Simpson Sleepover

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It was finally Friday afternoon and Milhouse ran up the driveway to the Simpson home. It was sleepover night and he had been jerking off all week while fantasizing about tonight. He had even borrowed his mom’s dildo she hid in the drawer next to the bed a few times when he was left alone. Tonight, he wanted to try fucking Bart like he had let Bat fuck him last week.


The nights forecast called for rain so Milhouse knew they would have to be in Bart’s room. It increased the chances they would get caught having their fun but for some reason that just turned Milhouse on even more. Plus, that meant he might get to sneak a glance at Lisa in her nightgown before he and Bart got started. Afterall he hadn’t stopped fantasizing about Lisa, he had just started fantasizing about Bart too.

Milhouse stopped at the door and looked down to make sure that his hard cock couldn’t be seen through his clothes. That would be almost as embarrassing as when his dad had walked in on him jerking off in the bathroom. It was an awkward dinner that night but after his mom had gone to bed his father had simply said “Next time, lock the door.” and that had been that. He reached up and knocked on the door. Bart’s mom opened the door and smiled.

“BART, Milhouse is here.” Marge yelled up the stairs.

There was a slight pause and Marge frowned a bit. She seemed to be about to repeat herself but louder when Bart appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Hey dude. I must have lost track of the time.” Bart said as he started to make his way down the stairs.

Bart seemed out of breath and looked a little flushed. Milhouse figured he must have been jerking off and his mom yelling had interrupted his masturbation. Luckily Marge didn’t seem to notice as she headed back to the living room and no one but Bart seemed to hear the door to his room open and close again followed by the door to the bathroom closing as Lisa rushed into the bathroom with a mouth full of Bart’s cum.

They had been going over the plan for tonight and they had grown horny so a quick blowjob before Milhouse would be there had seemed the perfect relief. Bart had been buried down Lisa’s throat when he heard his mom yell and knowing Milhouse was here and this was actually going to happen had pushed him over the edge.

They had both decided it would be more fun if they kept the plan a secret from Milhouse. Bart made sure to come all the way down the stairs to buy Lisa any time she needed to hide in the bathroom and clean up a bit.

“Sorry I’m a little early. I’ve just been so excited for tonight.” Milhouse said with a sly wink to Bart.

“No problem man, I have been too. Here, let’s go put your stuff in my room.” Bart smiled at his friend and put his hand on his shoulder guiding him up the stairs. “Then I figure we can ride our bikes around a bit before dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Milhouse sounded a little disappointed that they wouldn’t be jumping into anything special yet but with everyone awake he decided not to let it bother him.

“Latter on tonight we’ll have even more fun. I’ve got something special for you tonight.” Bart reassured his best friend having read his tone.

As they reached the top of the stairs and turned down the hall towards Bart’s room Lisa was just coming out of the bathroom. She had brushed her teeth and washed her face. As she passed them Milhouse could swear she nodded in their direction, but it was so subtle he couldn’t tell.

Bart and Milhouse went into his room and Milhouse put his bag down in the corner. He unhooked his sleeping bag from it and began to untie the shoelaces keeping it rolled up.

“If you need to finish what you were doing go ahead, this could take me a minute.” Milhouse said over his shoulder as Bart sat on his bed.

“What do you mean?” Bart said a little to fast, fearing Milhouse knew what had been going on before he had arrived.

“Come on Bart, you were breathing hard and you were a little red.” Milhouse began as he struggled with one of the knots.

Bart’s eyes were darting around the room. He was desperately searching for whatever clue had given him away.

“It’s obvious you were jerking off before I got here. I’m sorry if me being early interrupted your fun and I’m sure you don’t want to ride a bike with blue balls.” Milhouse sighed as he finally managed to untie the pesky knot.

“I already finished… I was finishing as you knocked… good timing.” Bart was stumbling over his words relieved and trying not to show it.

“I hope I’m not setting up my sleeping bag where you finished.” Milhouse joked.

“I was jerking off in the bathroom.” Bart had regained his composure

“Make sure to lock the door.” Milhouse chuckled half to himself.

“Of course, I did. Why wouldn’t I?” Bart joked back at his friend.

Milhouse was silent and just focused on spreading out his sleeping bag. He wouldn’t look up at Bart and had gone a little red.

“Oh my god.” Bart said suddenly figuring out what he was missing. “Who caught you?”

“My dad.” Milhouse responded sitting down next to Bart on his bed.

“Did you get in any trouble?” Bart asked with some genuine concern in his voice. If Homer had caught him jerking off, he’d get strangled and grounded. He still didn’t realize not all parents resorted to such barbaric punishment.

“No. He seemed more embarrassed than I was and just told me to lock the door from now on.” Milhouse laughed remembering his dad’s look of shock.

His laughter was infectious and soon both boys were laughing so hard that Lisa could hear them through the shared wall between their rooms. It helped her hear them because her back was pushed against the wall as she fingered herself for all she was worth. She had let Bart finish in her mouth, but she needed her own relief too. At least their raucous laughter helped cover her moaning as she fantasized about tonight.

The rest of the afternoon had gone as Bart had promised. The boys rode their bikes around town until the sky had started to darken with clouds and they had headed back. As they dropped off their bikes in the back Milhouse pointed to the tree house.

“Maybe we should get those… uh… comics out of there before it rains.” Milhouse suggested. Not sure who was listening, he didn’t want to say porno magazines.

“Already done man.” Bart assured his friend. “I moved them as soon as I got home. They’re in my backpack up stairs.”

They came into the house through the back door. Marge was cooking in the kitchen with Maggie in her highchair. They found Homer in his usual spot on the couch watching TV with a beer and his pre-dinner snack. Lisa was sitting on the other end of the couch reading a book.

As they were crossing through the living room to head up to Bart’s room Lisa spread her legs slightly giving them both the briefest flash of her panties. She readjusted her position on the couch and Milhouse was once again left wondering if this moment was simply him reading too much into innocent situations.

“Don’t get too settled boys.” Marge called from the kitchen as they headed up the stairs. “Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.”

“Okay mom, we’ll just get cleaned up really quick and be back down.” Bart yelled back from the top of the stairs.

After they were in Bart’s room and the door was closed behind them, they both started stripping off their dirty clothes. Once they were both naked and they had pulled out their clean clothing Milhouse just couldn’t help himself and he walked over to Bart. Milhouse reached out and started rubbing Bart’s cock, feeling it start to stiffen in his hand.

“We have to be quick.” Bart said reaching out to give Milhouse the same attention he was getting. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“I’ll do my best.” Milhouse whispered as he began to really jerk off Bart and fondle his balls with his free hand.

“And don’t forget about our deal from last week. Tonight, I get to pick the first thing we do, and this doesn’t count.” Bart said chuckling to himself thinking about what that first thing would be.

“I remember, don’t worry.” Milhouse said as he moved a little closer to Bart, so their cocks occasionally brushed up against each other.

They kept up their mutual masturbation for about ten minutes. They let their other hands roam each other’s bodies. Bart noticed Milhouse especially liked having his nipples pinched and pulled and set that information aside for latter. Milhouse on the other hand found Bart would really speed up his ministrations anytime Millhouse grabbed his ass or played with his neck.

Both of them felt the familiar swelling and gave it all they could muster. Being so close to each other they came hard all over each other’s naked stomach and chest. They used their dirty clothes to wipe themselves off and finished getting dressed.

“Boys, time for dinner.” Came Marge’s voice from downstairs.

“Okay, be right down.” Bart yelled back.

As they were walking towards the door Milhouse felt Bart grab him and spin him around to face him. Bart reached behind his head and pulled his friend in for a deep, passionate kiss. Then Bart let him go and opened the door to his room.

“Thanks for the appetizer.” Bart whispered right in Milhouse’s ear as he passed him on his way out of the room.

“Anytime.” Milhouse responded with a wink and followed his best friend and lover downstairs.

The dinner had been amazing. Marge could really cook a pork chop. The family and Milhouse had eaten and chatted about school and the town. Lisa had been unusually distracted and quiet. Marge was serving them each a slice of freshly baked apple pie with a scoop of ice cream when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it, you guys enjoy desert.” Marge said in her usual cheerful manner and headed into the kitchen to answer the phone.

Bart and Homer were both digging into their pie with ravenous hunger. Milhouse was picking at his pie, still a bit distracted with thoughts of latter. He looked across the table at Lisa and watched as she stuck her tongue out a bit and licked some of the ice cream off her spoon. He felt himself start to get hard and choked a little on the pie he was eating.

Bart glanced over and let his gaze drift down, noticing the bulge beginning to grow. While still digging into his pie with the fork in his right hand Bart reached down with his left hand and gave his friends cock a squeeze quickly with a mischievous grin on his face.

Milhouse was worried someone would notice, but Lisa seemed preoccupied with her desert and Homer would only have noticed if Bart had stolen his pie. Bart decided though not to push his luck and brought his hand back up.

“Oh god not again.” Marge’s voice drifted in from the kitchen sounding annoyed. “I’ll let Homer know… we’ll take care of it… thank you for calling.”

Marge walked back into the dining room shaking her head a little. She didn’t look angry just concerned.

“Well looks like our weekend plans are going to have to change.” Marge said to Homer. “Your father has stolen the bus from the retirement home and is driving a group of his friends to Vegas.”

“Are they kicking him out?” Homer asked concerned that would mean his father would have to move in with them.

“They said that as long as we can find him and get him to return the bus and the other residents by Monday, they won’t press charges or kick him out.” Marge responded.

“I guess we’re going to Vegas then.” Homer responded with equal measures of relief and annoyance.

“Wait.” Bart interrupted looking at Milhouse. “What about my sleepover? We don’t all need to go do we?”

“Well I guess not.” Marge responded. “Really just me and your father need to go.”

“How about we take Maggie with us and leave Lisa in charge here.” Homer offered.

“Well it would only be for the weekend and we could leave behind some money for pizza. As long as you boys agree to behave.” Marge looked sternly at Bart and gave Milhouse a smile.

“We’ll be good. I promise.” Bart piped in as quickly as he could. This was better than he ever could have hoped.

“You better, because if we hear otherwise this will be the last sleepover you have for a very long time.” Homer said in the sternest tone he could muster.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you guys a full report when you get back.” Lisa finally joined in the conversation with a smile.

“I’m sure you will honey.” Homer smiled at her.

“Homer. Why don’t you go get your bag ready and get the car seat set up.” Marge was already planning and started clearing the table. “I’ll finish up here and then get mine and Maggie’s bag packed and meet you at the car.”

Homer stood up and headed upstairs. His plate was empty anyway. Milhouse and Bart shared a glance, and both quickly finished their deserts.

“Let us take care of the dishes mom. You go focus on getting ready for your trip.” Bart said with his best good boy tone as he stood up grabbing his own plate and Homers.

“Yeah, Mrs. S, we can clean up. You’ve got other worries.” Milhouse chimed in grabbing Marge’s empty plate from her and stacking his own on top of it.

“Have I ever told you how much I enjoy it when you visit?” Marge asked Milhouse as she picked up Maggie.

“I enjoy it a lot too.” Milhouse responded and winked at Bart.

Lisa wasn’t done with her desert yet. She picked up on the wink between Bart and Milhouse but chose not to acknowledge it.

“I’m not quite finished with mine yet boys, so I’ll bring out my own plate when I am.” Lisa smiled warmly at them. She was very pleased with how things were turning out.

Bart and Milhouse carried the dishes to the sink and got the water running. Both were smiling ear to ear. They had just got the best news they could have possibly received. They now had almost two days together, alone except for Lisa, and the thoughts of what they planed on doing were pouring through their minds.

“I’ll wash and you dry.” Bart suggested.

“Okay. Could this have gone any better?” Milhouse was almost giddy with excitement.

“Well, it’s a great set up I’ll admit but things can always be better.” Bart said with a wink as the sink began to fill with water and suds. “For instance, until I have a few dishes washed, you have nothing to do, and while my hands are full my cock is hard.”

Milhouse smiled wide as he took Bart’s meaning. With both of Bart’s parents upstairs and Lisa in the dining room they were alone. Milhouse walked up behind Bart and reached around his friend. Sliding his hands into Bart’s shorts he grabbed his waiting cock.

With his right hand he started jerking Bart off and with his left hand he gently but firmly fondled his balls. Milhouse kept alert for anyone moving in the house and was ready to pull away his hands at a moment notice. As he gave his friend an expert hand job, he ground his own hard dick into Bart’s ass through their clothes.

“I wish we were already alone.” Milhouse whispered in Bart’s ear. “I want to push your shorts to the floor, bend you over this sink, and fuck your ass. Like you did mine last week.”

“Don’t worry.” Bart whispered back, trying his best to concentrate on washing dishes. “We have two whole days. You’ll get your turn.”

Milhouse almost couldn’t believe his ears. He was sure he would have to beg or trade to get Bart to let him have his turn at fucking Bart’s ass. He redoubled his efforts at the hand job, secretly hoping that if he could make Bart cum, he would get his turn at fucking that much sooner.

In the dining room Lisa was still working on her desert. It was slow going as she was eating with one hand and had the other stuffed down her panties rubbing herself with reckless abandon. Knowing she would be alone with Bart and Milhouse for two days made her ache for her parents to leave sooner.

Every time she took a bite off her spoon, she pushed it deeper into the back of her mouth, while simultaneously pushing her fingers into her wet snatch. She couldn’t wait to try getting double fucked for real. She came as she was finishing the last bite of vanilla ice cream, the feeling of the slightly melted treat sliding down her throat pushed her over the edge. She was ready for tonight.

Marge, Homer, and Maggie had left as soon as they were ready. With a hasty goodbye and a few last-minute instructions, Homer had given Lisa the money for pizza the next night and had told her not to let Bart know where she was hiding it.

After they had left Bart, Milhouse, and Lisa went into the living room and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. None of them were completely paying attention to the show. There was an anxious tension in the air.

As the show ended Bart gave an overly dramatic fake yawn and stood up. Milhouse was surprised that Bart made no attempt to hide the bulge in his shorts, but he was so enraptured in his fantasies that he didn’t think about it any deeper than Bart not noticing.

“Milhouse, you ready to go get changed and start our sleepover?” Bart asked with a knowing smile on his face.

“Am I.” Milhouse said a little to excitedly as he jumped up and dashed upstairs.

Bart and Lisa watched him disappear giggling a little between themselves. As soon as he was sure his friend had made it up the stairs Bart leaned down and gave Lisa a deep kiss.

“You should get ready for the sleepover too.” Bart said as he broke the kiss. “Wait outside my door and I’ll get you as soon as I have Milhouse ready.”

Lisa reached out and gave Bart’s cock a squeeze through his shorts, licking her lips seductively.

“Just don’t leave me out there too long.” Lisa said as she got up to follow Bart upstairs.

At the top of the stairs Bart gave Lisa a slap on the ass as they parted ways. Bart headed for his room, knowing he would most likely find Milhouse naked and waiting. Lisa headed for her room to put on the outfit they had decided she would wear for tonight’s fun.

Lisa quickly stripped out of her dress, panties, shoes and socks. She opened the top dresser drawer and pulled out the lacy thong. It was a flimsy thing and she knew there was every possibility it would get torn tonight, that’s why she had picked one that she didn’t consider one of her favorite pairs. She slid them up her legs and shuddered a bit as the lacy material made contact with her pussy.

She opened the next drawer down and found the oversized t-shirt. This part had been Bart’s suggestion. Lisa had just wanted to walk in naked and jump in, but Bart thought it would be more fun to see Milhouse’s reaction to how amazing her body was when she took it off. Bart certainly was the trickster type.

Dressed for action Lisa stopped at her door and reached up to give her nipples a good, hard pinching before going to wait outside Bart’s door. Tonight, was going to be amazing.

Meanwhile in Bart’s room, the boys were both naked and Bart had gotten out the magazines. They had each opened a few of the magazines and were gently touching their own hard cocks while looking at the pictures. Bart seemed a little distracted. Milhouse on the other hand couldn’t understand why they were starting off so slow but knowing how much time they had he didn’t say anything.

“So, since I won the bet, I get to decide what we do first.” Bart said deciding he had given Lisa enough time to get ready. “I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and put this on.”

Bart pulled out a bandanna he had folded into a blindfold and handed it to Milhouse. To his credit Milhouse didn’t even hesitate to comply. Once he was seated and blindfolded Bart acted like he was going to hit Milhouse and when Milhouse didn’t flinch he knew he had folded the bandanna perfectly.

“Oh god Bart, I can’t wait to feel my dick in your mouth again.” Milhouse said completely ready and rock hard at the thought. This was something different and he was excited to see what other surprises the night held.

“Patience.” Bart said as he ran his hands up and down his friend’s legs then got up and went to his bedroom door.

Lisa was waiting outside the door dressed in the outfit they had decided on together. Bart was as quiet as a mouse opening his door and motioning for Lisa to come in. As Lisa walked in and saw Milhouse sitting on the bed her jaw almost dropped. Bart had told her Milhouse was big, but this was only the second real cock she had seen, and she was mesmerized by it.

Bart was guiding her by the shoulders over towards the bed. When they were in front of Milhouse, Lisa got on her knees and Bart gave her a wink.

“You want me to suck you off Milhouse?” Bart asked.

“Yes.” Milhouse replied oddly turned on by being forced to wait.

“And you want to suck my cock too.” Bart was deadpanning his questions.

“Yes.” Milhouse had an eagerness to his answers.

“And you want to fuck and be fucked in return.” Bart was really enjoying this.

“Yes, Bart. I want to try anything and everything you want to try.” Milhouse was getting impatient.

“Good answer.” Bart said and motioned for Lisa to start sucking Milhouse’s cock.

Lisa leaned in and took Milhouse’s cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the head and letting more and more slip in. Bart watched with wonder as his sister started to give his best friend a blow job.

Milhouse leaned back a little on the bed and began to slowly move his hips as Lisa got into a good rhythm. He didn’t seem to notice it wasn’t Bart and the trickster had to keep himself from laughing and spoiling the fun of the big reveal.

Bart tapped Lisa on the back of the head. It was their predetermined signal for her to pull her mouth off so Bart could talk and maintain the illusion.

“So, Milhouse, what do you think about Lisa?” Bart asked with a devilish tone. He gave Lisa a nod so she knew she could go back to her fun.

Lisa shot her brother a dirty look and decided to show off. She drove her mouth down on Milhouse until he was buried in her throat to the hilt. Milhouse stiffened and for a second Lisa thought she had pushed him over the edge already.

“I know she’s your sister, but she is sexy as fuck and I don’t think I’ll ever get over my crush on her.” Milhouse couldn’t help but telling the truth as he tried to focus on talking and not cuming.

Luckily for him Lisa backed off a bit and went back to her earlier rhythm, letting Milhouse refocus. She could feel herself getting wetter and more turned on as Milhouse talked. Hearing him call her sexy was an unexpected turn on for her. She reached down and pushed the thong to the side so she could play with herself a bit.

Bart noticed what his sister was doing, and he got an evil idea. Kneeling next to her, he moved his hand to replace hers and slid two fingers into her. As he used one hand to finger fuck her, he saw her pick up the pace of the blow job a bit.

Bart tapped the back of her head again, but this time she took longer to respond. Bart could feel how wet she was and knew she was getting just as worked up.

“I bet you’d like to fuck Lisa.” Bart said as soon as Lisa had Milhouse out of her mouth. He even faked being a little out of breath. He gave Lisa the nod and added a third finger inside of her for emphasis.

Lisa decided to tease Milhouse a bit this time and went back to using her tongue on the head of his cock and only taking about half of his length into her mouth. Bart’s fingering wasn’t making it easy, but she was determined.

“Hell yeah.” Milhouse responded as his mind went into fantasy overdrive. “If I had the chance, I would do everything in those magazines with her.”

This was the response Bart and Lisa had been waiting for. Lisa picked up the speed of the blow job again and started taking Milhouse’s cock entirely with every bob of her head. Milhouse’s breathing had increased and Lisa could feel the telltale signs of his cock pulsating and his balls tightening. She knew he would cum soon.

Bart seeing too, reluctantly took his fingers out of his sister and standing up. He licked her juices off her hands like it was barbeque sauce.

“Oh god… Bart… I’m cuming.” Milhouse huffed between breaths as he arched his back and gripped the beds covers in his hands.

Lisa deep throated Milhouse and held him there as his balls emptied its load. She swallowed as fast as she could but Milhouse had obviously been saving up and a little of is spunk dribbled down her chin.

She stood up without wiping her chin. Milhouse was catching his breath a bit and Bart took his place next to Lisa. He could barely contain himself. It was time for the reveal.

“That was amazing.” Milhouse said as he began to recover.

“I’m glad you liked it as much as I did.” Lisa responded in her best good girl voice.

Milhouse shot upright and ripped off the blindfold. Bart was standing there naked next to Lisa who still had some of his cum dripping down her chin. Milhouse was in shock. He couldn’t believe it. He was even more shocked when, realizing what had just happened, his cock was instantly hard again.

“Lisa you really should learn to clean up after your fun.” Bart chuckled as he leaned in and licked the last of Milhouse’s cum from his sister’s chin then gave her a deep kiss tasting his friends cock on her tongue.

Milhouse sat dumbfounded. He stared as the siblings made out and tried to process everything that had just happened. His crush had just given him an amazing blow job right in front of her brother who was now making out with her. It was a lot to take in but Milhouse’s libido was taking over and soon all he could think of was how much fun tonight was going to be.

“You see, Lisa saw us last week.” Bart explained as he broke the kiss and looked to the side at Milhouse. “And she decided she wanted to join in our fun, so she convinced me to let her join and I decided that since I could pick the first thing you did this week it would be Lisa’s sweet mouth.”

As Bart was explaining all this to Milhouse, Lisa reached down and started jerking Bart off. The casualness with which she gave her brother a hand job Milhouse could imagine what she had done to convince Bart.

“Speaking of my sister’s sweet mouth.” Bart said turning back to look at Lisa who stared into his eyes as she pumped her hand up and down. “Why not give me a round with it.”

Lisa needed no further prompting and dropped to her knees taking Bart’s cock and giving it the same attention, she had just given to Milhouse’s. Milhouse watched and started to jerk himself off watching the scene like it was a porno on the internet.

“What about your guest?” Lisa looked at Bart in between taking him all the way down her throat and taking him back out completely. “It would be rude to leave him out.”

“You’re right Lisa.” Bart said reading her intent. He laid down on the floor and Lisa got on all fours to take him back into her mouth. Bart looked over at Milhouse. “Why not use that thing and give her pussy a good pounding.”

Milhouse needed no other words and was off the bed in a heartbeat and got to his knees behind Lisa. He pushed her t-shirt up and ripped down her thong until it was at her knees. He gazed at her gorgeous ass and pussy right in front of him. They were even better than he had fantasized they would be.

He took his cock in his hand and lined it up with Lisa’s pussy. Wasting no time, he buried himself to the hilt in one thrust and Bart could have sworn he felt Lisa scream around his cock buried in her throat.

Lisa tried to keep a steady rhythm between the two cocks buried in her, but it was harder than she had imagined. Bart was letting her do her own thing with the blow job, simply lying there with his hands behind his head, but Milhouse was pounding into her like a man possessed. Soon it was all she could do to jerk Bart’s cock and lick it as she started breathing harder and harder getting fucked roughly.

Bart decided to let her focus on her fun and find something else for him to occupy himself with. Almost as soon as he had stood up Lisa collapsed down and Milhouse followed propping himself up on his forearms and continuing his savage fucking. He was so focused on the feeling of Lisa’s hot, tight canal that he barely registered that Bart had gotten up.

Bart walked behind them and got down on his knees behind Milhouse. He lined his slobbery hard cock with Milhouse’s puckered asshole and on his friends next outward thrust he pushed forward. Milhouse impaled himself on Bart’s cock but the feeling only drove him to fuck Lisa harder.

Bart kept his thrusts gentle and subtle, relying more on Milhouse’s motion than his own, to fuck his friend. They soon had a great pace going and all three of them were moaning.

Lisa felt her orgasm building and started pushing back into Milhouse’s forward thrusts. She felt a hunger building up in her, all it screamed in her head was more, more, more.

Lisa came hard and her tight pussy became a vice on Milhouse’s cock. Milhouse could already barely hold on between the feeling of fucking Lisa and getting fucked by Bart. Lisa cuming through him over the edge and he dumped his second load of cum of the night into Lisa’s twitching pussy.

Bart saw both of them cum and decided it was his turn. He grabbed Milhouse like he had last week and held his best friend as he showed his ass no mercy. It didn’t take long before with one last deep push Bart emptied his balls into Milhouse’s ass.

Bart laid back on the floor and watched his sister and best friend lay in front of him, both with holes dripping cum. As he was trying to regain some composure so he could decide what they should do next, he was shocked into silence as Lisa looked over at Milhouse laying on his stomach and leaned over him. Bart couldn’t believe his eyes as Lisa spread Milhouse’s freshly fucked ass cheeks and buried her face in them.

Lisa burrowed her tongue into Milhouse’s asshole and began to lick the cum out of it. She didn’t even know what had inspired her to try this. She was almost grossed out by the thought as she acted on it, but it wasn’t as bad as she had imagined it would be.

Milhouse was as shocked as Bart. The feeling of a cock in his ass was like being filled, and this was like being tickled from the inside. He giggled a bit at first but then his body began to respond again and much to his delight he felt himself getting hard.

Bart had never imagined his sister would do something like this and he had actually been shocked into inaction. All he could do was sit there and watch as Lisa gave Milhouse his first ever rim job. He wondered what it felt like and kept it in the back of his mind that he would have to try it. From both sides.

Lisa was now on all fours behind Milhouse really going to town with her tongue and Bart stared at her dripping pussy. He decided to get in on the action and leaned forward on all fours and buried his face in Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa almost jumped as Bart’s tongue first made contact with her pussy and she felt it dive right into her hole. She quickly realized Bart was doing to her what she was doing to Milhouse and eating the cum out of her.

Milhouse couldn’t see what was happening behind him but he felt Lisa stiffen briefly then redouble her efforts and assumed that Bart had decided to fuck her. The thought of Bart having sex with his own sister didn’t even phase Milhouse at this point and all he felt was a little jealousy. Jealousy that he wasn’t the one fucking Lisa and jealousy that he wasn’t the one being fucked by Bart. He comforted himself with the thought that before the next few days were done; they would have all fucked each other silly.

Lisa was really loving the attention her brother was giving her and started grinding back on Bart’s face. Bart decided to take this chance to try what Lisa was doing and moved from eating her pussy to eating her ass. He decided quickly that, while not horrible, he liked eating pussy a lot more than ass. He moved his face back down and combined his hand playing with her clit to his tongue fucking her hole.

Lisa felt another orgasm building and this time when it broke, she let out an impassioned scream. It didn’t matter how loud they were since they were home alone. She was glad they were home alone because with the slutty feelings racing through her she would never have been able to keep herself quiet.

Bart tasted Lisa cum on his tongue and decided he liked it as much as he liked the taste of Milhouse’s cum. It was different but just as good. Lisa collapsed into a heap, no longer having any strength left. She was breathing hard and had stopped eating Millhouse’s ass.

Milhouse took the opportunity to turn around just in time to see Bart taking his mouth off Lisa’s pussy. He wondered what it tasted like but didn’t have to wait long as Bart moved to him and gave him a passionate kiss. He tasted Lisa on Bart’s lips and tongue. Like Bart before him he decided he liked the taste and before the night was over would have to try it straight from the source.

“Who’s ready for more?” Bart asked in a triumphant tone.

“Me.” Lisa was barely able to mumble from the floor.

“I’m always ready.” Milhouse responded wondering what would be next.

“Milhouse, help me get Lisa on the bed.” Bart said taking Lisa by her left arm.

Milhouse grabbed Lisa’s right arm gently and between the two of them they helped the worn-out Lisa lay face down on the bed with her feet on the floor. She felt a little helpless but not in a bad way, more in an overwhelmingly satisfied way. No matter what happened next, she wanted it.

Bart and Milhouse stood behind Lisa who had her t-shirt pushed up exposing her back and her thong was still around her knees. The sight of her semi dressed was somehow more enticing to them than her completely naked like they were.

Lisa was regaining a little strength and was able to turn her head to look behind her. Bart met her gaze and she saw the lust in his eyes. She shivered in anticipation knowing how she longed for this and how it had already exceeded her wildest dreams.

“Hey Milhouse, why don’t you get on your knees and give my cock some slobber.” Bart’s words were more an order than a request.

Lisa watched with no small amount of interest as Milhouse got onto his knees in front of Bart and started sucking him hard. She could tell he had a little technique but in a flash of pride realized she was better.

After only a few minutes though Milhouse’s attention had served its purpose and Bart pulled his slick cock from his friends mouth with a wet pop. He turned his gaze back to Lisa and began to move towards her.

“Hey sis, how about some ass.” Bart’s tone was mocking but not in a cruel way.

“God yes, give it to me.” Lisa was practically begging.

Bart decided there was no reason to make her wait and stepped up to the bed. He placed his cock head against her anus and started to apply steady pressure. They had already had anal sex a few times and he realized that her ass was so tight he would have to take it slow just like her first time.

Milhouse watched Bart mount his sister and felt a little left out. He saw Lisa give him a come-hither look and that was all the invitation he needed. He walked around to the other side of the bed and got on it so Lisa could suck him off.

As Lisa lazily took the head of his cock into her mouth for the second time that night, she realized it tasted slightly different. Quickly, it dawned on her that she was tasting her own pussy juices on his cock and a thrill ran through her body. She had regained a little strength and started to work Milhouse’s pole with a little more gusto.

By this time Bart had settled into a steady rhythm ass fucking Lisa and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He could see that she was enjoying being fucked from both ends but he had an idea in his head. He didn’t want to ruin her fun, but he wanted to try something, and after all, he had a promise to keep.

“Hey Milhouse, since I’m getting some ass, it’s only fair you get some too.” Bart said with a wink, reaching behind himself spreading his ass cheeks to leave no doubt what he wanted.

Lisa was a little disappointed with how fast her mouth was abandoned but then Bart started to fuck her a little harder as he draped his body on top of hers. He even reached a hand under her waist and chest so he could play with her clit and nipples as he used his body weight to pound her into the mattress.

Milhouse was excited for the prospect of finally getting to fuck his friend’s ass. He had dreamed about this all week and now it was finally time. He made it around the bed in record time and was spreading Bart’s cheeks with one hand and lining himself up with the other.

Bart gritted his teeth a little, knowing this would feel different than when Milhouse had fingered him. He felt the head of Milhouse’s cock start to push into his ass and something inside him clicked. His body relaxed as he realized that he was right, this was different from fingers, this was so much better.

Lisa felt Bart slow with his pushing and without seeing knew exactly what was happening. It was his first time. Knowing her brother was losing his anal virginity while simultaneously being buried in her ass was more than she had known she wanted. She came hard at the thought, not even feeling the buildup.

Lisa moaned loud as she came, and Bart grunted as Milhouse finally bottomed out in Bart. Milhouse was in heaven, he had dreamed about this but being here in the moment was better than any dream.

“Milhouse.” Bart said between grunts.

“Yeah?” Milhouse asked, worried Bart would ask him to stop.

“Fuck me.” Bart said with unbridled lust.

Milhouse obliged and grabbed Bart’s hips and began fucking him as hard as he had fucked Lisa earlier. He established an almost merciless rhythm with long strong thrusts.

Lisa moaned loudly again. Through Bart still buried in her ass and his weight on her she could feel Milhouse fucking Bart. Bart had given up all control of his motions, only focusing on what his hands were still doing to Lisa. The stroke of Bart’s cock in Lisa was completely controlled by Milhouse’s strokes in Bart.

Bart felt like he was being used and despite his usual strong will he surrendered himself to the feeling. As soon as he had, he felt a strong feeling building in his balls. It built and built with every vicious thrust Milhouse made.

Milhouse wanted more leverage and used one hand to grab Bart by the spiky hair. He began riding Bart for all he was worth. He was pouring every emotion he had ever felt into each stroke.

Bart and Lisa began moaning in unison with every plunge. Milhouse felt a surge of control. He was making them both moan, even if it was Bart’s cock in Lisa, it was Milhouse’s fucking that was doing it for both of them. He had never felt so powerful.

“More.” Bart grunted as he felt the cum welling up in him.

“More!” Lisa screamed as she continued to ride the waves of her orgasm with every movement.

“I’m going to cum.” Milhouse growled, feeling like an animal.

“Me…too.” Bart panted as he felt the damn holding back his orgasm break and he filled his sister’s ass with his cum.

Milhouse kept going harder and harder until he finally pushed into Bart so hard, he shoved him down onto Lisa and added his own body weight to them. He came so hard that he thought his cum would burst through Bart and fill Lisa too.

The three uncoupled and all of them flopped down on Bart’s bed panting and spent. They would need a little bit of time to regain their energy. They all knew this certainly wasn’t over, but they chose to take a rest and bask in their bliss.

If they hadn’t been so caught up in their orgasmic serenity, they might have noticed the audience they had attracted.

Next door, Rod and Todd Flanders, the two sons of the ultra-religious Ned Flanders, sat at their bedroom window. They had caught the tail end of the show.

“See Todd, I told you other people like to do that too.” Rod said as he closed the blinds.

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