Reviews for Kiss of the velvet whip

BY : Niaxi

  • From John on March 22, 2021

    It was hot. Will there be more non-con bdsm with Kim? :)

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  • From Lunarsilver on January 05, 2021

    Please write a sequel to this story because it's that good and I have an idea, Brooks could have a live bondage show of Kim but in disguise and slight voice altering just in case someone is looking for her, the show can also include a gang bang with all the staff while Brooks watches/masturbates to the show. Lastly the outfit for the show should be just Kim new nipple piercings, shoulder length (Jessica Rabbit's) black latex gloves, black thigh high stockings that stop at Kim upper thighs so it would display her ass very nicely ;) and a black bdsm collar with an o ring. What do you think?

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