Reviews for Wild Cherry

BY : Lennox

  • From The all seeing eye on February 16, 2017

    not a huge fan of "lilo is a slut"

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  • From Lunarsilver on October 04, 2016

    Maybe next time lilo could be in a doggy style position with her hands behind her back and is blinfolded as stitch fucks her from behind and David takes her mouth so Lilo bodyweight is only supported by the dicks fucking her and Nani is recording it, is that a good idea

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on September 21, 2016

    Chapter three was a little odd because despite being in the shower for most of it, the girls kept getting dirtier and dirtier. ;) Nicely done. I was further impressed by how the girls' sexy fun in the bathroom turned into real lovemaking in the end, especially with the "relationship status" change. It all flowed out nicely from their activities, especially as Lilo was so determined to give Victoria every last bit of pleasure the redhead wanted even though Lilo herself was exhausted. It really felt like Lilo needed Victoria's touch, her love, to really be at peace with herself for her unusual lifestyle choice; accepting the title of "girlfriend" (even with modifiers) is a nice bit of growth for her.

    Now I just wonder if I should feel bad for Stitch because the girls won't be very responsive, or is he actually lucky since they won't try to stop him from doing anything he wants to them in their exhausted state? :)


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  • From DandyRandy on September 16, 2016

    Loving this story. Kudos.

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  • From Christopher on September 15, 2016

    An awesome story. Love the "Slut-Lo" theme of this story in the extreme. I wonder if Lilo will 'rub off' on some of the other girls and turn them into sluts.

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  • From Lunarsilver on September 14, 2016

    Another great chapter, in the next chapter when the girls sleep on top of each other stitch could fuck them both at the same time as they slept and stitch could place a video camera next to the bed so is seen on camera fucking both girls and they unconsciously moan stitches name as the girls kiss each other the when it's morning the girls felt not only cum spewing out of them but also satisfied

    Or wake up in the way the slept outside under a tree with their naked body's attached to each other in rope "shibari" in a reverse prayer hog tie position with open mouth gags but with their legs spread wide enough so they could have sex with anyone, stitch tied the rope attached to the girls to a strong tree limb to hold their entire body weight then put an open mouth gag on both girls so they can kiss/share the cum as well as a blind fold them, before the girls couldn't see anymore, to their right next to their waist a few feet away they saw a sign that said free fuck as well as a video camera that is recording the entire event on camera and a line of men, the girls especially lilo was excited by the humiliation of the situation and the video camera will soon recorded them getting fucked by two guys each who chose which girl and which hole or one girl gets squward so she can share the cum with the girl on the bottom that's what stitch had planned. After everyone was done and went home the girls  entire body was covered in cum as their mouth, pussy and ass was spewing some of it out, when stitch took the blindfold off, their eyes were rolled up then when he took the gag out the girls mouth stayed open while their tongue rolled out. The finishing line to the chapter could be stitch saying as he looks at (bottom)lilo and(top) Victoria, "looks like you sluts had a great time", or the girls woke up in the second idea in the same predicament but in a 69 position so Lilo who's on bottom can lick the cum out of Victoria pussy or it could be just lilo in a same predicament with an open mouth gag but she's upside down (her chest pointing to the limb that's holding her) so Lilo is being filmed while one guy gets an upside down blowjob while the other guy fucks her ass or pussy then when the guys leave and stitch removed the blindfold and gag Lilo's eyes are rolled up and mouth open with tongue out.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on September 12, 2016

    Wow – chapter 2 was pretty intense, plus somewhat deeper than I expected. Yet it was still easy to follow along and even get lost in at times. It picks up nicely where chapter one left off, and it was fun to see the continuation and even expansion of Lilo's "penance," even if part of it was for her own benefit in the end. Even though I'm not familiar with the series it was easy enough to figure out who Victoria after a paragraph or so; I didn't figure out slick was an alien/experiment until he stood on the bed later, but that didn't detract from the story at all. Most of your audience will be familiar with more of the franchise than I, so it's not an issue to worry about.

    Victoria and Slick's surprise for the budding nymphomaniac was quite wonderful. It was interesting to see another child who, despite some reluctance about Lilo's new lifestyle, was willing to set up a perfect way to indulge fantasies that Lilo didn't even know she had yet. You made it clear that Victoria was into sex with the two, though clearly more cautious about things, and she has great vision.

    Lilo's resoluteness was well-expressed and she explained herself clearly, though perhaps a sentence or two sounded a bit more formal/polished than I'd expect in dialogue. (I was listening to it outside but should have taken a note…) The part about how she loved to be watched (and how she found out) was lovely too, and it dovetailed nicely with her being "a piece of artwork at an exhibition" in the hotel room. Then as the gangbang commenced and she found herself completely out of control her moment of panic felt quite natural, almost necessary, as she had to make the choice about her new way of life and, more importantly, exactly what she wanted it to be.

    She chose well. :)

    The sex scenes were all terrific too, especially with the extra point-of-(no-)view element of Lilo being unable to see any of her "buyers" or even know how many there were. Every change, nearly every interaction caught her by surprise at the last moment, and it was great how eagerly and enthusiastically she complied. Considering the conditions of the gangbang I actually did worry that it may run on a very long time, but I think you kept each interaction and grouping to a good, enjoyable length. The scenes were well-balanced against one-another and you picked the perfect time to jump ahead a little, plus you expertly used the opportunity to give a little more insight into Lilo's wonderings and feelings about the whole affair. (When it comes to sex scenes, "Yada yada yada…" just won't do. :))

    Anyway, tl;dr I suppose, it was a fun and gripping chapter that explained a few more things, moved the story along, and had some awesome sex scenes – all put together very nicely. Thanks.

    And thank you for your kind comment on my comments. They're the lest I can do. :)

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  • From Lunarsilver on September 09, 2016

    Another great chapter with a balance between interaction and detail, maybe next time Victoria could film lilo having sex with stitch and how she loves taking his to dicks or the camera is on a tripod watching stitch having sex with lilo and Victoria at the same time with Victoria being on top of lilo so both girls get one stitch dick inside their pussy or how Lilo's office is a mens restroom she could have sex on the toilet or have cum or gold shower as she sits in the urinal

    Hope you can use one of my ideas

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  • From SailorNemesis on September 08, 2016

    Pretty well written, though I just cant see Lilo as sexy.  I hope to see more Stitch x Nani.

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  • From Lunarsilver on September 03, 2016

    I give a combination of lilo, all four Stitch's hands and his cousin's thumbs up, maybe Nani should be taught a lesson in the next chapter by making her clean the mess with her tongue while stitch fucks her ass and pussy or since lilo loves her new life style maybe she could clean it up with her tongue

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