Maggie's Rampage

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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Maggie's Rampage

I never thought I would have to explain this but apparently some of you get confused easily. You see, Homer is drunk so I misspelled his words on purpose to get across a greater impression of his drunkenness. So there ya go, I hope that gave some of you an extra IQ point.

Disfuckingclaimer: I don't own the fucking simpsons or make fucking money off them. This applies to all chapters.

It was a typical night at the Simpson house.....

"You stupd fuckin' TV, you beer not fuk up again!" shouted Homer kicking the TV.

He was drunk as hell and thought the TV was screwing up, despite the fact that it wasn't.

"Cut it out Homer, there is nothing wrong with the damn TV!" shouted Marge from the couch.

Homer's next kick completely shattered the screen, smoke pouring from the ruined television.

"You fucking bastard! You just broke the TV again!" shouted Marge, getting up off the couch.

"Wha if I did bitch?" shouted Homer grabbing a lamp and smashing it too. "I cn break what eva I fuckin' want!"

"You make me fucking sick, I should never have married you!" spat Marge turning to leave.

"You can walk away fro me womn, I a man and am sperior t' you!" shouted Homer grabbing her by the arm.

Marge countered by turning around and slapping the hell out of his face.

Homer responded by punching her right in the eye. Marge let out a short scream and was thrown back over the couch.

Maggie shivered in her crib, hearing the sound of her mommy and daddy fighting again. She tried to block it out and go to sleep but couldn't. She sucked her pacifier as a few tears came from her eyes. Just then Homer burst in.

"You lttle bich, how cum you nevr put out!?" shouted Homer staggering over to the crib.

Maggie starred up at he daddy in terror as she backed away in fear.

Homer got a sick grin and grabbed Maggie by the head and lifted her out of the crib. He then ripped her cloths off easily. Maggie screamed but it did her no good.

"You boobis are kinda small..." said Homer licking up her chest, his entire tongue covering her.

He licked straight up and licked her entire face.

"Give daddy some sugar sweetie....." he slurred as he began french kissing his young daughter.

Maggie squirmed about in terror as her daddy put his tongue all the way into he throat.

"Mmmmmm.... tasts lik chikin'...." said Homer. "Hey, you lik suk pacifer, you scuk my dik!"

With that Homer took Maggie and forced his cock into her mouth, forcing her to suck on it.

Maggie cried as Homer's dick went down her throat repeatedly.

"You sck dick good." said Homer with a dazed smile. "No we fuck!"

Maggie let out a scream like a wounded beast as Homer slammed her virgin pussy down on his 10 inch cock. Homer laughed as he continued thrusting his daughter onto his massive dick, her ravaged pussy bleeding all over the place.

"Hoos your daddy?" laughed Homer as he fucked Maggie like an animal.

It wasn't long until he came, blowing out his dirty seed into Maggie's pussy. Maggie shuddered in agony as she felt Homer's semen inside her.

"Youvve ben a good girl Maggy." slurred Homer. "NOW GO. TO. BED!"

With that Homer threw Maggie as hard as he could at the window. However instead of smashing through it she simply bounced off it and landed on the floor, her head cracking it from the impact. She lay there bleeding and whimpering in the dark as Homer stumbled out of the room. It wasn't long until she went unconscious from the pain.

Around 3:00 AM Maggie finally woke up. She looked at her naked body and rape torn pussy and immediately knew what she had to do. With hatred in her tiny heart Maggie crawled from the room and went down the hall to Homer and Marge's room. She put her ear to the door and listened, hearing Marge scream as Homer fucked her. She gently opened the door and saw Homer screwing Marge in the ass doggy style on the bed, slapping her ass as hard as he could. Maggie glared at him and quietly crawled over to the closet and got the gun Homer kept in there. It was a shiny revolver and it was fully loaded. Maggie smiled as she quickly crawled back over to the bed and climbed up the sheets, coming up behind Homer. An evil look entered her eyes as she roughly shoved the barrel of the gun up Homer's ass hole with incredible force.

"HOLY FUCK!!!" shouted Homer as his ass was penetrated by the gun barrel. He turned to see Maggie looking at him with pure malice. "M-maggie what the he...." he began but was cut off by the bullet tearing through his rectum and lodging in his stomach.

Marge screamed. Homer fell to the side, coughing blood, his dick coming out of Marge's pussy.

"Homer nooooooooo!" shouted Marge watching her husband bleed to death out his ass.

Maggie rolled Homer onto his back and hopped onto his throat, putting the gun to his eye. She fired again and again, blowing Homer's brains all over the bed sheets and walls.

Marge began screaming uncontrollably at the horror she had just witnessed. Maggie got pissed and pistol whipped her in the head to get her to shut up.

"Why Maggie? Why are you doing this?" pleaded Marge in terror.

Maggie couldn't form words since she was so young so she settled for shooting Marge between the eyes, spraying out her brains too. Bart and Lisa had been woken up by all the commotion and ran to Homer and Marge's room.

"Oh my god what the fuck!?" shouted Bart seeing a gore covered Maggie sitting on the bed with the remains of her parents.

Lisa burst out in tears at the sight.

Maggie, not wasting any time quickly shot Bart in the eye. His body fell to the floor twitching as he died. Lisa screamed and freaked out, running to call the police. Maggie knew she couldn't let Lisa get away so she fired again. Unfortunately the gun was out of bullets.

"Shit fuck." cursed Maggie, saying her first words at last.

She quickly crawled to the closet and got out a large fire cracker, then crawled into the ventilation shaft, taking a short cut to get to Lisa.

Lisa was in the living room on the phone, sobbing to the police about what just happened. Maggie came out of the vent shaft right next to the phone and quickly rammed the fire cracker up Lisa's pussy. Lisa screamed as Maggie quickly lit the short fuse, the fire cracker detonating in Lisa's pussy and blowing her crotch to hell. Maggie smiled as Lisa lay there dying, one of her legs blown off and the other just bearly hanging on.

"M-maggie... how" cried Lisa looking at her sister.

Maggie responded by grabbing the phone and smashing Lisa in the head until she died. Suddenly sirens could be heard out side.

"This is the police, put down your weapons and surrender peacefully!" came the shout over the bull horn.

Maggie smiled, she would never surrender. With that thought in mind, she went to look for more weapons to kill the police with......

A/N: Most likely I won't continue this anytime soon, it was just a crazy idea I had.

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