bored she felt that morning. She was screaming with herself:

[Ghuuuuh, thank goodness! I swear I was about to scream for help!... Uh, if only the fun stuff could be displayed, I bet how many laughters I'd had, eheheh~... But, "No, Edna~ We can't, because children are so innocent and pure~ - tsk! I bet at least half of my class watched a couple of videos between yesterday and today, and the other half was frightened thinking about how their own bodies function! I mean, come on! Just grow up a pair! It's the best part of life and people treat it like a curse, but there's so much porn about it!... Oh well! One hour left, and then…]

As Edna was drowning in her own mind swamp, she noticed that Bart was still sitting on his chair, not following his classmates outside. He looked thoughtful and his face was still blushing, like when he was about to ask for something a few minutes ago.

Edna thought that maybe, she should talk to the boy. Even though she was hating that morning, she couldn't hate one of her students. He also proved to have been so diligent and capable in the last month, not just with his grades, but his own manners were better. She too aknowledge he was going through change, and perhaps what he needed was a confidant for a face-to-face dialog, without anyone present.

"Ehm ehm! Bart Simpson!" Edna called for the boy, once the other students had left the room.

Bart snapped out from his personal suburb and lifted his head:

"Y-Yes, teacher? W-What is it?"

Edna crossed her fingers and said:

"Well, I was going to ask you if maybe… You could tell me about what you were going to say before?"

Bart gulped heavenly, his face still turned deep red. He felt his heart beating faster. He didn't know if it was right to tell her or not. What could she be thinking about him? She was starting to appreciate his new self, and he was about to tell her that.

Bart grumbled with himself and said:

"C-Can I, teacher? I-I already told you it wasn't important!~" [Graaah! No, no! Now she's probably thinking "What?! I'm available for you to help and you reject me like this?!"]

Edna was still smiling and slowly walked towards his desk, saying:

"There's nobody here, Bart~ Just you and me!" She squinted her eyes as her large smile still stood on. "I thought you may have needed a confidant to talk with without interference. Come on, let me sit here~"

Bart didn't have the time to reply again that Edna had already pulled out a chair from a desk on his left and sat on it.

"Whatever you want to tell me, it's going to be between you and me, only…"

Since they were now so close to one another, Bart could get a clearer look on her teacher's look. Her hazelnut colored hair were swollen on top and both her sides, and messy bangs were covering her front. To Bart's surprise, her face didn't have any noticeable wrinkles, and her skin still looked in good condition. Her cheeks were slightly pink and looked soft and plump. She had thin lips with a slight trace of lipstick, similar to a baby's lick. Her clothes choice was the same as usual: a deep green jacket and a light blue shirtless top under it. Once looking at the top, for only a brief second she glance at her chest, because of the sharp slit on it. Her two mammals were still in good shape, round and straight, not flabby like other similar middle-aged women. On her lower body she was wearing a greyish long skirt which revealed her overlapped legs, which still looked plump, especially the calfs, but with not much body fat on them. Her shoes were also the same: a simple pair of deep brown house bootee worn on her long feet.

As Bart's eyes traced back her whole body from top to bottom, he met her eyes again, and his heart was still beating fast. He was sincerely captivated by this good-looking lady. Something which never crossed his mind - at least, not to the extent he was perceiving it right now.

[Ghaaah! Dang it, Bart! Control yourself! You know she's still really pretty, but don't be too happy about it, or else we are in deep doodoo!]

The only positive thing about all of this was that Edna seemed to have understood his need: he appreciated the gesture, and kept thinking how to ask her what he was thinking. However, right near his lower body…

"Ahem, eheh, I-I appreciate your availability, teacher! Ah, ehm, good lesson overall! Eheh~". He wasn't sure about how he started the dialog. He was trying to slowly endear the woman, who he knew for sure she was hating the same lesson in her own right.

In fact, Edna snorted with a smile and said:

"Ahah, it's nice for you saying that, Simpson! But, in all honesty, this lesson is sooo boring~" she rolled her eyes in annoyance, and giggled to her student. "But, please, don't tell anybody. I can't do that much~"

"Oh! I get it! The secret will be forever sealed in my mouth! I promise, eheh!" Bart saluted like a sailor, and giggled too. Edna smiled at him - despite his shown growth, he still looked like the same snarky pest she knew. "But, being serious now… b-before, during class, I… I wanted to ask you if… if you could-"

Edna neared her head closer to listen to Bart. As she was hearing those words, she was starting to have a clearer idea on what he was referring to:

"Yes, Bart? What is it?"

Bart panted a little. He was still uncertain.

[Do it! Don't do it! Do it! Don't do it! Do it! Don't do it! Do-] "I wanted to ask you if you could show us a practical video for a demonstration…"

The air around the student and the teacher felt heavier and colder than before. They were still looking in their eyes, waiting for whether any of them would have talked to the other around, or not.

Seconds passed. Other seconds passed. Edna was bewildered.

[What? So… that's what he wanted to ask? Well, good lord he didn't tell anything in front of the whole class!~... Uh, if only sex ed could be this funny, Bart… But, still…] Edna decided to keep her teacher's persona active and asked:

"Oh! Uh-ehm, eheh~ W-Well, Bart…" The boy looked at her teacher's face. She was blushing too and her eyes were turned aside. Maybe he did tell too much. Maybe she was going to scold him. But the teacher said instead: "... Just asking you… Do you watch porn at home when you're alone?" [Gheee!? ~ What are you doing, Edna?! I said "teacher persona", not "milf persona"!... Hope he's not offended - nah, who am I kidding? He obviously watches them all days~]

Bart was blushing more profusely. He wasn't expecting such boldness within her approach. Bart was unsure how to answer to such blunt question. Sure, she promised him what they will talk about is going to stay a secret between them, but still, they were talking about sex! He knew things in a way, but Edna knew things the way adults know them.

Bart tried to regain confidence and said:

"Ah! Ehm, eheh - that was truly destabilizing, teacher~ [Oh, good! Now I talk like a Lisa!]... Well, I… I do watch them, b-but only some times, I promise!"

Edna chuckled hearing the boy's innocent voice. She knew he wasn't completely honest - and that made sense. He was talking to the teacher, not the woman behind it. However, Edna's inner voice was telling her not to be completely serrated towards the needy youngling. Matters like these require a more "human" approach, not just a strictly "pedagogical" one.

Edna then decided to relax her face's muscles and ask the boy:

"Mhmh,I'm glad to hear it, Bart. But, you do know those videos are fake, right?". She pleaded Bart wasn't feeling uneasy in any negative way. She was there to support him and would have done everything to help him, even if that meant she'd need to lower herself down to the human level.

Bart, meanwhile, was feeling reassured by the apparent gentleness and welcoming spirit of Edna's voice. So, he said:

"W-Well, I think so. I mean, who could go all out like that for a whole hour without tiring out or without needing the bathroom?!". His voice was higher than normal, so Edna quickly put a finger on his mouth.

"Ssh! Keep your voice down, Bart! Who knows who might listen to us?!... Sorry, go on. You now have my attention" [Oh well, at this point, I'm ready for everything…]

Bart cleared his throat and said:

"D-don't get me wrong, teacher! I just thought that, maybe, just maybe, only a little (*squinting his eye*) more 'practical' part would improve the lesson's quality. But, I wouldn't be using any extreme video for demonstration. Just something soft and easy, like one where they kiss, or one when they unite their organs together-"

"Ok ok, I get it, Bart!" Edn put a hand forward. She understood the kid was far from being the last naive birdy. He seemed to know that much, just like any regular teen would also know, minus the practical side of the education (fortunately for her, she got that right). Also, fortunately for her, the kid did have good faith. He proposed the unthinkable, yet he attempted a solution - quite risky, sure, but still a noble attempt. Unfortunately for him, she knew too well the implications of such inclusion in the program.

Now, it was her turn to say her opinion:

"Uh, if only things could be so easy, Simpson… Not everybody is ready to learn about sex the way you did - which, according to common logic, should be considered unhealthy - but you, you seem to have a good common sense. And I'm grateful for that~" She smiled at the boy, who also smiled back.

He thought that the teacher could be trusty for real, and so he said:

"What do I mean is that, those videos could be shown for the purpose of teaching students on how not to or how to do such moves, and why certain moves aren't appropriate for their ages! It's better than nothing, don't you think? Otherwise, we will grow up without enough informations!" Bart had no idea whether those words came out from his mouth or if some booksmart inserted a vocabulary right into his ear orifices.

Edna snorted and then changed position, overlapping the legs on the opposite verse. As she did so, Bart glances quickly down her legs and could see the higher side of Edna's inner legs, the one very, very close to the panties. He gulped and turned his sight. Edna then wiggled her left foot up and down, to the point where only her toes were covered and the rest was hanging out. She was feeling particularly tempted for the tone this conversation was going to have:

"And that's the main issue with these lessons, Bart! How could they expect teens are going to learn everything about sex with just these textbook expositions. Is it important to lear about what a vagina is made of? Yes, but there's not just that! Is it important to know all the sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of condoms? Absolutely! But, ~don't you even think about spending a few words about what comes after the lesson. That's the part of the fairy tail nobody wants to talk about - the "dirty side", the "hosé", and all the taboo-turned terms. I mean-uh, I don't know, why can't they make us teach you how to kiss someone?.. " Edna kept talking, while Bart was left dumbstruck.

Bart's eyes were transfixed for what he was looking at and his ears captured every sound of Edna's words. The way her hands waved left and right, her lazily half-closed eyes now widened and full of vigor, and her hair wiggling along her head. He never saw her teacher leading the lessons with such fervency, such passion, such… *stiff*

Just as Bart was about continue the speech, he felt something. Something hurtful. Something… hard, was poking his pants down on his body.

[What? Oh no no no no, not now! But, why?! I'm not seeing anything like-uh…]. Bart immediately lowered his hands and tried his best to cover his ensuing hardening and squeezed his legs as much as he could, hoping to cause it to soften down. His blue shorts were stretchy: in just a few seconds, its buldge would have been visible.

[Damn it! Now I wish I could eat my shorts now! - Graah, what am I thinking?!-]

"So… was my answer satisfying for you, Simpson?" Edna concluded her speech where she was discussing (with herself) what could have been taught in class but couldn't because of all the policy restrictions and stuff like that.

She looked at Bart, hoping he wasn't mortified because of the way she was talking. Deep inside, she hoped Bart didn't listen ⅕th of what she was explaining.

Bart, however, seemed to be worried about something else. She looked closer to him, wanting to know what was happening to him, but then Bart said:

"Ah! Eheh, yes, I-I agree with you, ahah~ Ehm, anyways, I'm thankful for y-your support, and I know this won't never happen~". He was trying to act as casual as possible (poor execution, in his mind). ".. A-and I also never imagined y-you'd be so open and passionate with me, teacher~"

[W-What? What did I just say?!]

Bart felt like a spear just pierced through his still palpitating heart. Edna stopped her movements, wanting to make sure she didn't misunderstand what she just heard. Was Bart… complimenting her?

"What… what do you mean, Bart?". She didn't want to scare the blushing boy, and gave him a reassuring smile.

Bart gulped heavenly and tried to explain the point he just presented:

"I-I mean to say t-that… I-I was afraid n-not just because of m-my proposition, but a-also for h-how you would have reacted too… I thought you'd react like a teacher, but you were talking like a… woman"

Edna was slightly taken aback by this affirmation. She felt like she could cry at any time, but restrained her emotional face. She wanted to hear what the boy meant:

"What do you mean I "talk like a woman", Bart? "

Bart was about to stumble his words, but he breathed deeply and said:

"I-I mean… the way you spoke to me wasn't the way a teacher approaches her students. Those were the… words of a simple woman. A real woman. I-I never expected this level of confidence, and I'm sure it wasn't easy for you, because - you know, eheh? Sex, and stuff like that?... Uhm, a-are you ok, teacher?"

Edna's wiggling foot let its shoes slip off, as the teacher was staring at the boy. Her hands were covering her mouth, the fingers trailing up to the eyes, which were filled with tears. Tears of joy…

Bart was taken aback by that reaction. He was still busy trying to overcome his growing erection and wasn't completely focused on what to do next. So, in order not to stay still any longer, Bart looked down and saw Edna's shoe laying down. He said:

"O-Oh, don't worry. I-I'll pick up your shoe! Heeere it is-". Bart's hand moved down towards the shoe.

"Ah, *sniff*N-No, Bart, don't worry about that-!". Edna just said so when she was lowering her foot in order to put her shoe back on her own, when it layed it right on top of Bart's hand.

Compared to it, Bart's hand looked so tiny. The upper side of the foot was pressing on it and, even though the contact was supposed to last only for a second, the whole sensation seemed lasting for full minutes. The tiny hand was enveloped by both the warmth of the inner shoe and the foot's skin, which to Bart's surprised for what he could feel, was really smooth. All five toes grazed Bart's forearm as well, as the young Simpson gasped for the shock. The physical contact was causing his body to shiver in a way he never experienced.

[W-W-What is this sensation?! I-It's just a foot, b-but… is this how a woman's body feels like… warm a-and… A-a-aaaah!]. Bart was still processing what was just happening when his eyes turned downward a few centimetres as he looked at both his hands.

They were both no longer covering his pants… which means [W-Which means…!]

He didn't need to express his uneasiness, as he could see Edna's face expression which spoke for itself. From Edna's eyes perspective, she was looking at the kid trying to take the shoe, and once she accidentally layed her foot on its forearm, she gulped and gasped as well:

[Agh! O-Oh, this looks so i-inappropriate… W-Well, it's only so if he is actually attracted to… to… A-Ahhh!]. However, her unpredicted foot placement wasn't the only thing reason why she was so flustered and red on her face. As her eyes turned a few centimetres upward, she glimpsed something she wasn't (completely) expecting. Her eyes couldn't avoid taking a look at what was happening between Bart's bent legs.

A swollen long buldge was stretching the boy's shorts. Its tip was quivering like it was excited for something. The teacher couldn't hide her discomfort as her face was contorted in shock… or was it really the case?

[W-Whaaat?! I-Is that his excited noodle?! F-From a 14-year old like him? B-But, why is he so excited?!... Damn, it looks so swollen and long~- Ah, stop rumbling like that! It's inappropriate towards him!... But…]. Then, Edna's confused mind started putting two and two together, and she realized something. [W-Wait. He was covering himself a few seconds ago when he was complimenting me. It was really cute from him, b-but… Could it be he turned… Too much excited about it?! But, it looks like it excited for at least a few minutes, not just because of the foot touch… C-Could it be-]

"Ah… Ahem, B-Bart?". Edna's words stammered a little as she pointed her fingers towards the still embarrassed boy. "Y-Your penis is… erect!"

Bart felt like his heart, which was already pierced by a spear, was slowly detaching itself from his rib cage and sinking down hill. He hoped she didn't comment about it, but she did and now, he was feeling miserable.

He was excited because of his teacher, and his brain couldn't process whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Everything Bart could say, still panicked, was:

"Eeeeeh?! Ah! D-Don't look at it! I-I-I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry! I d-disgraced y-you! B-But… I couldn't understand it, really! [Yeah, sure, Bart! She's obviously going to fell for it! You were sooo convincing!... aw, damn it! But, she still looks so nice and lovable~]

Unsurprisingly for Bart, Edna's eyes looked anything but convinced, but she didn't seem to be as disgusted or revolted as he expected. She talked to him, gulping down and removing the hands from her mouth:

"Mmmh, are you sure you don't know about it, Bart? You know…", she said so while nearing her face towards the still paralyzed boy. Her face was mellow looking as her eyes weren't looking away from his covered buldge. "Boys get this excited once they look at something they really enjoy looking at… T-Tell me, Bart…".

She cleared her mouth as her eyes turned towards the boy's face, who was almost pale because of how close her face was to his:

[Uuuugh! She's so close to me! It's really not helping me, but… I wonder what she's up to?! Why isn't she disgusted or angry?]

"C-Could it be…" Edna then played with her rough hair with her index. "... You are attracted to me?"

Right before his eyes, Bart wasn't looking at his teacher anymore. She was looking at the person behind it. The woman Edna was used to be in private.

"I-Is it bad if I say so, t-teacher? W-Wouldn't you punish me f-for even thinking about it?!". Bart looked so scared he was afraid of saying anything different from formalities. Sure, Edna wasn't angry-looking or revolted - but still, his answer would have determined his faith from there on.

"Ohoh, that depends!~ But, don't feel sorry, Bart~" Edna giggled covering her mouth. "It's all natural for young boys to be excited looking at women! It's a natural process which is anything but surprising~ So, feel free to answer me, Simpson. Come on~"

Edna was standing up from the chair, while putting her shoe back. She was curious about the boy's answer.

Surprisingly, Edna didn't have to wait too long:

"... yes…. yes, teacher. I… am attracted to you!... B-But, I can't help myself! You are-"


The school bell rang once again. Both Bart and Edna looked at the window and saw all the other kids running together towards the entrance. They will soon be back to class. Edna cleared her voice, and rubbed her green jacket, shutting her eyes.

"Oh, well, Simpson. The bell saved you, this time around!"

"B-but, I-I was going to say-"

"Not now, Simpson!" Edna moved her finger towards the boy. He gulped in fear, still believing his teacher was offended despite her behavior telling the contrary. "Your classmates are coming back fast, so there's no more time… But, let me tell you only one thing, mister!"

Her tone turned immediately serious and authoritarian, the same one Bart was used to hear for many years once he was acting naughty.

[Oh, man! Here we going again!~]. Bart shut his eyes, ready for what Edna was going to shout him…

"Thank you, Bart". Edna said, her face turning soft all of a sudden, while she was resting her hands on the desk. "... Thank you for having been honest with me… and for me… You really are a good young man!"

Her face was happy like Bart never saw before. Her cheeks were arched outward and her eyes squinting in a natural way. Deep inside of her:

[.. Mmmh, was it too much for him, Edna?... Ah, it doesn't matter anymore. What's done is done… And besides, he still looks so cute~]

Bart was bewildered by Edna's choice of words. They were the complete opposite of what be was expecting. Was he having a fever dream, or what?

[.. Un-be-lei-vable! She...isn't angry!.. But, what does she meant about being honest "for her"?]

The silence of that scene was broken as the other classmates rushed inside the class altogether.

Bart gasped in shock, as his mind was still floating in a blank fog. He couldn't only stammer:

"Ahem, uh… T-thank you too, teacher. W-We'll talk another time, ok?!". He said so, and turned his eyes down on his open books, trying to act as casually as possible. Even though he feared he might have offended her and told him 'This is wrong, butthead!", a part of him wished to complete his speech, which sounded really like a confession.

Edna chuckled at the flustered timid-looking boy. She knew herself their conversation was far from over. The teacher felt the kid had much more to say to her. The scholastic circumstances though weren't the right place for the occasion…

[Ugh, what is wrong with you, Edna?!], her mind tone being sore and self-centered. [He's still a kid. He needs to know better than this! Is that really the way you want to approach him?! Like a milf?!]. She was really perturbed about what would happen in the next days, but one side of her was trying to push her forward and not let this moment go, like many times she did in the past. Bart's words still resonated positive and helpful in her mind, and she could not forget it…

"B*_*". That sound was everything the young man could hear from his desk, as the other classmates were chatting and laughing with one another as they sitted back too. Bart couldn't understand what his teacher was telling him, but he could watch her fingers rolling up near her face, like to say: "Later on, not now" - at least, it felt like it.

One thing was for sure for the young man: this was truly a lesson he would never forget. Not just about a lesson about sex ed, far from that. A lesson… about life. The life Bart thought would have never turned upside down so suddenly, as everything seemed to have changed in the span of those long and seemingly interminable 20 minutes…


The last hour of education did flow pretty much without any other interferences, if it wasn't for the fact Edna was looking even more disinterested than what she was already. As she scrolled the slides, her monotonous tone was dominating the classroom's silence. The students as well were starting to bore profoundly, even those who were frightened by the images and the terms exposed. The only one who wasn't either bored or disinterested was Bart himself. He was far from being bored: he was histeric inside his own brain. A stream of words, dirty thoughts, complaint, dirty thoughts, worries, and - did I already mention 'dirty thoughts'? He was nervously looking at his teacher, trying to guess what she could be thinking right now, despite the gentle words she said to him before. But, he couldn't understand the last phrase she said. He was growing more paranoid, but the positive thing was that he could feel his excited member softening. His pants were softly deflating, and he took a sigh of relief.

As he was nervously caressing his hands distractingly, he noticed - or, at least, his nose did - that the hand which touched Edna's foot and shoe at the same time was still warm. A shiver ran up his spine remembering that embarrassing physical contact, but something inside his brain was telling him to keep that memory and not let it go. He checked the teacher, as she was now sitting - more accurately, lying down on the chair - snorting exhausted and overlapping her legs on the desk. The kid gulped by that sight, as not only her legs were slightly uncovered, but her two feet nervously wiggled left and right. She was beyond boredom, and she pulled out a cigarette and lightened it. It wasn't unusual for her to do so, and this habit too was one of the things people - the scholars's parents, in particular - disliked about her. She didn't care not one bit, however. She did understand that her class as well was starting to bore. As Edna was inhaling the thick smoke, she often checked over her feet to see how Bart was doing, and to her shock, the boy was… taking a sneaky sniff on his hand?! She could clearly see the boy slowly nearing his nose on the hand… she carelessly touched with her own foot?!

[Uugh, what is he doing?! Is he a smell fetishist?! He could at least do it at home, come on!], Edna was mumbling with herself, while on the outside, she scratched her sore calf. They were tingling because of all the time she stood up that morning. Her shoes weren't helping either: their stiffness was making his own soles sore as well. However… [Oh no, mister! I'm not going to give you that satisfaction! So, no. No shoes off… but still, he looks a little perturbed, and… he looks so innocent while trying to taste that smell… I didn't even wash myself yesterday!... Does he really like me, that much?!... Mmnh, what should I do?]

Meanwhile, Bart took his face off of his hand, hoping the teacher didn't notice him. His nostrils were still itching, as he inhaled a few times, still trying to act casually.

[Damn! I can't believe I've actually done it!... Uh, who would have thought I liked this smell? Well, if it's the smell of a nice woman, then why not?... I wonder how long it would take before she-]

"Well, students!" Edna exclaimed suddenly, taking off her legs from the desk. She stood up, hissing a little because of her relaxed soles now itching in pain. She said to the class: "Since we already finished our lesson, you have the rest of the hour free"

Just then, the whole class exulted in unison, but Edna tried to keep the charade quiet with a hand clap. "Ehm ehm! As long as you keep your voice down, and stay in the class. I have to go out for a bit. So, stay here and be quiet, right?! See you later!~" Edna gave a forced smile to the jubilant students as she was walking out of the class. Her steps were fast and heavy: she seemed to be in a hurry.

[Ugh! That's it! I can't take it anymore!... Screw this boredom!]

But, just as she was close to the opened door, she turned her head, and looked somewhere in the middle of the class. Her eyes were searching for Bart's spot, which she did find. Their eyes were connected with one another, as the kid was curious to see where his teacher was going to.

Then, she gave a smile to the kid - a kinda melancholic and saddened one - walking beyond the door and closing it with a move.

From the class's perspective, that smile looked like it was meant for all the students, like the teacher cared about them. However, Bart knew that gesture was for him. There weren't too many reasons for why she would be happy that day. The lessons were beyond boring, the rest of the class was way less interested than what she was, so why would she want to stay any longer among those uninterested sheeps? Bart did kinda understand the reason why she went outside. If he were she, he would have left the room right after the first half of the first hour… or, is he? Did he really wanted to stay in the class for the rest of the hour?

[I wonder where she went? Should I… No, maybe not. What if she finds me out?! B-But, she looked so unhappy. Was it because… of me?] A series of doubts were flowing inside his brain, but his inner voice was still trying to push him further… he thought that, maybe, she needed his help. Maybe, this time, he could support his teacher, just like she did it with him… yeah, just like… that.

Bart then decided to stand up and slowly walked towards the door. A few students were trying to tell him to stay here in place. Bart, however, smirked smug at them, and said:

"I need the bathroom! I'm not going anywhere, you dorks!~"

He then slowly opened the door and checked the corridors. The atmosphere was mostly quite, as only the background mumbles of the near classrooms were audible. Bart looked at the left corridor, and saw the far, small figure of Edna quickly walking along that way.

For an instance, Bart had the impression she was turning her head backwards, like she thought somebody was following her. Everything she saw was the closed door of her class. Edna snorted nervously, as her hands were put near her low belly. She caressed it and let her fingers trailing down more and more. She sighed while walking towards a small room nearby.

[Uff, uff! Contain yourself, Edna! Only a few more steps, and - ah! That's it! Good luck it was unlocked!]. She opened the door she was looking for and closed it, yet leaving a small opened narrow so that the room wasn't completely soundproof: this way, she could hear outside noises…

Meanwhile Bart, his heart beating up fast because of that risky attempt, was still breathing heavily thinking when Edna almost caught him sneaking from the door. His steps were quite and slow. Being as sneaky and careful like he always was, he followed his teacher's path. She saw her turning behind the corner, so he proceeded accordingly.

[Uh, this is so wrong! But, what if she's crying? I mean, women cry when they are sad, and she was going towards the bathroom that way!]. Bart knew the teachers' bathroom were located right down there.

He turned around the corner and was looking for the bathroom, when he heard a strange noise coming from another door, a small one, right a few meters away from the corner. It repeated itself again and again, like some kind of serrated sigh.

Bart recognized the tone. Edna entered the storage room, where all the brooms and mops were put.

[Ms. Krabappel? What is she doing there?] Bart noticed the door had a narrow opening, and from its current position, he could see an uncovered knee. It was twitching up and down, while the noises were still going. In order to stay hidden as much as possible, he crawled along the wall and tried to peek through the narrow.

He thought at first Edna was crying or sobbing, but the way those noises went going was different… it sort of reminded him of…

[Mmmh, I don't know, but where did I already hear this noise… It was like…!]

As Bart managed to sneak peek through the narrow, he saw what his dirty mind was telling him just a second ago. Teacher Edna was kneeling down, balancing on her shoeless tiptoes, while her hands were touching both her chest and… her intimate parts. Her left hand was fondling her breasts, wiggling up and down and sinking her fingers into the fabric of the shirtless top. Her jacket was lowered and her shoulders could be visible. As for her right hand, it was crawling intensively under her skirt. He could see her fingers moving around under the cloth and her toes were trembling. Edna's eyes wer shut and her mouth was wide opened while soft and slow moans of pleasure were emitted from it. She panted faster as her hands moved faster as well. Her right hand was increasing her maneuvers, and the boy could even see a few drops of liquid leaking down her skirt.

"Mmmhn, yes… Yes! Ooowhn~ Nngh, yeah, that's the only good thing during such heavy days… aaaAaah!~ If only I had a man who could give me some fun, that would be the top, but-mmgh! Men are all the same…"

Bart heard every single word, and his heart was beating up like never before. He was used to watch naked women on videos all the time, but the sensation of watching a real woman touching herself was way too different from that…

[So, that's how men feel when watching a real woman… Uuuuh, I think this is wrong, b-but she's so sexy and her moans are so cute~]

Edna then gasped louder as she was feeling the climax, and Bart, who was more than reddish on his face, turned his head around, as he too was panting more worried now.

She was watching as her teacher was touching herself, just like his own sister used to do at home. He couldn't avoid hearing her own moans during night when he wasn't touching himself, and thus he understood what was happening.

[Whoooow! S-She's touching herself! Damn, her legs were so plump and her breasts were so big! Oh well, at least she's not crying! Fiú, I was afraid about what if she found me out-AH!]

Bart looked down in shock as his penis was stiffening once again. The mesmerizing sight of her teacher playing with her privates was tempting him once again, and he felt the need to touch himself right now, but then he slapped his hand away, trying to contain his impulses.

[Ok, no! Not here! She could be exiting any time. Only 10 minutes are left before the hour ends… Better get back to class!]

Bart decided to relax himself, while trying to hide his hardening and quickly walked back to the classroom. He didn't care whether his steps were louder than before: he couldn't afford being seen in the middle of the corridors. He already saw more than what he bargained for, but it was more than worth the risk. He still couldn't believe it. He just witnessed his teacher masturbating herself - not that he believed she never ever touched herself, but the fact she just touched herself in one of the school's rooms was astounding, and quiet captivating in his mind.

[Ohohoh! I can't believe I've seen it!... Ah, teacher Krabappel is so sweet… If only-]

Bart thought to himself while re-opening the room of the class and closed it, making sure it didn't make too much noise.

Edna, who just wiped her wet hand using a towel, put her shoes on and slowly opened the door, checking whether somebody was walking through the corridors. She turned her head left and right, and sighed. Hopefully, nobody heard her own moans. She realized they were louder than usual, but that morning, her urge was way too intense, more than usual… She thought about it for a second and, as she lifted herself up and began walking back to her class, she scratched her neck and sighed.

[Uuf, it's always a good relief~… Oh, fine, 10 minutes left. Good!]

Just as when she was going to open the doorknob, her hand stopped. Edna was pondering about her last hand work. She nervously chuckled to herself and covered her eyes as she was blushing:

[Eheheh… oh, I'm such a naughty woman~… I can't believe that kid was turned on because of me!]


After another agonizing hour of math, the final bell rang. The day was over, and all the boys and girls started walking out of school. The crowd was packed, and Bart did his best to pass through all of them. He was about to reach the exit, when a voice called him from behind.

"Simpson! Wait for me!". The kid turned his head and saw teacher Ednan, who looked so much taller compared to the crowd, calling him. She was waving her hand, telling Bart to go back to her. She shouted: "There's something I need to tell you!"

Bart's heart sank once again. What could she want from him, now that the lessons were over? Did she want to lecture him? Did she find out he peeped her back at the storage room? He wasn't sure, nor anywhere calm thinking about it. He still walked back, digging his way out of the crowd, his heart beating intensely.

He finally reached his teacher once again. Her face was still smiling and serene. At least, she didn't look ready for a scolding. She cleared her voice, and said to the worried-looking boy:

"Ehm, listen Bart…"

"Y-yes, teacher?" Bart gulped, as his fingers were stroking one another behind back.

Edna then looked at him, and said:

"Well, what I'm going to tell you is something that needs to stay between us… Understand?" her eyes turned serious saying those words.

Bart quietly nodded and asked: "What did you want to tell me?"

Edna looked around her. She didn't see anyone too close to them. She sighed and pulled out her phone. An old gray model, with closable sides. It had a few scratches on it.

"You know, Simpson? As a woman, I'd thank you much more fondly for your gentle words of today…". Bart listened to her, readying himself for whatever she wanted to say afterwards. "However, as a teacher, I cannot do much more for your education… Still…". Edna inhaled some air, shutting her eyes, and then: "I appreciate the fact you find me attractive~ Thank you once again!"

Edna smiled, her gentle face squinting her eyes. Bart was left bewildered by that confession. Now that there was not much noise caused by the crowd of screaming kids, he could hear every single word.

He cleared his throat, still blushing profusely. He wished deep down she kept taking to him like that:

"W-wow, t-thank for your appreciation, teacher!~"

Edna softened her muscle faces, looking at that sweet, still "gifted" boy. She then gave him her phone in hand. She said: "This is my number. Add it to your phone. I'll send you a message this evening… " her face was turned on one side. Bart looked at the consumed phone, his hands trembling. He genuinely asked:

"F-For what purpose, t-teacher, may I ask?"

Edna was still surprised his student still talked to her like a teacher. He truly was a nice, respectful young man. She thought wanted to cut it short, saying:

"J-Just copy it and memorize it. I… I'd like to invite you at my place one of these days. So, we can… resolve this problematic confession. Got it?". Edna winked at Bart, and impatiently tapped her feet on the floor

Bart was still shocked by the fact his teacher was giving him her phone number - like a girl does with her man - but, that peculiar 'problematic' word left him dubious. What did that mean?

But, no time to further investigate. He needed to come back home fast, so he quickly memorized the number on his phone, and bowed to the teacher, thanking her once again.

"Heheh, oh no, Bart~ Like I said, I thank you!" she bowed in returning and, just like a flash of lightning, she neared her face closer to Bart's own, and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

The boy felt paralyzed by that gesture. Her soft and warm lips touched his plump cheeks, and the intense cigarette/whiskey scent invaded his nostrils for those brief seconds.

Edna then lifted herself and greeted the still bewildered boy, waving her hand and going towards the main entrance.

She said:

"Once I send you the message, I'll contact your parents and tell them about what I have planned for you. Leave the rest to me and don't worry, ok? Bye, Bart!~"

She abandoned the small Bart all alone and blank stared.. She turned her head and left the building.

What did that lovely lady mean 'Leave it to me'? What did she had in mind - like, an excuse, or a justification? So many questions, and so little time to process everything that just happened…

The Simpson boy stayed still on the same spot he was before. He slowly caressed his cheek and his nose sniffed a couple of times. Then, a few tears ran down on his face, as his mouth was contorted in an ecstatic smile.

Once again, he couldn't believe himself, at all:

[A kiss… A kiss! I just had my first kiss! Aaaaaaaaaaah!]. His face wasn't stopping smiling as he happily stepped left and right.

"Oh, what's that, brother? Did you discover fire today?!"

Bart's jubilant moment was cut off by his sister, Lis, who found him bumbling around like a penguin. He didn't know how to respond: he was still too focused remembering the fabled kiss he just recieved. So, he thought fast and then said:

"Ehm… nah, sis! I just enriched my knowledge today! Yeah!"

Lisa stared at him, looking unconvinced by his happy attitude:

"Oh yeah?~ Did you at least manage to hold your hormones during lesson?"

[Ouch! A direct hit!] Bart thought. His still cool face though smiled again, and said:

"Why, of course, Lisa! Who do you think I am?!"

"Mmh, I don't know… but, I still hope you did understand what the lessons were about. I did take loads of notes, so that I'll complete the test as good as usual. Hope you will do just as well, mister "New Genius".

Bart walked out of school, snorting about Lisa's sarcasm, and asked:

"What is it? Another one of my new nicknames?"

"No, of course not, eheh~ This is my personal one"

"Oh, why you…!" Bart then attempted to catch Lisa for the hair, but she dodged it and ran fast actor the parking lot where their mother was waiting for them.

"Aha ha! You sound like daddy like that!"

"Don't compare me to that bald bear!~" Both brother and sister played around, chasing one another until Marge called them from her car.

"Come on, darlings!~ Time to go hooome!~"


Simpsons Home. 20pm. Evening. Dinner time. Living Room

Once the Simpsons ate dinner together, they talked about nothing else that wasn't the sex ed lesson. As Lisa was exposing what she did learn once Marge asked him, Bart was busy eating his food, while he nodded as calm as possible. Even though he was feeling so much euphoric inside of him, he didn't want to show too much "enthusiasm" towards his parents, so that they didn't start questioning him too much. He just wanted to keep things as short as possible so that he could go to bed, and "release" his frustrations. Marge, though, wasn't going to let him go just now, not until she made sure her young man wasn't influenced in any negative way, especially for his own good.

That's not say Marge was against the whole program or anything. Actually, she was one of the few people who felt satisfied by the prospect of the project: she was happy that the institutions decided to teach students in such formal way. This way, young generations would be instructed for their own safety, and she was happy both her kids did learn so much during that morning. Still, a pinch of worry didn't abandon her heart and, while she did have good faith in her daughter, considering she's always been so diligent and responsible, her son wass still a mystery. Even though he demonstrated recently how to be responsible in his own right, her motherly thought still wanted the best for her son.

So, once Lisa had finished her speech, Marge smiled and then talked to her son.

"So, Bart… how did you find the lesson? Was it, useful for you?"

Bart swallowed his last bite and said:

"Oh, it was really good. There was so much stuff I had no idea things worked like that!". He wasn't afraid or anything. He just wished to make her mother a good impression.

"Mh mh, cool! I'm glad to hear it, honey! But, I'm sure you aknowledge how to treasure such teachings and bla bla bla", at some point, Bart only heard a far hum in his mind. He already heard that kind of stuff. He kept nodding for every thing his mother said, but one question in particular caught his interest back once again:

"... and, tell me, Bart. Did teacher Krabappel taught you well enough?"

Bart gulped a little as his eyes widened more than usual. What kind of question was that?! Did Edna call her mother that afternoon, without her telling him? No, it couldn't be. He still didn't recieve any message, so it couldn't be that case!

[W-Why is she asking me such thing?!] "W-Well, she was… good as a teacher, like a-always, mom~" he was looking down, his cheeks blushing a little and his heart started beating up fast. "She did explain things w-well, and I did understand all of it… E-Ehm, why are you asking me such thing?"

Marge grumbled a little for that question. She did so because she was curious about Edna's doings. The mother had prior experience dealing with the woman and, although she found her nice and lovable, she thought the teacher had something wrong by the way she talked and the way she behaved sometimes - although this was mostly caused by her own over-neurotic nature.

"Well, I was just curious, Bart. Edna is a good woman, but I just think sometimes she can be a little… mmh" she couldn't find the right word. She didn't want to give his son any bad impressions, as she knew the boy liked the teacher very much. Bart, however, wasn't getting his mother's vague assumptions.

"Ehm, like what, mom? Is something wrong?"

"What? No, no, sweetie. It's just, I thought she might… ehm, talk about inappropriate subjects regarding sex… y-you know what I'm talking about, right?~"

[...What? So, that was it? Ugh, damn it, mom! You almost gave me a shot!]

"Ehm, yes, sure I do. But, don't worry about it. She just sticked with the theory… no demonstrations at all…". Bart begged his mother was short out with embarrassing questions.

Marge lifted her eyebrows, but then she sighed shutting her eyes:

"Oh well, I'm glad to hear it! Eh, can you imagine? Somebody actually talking about the practice in class?! Eheh!~"

Bart was nervously looking at her mother laughing like that. His fists were clenched and could barely hide his shame. After all, he was the one who wanted to propose such demonstrations in class, but instead he didn't. In fact, he chose not to reveal them in public and talked only to Edna alone, and then he discovered why it would be impossible to do so because of all the scholar institutions and stuff like that.

"Yeah, exactly. The theory is already enough for our age. The 'practice' will come only when the right time is, am I right, Bart?~" Lisa asked to the thoughtful boy, her tone being strangely allusive. What did she mean?

"Yeah, sure… Only when it's time for it…" Bart said, his eyes lost on the table. "Can I go upstairs now, mom?" Bart asked while taking his plates.

Marge nodded to him:

"Sure, honey! Have a nice sleep - but, not too nice, ok?!~". She winked at the boy who, just for a moment, didn't unbalance himself and let the plates crushing on the floor. That was really a bad one for his liking.

"Marge, honey, that was terrible!" Homer said suddenly, while still having food in his mouth.

"Oh, shut up, Homer! I'm trying to be funny! Right?" Marge asked, looking at both kids. Lisa was smiling nervously and Bart wasn't even paying attention.

After having put the dirty plates in the dishwasher and after he tried to forget about that awful pun, Bart greeted his family and slowly went upstairs. He picked up his phone and looked at the notifications. He searched for missing messages and, just when he was opening his doorknob, his phone rang and a message opened on its screen.

"Ah! It arrived for real!"

Bart went inside his room and locked it with the key. He jumped on his bed and opened the message he recieved. The text read like this:

"Dear Bart,

I wished to thank you once again for your words today. I thought about us and I believe I should clarify the mechanics on how things are supposed to work. So, I sent you this address,. I called your mother. I told her you talked to me about pornography in private. But, don't worry, I explained to her you seemed to have many questions about it and, considering the fact you may be too shy talking about it to her (you are, aren't you ;-)), I explained I might have helped you understanding why it is wrong being obsessed about them. I also mentioned the fact you did made many questions during lesson, as a demonstration on how interested you were. I tried to explain her though that your curiosity is genuine, and that nothing perverted will be implied during our 'private lesson'.

I asked her to bring you at my place tomorrow at 15pm. Now, she's going to talk to you about this matter. I suggest you erase this message after you read it.

Well, this has been longer than what I expected. See you tomorrow and have a good night, little man :-*


Teacher Edna"

Bart was astounded by the cunningness of his teacher. He never believed she would be as sneaky and smart-thinking, like the way he's used at making excuses to people when he doesn't want confrontation. However, this time, someone else did the same thing for him instead of him, but for the purpose of a confrontation.

[Wow, teacher! You really are quite a smart cookie~... Hopefully mom won't complain too much about it. I mean, it's just for educational purposes, right?]

*knock knock knock!*

Bart heard a noise coming from the door. His heart jolted in shock, as he frantically canceled the message.

So, the call was already over. And now, what would happen? Bart had to support Edna bluff, or everything would fall apart.

This whole thing, while still dangerous and risky, was actually making Bart feeling excited and pumped with energy.

[Wow. It's like we are partners in crime! Oh well, here goes nothing! Keep your cool, Bart!] "Uh, who's there?" Bart asked, putting his phone on the bedside table.

"*Uhm, it's me, mommy. Can I go in? I have something to comunicate! A-A you naked, maybe?~*" Marge chuckled a little, but Bart was rolling his eyes up.

[Uuuugh, mom! You sound so outdated when you make forced jokes!] "What? No, I'm not. S-Stay there, I'm unlocking the door"

Bart pulled out the key and opened the door, watching as his mother made her way in his room. She face was smiling and her hands were crossed when she sitted on the bed.

Bart sat as well, waiting for what his mother was about to say. He would have had to pretend he didn't know anything about the call - only about the fact he did make a certain proposal to the teacher.

Marge cleared her throat and said:

"A few minutes later, after you went upstairs, the teacher Krabappel called me"

Bart was shocked:

"What? Really?"

Marge nodded. Her eyes turned down, as her happiness was diminishing:

"The teacher wanted to compliment the fact you showed genuine interest during lesson, and I appreciated that… But then, she told me about the fact you made a certain proposal… Correct me if I'm wrong?". Her head turned to Bart. Her eyes focused on his reaction.

Bart sighed in surrender and said:

"Yes, I did… a-and I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I-"

"-wanted to tell me in private, right?" Marge smiled once again, while she moved closer to her son.

"Yes. I didn't want dad or Lisa to hear it… I…". Bart tried to think about the better words to use. "I did propose about using… p-porno videos for practical demonstration…".

Now that he was saying it once again, with his mother so close to him, he was actually resenting the whole idea overall. He was sincerely sobbing at this point, not expecting himself to act like that.

Marge kept listening, still not saying one single word:

"B-But, I promise it wasn't a joke or a prank! I-I didn't even say it in front of the class. I called her in private and talked about it… *sigh!* I'm sorry, mom, for not telling it… I was afraid of your reaction, a-and I chose to trust teacher Krabappel instead…" Bart wiped a few tears away." I hope you're not offended or disappointed… "

Marge listened to her worried son. His soft tears seemed sincere and genuine. She chuckled a little and caressed his spiky hair. Bart felt the warm touch of his mom coursing through his hair, and looked at her:

"Mhmh, I'm not offended, Bart…", she then came closer to the boy and kept his whole head into her arms, still petting his head:

"I can understand how afraid you must be feeling once dealing with such enjoyable yet delicate matters. It makes sense you're not fully willing talking about them to me, and you chose to trust the teacher you like the most. Miss Krabappel told me about it and even tried to apologize herself for having been so opened towards her needy son. Ehehe, I instead thanked her for being so close and affectionate to my boy… Mmh, I think she hiccuped a tear during the call..."

Bart enjoyed the warm embrace of his mother. For a moment, he completely forgot about the fact he was supposed to support Edna's bluff, as his inner reactions and thoughts felt natural to him and not forced. At the same time, he felt he was being loved like he never was before now. Not only his teacher did appreciate the fact he complimented her beauty, but his mother was also supporting him this much.

"Just remember that, no matter your worries. You can count on me when you need help! I may embarass you sometimes - hihi, like I did before, for example! - but, I'm just trying to stay close to him. You know that, right?"

Bart held her soft forarms tightly and chuckled himself:

"*sniff* Y-Yeah, mommy! I understand… "

Marge let his son go, and sighed while wiping her own tears from the face.

"Aehm, anyways. The other thing miss Krabappel told me was that she wanted to further instruct you about pornography's lack of criterion - her own words!~ - because she thought you needed to understand that what is happening during porn doesn't reflect reality. She assured me, saying that her intentions are altruistic, and that no compromising contents will be utilized for the private lesson… mmmh, I was actually surprised miss Krabappel proposed herself this peculiar learning method… ". Just for a moment, Bart feared his mother was having second thoughts about this ridiculous plan. In fact, if someone really thought about it deeper, some deficiency could be discovered and then more questions would be made.

Marge then sighed and said:

"But, seeing the circumstances… I think it might be a really good prospect, actually! I said I would have thought about it while I talked to you, but now, I'm going to accept the offer. I will take you to her house tomorrow after lunch…". She chuckled to her son and gave him a kiss on the front. The boy giggled and kissed her back on the cheek. When he did so, he could feel his heart beating up, this time though because of joy and euphoria.

He - no, he and Edna - seemingly did it! Together.

[Wow! That was so close!... Aaah, if only I could do this to her…]

Marge sat up and was about to left the room, when she stopped by the door and asked to her son.

"Ah, listen, Bart!... Because of the fact your meeting tomorrow is at 15pm and considering I don't even know where the address is, would you like to eat at Krusty Burger for lunch after school?"

Bart's eyes widened in joy, as a thin trail of saliva was leaking from his mouth. He nodded enthusiastically and said:" Yes, of course! Thanks, mommy!"

Marge opened the doorknob and smiled at her son. She said:

"Eheh, oh no, Bart. Thanks to you from being so good!". She then left the door behind, closing it afterwards.

Marge walked toward her own room, while she was having her own thoughts about the whole situation.

[Mmh, I wonder where does she live?... Oh, well, it doesn't matter! Time to sleep~]

Bart, however, was soon jumping up and down on his bed, desperately trying to contain his excitement and happiness. He couldn't believe about everything that was happening to him.

He immediately covered himself with the blankets, hoping the night would flow faster, so that tomorrow will arrive sooner.

Bart giggled and smiled like a baby, while making himself comfortable.

"Ahaha! I never felt so happy in my whole life. Tomorrow is Saturday, I'll have a good lunch at Krusty's, and then I'll spend the afternoon with teacher Krabappel!... Ah, is there any way this moment could become eveb better?!". Bart asked to himself, when a sudden stinging sensation caught him off guard.

The boy uncovered his blankets and could notice his own member stiffening once again, as a stretched bulged swelled his pants.

Bart turned his head left and right, and then smirked menacingly:

"Mhmhm… Perhaps I did found the way~"


"Mmmmhn! Aaah, aaah! Yes, baby~!" Bart murmured in his bed, once his pajama was pulled aside and his hands trailed upon his naked body. "Oh yes, keep it going, sweetie!~ - Mh mh, yes, I wanna have another taste of your perfect tits! Please, give it to me!~". Bart looked at his hard penis while both his hands gripped tightly onto it and stroke it with increasing vigor. His knees were bent upward as his hips mimicked a riding maneuver. As his stroking kept on going with so much energy, he felt his hands getting wetter. He felt the impulse to touch his own dried butthole, so he used one of his wet hands to touch it. His index finger was put in with one motion and he could barely contain his moan.

[Ghhhhgh!~ I bet Lisa heard that one! Well, let's finish this!]

Bart then used both his hands once again. His tip was burning hot, and as he performed the final stroke session, he quietly moaned in shocking pleasure.

"Mmmnhaaaaaah~...". Several small drops of semen shot everywhere, as Bart carelessly jerked off his sensitive member left and right, causing the liquid to lay on both his nearby clothes, his pillow and his own body as well.

Bart, however, didn't care at all - at least, for the time being. He panted deeply, while having his eyes shut and smiled, feeling exhausted and drained, but absolutely satisfied.

"Aaaah… oh, teacher… I wonder if she's thinking about me…". Bart then closed his eyes and fell asleep, still naked and having his clothes stained with semen.


Edna Krabappel's Appartament. 1am. Edna's Bedroom

A series of loud, exasperated moans covered the silence of the empty room. Edna's hands were fondling her round breasts, sometimes pinching the stiff nipples, while she was thinking about something.

"Mmmh, aaaah!~ I-I know it's wrong, but… - aaAAAhhmmmnh!~". Her hips were bouncing off on a sex toy: a 10" dark plastic penis was inserted deeply into her drenched vagina. Her legs were staring to feel sore and tired, and her feet were still hurt because of her awful shoes, but her burning temptation kept her going on and on.

"... B-But I need it! Yes, yes, YES! He's a good boy! He-aaaAAAAAHuughhh!". Edna's voice was getting louder and louder. She then layed down on her back, pulling out the black dildo and then putting it back into her butthole. She thought it was wet enough to make it go all out, but she only managed to insert the tip. She moaned once again, gritting her teeth and then licking his lips. She murmured:

"Yes! Yes! I-I-I'm doing it for him! I'm doing it for him!... Aaah! Aaah! Aaaah!", he right hand was quickly fingering her squirting vagina, her fingers digging deeper for each stroke and then, she screamed:

"YES! HE NEEDS MEEEEEEEH!", she pulled the black dildo out of her still dried anus and stopped her jerking hand. Her organ was deeply wet, as its liquids stained the sheets of her squeaky bed. Edna gasped for air as she sat on the bed, her naked, sweaty, curvy body feeling the chill of the night. She picked and lightened up a cigarette, while crossing her legs. She was thinking, her eyes feeling melancholic and sleepy:

[Mmh.. What am I doing? Do I really feel something for that young man, or am I doing it for his own good?... *sigh*]. She snorted annoyingly, quenching the cigarette right away, and decided to lay down. It was already past 1:30, and another boring day at school would have begun. Only, this time…

[... well, whatever… He's a nice boy, so maybe a little gift won't hurt!~]

She closed her eyes, still not wearing anything, as the night kept flowing like a stream…

To Be Continued…

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