Simpson Sleepover

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It was Wednesday night in the Simpson household. Bart was hiding in his room playing some video games. Maggie had gone to sleep early in her crib. Marge and Homer were out on a date and had left Lisa in charge since they weren’t planning on being home until at least 2am. Bart used to get mad that Lisa was left in charge but quickly decided it was easier if he didn’t have to be in charge.

Lisa was sitting on the couch in the living room remembering what she had seen from her bedroom window during Bart and Milhouse’s sleepover. Her brother had been fucking Milhouse and she had watched it happen while rubbing her mound through her panties. She had touched herself thinking about it every night afterward, even fantasizing that Bart and Milhouse were taking turns fucking her.

She had made up her mind that night with two fingers working in and out of her wet cunt that she would find a way to join them on their next sleepover and let them have their way with her. At school she was such a goody two shoes but in private she wanted to be bad. She wanted to feel sexy letting boys use her body however they wanted to.

The closest to a sexual experience besides masturbation had come while she was tutoring Ralph Wigaman and had convinced him to play cops and robbers. Since his father was the chief of police, she decided to be the criminal and while being “arrested” Ralph gave her a very thorough search. He had lifted her dress to completely search her and had run his hands over every inch of her body.

It had ended suddenly when Ralph had run his hand over her covered pussy and felt the wetness and assuming it was pee had a meltdown. Luckily Lisa was able to get fully redressed and had started calming Ralph down before his father had come bursting into his room gun drawn.

Now with Marge and Homer out of the house and Maggie deep asleep she decided it was time to make her move. She was going to do whatever it took to make Bart agree to let her join the next sleepover.

Lisa turned off the TV and went upstairs to her room. She stripped out of her clothes and looked at her naked body in the mirror. She had started to fill out and had a 30,25,33 body with perky 34B tits.

She struck a pose with her best lusty gaze. “If this doesn’t convince him nothing will.” She thought to herself.

She pulled out her nighty and dug through her underwear drawer for the thongs her mother didn’t know she had. She thought about it for a second and put them back.

“If this goes right, I won’t need them anyway.” She mumbled to herself adjusting the nighty to really show off her figure hidden under the thin soft cotton.

Lisa walked out of her room and headed down the hallway stopping outside Bart’s room. His door was open, and she could see him with his back to the door playing his videos games. She stopped for a moment and pinches her nipples to get them hard and poking at her nighty’s fabric.

Walking into his room Lisa tried getting Bart’s attention. “Hey Bart.”

“What do you want Lisa?” Bart asked without turning around.

“Well I was hoping you could help me with something.” Lisa said in her best seductive voice.

“God Lisa I’m busy, change Maggie yourself.” Bart responded incredulously. “You are supposed to be in charge” Bart finished with an air of annoyance.

Lisa stood there horny and flustered as she thought to herself. “What the hell might as well go for broke.”

“You know I saw you and Milhouse last time he slept over.” Lisa had barely said the words and she regretted them. However, her words had the desired effect.

Bart spun around looking like he was about to protest and suddenly saw Lisa standing there in her tight nighty. His jaw dropped a little and he stared at her figure lingering on her erect nipples and prominent camel toe.

“So what? You planning on turning me in?” Bart scoffed putting down his controller and making his way over, so he was standing in front of Lisa.

Lisa found her brothers attention on her body and felt a surge of sexual confidence. She figured in for a penny in for a pound.

“No, I want to join you guys on your next sleepover.” Lisa pouted, trying to give Bart a sultry stare.

“Well do you really think you can keep up.” Bart said with a hint of lust creeping into his voice.

Bart paused taking her body in with his eyes. He moved towards her suddenly grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her in for a kiss. Not the boring peck on the cheek he gave her for family photos and Christmas cards but a deep passionate kiss.

Lisa had wanted this but was still caught a little off guard as he kissed her. Lisa’s lips parted a bit as Bart’s tongue began to explore her mouth. She almost melted into his grip and let out a small moan.

Bart broke the kiss and put his hands on top of her shoulders as he pushed slightly. Lisa picked up on his unspoken meaning and got on her knees in front of him. She had found some of her mom’s Playdudes and had seen enough in them to get the intentions Bart had.

“Okay Lisa let’s see if you can earn your way into the sleepover.” Bart said as he looked down into her eyes and reached down to free his cock from his shorts.

Lisa gasped as she saw Bart’s dick for the first time. At 6 inches it was bigger than she had thought and so thick she almost gaged knowing what was coming next.

“Alright Lisa, let’s see what you’ve got.” Bart had a judgmental edge to his voice that made Lisa not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her fail.

Bart used one hand on the back of her head to hold her in place as he used his other hand to guide his hard cock to her waiting lips.

“Oh Bart.” Lisa moaned as she took his cock head into her mouth and tried doing what she had dreamed about in her fantasies.

Bart was in heaven as Lisa began to suck on his dick. As he increased the pressure on the back of her head, he pushed more and more of himself into her mouth. She was swirling her tongue around the head as he pushed deeper and deeper into her waiting mouth.

Lisa felt Bart hit the back of her mouth and tried to relax as he slid a little deeper. She was trying to learn on the fly and doing her best to keep up with what he wanted. Her mouth was stuffed but years of saxophone playing had taught her to breathe through her nose while something was in her mouth.

Bart went for it all and pushed his cock deep into the back of her throat. He felt his ball sack slap into Lisa’s chin, and she didn’t gag. It was incredible and Bart held her head as his cock was buried deep in his sisters’ throat. He backed off a bit and began to work in and out.

Lisa felt herself getting wetter and wetter the more Bart used her throat as his own personal fuck hole. His rhythm and force were primal, and Lisa was responding in kind. She was submitting to his will and she felt an incredible release as she gave herself to him.

Bart was picking up speed and force, truly enjoying the feel of Lisa’s willing mouth and throat and then their shared bliss was interrupted as they heard the phone begin ringing.

“You should probably answer that since you are in charge.” Bart said slyly while slipping his rock-hard cock out of Lisa’s willing mouth.

“You’re right.” Was all Lisa could manage between gulps of air as she got to her feet and started heading to her parents’ room to answer the phone.

Bart put his slobbery cock back into his pants and to Lisa’s surprise followed her. They both walked into their parents’ room and stood by the bed as Lisa answered the phone.

“Hello, Simpson residence.” Lisa said, having caught her breath.

“Hey Lisa. How is everything going?” Lisa recognized her moms voice and breathed a small sigh of relief.

“Hey mom.” Lisa glanced at Bart making sure he knew who had called. “Everything is going fine, no need to worry, what’s up?” Lisa asked.

Bart had a look of pure mischief cross his face. He pulled Lisa in close to him and moved his had to her still erect nipples. He began groping them through her clothing as she tried to focus on what her mom was saying.

“Date night is going well but your dad and I had a few too many and we’ve decided to get a room at the hotel.” Marge slurred a little, obviously inebriated.

Bart kept one hand kneading Lisa’s tits as he moved the other between her legs. Lisa spread her legs on instinct alone and felt Bart’s fingers start to rub her pussy focusing on her clit. Lisa tired desperately not to moan into the phone she enjoyed her brothers touch. She focused hard on her mother’s words.

“So that means Homer will go into work from here and I’ll be back after you kids go to school.” Marge continued completely oblivious to her daughters increasingly heavily breathing.

Lisa started grinding on Bart’s hand and felt herself getting wetter than she ever had before. Bart took this submission in stride and began to kiss Lisa’s neck and used a bit more force on kneading her tits and clit. Lisa could barely hear her mom anymore.

“So, do you think you could prepare everyone’s lunch for me?” Marge sounded as distracted as Lisa felt. “Give Maggie her morning bottle then put her down for a nap and I should be home before she wakes up”

“Of course, mom, I can take care of it.” Lisa almost moaned the words as she focused more on what Bart was doing to her than on the responsibilities she was taking on.

“Thanks Lisa, love you.” Marge blurted out quickly and hung up the phone.

“Love you too mom.” Lisa moaned into the dead phone as she almost dropped it reaching a new level of pleasure.

“Oh Bart.” Lisa moaned out loud as she hung up the phone. “Now we have all night, but I need to set up our lunches for tomorrow.”

“Well Maggie is asleep right?” Bart asked suddenly throwing Lisa off her train of thought.

“Uh, yeah, why?” Lisa said feeling a little confused.

“Good.” Bart responded looking at Lisa with a hunger in his voice. “Then go ahead and do what mom told you to do but, loose the clothes.”

Lisa thought about it for a second then slowly stripped out of her nighty. Standing naked in front of Bart she could see the bulge in his pants grow a little more.

She walked downstairs naked as Bart followed close behind never taking his eyes from her plump little ass. She quickly started fixing their lunches for tomorrow as Bart sat and waited, lusting to feel her body again.

Lisa was bending over putting the last lunch in the fridge as she felt Bart come up behind her and grab her by the waist. He reached down and pulled his hard cock out and began rubbing up and down her wet slit.

“Just think Lisa now we have the whole night for you to convince me to let you join our weekly sleepover.” Bart groaned as he guided his cock to the waiting entrance of her pussy.

Lisa grabbed onto the fridge door handle and the counter as Bart started to push into her. Lisa felt him push in slowly trying to be gentle not knowing she broke her hymen the first time she rode a horse. Slowly inch by inch Bart filled her hole

“Wow Lisa this is amazing.” Bart couldn’t believe how wet and smooth the inside of a pussy was. He pushed deeper and deeper. He wasn’t sure if he could last as long in a pussy as he did in Milhouse’s ass.

“Oh crap.” Lisa squeaked as she lost her grip on the fridge and counter falling backwards and taking Bart with her.

“Are you okay?” Bart asked as he landed firmly on his ass on the floor and Lisa falling back onto him pushed every inch of his cock deep into her.

“Yeah.” Lisa moaned. She started using her legs and hands to move up and down ridding her brothers’ cock. This was just like riding a horse. She moved from a canter to a gallop as she felt Bart lay back and put his hands on her hips.

Bart was amazed not just with how good this felt but also that Lisa was taking control. He had never seen this side of her, and it made him even hotter. Knowing they had all night he decided that it wouldn’t matter how fast he came because they could go multiple times.

“Lisa, I’m going to cum.” Bart panted expecting her to let him pull out but instead she picked up speed.

“Go ahead Bart. Cum deep in me.” Lisa moaned arching her back a bit more as she really pushed him deep.

All this was just too much for Bart and he lost all control. He felt his ball sack tighten and his cock throb as he dumped his load deep in his sister’s cunt. Lisa screamed in ecstasy feeling herself filled with cum. She came hard and fell back panting onto her brother trying to catch her breath.

“So, I guess I’m invited to the sleepover.” Lisa said as she slowly started to get off of Bart.

“Oh, hell yeah Lisa, you’re in, and anytime mom and the fat man go away we can do this again.” Bart said standing up and grabbing Lisa and kissing her deeply again.

“Who said we were done with tonight?” Lisa asked seductively reaching down to fondle Bart’s semisoft cock. “Let’s go take a shower.”

Lisa raced Bart up the stairs and to the bathroom. At the last step Bart grabs her ankle and trips her up a little. Lisa fell flat on her stomach still giggling. Lisa glances back to see Bart standing over her looking down at her naked ass as his cock grew hard again. Lisa gave him a little wiggle and as he was distracted jumped up and dashed to the bathroom.

Bart watched Lisa the whole way down the hallway until she disappeared into the bathroom. He hadn’t noticed until recently just how beautiful she really was. He picked himself up off the steps and slowly followed her.

Lisa had the water running as he walked in and was bent over the tub checking the temperature. Bart stopped in the doorway and took a moment to gaze at his sisters round ass. An idea crept into his head and he moved towards her. He reached out and grabbed her hips grinding himself on her.

“So, you want to get dirty before our shower.” Lisa said playfully as she joined in the grinding and putting her hands on the side of the tub.

“Dirtier than you might think.” Bart said with a mischievous grin as he slid his hard cock back into her dripping wet pussy.

“What do you mean.” Lisa moaned almost instinctively as she focused on timing her slow rhythm with Bart’s.

“Well, Milhouse and I like to try a little bit of everything.” Bart said as he pulled his slick cock completely out and lined up the head with Lisa’s puckered asshole.

“Oh, well I wouldn’t want to disappoint.” Lisa was an exhilarating combination of excited and nervous. “Just go slow, it’s my first time trying this.”

“No problem Lisa. Just let me know if you want me to stop.” Bart smiled as he responded. He began to use his cock head to apply some pressure to her asshole.

As the head of Bart’s cock slid into her ass Lisa’s eyes popped wide open and her grip on the side of the tub tightened. There was a slight pinching pain but nothing to terrible. She tried using a few techniques she had learned from her studies in Buddhism to relax and felt the pinching easing.

The more she relaxed the more of his cock Bart was able to fit into her. The pinching pain was quickly being replaced with a feeling of pleasure and being filled. It helped immensely when Bart reached around and started rubbing her clit as he began to pump with a little more speed and force.

By the time he was able to go balls deep in her ass she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was even pushing back a little to try and give Bart the hint that he could go harder. She felt a hidden desire welling up in her, a desire to be fucked, a desire to be used, a desire to be treated like a slut. The feelings were crashing against the barrier of her good girl image and the cracks were growing.

“Man, Lisa your ass is so tight it feels like a vice grip on my cock.” Bart moaned. He felt Lisa’s knees starting to shake.

“Tighter than Milhouse?” Lisa jokingly asked between panting breaths.

The combination of his cock buried in her ass and his hand rubbing her clit made her cum hard and her legs finally went out. Lisa slumped to her knees and Bart had to move with her to keep from slipping out of her tight hole. She shivered slightly as her nipples touched the cold tile of the bathtub.

“Definitely tighter than Milhouse.” Bart said as he resumed his pounding. “So tight in fact that I’m not going to last much longer.”

Lisa had let her body go a little limp and Bart was using her like a fuck doll. He had stopped rubbing her clit and had one hand on the small of her back while the other grabbed her hair for some extra leverage.

Bart was hammering away for all he was worth. Lisa felt a jolt every time his balls slapped into her. She could barely focus on what was happening and was just ridding the high of her newfound desires.

“Please Bart. I want to feel you cum in me.” Lisa cooed through another building orgasm.

Bart grabbed her shoulders and gave one last, strong thrust deep into her. She felt his balls against her tighten and there was a sudden rush of warm cum filling her ass. The feeling pushed her into another mind-blowing orgasm.

As Bart’s cock slowly softened, he slid backwards lying down on the cold bathroom floor to try and catch his breath. Lisa let herself lay back as well and rested her head on Bart’s chest feeling the comfort of the rhythmic rising and falling of her makeshift pillow.

“Wow Lisa, that was amazing.” Bart said softly as he gently ran his hands over her body.

“Well Bart, anytime you want, my holes are always yours to use.” Lisa’s voice had a sluty submissive tone to it.

“After we catch our breath and take a shower, we can have some more fun.” Bart said with a matter of fact tone. “And now, I really can’t wait for this week’s sleepover.”

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