Simpson Sleepover

BY : JamesRyder
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Lisa woke to the early morning sunlight gently warming her naked flesh. Bart’s room looked like a tornado had hit it from the wild, almost animalistic, fuck fest they had enjoyed through the night. She shifted a bit on the bed to glance at her brother and Milhouse’s bodies intertwined with hers. She was the first to wake up.

“Well, let’s see if I can wake them up right.” She cooed to no one in particular.

She gently moved her body, making sure not to wake up either sleeping boy, sliding herself down by their legs. She reached out, grasping both of their soft cocks, and started to stroke them slowly.

Both boys stirred a little shifting their own positions to give her easier access but neither woke up. Their cocks were growing stiffer in her hand with each stroke. She thought she might even be able to get them to cum before they would wake up. Then she heard a soft voice.

“Bart?” Milhouse asked sleepily.

“No, but congratulations on waking up first.” Lisa made a split decision and decided to take this up the levels of last night. “Here is your prize.”

Lisa took Milhouse’s cock into her mouth and began to work her tongue around the head, focusing on the sensitive spot underneath. She could still slightly taste herself on him and figured after a nice wake up cum they could all take a shower.

It was only Saturday morning and their parents wouldn’t be home until, at best, Sunday night. They had all day and all night and Lisa wanted to milk every second of it. Something had truly awakened in her last night and now all she could think about was being an obedient little slut. She craved the feeling of being filled, of her holes being used, and the feeling of having load after load of cum dumped into her like a tribute to how good she was.

She was getting worked up again and had begun to take Milhouse deep into the back of her throat when she heard Bart stir. He turned onto his side and watched the show, a building hunger in his eyes.

“Now this is how to wake up.”

Bart’s cock slipped out of Lisa’s hand as he stood up and moved around to the foot of the bed. Lisa barely had time to register that she was no longer jerking him off when Milhouse grabbed the back of her head and started pumping along with her sucking. She was now completely focused on the blowjob.

Bart moved back onto the bed, this time behind his sister, and grabbed her legs. He spread them wide with no resistance and moved his mouth to her already dripping mound. He began to lick away at her pussy and even tongue fuck her.

“Ugh, don’t tease me.” Lisa moaned at Bart as she felt his strong tongue begin to wiggle in her. She turned her attention back to sucking on the cock in front of her face hoping her brother would understand her meaning.

Her brother may not have been an A+ student but he wasn’t stupid. He took his face away from her gushing snatch and rubbed his stiff, throbbing, cock up and down it to get it slicked up a bit before sliding it in all the way to the hilt with one vicious thrust. Bart knew he was a bit of a sadist but had also seen his siter was enjoying the hard fucking most last night and he was more than willing to indulge in her needs.

Lisa was getting fucked from both ends and it felt so amazing she stopped putting in any effort and just let the boys use her as she lost herself in the pleasure.

Because Milhouse had been the first one to start receiving her attentions she wasn’t surprised when he was the first one to cum. She was a little surprised at the massive volume though as she felt his cock in her throat expand slightly over and over as he shot his hot cum deep in her. There was more than either boy had given her yet, but she didn’t spill one drop and was mighty satisfied with herself as she flopped face first down on the bed after Milhouse pulled his soft cock from her mouths warm embrace.

Bart was pounding away at her. Now that Milhouse had backed up a bit and seemed content to just sit and watch the incestuous siblings, Bart was able to bring his full weight and leverage to bare. Lisa was pressed into the mattress below him, moaning louder and louder as he pounded her hole into submission. He was thrusting hard enough that the bed began to slide a bit with each stroke.

He knew he wouldn’t last much longer but he didn’t care. They were alone for the next two days and he knew they would be spending the vast majority of it fucking each other’s various brains out. He felt his orgasm starting to build and he lifted his body up dragging Lisa up with him, so she was on all fours as he sped up.

He glanced out of the window and noticed something. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes and the shock of what he saw almost made him slow down. He could see into the bedroom window of Rod and Todd Flanders, his bible thumping neighbors bible thumping children, and they were watching him. He would have been terrified at getting caught but he could also plainly see that both were naked, and Rod was fucking his brother in the ass while watching Bart.

It was hot. It was hot enough to push Bart over the edge and he grunted hard as he blew his load deep into his sister’s quivering hole. She screamed in ecstasy and Bart knew Rod and Todd would have heard that. Hell, the whole neighborhood would have heard it.

As both their orgasms subsided Bart got off of his sister and stood by the window, barring his naked flesh to the boys next door. Rod seemed to pick up his pace and looked like he came deep in his brother. Both boys blew kisses to Bart and he waved subtlety.

Things just got a bit more interesting. He thought devilishly to himself.

After the morning quickie Lisa had suggested that they take a shower and eat some breakfast before deciding on what to do for today. They all knew there was going to be a lot of fucking involved but they wanted to have some regular fun as well. Being without adult supervision meant they could do whatever they wanted.

While Lisa and Milhouse went downstairs to start breakfast Bart collected all the sweat and cum soaked clothes and sheets from his room. He brought them to the basement and threw them in the washer as the house began to fill with the smell of eggs and bacon.

None of them had dressed but they had kept their towels on in case anyone happened to be passing by caught a glimpse into the house. Milhouse and Lisa almost treated each other as more than just fuck buddies. They served each other food as Bart helped himself. When Lisa wanted juice Milhouse got it for her and when he wanted the salt, she got it for him.

Bart might have felt left out, but he had other thoughts on his mind beyond his best friend and his sister finally figuring out they belonged together. His mind was focused solely on Rod and Todd, and he felt himself start to get hard a little remembering their naked bodies.

Bart was trying to think of a way to test the waters of what he had seen out his window. He had never suspected that under their churchy do-gooder exterior there could lie a core of molten sexuality. Then again, he had thought the same of his sister and he knew just how wrong he had been there. He made a promise to himself to stop judging books by their covers.

“So, I’m thinking, we could go to the movies today, that could be fun.”

Lisa’s voice snapped Bart back into the moment and instantly a plan started to form.

“I like the sound of that.” Milhouse answered immediately, wanting nothing more than to be around Lisa.

“Well, I still need to finish the laundry I started, and I was thinking about putting in some serious video game work, without Mom or Lard Butt staring over my shoulder.” Bart responded between bites of bacon.

“We could wait until you’re ready.” Lisa looked at him with an expression that told him she half wanted him to come and half wanted it to be just her and Milhouse.

“No, don’t wait for me. You two go on.” Bart waved his hands in a shewing expression. “Besides I think you two could use a little time alone with each other.”

He winked at Lisa. She got up and hugged him.

“You’re the best big brother a girl could want.” She said with a sly tone too it that emphasized the double meaning of want.

“Just make me one promise.” Bart held up a finger.

“Anything.” The other two said in unison.

“If you guys do anything… fun… you tell me all about it when we all get together latter for some more of our own fun.”

He winked again but this time making it obvious to both of them instead of just Lisa and they all burst out laughing.

Bart watched them head off to the movies. Milhouse had his arm around Lisa, his fingers running over her shoulder in a gentle almost unconscious manner. While Lisa had her hand in Milhouse’s back pocket and every once in a while, would squeeze his ass.

Bart had already made up his mind what he would be doing while they were gone. He went up to his room the see if Rod and Todd were still in theirs. He felt his heart drop a little as he looked over to their window to see their room empty.

He was formulating an excuse to drop by and see them as he noticed movement in the Flanders back yard. There were the brothers, working in their father’s small garden pulling weeds. He had to find a way to get their attention, so he slammed his window shut and quickly opened it again.

That did it, and both boys stared at Bart as he dropped the towel and motioned with his fingers for them to come over. As they stared open mouthed at Bart standing naked beckoning them to join him, he reached down and began to slowly jerk his dick until it was rock hard. He had to admit it to himself that he found the idea of other people watching him insanely hot.

His masturbation seemed to break their shock and make up their minds because Rod and Todd looked at each other quickly before getting up and heading inside. Bart honestly wasn’t sure if he had scared them off or convinced them, but he was just happy to have found another thing he liked.

He would have to explore this feeling more latter. Maybe he could start tricking the bullies at school to making him jerk off in front of them. They would think he was humiliated but he would love it.

He was lost in this fantasy as he heard the washer ding loudly and he put his towel back on to go put the laundry in the dryer. He had used a little extra fabric softener and decided to use an extra dryer sheet. He wanted the sheets as soft and pleasant smelling for tonight’s continuation of his, Lisa’s, and Milhouse’s fun.

On his way back up to his room Bart’s mind was racing with fantasies, memories from last night, and the hope that he would get up to his room and he would catch the Flanders fucking after seeing him. He would definitely let them watch him jerk off to them pounding each other’s asses.

Bart was halfway up the stairs when there was a timid knock at his door. He briefly considered ignoring it and continuing on with his thoughts, but he decided it was best to check out who was there. He would just open the door a crack to see who it was and what they wanted, then slam it shut and continue on with his fun.

He was pleasantly surprised to peer out of the crack in the door and see Rod and Todd standing there looking like they were ready to bolt at any second. Before they could chicken out Bart opened the door entirely. They stood there like statues staring at Bart in just his towel.

Rod opened his mouth and closed it a few times, trying but failing to come up with words to say. Todd did it a few times as well. Rod was the elder brother and a little taller than Todd. He also had lighter curly hair.

“Well, if you can’t say anything then why not just come in so I can find a better use for those mouths.” Bart realized if anything was going to happen, he would have to take the dominant role.

Both boys looked at each other than followed his instructions and came in. Bart closed the door behind him, and he started back up the stairs. Rod and Todd just stood there staring at him. He reached the top of the steps and turned around.

“I mean if you guys want to fool around in the living room, I’m all for it but I personally prefer my bedroom.” He dropped the towel to emphasize his intentions. His cock stood straight up hard as a rock just thinking of what he planned on doing with these two.

They still stared this time with barely suppressed desire. They tentatively started making their way up the stairs. Bart was growing impatient.

“First one of you to get to my room can decide who goes first with who.”

That lit a fire under their asses. Suddenly not only were they racing up the stairs but even pushing and pulling each other to try and get ahead. Bart just smiled as his ego got a massive boost watching them fight to be first with him.

He barely had time to step out of the way as they barreled past him. Bart slowly turned to follow them leaving his towel in a clump at the top of the stairs. Rod made it to the door first.

“I win.” Rod yelled as he disappeared into the room. Todd hung his head and followed his brother in.

As Bart arrived at the door to his room, he was not expecting the sight that greeted him. Rod was more than half naked and Todd already had his shirt off and was undoing his pants. Man, they went from 0 to 100 real fast. Bart thought to himself walking in and closing the door behind him.

He turned around to see both were down to their underwear. Almost in unison they hooked their thumbs into the waistband and shed the last of their modesty. Bart’s mouth almost dropped. Todd’s cock was easily Bart’s size and Rod’s was slightly longer and thicker than Milhouse’s.

“Well at least now I know why they call you Rod.” Bart joked trying to imagine how that was going to feel stretching out his asshole and throat. He felt his mouth water a bit in anticipation.

“Because it’s my name?” Rod asked, clearly missing the double entendre.

Bart didn’t care though. The sight of them naked and their gorgeous cocks had made him uncontrollably lustful. He walked over to them and took both chunks of hard meat in his hands and playfully stroked them.

“No, because of your huge rod.” Bart whispered seductively in his ear. “But you did win the race so who does what with who first?”

“I want you to do Todd in the butt first.” Rod said looking at his brother.

“Works for me.” Bart said turning his attention to Todd. “What about you? Do you just want to watch?” He asked hoping Rod would decide to turn Bart into a meat sandwich and use his puckered asshole with that massive dick.

“No, I’m going to do his mouth. He’s really good at it.”

Bart was disappointed slightly but still thought about how hot it was going to be to fuck Todd and see him take that massive rod down his throat.

“I’ll need to lube up my cock a bit, so I guess I’ll use his mouth a bit before you do.”

“No need.” Rod interrupted. “Todd, you get on the bed and I’ll get Bart’s thingy ready.”

Todd needed no further prompting and quickly got on all fours on the sheetless bed. Rod got on his knees in front of Bart and took Bart’s hard cock into his mouth slowly, letting as much saliva leak over it as he could. Then he stood up and Bart moved towards the bed. He was shocked when Rod came up behind Todd and leaned down riming his brother’s asshole with his tongue.

After a fast rim job Rod nodded to Bart to step up. Bart didn’t hesitate to get up into his bed and mounting Todd’s tight ass like he had mounted his sister earlier. He wasn’t able to just go balls deep, so he worked himself in with slow but strong pushes. He felt Todd push back a little on his thrust and he looked up from the sight of his cock slipping further and further into Todd’s heavenly hole.

Rod had taken his place in front of Todd and Todd was busy running his tongue the full length and circumference of his brother’s massive shlong. Bart watched in amazement as Rod put his hand on the top of Todd’s head as Todd placed his cocks head in his mouth.

Bart’s jaw dropped as Rod pushed down on Todd’s head and the entirety of his massive cock disappeared in his brother’s mouth. Bart could see the outline of it in Todd’s throat. He was amazed, there had been no hesitation and no gaging. How long had these two been fucking like this?

Bart was so entranced he almost missed the fact that his balls were now slapping against Todd. Todd had taken his whole cock in his ass while Bart had watched him suck off Rod. Bart and Rod locked eyes and they started matching each other’s rhythm.

Rod took his hands away from Todd’s head and reached out to Bart. Todd didn’t change his pace on blowing his brother. Bart took Rod’s meaning and reached out to lock arms, wrist to hand, and they began to use each other for extra leverage to brutalize Todd from both ends. Todd, however, didn’t seem to mind at all.

If anything, Todd got wilder with his reverse strokes. Bart was barely getting out of any of his cock out before it was pressed in deep again. It was a good thing too, if he had been able to get full strokes in with the sight of Rod buried in his brother’s throat, he would already have blown his load.

Rod pulled his dick out of his brother’s mouth with a wet pop and Todd gulping down air.

“Want to really do him good?” Rod asked.

Bart just nodded as Rod pushed down on Todd’s shoulders and forced him into a more exposed position. With the new angle and that Rod wasn’t trying to match his strokes Bart was able to grab Todd’s hips and started fucking with full length strokes.

Todd was moaning like a whore as his brother held his top half down and Bart used his asshole like a playground. Now that he could fuck properly Bart knew he wasn’t going to last long. He started speeding up a bit and looked down at Todd.

“I’m almost there, do you want my cum in you or on you?”

“In me.” Came the almost whispered moan of Todd.

That was all Bart needed and he began to pound away as hard as he could knowing he didn’t have to pull out. He was grunting and Todd continued to moan. Finally, he felt his sack tighten and his cock begin to pulse.

With one final plunge Bart blew his load. He almost collapsed onto Todd’s back noticing that Todd’s own cock was leaking precum. Bart reached down and ran his finger over the tip of Todd’s cock and gathered the precum on his fingertip. Lifting to his lips he licked it off and smiled at Rod.

Bart pulled his now soft cock out of Todd’s leaking asshole and walks over to Rod. He pulls him in and kisses him deep. Rod opens his mouth and Bart pushes his tongue in. Rod can taste a hint of his brothers precum and lets out a small moan. Bart grasps Rod’s huge cock, still slick from his brother’s throat, and starts to jerk him off.

Todd is still lying on the bed panting and Bart looks down at him, slightly jealous of the blissful look on his face. Now that he had gotten his rocks off all Bart could think about was how bad he wanted to get fucked. He knew he could take Milhouse’s dick in the ass and wanted to see if he could fit Rod.

Bart broke the kiss but kept on jerking at Rod’s cock. He turned his body around and pressed the fleshy globes of his ass cheeks against Rod. He gave him a nice little wiggle and Rod seemed to finally take the hint as to what Bart wanted.

Todd had recovered a bit and moved off the bed. As he did Rod pushed Bart’s torso down on the mattress, bending him over the bed.

“Take it slow but give me that fucking cock.” Bart moaned in anticipation with just a hint of apprehension in his voice.

“What about me?” Todd asked looking left out.

In response to that Bart simply patted the bed and opened his mouth wide. Todd seemed overjoyed to be included and quickly got on the bed, sitting in front of Bart and scooting close enough for Bart to not only start sucking on his dick but also wrap his hands around the small of Todd’s back.

Bart had just gotten Todd all the way into his mouth when he felt the pressure at his asshole as Rod started to push the head of his massive dick in. Bart felt a pop and then he felt like he might be split in half. Rod was barely one inch in, and Bart tensed up.

“Just relax, his thingy is big but I if you relax you should have no problem letting him do your butt.” Todd said encouragingly to Bart between his own gasps of pleasure he felt from Bart’s blowjob.

Now Bart was doubly determined to take it all. Not just to feel the pleasure of it, but also because he would be damned if he was shown up by Todd Flanders. He focused on relaxing and started to push back a little, arching his back to make it feel more comfortable.

Inch by inch Bart took the whole cock into his ass and then had to let Todd fall from his mouth so he could let out a deep satisfied moan. He lay there in bliss, distractingly jerking Todd’s cock, and focused on his breathing as Rod began to slowly pull back and then push himself back in. Todd didn’t seem to mind that he wasn’t being sucked off anymore as he just smiled at the look of pure bliss on Bart’s face, remembering the first time his brother had crawled into his bed and they had begun their incestuous relationship.

Bart was so lost in his pleasure that it took a minute for him to register that Rod was now fucking him with full strokes and was starting to get a little faster and rougher. Bart was being fucked hard and all he could manage were grunts of pleasure. Bart couldn’t even keep jerking Todd off he was so lost in getting destroyed by the monster buried in his ass.

Todd backed up a little on the bed and sat back on his knees. He started jerking himself off. Rod only rarely let Todd fuck him, so he was used to taking care of his own needs. This time though he had a show and wanted to blow his load in Bart’s face. He reached under himself with his other hands and slid two fingers into his asshole that was still leaking Bart’s cum.

Barts knees were starting to get weak and Rod picked up on it, so he grabbed Bart by the hips for leverage and support. He also picked up the pace even more and bent over Bart’s body to nibble on his earlobe a bit.

“Oh god, more, more.” Bart was practically begging. He had never felt so filled and Rod was hitting all the right spots with every thrust.

The wet smacking sounds of Bart getting his ass fucked combined with Todd jerking his slick cock and fingering his own sloppy ass were resounding in the room. Bart heard it as a melody of sexual ecstasy. Bart was in total heaven and hoped that Rod would fill him with cum soon.

Todd felt his orgasm beginning to build. He was moaning out loud and had added a third finger. He was bouncing up and down on his fingers and matching strokes. His balls began to tighten, and his asshole gripped his own fingers as he connected with his prostrate.


Bart looked at Todd as he moaned his name. He knew what was about to happen and just couldn’t care because of his own pleasure. He was still thinking clearly enough to close his eyes and open his mouth as the first jet of Todd’s hot sticky cum splashed on his face. Jet after jet landed on his face and more than one spurt landed in his mouth. He swallowed it down and licked at any drops in reach of his tongue.

Rod watched his brother cum on Bart’s face and that was all it took to push him over the edge. He thrust his full length deep into Bart and began to cum. Bart felt his ass fill quickly with cum and felt what couldn’t fit start to spill out around the edges on Rod’s pulsing cock.

All three boys collapsed and began to catch their breath. Bart was completely satisfied but he wanted to return the favor to Rod, and maybe give Todd a turn with his ass before the Flanders would have to head home for dinner.

“That was amazing. As soon as we regain some strength though it will be your turn to give up that sweet ass Rod.” Bart sighed.

Rod and Todd simply nodded.

The movie theater was dark and cool. Milhouse and Lisa had gotten seats in the back row even though they ended up being the only ones in this showing. Lisa had picked out a chick flick both because she wanted to see it but also because she knew it would be mostly empty. Lisa had paid for the tickets and Milhouse had gotten the snacks.

The movie was about halfway done when Lisa felt Milhouse’s hand on her knee. He started to slowly move up her leg and Lisa got a wicked smile on her face. She had hoped this would happen and made sure not to wear panties just in case. She spread her legs a bit.

Milhouse took this as consent and slid his hand even faster. He connected with her pussy and immediately started to rub her clit. Lisa’s sharp intake of breath encouraged him, and he continued to rub her clit as he slid a finger into her.

Lisa reached over and unzipped Milhouse’s fly. She reached in and gripped his cock hard and started to jerk him off. She pulled his cock out to make it easier to stroke. She hadn’t taken her eyes off the screen and hoped he didn’t want a blowjob in the theater because she really wanted to see this movie.

Milhouse was distracted from the movie but he didn’t really care. He wasn’t interested in the movie just in being there with the girl he loved. The mutual masturbation was a bonus though that he was more than happy with. Besides Lisa was giving him a great hand job. He suddenly had a devious thought and almost shot his load just thinking of it.

“Hey Lisa, hand me the popcorn bucket.” Milhouse whispered in her ear even though there was no one around to hear him.

“Oh, want a snack with your fun?” Lisa said in a soft playful voice as she handed him the half full popcorn tub.

“No, I’m going to cum on it, and then you’re going to eat it.” Milhouse whispered in her ear pausing to nibble on her neck and push a third finger into her. “While I eat you.”

Lisa moaned at the fingering and at Milhouse’s suggestion. She sped up her jerking and wiggled herself a bit on Milhouse’s fingers. She heard his breathing change and felt him speed up his fingering. She was happy she could get him off as easily as she could.

With a grunt Milhouse came. The majority of it made it into the popcorn but a little dribbled down his cock and onto Lisa’s hand. She let go of his softening cock and licked his seed off her hand. She helped him get his dick back in his pants and took the popcorn bucket from him. She tried a piece of cum covered popcorn and was pleasantly surprised at how it tasted.

Milhouse pulled his fingers out of her and she raised her legs up a little, setting her feet on the armrests of the seat in front of her. Milhouse got down on his knees and without a moment’s hesitation had his face buried in her crotch. He began just using his tongue to explore the folds of her velvety entrance.

She had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming at how good his tongue felt. She couldn’t help but let out a small scream though when he added his fingers back into the mix. She felt his three fingers working in and out of her soaked hole as he licked and nibbled on her engorged clit.

Lisa’s eyes went as wide as they could go as Milhouse slipped a fourth finger into her. She began to wonder if he would try getting the whole fist into her. She had seen pictures in her moms’ magazines of girls smiling while being fisted but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to take it. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Milhouse couldn’t believe it when he slipped his fist into Lisa past the knuckles, but she seemed to really love it, so he decided not to stop. He wanted her to come on his fist, and he loved the taste of her pussy and was licking away hungrily.

Lisa was in absolute heaven and the taste of cum on the popcorn, mixed with the feeling of being simultaneously eaten out and fisted made her quake as she had the strongest orgasm of her life. Her whole body shook, and she missed a bit of the movie as her eyes rolled back into her head.

Milhouse pulled his face back a little as her orgasm hit him in the face and he realized with an immense flash of pride that he had just made Lisa squirt. He pulled his fist from her slowly and she seemed to try and push forward to keep it in. After he got it out, he got up off the sticky floor, now a little stickier, and sat back down next to Lisa. She moaned and put her head on his shoulder, completely satisfied.

“Popcorn?” Lisa offered him the bucket back hoping he wouldn’t actually want any because she wanted the rest for herself.

“No thanks, I already have my snack.” Milhouse kissed her on the forehead then started licking her juices off his hand, savoring the taste more than any candy.

Milhouse and Lisa made it back to the house in the late afternoon. Milhouse had to help her out of the theater because her legs were still weak from the fisting and orgasm. Her pussy was a little sore from the pounding, but she was fully prepared to let the boys use her other holes to their hearts content.

Both of them were excited to tell Bart about their fun in the theater. They began heading up the stairs but stopped at the last one. On the ground was Bart’s towel and looking down the hallway they noticed Bart’s door was closed.

“Maybe he’s jerking off?” Lisa whispered in Milhouse’s ear.

“Let’s surprise him and give him a hand.” Milhouse whispered back as they began tiptoeing down the hall.

“Or a mouth.”

“Or an ass.”

Arriving at his door they heard noises from inside. Bart was grunting but there were other noises. They looked at each other wondering if they should go in or let Bart finish what he was doing with whoever was in there.

Lisa put her eye to the keyhole and stared open mouthed. Her hand drifted below her skirt and she started to rub her clit without thinking. Milhouse was now extremely curious about what Bart could be doing that drew that reaction from her.

“What is it?” He hissed in her ear as he slid the top of her dress down and started playing with her nipples.

She tore her eyes away from the keyhole tilting her head back and using her free hand to grip the back of his head as she kissed him hard.

“Take a look.”

Lisa leaned down putting her head against the door and pulling Milhouse’s head down to eye level with the keyhole. Milhouse looked inside and felt himself harden.

Bart was in there with the Flanders boys from next door. Rod had his cock up his brother’s ass and even Milhouse was impressed with the size of it. While Rod was plowing Todd, Bart was on his knees with Todd’s cock down his throat. Bart was rock hard and using his hands to massage both his cock and his balls. Every thrust of Rod’s hips drove Todd’s dick deeper into Bart’s hungry throat.

“Should we join them?” Milhouse asked quietly, honestly not sure what the protocol was here.

Lisa arched her back again bringing her mouth right to Milhouse’s ear. She bit his ear and made a low moan in his ear.

“No, let’s go to my room, I have an ass for you to fill.”

Lisa was hornier than she would have expected from watching her brother with two other guys and she also kind of wanted to keep Milhouse to herself right now. They got up and started shedding their clothes as they made out down the hall towards Lisa’s room.

They were still outside her room in the hall and Milhouse was pawing at Lisa’s tits and ass more and more aggressively. He suddenly grabbed her and slammed her into the wall, with an animalistic lust he continued to make out with her and got rougher with his pawing.

“Some ones suddenly very aggressive.” Lisa practically moaned as she looked into Milhouse’s eyes as he groped her body. “Do you want them to hear us?”

“Yes. I. DO.” His growl rumbled in her ear and she suddenly felt like prey caught by a wild beast.

Milhouse pulled her off the wall and pushed her into her room. Lisa was loving this new side of Milhouse. It seems like finding out Bart had other lovers had flipped a switch in his head. He had become almost primal in his lust for her.

He followed her into the room, closing the door behind him, and pulled her back hard into their embrace. She could barely breathe he was making out with her so much and she was loving it. She could feel her juices start to leak down her thighs.

Milhouse was mauling her tits and had stuck two fingers into her hole that was still a little sore from the fisting. Before it could start to hurt, he pulled the fingers out and then shoved them into her puckered asshole.

Lisa gasped at the sudden invasion, but it quickly felt good and she was moaning in time with his fingers plunging in and out of backdoor. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back hard to make her look in his eyes.

“What wall is Bart’s room you fucking slut?”

Lisa wasn’t sure what shocked her more, that Milhouse was talking to her like this, or that she found it incredibly sexy.

“That one.” She moaned in her best submissive voice as she pointed at the shared wall between her and Bart’s rooms. She didn’t know exactly what he had planned she just knew she wanted it to happen.

He pulled her over to the wall and pushed her down onto her knees. She began to open her mouth and he slapped her. The sting should have shocked her but for some reason it only made her wetter.

He pushed her head, so it was resting against the wall then slapped her in the face again only this time instead of using his hand he used his rock-hard cock. Lisa thought to herself that she preferred the hand as she felt him push the head of his cock against her lips.

She opened them to allow him in and he slammed it balls deep in one thrust while also hitting the wall with his open hand. He started fucking her face and beating out a steady drumming with his palm on the wall.

Lisa realized he was trying to get Bart’s attention. He wanted Bart to know he was in here with her pounding away at her while Bart was fucking the neighbor boys. Well as long as he kept up with this new attitude, she would do whatever.

He stopped using her throat as a cock sleave and she gasped for air, drool pouring down her chin. Milhouse pulled her back to a standing position by her hair and pushed her against the wall hard with his whole body.

Lisa felt like he was trying to push through her as he made out with her biting her lower lip with a light sting. She was gushing by now and tried grabbing his slick cock intending to put it into her still sore pussy. Instead of letting her do that Milhouse backed off a bit and spun her around to face the wall.

His hand connected with the soft flesh of her ass cheek so hard it left a hand imprint in red. She squeaked quietly.

“Don’t be quiet.” Milhouse hissed in her ear right before his hand landed again this time on the other ass cheek.

“Be loud.” Another cracking slap.

“I want them to hear you.” Slap.

“In fact,” He continued as he positioned himself behind her, “scream for them.” He finished driving his cock as deep in her ass as he could in one thrust.

Lisa let out a lust filled scream and gave herself over to the orgasm that had been building since Milhouse had started touching her at Bart’s door. Milhouse began to pound away at her tight hole alternating between calling her a slut or bitch and continuing to spank her ass cheeks.

Lisa was in heaven.

In Bart’s room all three boys had noticed the pounding against the wall. They had stopped their various fucking and had their ears against the wall listening. When Lisa screamed, Bart’s competitive nature took over.

“We can be louder than that.” He said as he turned to the other two boys smiling.

“Like a contest?” Todd asked without pulling his ear away from the wall. He seemed to really enjoy listening to Lisa get fucked.

“Who can do who louder? We can win.” Rod’s enthusiasm was infectious, and the boys huddled together and decided on a plan.

Bart’s asshole was still tender from letting Rod brutalize it earlier. Todd was more used to taking Rod and didn’t seem to get sore at all. Bart also still had to return the favor to Rod as earlier it had been Todd fucking Rod as Bart got sucked off.

Todd was pushed up against the wall, keeping his ear to it so he could continue to listen. Rod stepped up behind him and didn’t even hesitate to ram his hard cock in his brother’s hole. Todd let out a mighty bellow of pleasure that could have been heard in the basement let alone the next room over. Then Bart stepped up behind Rod and shoved his cock hard into Rod’s tight hole. He and Rod moaned loud in unison.

They weren’t as loud as Todd but Lisa and Milhouse still heard them. They all began fucking with a unison of speed and rhythm that would put Olympic synchronized swimmers to shame. Bart was in heaven. His strokes into Rod pushed Rod deeper into Todd and he felt like he was fucking them both.

Bart hoped that he and Rod would cum at the same time but unfortunately it was not to be as they all heard a loud voice from the open window.

“Boys! Dinner is ready! Wash up and come to the table!” Ned Flanders shouted from his backdoor not knowing where his sons were but knowing they wouldn’t be out of earshot.

“We need to go.” Rod panted.

“Well then you guys should get dressed and head home. No reason to make your dad suspicious. As long as he doesn’t know you guys and I can hang out like this more often.” Bart said as he pulled out of Rod.

None of them were happy their fun had to stop but they all agreed with Bart. As long as their dad never knew they would have many more fun times ahead of them.

Lisa and Milhouse heard the Flanders leave but Milhouse hadn’t stopped fucking Lisa hard against the wall.

“I guess we win.” Lisa panted, hoping that didn’t mean Milhouse would stop.

“Of course, we did, because you’re my perfect little slut.” Milhouse growled in her ear.

He had his hand on her throat and was squeezing the sides of her neck. She felt slightly lightheaded but loved the sensation. She came for the second time since getting home. He was starting to speed up and she felt her knees going weak.

“Beg for my cum you fucking whore.”

Milhouse was pounding for all he was worth like he was trying to fuck through her. Lisa was gasping and moaning.

“Please.” Her response was barely audible, but it was all Milhouse wanted to her.

He pulled her off her feet holding her in the air while she was impaled on his cock and after a few seconds Lisa felt him explode deep in her ass. Milhouse set her body down gently on the floor and stood over her, squeezing the last drops of cum over her body letting them fall where they may.

“I’ll go grab Bart and bring him in here, if he didn’t finish his fun then he can always finish up with us.”

He leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. His attitude had shifted again, and he was back to his usual caring self. Lisa smiled feeling used, spent, safe, and loved.

“Even if he finished having his fun, we have a lot of fun stories to tell him.”

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