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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey, guys! Welcome back! Here's another update. (Sorry for the wait. Life kind of snuck up on me like a cast iron pan to the back of the head, this week.)

Fun Fact: Earlier, I was watching the episode The Ungroundable and found something that I never noticed before.

You know the scene were Butters goes in to the woods to bring the vamp kids their Dr. Pepper and cherry twizzlers? Well, you'll notice Mike isn't initially there with them. If you pause where Butters approaches Mike's friends by the fire, you'll see that HE'S IN THE FUCKING TREES xD

Holy shit, guys. I was ROLLING with laughter when I saw his face up there. LMAO I love South Park. Half the show is the small details, I swear.

As always, thanks you ever so kindly to my Archive of Our Own readers who left me comments! Love you guys!


"It's a little late for him to call." Mike drawled as I looked at my phone in disbelief. "It's almost One in the morning. Does he normally do that?"

"No...makes me wonder what the hell that's about."

I didn't want to talk to him, but it was out of character for Stan to call that late. He hardly ever called me, at all. If he knew for a fact that I was mad at him, all bets were off. When I heard from him at all, it was almost always a text.

So, why the fuck did he call?

The answer shone up at me. I had a voicemail. Mike crawled up from behind me curious as to why I was staring at my phone with such intensity.

"Oh." He made a sound of understanding. "...are you going to listen to it?"

Part of me didn't want to give Stan the satisfaction. I had to know though. I brought the phone up to my ear, bracing myself for whatever it was he left for me to hear.

"Pete...I don't really know... what... to"

He was drunk. What the hell did he think he was doing?

"You ...mean so much to me...I...I just keep... fucking up. I keep fucking up so bad."

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I listened to him presumably stumble around his room. He mumbled something to his dog after almost tripping over it.

"I love you...please talk to me." Stan pleaded. "Please. I don't...I don't know what to do, Pete."

"You fucking idiot, Stan." I said aloud once the message was over. "He's drunk."

"Bebe had another one of her famous Friday night parties." Mike enlightened me. "Guess he went."

"If he did, he's home now. Heard him trip over his fucking dog."

Mike laughed in to my back.

"That's not funny, but it is." He snickered.

"He has a game tomorrow. He's so stupid...if he gets caught drinking...ugh!"

Walking his fingers over my shoulder, Mike hummed thoughtfully.

"You sound worried."

"Stan knows better than to do this shit."

"He must be hurting...I recall a certain someone else who drank away their broken heart."

Mike's long fingers were light and spiderlike along my shoulder. I blew on his creeping fingers with a puff of air, as if they were an actual spider getting too close.

"I wasn't broken-hearted, at the time." I denied.

He took away his hand, faking me out. Mike's fingers appeared on my other shoulder. I tried blowing those away, too.

"You were numbing something." Mike's fingers delicately kept moving. "At least, you were trying to."

"I was frustrated."


"It's not the same-Ah!" I yelped when I got a sharp chill from his creeping fingers going up my neck. "Would you fucking stop it?"

"You're so fun to play with."

"I must be. Everyone keeps messing with me."

Taking what I said personally, Mike made a worried sound in to the back of my head.

"You know I'm only teasing you, right?" he asked.

"Do I?"

"Baby bat..."

"Don't 'baby bat' me right now. I'm not in the mood."

My calmer demeanor that I'd adopted with Mike was slipping away. I was getting angry, unconsciously beginning to stack the bricks back up to my wall. They were piling up fast.

"Do you want to call him back, Pete?" Mike offered.

"Why would I want to call that retard back?"

"You tell me."

It was a request, not a rhetorical question.

"I don't want to call him back." I remained firm. "Can we drop it, now?"

"If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to."

I just got inside from smoking a cigarette and I already wanted another one. I was quiet for a moment, just sitting there with Mike behind me.

"What's in it for you, Mike?"

"...pardon?" He didn't understand the question.

"This. Us." I clarified, darkly. "What do you get from this? Why am I here?"

I'd wanted to ask him for days now. The time never felt right. Now that I was aggravated, it just came spouting up to the surface. What game was he playing?

I knew Stan and Michael's card, so what was his? What trick was he hiding up his sleeve? What was the catch?

"I wouldn't have anything to gain from hurting you." Mike countered back, evenly.

"Tch." I clicked my tongue, accusingly. "You'll find something. Everyone does."

Reaching over my shoulder, Mike took my phone away. I was glaring down at it the whole time.

"Remember fifth grade?" he asked, putting my cellphone out of reach so that I couldn't stare at it and make myself angrier.

"What about fifth grade? The bullies? The shitty, useless school?"

"I had a birthday party at Casa Bonita. You and your friends were invited."

Oh, yeah. That. Mike put the invitations in our lockers and we all burned them at the back of the school with our lighters. No way we were going to some Vamp kid's birthday.

" didn't go." Mike continued. "I really wanted you to."

"I'm sure you had plenty of your little vampire followers there to take our places."

"You're not listening. I wanted YOU, there. I didn't care whether your friends went, or not."

"If you didn't care, why invite them?"

"I thought if you were all invited then you were more likely to go, Pete."

As a kid, I had no obligation to go celebrate his birthday.

"You didn't go." Sadness crept up on him from the memory.

"We weren't friends, Mike."

"I wanted to be." Kissing my cheek, Mike lingered there. "I liked you."

Carefully, he placed his finger under my chin and turned me to look at him.

"I never stopped."

"Sucks to be you, sounds like."

Mike leaned in to kiss me. He guided me back towards him, buttering me up with his affectionate touch. He grasped me by the face, keeping our mouths connected.

"Isn't this what you want?" he asked me when we parted, discouraged by my body language.

"...I don't know what I want, Mike."

"You don't?"

I shook my head. Trying to be as nice about it as I could, I inched away from him. This was dangerous territory. It's always when you get comfortable and put your guard down that life jumps up and snatches you by the ankle.

Just an unforgiving beartrap that wounds you, and leaves you there to bleed out.

"You know what you want." Mike persisted, giving me my space. "Why else would you be here?"

"You took care of me Halloween when you didn't have to...Nobody takes care of me." I confessed, some unfamiliar force propelling me to tell him the truth. "It was different, I guess."

After telling him the truth, I wanted to take it all back. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out I was fending for myself, but saying it out loud shrunk me down a size.

"I'll keep taking care of you, baby bat." he promised, so heartfelt and quiet I almost believed him.


Mike crawled up next to me. I wouldn't look at him.

"Let me take care of you, okay?"

"Until what? You get bored of me? Find something better?"

"Trust is a two-way street, Pete. Don't forget that."

If I couldn't bring myself to trust Mike, what reason did he have to trust me?

"Oh, and you trust me? Why, Mike? Because you had some unrequited crush in grade school?"

"You aren't out to hurt people, you just want people to stop hurting you. That's why I trust you."

I could see him in my peripheral vision. Mike's empathetic eyes felt like they were actually seeing right in to me, past my anger. His bare, hazel eyes.

I wanted him. I wasn't supposed to let it go this far. He was sucking me in.

Let go, Mike. Do yourself the favor and let go.

"You're making a mistake." I warned him, feeling like I had no other choice than to give him the chance to back out while he could. "You don't want me to be your 'baby bat'."

Humbly taking my abrasive reaction as nothing more than a scratch on the surface, Mike buffed it away with a question of his own.

"Would trusting me be all that much worse than where you are now?"

"Getting attached to people hasn't done me any favors before. Why would it now?"

"Things will be different. I can't sit back and watch you hurt, like they do."

Giving Mike Stan's place wasn't the worst I could do. I wouldn't have to watch him pretend to be something he isn't. Mike was fine with who he was. I wouldn't be his dirty little secret.

Stan couldn't keep locking himself inside the closet and expect me to let him out, forever. I couldn't hide in there with him, either. I was so tired of it. And, I was tired of Michael feeding off my misery.

"...Don't make me regret this."


"I agreed to be your boyfriend. I didn't agree to this."

In the cafeteria, all Mike's friends were sitting together. He wanted me to go with him and join the glittery hoard of black taking up that long table.

"Being my boyfriend means I want you to get along with my friends." Mike explained, amused at my hesitancy. "I felt that was implied."

"I'm going to pass on this, today. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't exactly fit in with your group."

Mike's friends were all laughing and joking around. They dressed in black, but they were probably the nicest kids in school. I couldn't match their energy.

I would stick out like a sore thumb. A swollen, battered, bloody, sore thumb.

"You were miserable being Stan's secret. I'm not letting you relive that."

"I'm not reliving it. I'm choosing not to be a part of this."

"Lunch is only twenty minutes... it won't be that bad."

Past the Vampire table was Stan's. His back was to us. I impulsively looked at him, Mike following my gaze.

"Is that what this is really about?"

"No, but it doesn't give me any more incentive to go in the cafeteria."

"Come on, baby bat." he took my wrist. "He isn't going to say anything to you here. There are too many people."

Mike had his heart set on me going with him. Other people's feelings weren't characteristically my jurisdiction because my feelings weren't typically of importance to them. However, I felt obligated to accommodate Mike for obvious reasons.

If all he was asking from me was to co-exist with his friends, then he wasn't asking for anything unreasonable. We were together-it came with the territory. I tried drilling it in to my own head as Mike got me to go inside the cafeteria.

"Make room, Larry." Mike nudged the brunette sitting in the middle of the bench so he'd slide over.

"Sure thing, Mike." he complied without a problem.

Sliding to the end of the bench, Larry opened up enough room for two people. Mike took his seat in the middle of the bench, claiming his place as center of the group. He subtly patted the spot next to him for me to join him.

Nobody made any particular objection to my presence, but red eyes were all on me with transparent curiosity. We all knew each other from grade school but I felt like the new kid, or something.

"Got tired of sitting alone?" Annie joked in a care-free way, brushing her fiery bangs out of her face with striped arm-warmers.

"Not exactly..."

Mike pulled out two bagged sandwiches from his lunch box, placing one in front of me. Along with a red apple.

"Be nice to my baby bat." He chided, much to my embarrassment. "He's going through an adjustment period."

The vampire clan accepted me as one of their own without objection. They trusted Mike's judgment and didn't seem to mind me. Only, they misinterpreted what "baby bat" meant.

"Aren't you one of the goth kids?" The silver-haired member, Ryan, asked what was at the front of everyone's minds. "It's senior year. Why join us, now?"

"I'm not joining."

"You're not?"

Although I had food placed in front of me, the first thing I went for was my thermos of coffee. Mike subtly moved the sandwich closer to me as if I didn't already see it right there.

"Pete's here for me. We're dating"

The announcement got a surprised reaction, barreling through all of them like dominos. Except Vlad. As a matter of fact, they all kind of shifted their eyes at Vlad as if they were expecting a reaction. He grinned, popping the tab off a can of soda.

"Welcome to the group."

Lunch went as well as it could. I wouldn't call it painless, but I made it. I only ate the sandwich Mike gave me. He put the apple in my backpack when I tried to give it back to him.

"Eat it later."

"I'll probably forget it's there."

"Not if I put it in the pocket with your cigarettes."

Filing out with everyone else in the cafeteria, I was just another body in the herd. From a distance, I didn't stand out much amongst the Vamp kids. The mass of black hid me from the set of blue eyes that had been scanning the cafeteria and hallway in hopes of spotting me.


I thought I was done with Mike's friends for the rest of the day but wound up with them in the cosmetology classroom after school. Bloodrayne was going to trim Mike's hair and touch up his green ends. Sitting in an empty salon chair next to him while as she set up her supplies, I was reading a book when I felt someone inspecting my hair.

"Are you waiting?" Ryan asked, getting a good look at my head and feeling the ends. "I'm in Cosmo, too. If you want this fixed up, I can do it."

"I just use black dye from the store. It's fine, I'll buy a box and do it at home."

"I meant a cut. But, you could use a dye job too. Whoever did the red for you fucked it up. You don't have to cover it up all up with black, I can blend it out."

Attention still buried in my book, I held back from being an asshole. They're Mike's friends. Be nice, Pete.

"Those are my roots. They're not dyed."

"...that bright red is your natural hair?"

"It's been months since I touched up the black. That's why the red looks all fucked up and messy on top..."

Bloodrayne flew over to look at my scalp.

"This is NATURAL!?"


"And you want to cover it up!? No!"

I should have waited somewhere else for Mike's hair appointment.

"It's easiest that way." I grumbled.

"You should use it if you have it." Ryan suggested. "We have black dye here. I could fix all this for you."

"Fine. Just don't make me look like a fucking emo kid."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

My roots were so overgrown that when I agreed to let Ryan do something with them, he blended from my black ends up in to the red. He went just high enough to clean it up so now the red looked intentional instead of sloppy.

"Your fringe is really overgrown." Ryan held out the length after washing out the dye. "Do you like to keep it on the longer side, or am I doing a big chop?"

"Longer is fine."

I was sticking with the asymmetrical look, keeping my fringe long and to one side. Ryan cut it to start at my brow bone and tapered it down to my cheekbone. He fixed my layers, restoring the cropped cut it was supposed to be.

The nape of my neck was buzzed to give it a sharp, clean line. Ryan used the blow-dryer to finish it all up, drying my straight hair.

"You needed that." Bloodrayne commented, amazed at the difference, using a blow-dryer and rounded brush on Mike's long hair. "Come see us when it starts growing out, again."

"Yeah, don't leave it until the last minute." Ryan agreed. "If Mike's not around, you don't have to wait for him. You can come find us on your own."

I thanked Ryan for the cut, going back to my book as he swept up the hair beneath my chair. Mike's ends were a vibrant, neon green when Bloodrayne was done with him. The V-cut along his ends was sharp and his bangs were shortened a bit.

Mike didn't look all that different from his usual self since he kept up with his hair. I looked brand new. Which, he complimented me on afterwards.

"What a difference, hm?" He praised, walking down the hallway. "It's amazing what a cut and a little dye can do."

"My hair was a mess, I get it. I've had too much going on to care."

"You were still cute, it's just nice to see you cleaned up."

Taking my hand in his, Mike caught me off guard. I flinched, initially worried we'd be seen. There was no consequence to being seen. This is what I wanted.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just forgot for a sec that this doesn't have to be a big secret from everybody."


Mike's house was quiet that afternoon. He folded a load of clean laundry, putting things away while I preoccupied myself with the T.V. The pile at the foot of his bed dwindled down until he had everything put away.

Not very immersed in the programing, I almost wished I had been given more homework. Thanksgiving was in a few days and the teachers were merciful. I think they just didn't want to grade anything, it had nothing to do with our benefit.

"Do you want to go do something? You look bored." Mike said, setting the empty laundry basket aside.

"I'm fine. This is just how I am."

"You are rather quiet."

I was lying on my side to watch the television. Mike laid himself behind me, stroking my hip mindlessly.

"Thank you for tolerating my friends, today. I know it wasn't easy for you."

"I lived."

"You'll get used to them. They're good people."

I was going to have to get used to them, unless I wanted to go back to being scheduled in to someone's life. Mike spent so much damn time with them. I accepted it for what it was.

At least Mike wasn't ashamed to show me to his friends. That was a huge improvement, itself.

"Your group has always been goody-goodies. Especially you."

"For the most part."

Try always, Mike, I thought to myself.

"You don't have a bad bone in your body."

"You know that isn't true."

Mike's mindless, innocent caressing didn't stay that way. He moved up from my hip, to my ribcage under my shirt.

"You and your cold fucking hands!" I yelped, trying to pull away. "Mike!"

"They'll warm up." He murmured in to my ear, reeling me in so that my back was secured to his chest.

With his fingers still cold, Mike climbed each divot of my ribcage. He could feel that some bones were beginning to protrude slightly more than they should have. He didn't say anything, but the way he carefully pressed each rib as he went along told me he was making a mental note of it.

My nipple stiffened under the chilled pads of his fingertips. He circled it, deliberately teasing me with his mouth lingering by my ear. I envisioned his teeth were barred though they weren't. I kept anticipating a bite, shifting my head when Mike's lips brushed the cartilage of my ear.

"Awfully protective of that ear."

"You bite."

Losing interest in my ear, Mike put his lips where my shoulder met my neck.

"Heh...and it's your ear you're protecting?"

His fake fangs couldn't do any real damage, but you could feel them. Boy, did I feel them. He nipped me, quickly doing it again an inch high, closer to my choker. I groaned, caught halfway between a pained hiss and turned on.

"My silly baby bat." Mike suckled his teeth marks, briefly. "You should know better."

Mike's hand went down, back over my ribs, aching slow. His palm rested over my navel, the tip of one nail scratching the skin right above my jeans.

"Is my hand warmer?" he asked me, suggestively.



Using his thumb and index finger, Mike undid the button to my pants. He slid his whole hand down the front of my underwear, grasping me with a leisurely grip, carrying on like we had all the time in the world.

"I forgot to mention I like your jewelry." He said as he began as relaxed pump on my cock. "I almost got mine done."

"Ah...Why didn't you?"

"I went with something else."

Mike had his nose and tongue pierced. I silently wondered which one he'd gotten when opting out of getting his nipples done. The topic faded away, Mike working me with his touch.

His arousal touched the back of my jeans through his. He didn't pay it much mind, but enjoyed when I moved my hips instinctively, grinding my ass in to his crotch as a result.

"If you let me roll over, I could return the favor." I offered, interested in what I felt pressing in to me. "If you want."

Mike took his hand back so I could roll over to face him. I undid his studded belt, getting inside his jeans as he resettled himself inside mine. I made one stroke, discovering something I would have never anticipated. Ever.

" weren't talking about your nose or tongue piercing earlier, were you?"


There, at the head of his dick, I could feel a curved barbell. He had a Prince Albert. Mike Mckowski, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, pierced his dick.

"You look shocked."

"I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this." Getting back on task, I stroked him, careful around the piercing. "Wasn't expecting that..."

I could feel it at my literal fingertips and I still couldn't accept it.

"Your face was priceless." Mike held back from straight out laughing, but it shone through his eyes. "Still think I'm a goody-goody?"

"You're killing the mood." I warned him, mildly peeved that he'd gotten the better of me.

Mike squeezed me harder, getting a clipped gasp. I did my best to stroke him evenly, but with his touch I was losing focus fast. Mike's tongue inviting itself to mingle with mine sent me on a pleasurable downward spiral.

The metal clicked my front teeth a few times, giving me a steady reminder to the blowjob he'd given me before. He'd done so enthusiastically and upon his own free will...I wished it was his mouth below my waist.

My clothes felt weighed down upon my body the longer we touched and kissed at each other. The heat rolling off me suddenly felt unbearable. All I had on were back jeans and a cotton long-sleeve dark gray shirt.

"I need to take my shirt off." I panted, frustrated with the rapid spike in temperature. "It's hot in here."

"Is it?"

How was Mike so composed? He was even-toned, unflushed and gave off a relaxed aura. He didn't look like someone in the middle of a hand job and heavy make out session. He looked more entertained than pleasured.

We parted so I could strip my shirt off. I chucked it some random direction, desperate to get it away from me. It felt like the room went up ten degrees in the blink of an eye, God.

"Forgetting something?" A finger curled in to the waist of my jeans.

"I don't know. Am I?"


Pushed to lie flat on my back, I had my jeans tugged down by the bottom. I wore mine fitted, but they were looser on me nowadays. Mike got them off me without a hitch, leaving me to lie there in my short, red boxers. His skinny jeans, however, had to be taken off with a little finesse.

He took off his shirt first, ridding himself of the Hot Topic print. He had to get off the bed to get down to his underwear, which were a rather sexy pair of black bikini briefs. Or maybe I just liked them...

"Like what you see?" Mike climbed up on top of me, seating himself on my thighs.

"You just love attention, don't you?" I deflected the question, realizing I'd been caught looking.

Resting his palms on my chest, Mike winked.

"Selectively, yes...I'd like something else a lot more."


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