Hayley’s Horribly Good Mistake

BY : JamesRyder
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Hayley Smith sat on her bed in her room. She hung her head in shame. Shame that she had borrowed money from Rodger. Shame that she had lost it all and couldn’t pay him back. Shame that she had asked her brother for help in paying off Rodger. Mostly though she felt a deep shame at what she had agreed to for her to pay off her debt to him.

Her brother Steve must have been spending too much time hanging out with Rodger and his multitude of vaguely villainous personalities. He had made her sign a contract agreeing to be his whore until she had either worked off or paid off her considerable debt to him.

Their parents were out of town for the weekend and Hayley had agreed to keep an eye on Steve for them. They had no idea that it would be Steve keeping his eyes on her instead. Tonight, Steve was going to try her out, as he had put it, and decide how much he would charge for her services.

While she found the whole thing a little disturbing and shameful there was a small part of her that was looking forward to this. Jeff had taken a yearlong job on an oil rig and he had already been gone for two months. Two long sexless months, and for a nymphomaniac like Hayley this situation was torture. At least this way she could get a little dick and a little cash, and Jeff will never need to know.

She was dressed in her usual tank top, jeans, and floral headband. Steve had simply told her to wait until he was ready, and he would come get her.

There was a loud crack and she looked up to see Steve slamming her door open dressed in his pajama pants an nothing else. She couldn’t tell but he looked a little taller than she remembered.

“Let’s go bitch.” Steve commanded.

“Steve!” Hayley was shocked at his attitude. “I am your sister and you will—”

Steve walked over and slapped her across the face. Hayley was stunned. It was all she could do to stare open mouthed at him.

“You may be my sister but remember you signed a contract. That makes you my fucking whore and I will do what I want to you and say what I want to you and pimp you out to anyone I want.”

In a twisted way Hayley found herself a little turned on. She had always been with submissive men and wasn’t used to be dominated. She found it kind of hot, but she was determined not to show Steve she was into it.

“Now let’s go bitch.” Steve repeated the earlier command. This time Haley complied and got up to follow him.

“Where are we going.”

Steve spun around and slapped her twice this time. Haley hung her head not wanting to meet his gaze.

“You don’t get to ask questions, you don’t get to talk back, and you don’t get a choice. I say you do and from here on you will address me as Sir not Steve. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Haley barely whispered.

Steve sighed and just as Haley realized her mistake Steve reached out and this time slapped each of his sisters’ tits in turn like he was trying to slap the nipple off them. It stung worse since Haley never wore a bra.

“Yes, what?” He hissed at her.

“Yes Sir.”

Steve grabbed her ass and gave it a gentle rub.

“Better. Now let’s go slut. I have a whole night planed for us.”

Haley was curious about what he meant but had learned her lessons and didn’t ask any questions. She simply followed along with him hoping that if she complied, she would get the tender treatment she had gotten when she finally called him Sir.

They got to Steve’s room and he opened the door for her motioning for her to enter ahead of him. As she walked in, she was stunned and felt herself start to get wet over what she saw. There were cameras set up around the room. On one dresser was an assortment of whips and paddles, on the floor in front of the bed were various restraints, and on his desk was a collection of dildos vibrators plugs and wands that put her own collection to shame.

However, while all of the sex toys and general kink of the room made her wet and excited a part of her remained nervous. It was clear Steve was planning on using her in every way possible. She was worried he would push her to her limit, maybe even beyond it. She wondered if she would ever be the same after tonight.

Steve walked in and sat on his bed. He started massaging his cock through his pajama pants. He was staring at her hungrily.

“You like the look of all this stuff you slut?”

“Yes Sir.” She wasn’t lying.

He pulled a small remote from his pocket and pressed a few buttons. Haley noticed the recording light illuminate on all the cameras. She had never been filmed before. She had tried to convince Jeff once, but he was so embarrassed by his small dick he said no.

“Now strip for me.”

Now that’s something Haley knew how to do. She had worked at a strip club in the past. There was no music, but she thought up a good beat in her mind and started gyrating to it. First, she started by running her hands up and down the full length of her body. She was starting to warm up to this. She pushed her tits together and bent over so Steve could see her cleavage.

Looking down Haley saw Steve had freed his dick from his pants. It was a true monster easily eight inches long and at least an inch and a half in width. His dick looked to be about the size of her favorite bad dragon dildo. She could barely fit that and even then, it was only in her pussy. She didn’t think Steve would be satisfied with that.

Spinning around so her back was to him she pulled her tank top off and spun it around over her head before tossing it to the side. She started twerking and looking back at Steve. He hadn’t picked up pace or anything, but he did look like he was enjoying the show. It was time to pick it up a notch.

She spun back around letting him see her tits bounce as she dropped it low before swaying her hips as she stood up and pulled off her belt. She made her way over to Steve and gently used the belt to pull his face into her tits as she rubbed them on his face. He reached around and gripped her ass with both hands.

Hayley pulled away with a spin to put her back to him again. She tossed her belt into the corner of the room and undid her pants. Hooking her thumbs into her belt loops she yanked her pants down to her ankles. Stepping out of them she struck a pose and looked at Steve. His eyes were locked on her ample ass and her G-string panties barely covering her pussy.

Steve got up and stripped off his own pants tossing them towards his hamper. He began to advance on her, and Haley briefly feared she had angered him.

“Enough of the appetizer let’s start the main event.”

He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her back. He pulled her over towards the bed and she stumbled trying to keep her balance. She briefly wondered which of her holes he would violate first. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Steve pushed her to her knees with her back against his bed. He grabbed her by the back of the hair and guided his cock to her mouth.

“Open.” The command was cold and with no room for refusal.

Haley opened her mouth wide and Steve did not hesitate. He plunged in holding the back of her head. She gagged but that didn’t seem to slow him down. Steve was using her throat but as he fell into a rhythm Haley was at least able to get into it and not choke.

Steve slowed down for a few seconds and repositioned himself, so his pelvis was even closer to her face and started long slow strokes. Then he brought up both hands grabbing the side of her head and angling her face up making her look him in the eye as he fucked her throat.

He squeezed the sides of her head a little more forcefully then spit on her right before he picked up speed and ferocity again. Haley was leaking spit down her chin from Steve’s pounding. She also tried to ponder why her brother using her and spitting on her made her feel so fucking horny.

Steve just kept pounding away. He really only seemed interested in his own pleasure. He was just using her body to get off and Haley surrendered to it. She did her best to take it like the slut he wanted her to be. If she was being honest with herself Jeff’s tiny dick had never satisfied her, and she had basically married him out of a mixture of pity and to piss off her dad.

She tried to get into it. She surrendered to being used and abused by her brother. She pictured herself as one of the many porn stars she had watched get railed as she slammed her favorite dildo in and out of her cunt to after disappointing sex with her husband.

Haley tried swirling her tongue a bit to see if she could push him even further. As if on cue he let go of her head and grabbed the bed for leverage instead. He was pulling himself and pushing himself as deep down her slippery gullet as possible.

Steve’s pumping was becoming irregular and Hayley felt his cock start to pulse and quiver slightly.

“You better swallow all of it.”

Haley never swallowed for Jeff. His cum was watery and disgusting. When Steve blew his load down her throat, she gulped it down eagerly. His cum was thick and for some reason it was sweet.

Steve shuddered as he finished and pulled out of Haley’s mouth with a pop. His cock had barely softened, and Haley stared at it wide eyed as she caught her breath.

“Did you think that was it?”

Steve pulled her up by the hair and forced her to bend over his bed. She knew her ass was exposed but figured Steve had just cum, a lot, and he would probably be done for the night. He walked over to the dresser with the whips and paddles.

He picked up a few and gave them test swings against his hand. The sounds made Haley flinch with each slap, snap, or crack. Steve settled on a red cat of nine tails and swung it through the air a few times getting the feel for it before slowly walking back over to the bed.

Steve raised the whip high in the air and brought it down across her left ass cheek.

“If you think we’re done you’re wrong.” Steve hissed.

He raised the whip again and this time brought it down on her right ass cheek.

“Rodger used me to test a drug last month.”

With another stroke he brought it back down in almost the exact same spot as the first stroke. This time she let out a whimper.

“It didn’t do exactly what he intended but instead it made me be able to become sexually aroused no matter how many times I cum.”

Another stroke, another whimper of pain mixed with pleasure.

“And as you’ve already found out it made my cum sweet as candy.”

Four more lighting fast strikes and Haley screamed like a banshee. Steve slowly walked away and put the whip back on the dresser. He hadn’t broken skin, but her ass was beet red. Haley looked over at him and saw his cock was rock hard again.

He had picked up a ridding crop and sauntered back over to her. Reaching out he grabbed her G-string. Haley fully expected him to pull it down or push it to the side. Instead he simply pulled hard and snapped it. She wanted to complain about him ripping her clothes but before she could form one the riding crop came up from under her and connected with her clit. The sting made her scream and her knees went weak.

Just as the sting was wearing off and it was becoming a dull throb Haley felt Steve step up and jam the entire length of his hard cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. The sudden pleasure from being filled made her moan and Steve swung the crop down on her still red ass making her scream.

He got into a real rhythm making her alternate between moans of pleasure and screams of pain. Steve had already been pumping for a few minutes when he tossed the crop onto the bed so he could grab her hips with both hands. Once he had his leverage, he began brutally fucking her and seemed to treat her as if she was just a cock sleave.

Steve bent over her and grabbed her hair pulling her head back. He put his hand around her throat and squeezed. She had never been able to get Jeff to try choking her. He was such a sub, most of the time it was just her pegging him with a strap on until he got off and then she would ride his face until she came or use a toy on herself.

“Turn your head bitch, I want to see the look in your eyes when I dump another load in you.”

She did her best to comply, but it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She was feeling her own orgasm build and the shame she already felt from swallowing her brothers seed and now knowing he would cum in her pussy was nothing compared to the shame she felt at knowing she was getting off from it.

“Beg for it.”

His command shook her to her core. It wasn’t enough for him to use and abuse her body but now he expected her to beg for it. He let go of her throat and really cranked back on her hair.

“I won’t repeat myself you fucking whore.”

It felt like he was trying to rip her head off and the added twinge of pain pushed her over the edge and her pussy walls tightened as she came hard on her brothers’ cock. That was the last straw for her, and she broke, completely surrendering herself.

“Please cum.”

He wrapped his arm back around her throat as she realized her mistake. He squeezed hard as he continued to fuck her mercilessly.

“What? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“Please cum, Sir.”

“That’s better.”

Steve was thrusting hard and Haley felt him tense up again and the tell-tale pulsing in his cock gave her a moment’s notice before she felt his hot cum erupt deep into her. She was on the pill and had been most of her life, so she had no fear of getting pregnant, but she still felt soiled by his seed being in her womb.

Pulling his cock out he let go of her hair and throat letting her drop to the bed. Her own orgasm had subsided, and her heart was pounding. She was trying to catch her breath wondering what would be next. In an almost tender moment, he helped her crawl up onto the bed since she was having trouble supporting herself.

After helping her onto the bed Steve walked over to the other dresser. He selected a pulsating dildo and something Haley thought looked like a strap on, but it looked reversed to her. Steve walked back over to the bed running his hand all over her naked flesh. This time though it excited her rather than make her flesh crawl. Steve paused briefly to shove the pulsating dildo into her already abused pussy.

“Reach down and hold this here. If it slips out for any reason you will be severely punished.”

Haley did as she was told and even began to push it in and out of her. Steve looked down and smiled. Now she was getting into it. He ran his hand up the rest of her body, stopping for another second to grope her tits and pinch her nipples. The stimulation made her wetter and the sounds coming from between her legs increased. A hard pinch on her nipple made her squeal and shove the dildo deeper in herself.

Steve stopped his groping and moved up to her head. He lifted her face and moved the other dildo towards her lips. Now Haley realized what the weird straps were for. He slid the dildo into her mouth and moved the straps into place on her head. The dildo was smaller than Steve’s cock, but it still took some getting used to have it in her mouth and the back of her throat, while still being able to breath.

Through the haze of pleasure from her own ministrations she realized that with the two dildos in their intended holes that only left one hole open for Steve to use. Just the thought of his monster dick splitting open her ass made her shiver a little. She might even have tried to plead or beg if her mouth wasn’t already full.

Steve walked over to the dresser he had taken the dildos from and opened a drawer to pull out a bottle of anal lube. He was cruel but there was no reason to damage his new favorite toy. He got up on his bed slathering a copious amount of lube onto his rehardened cock. He aimed it at her puckered anus and proceeded to mount her.

Haley felt him slowly inserting it and wanted to scream. She even tried pushing her hips back a bit. She knew he wouldn’t stop no matter what she said so she just wanted to get it over with like ripping off the paper from waxing her legs. Instead he was taking it torturously slow and she wasn’t sure if he was trying to be nice or cruel. Once she would have assumed her sweet hearted brother was being nice but now there was no telling.

Between his shoving and her pushing back with her hips, not to mention that she was increasingly excited by having every hole filled, he had soon buried himself in her vice like asshole. He pulled it back until only the head was still in her keeping the entrance stretched, then shoved it back in with one vicious stroke. He reached down and picked up the crop he had dropped earlier. He made sure Haley saw him do it and slid it over the flesh of her back softly before raising it high and brining it down again, and again, and again.

He was humping away like it was an Olympic sport and it took all the focus Haley had to keep the dildo buried in her hot snatch so as not to evoke Steve’s wrath. She wanted to try and match his pace, but she was worn out already. She had never fucked for this long in her life, not even when she was using her own toys.

She felt another orgasm building and tried to reposition herself a little to ride the dildo harder so she could get herself off. The crop came down hard but this time on her face making her cry out and tear up.

“Did I tell you to move. This isn’t about your pleasure but mine. Before the end of tonight, you will learn that lesson.”

Haley stopped trying to move and just let him have his way with her body. She knew she would get off eventually anyway. She just didn’t want to be punished again. The crop went back to landing on her back. He had managed to connect with almost her entire back, and she was beet red, but he wasn’t using enough for to make any welts rise up.

She started to slip down though as she was running out of energy and will to do any more than lie down and take it. Steve decided to let her slide down onto her stomach and tossed the crop to the side so he could push her shoulders into the bed. With this leverage he seemed like he was trying to fuck through her and into the mattress.

“Don’t you dare faint before I cum. After that I’ll let you rest, for now.”

Haley was barely conscious when she felt a deep rough thrust and he exploded in her. She had managed to hold in the dildo as instructed but wasn’t even moving it anymore. Steve dismounted her.

He removed the dildo strapped to her head setting it aside. Then he moved her hands and pulled the dildo out of pussy as well. Haley just lay there on his bed leaking cum and trying to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding, and she was oddly satisfied.

Steve turned off the cameras and retrieved a few restraints from the floor. Haley was too weak to fight as he cuffed her hands and ankles together. He stuffed a ball gag in her mouth and secured it. Haley was confused, he said she could rest. She felt betrayed but also aroused and a little excited.

He grabbed another restraint and then selected a wand from the dresser. It had various patterns and 3 speeds. He tested all three speeds on her clit before settling on the mid speed. He held it against her clit and used the restraint to secure it to her inner thigh, so it stayed where it was without him having to hold it.

“This will be your rest period. Cum as much as you want. I’m going to shower then change the memory cards in the cams before we go another round.”

“How much of my debt did I pay?” She whispered.

“None. This is just me taking a test run to decide what you’re worth, but I’m taping it and you’ll make 10% of what I make on those when I upload them.”

Haley should have been furious. All this work and no progress made on her debt, but she had never been this sexually satisfied. She also began to wonder just how long her brother planned to keep her as his whore.

If she was being honest, she wasn’t sure if she cared.

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