Reviews for Extradimensional Besties are the Best!

BY : GrayNeko

  • From GeorgeGlass on August 02, 2020

    Well, I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever see any more of this story, so I was pleased when Hentai Foundry alerted me about the new chapter. Some comments on chapter 3 (with SPOILERS):

    • I enjoyed the way you describe, briefly but effectively, the way Janna touches herself has she watches the action from inside the closet.
    • Femdom isn't really my thing, but it sure was hot when Star whispered to bound, blindfolded Marco that she wanted him to be thinking of Jackie.
    • I like that Star completely falls out of her dominatrix character and acts like herself again (at least, the nervous version of herself) in response to Janna's apparent emotional distress.
    • Star rolling Janna's nipples between thumb and forefinger...oh, yeah.
    • I love how in stories like this, it's always the girl who doesn't like condoms. ;)
    • Like girl-on-girl scenes, girl-on-girl-on-boy scenes are tricky because “she” and “her” always have to have a clear antecedent. A few times, I wasn’t sure whether they referred to Star or Janna.
    • "Correctamundo"? You must be about my age. :)
    • Looks like we've got a bundle of pretty complicated emotions going on here -- and, thus, a lot of directions this story could potentially take. IMO, that's a good way to end a chapter.

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  • From Lunarsilver on July 27, 2020

    Any chance the BDSM threesome can happen again but with Marco being the master?

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  • From ANON - Obama on September 26, 2016

    This is one of the best stories I've read in a long while! Please continue the story because for this to remain incomplete would be a travesty  

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  • From ANON - JRC on August 15, 2016

    Excellent story so far, I'm really enjoying it. Admittedly I'm a bit of a Star/Marco fan but really this story probably jives with their personalities a LOT better. Plus, the setup with Janna was just great. Keep up the good work!

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  • From Saint_Wanker_Kris on May 27, 2016

    Another story of yours that's definitely engaging and even addictive, it's a sad truth that this fandom doesn't have that much attention, even when it's quite obvious that it haves *so* much potential.

    How you joined them, especially the excuse they're currently using to engage into each another is amusing and close to what they would probably use in the story.

    Though, I guess canon also changed a little the perception on Star's mother and temperament, especially it wasn't what many people thought of her initially (unbending, and a stickler to the rules... when apparently she's the voice of reason to her husband (literally she's a female Marco... which play's really nice with the interaction there, as Star inherited her father's persona and mannerism to a T).

    Janna... Oh, I'm not a fan of her... I don't know why, but I simply don't like her... I've a feeling that she's going to bring quite some serious problems on canon sooner or later due to her meddling with forces that she doesn't have an inkling of. (Not that Star's better... but apparently she have's some modicum, even if minimal of what not to do with magic...)

    Though, the inclusion of Janna brings a complicated angle that I'm not sure if they could deal properly. Wonder when is Star going to begin to fill left out of Marco's life when he begins to give more attention to Janna and Jackie, and how much of a temptation to break the seal he would be as things get more and more intense between them.

    Hope you don't abandon this story, but even if that's what happened, thank you very much for what you already published.

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  • From GeorgeGlass on March 12, 2016

    I'm liking this so far. Although I didn't quite buy Star's use of coercion to get Marco to play along, I thought their encounter was hot (and Star's choice of underwear seemed very in-character). You paint a very believable picture of Janna in chapter 2; I like that we get just a brief peek behind her facade at the real and conflicted emotions underneath. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  • From ANON - BR42 on January 22, 2016

    I recently came across both chapters of this fic and was really impressed with it. The writing is excellent; high quality writing is a rarity among fanfic but especially among mature fic, making this story stand out all the more. Additionally, the characters' dialogue and actions are thematic (once you allow for the smut), with a good streak of humor throughout. It's really good, is what I'm saying.

    On top of all that, I liked the fact that the fic played up one of the strengths of the show: Star and Marco have romantic interests beyond one another. That's great and is allowing the author to bring in other characters and, if they want, tell a longer and more varied story. Plus, Jenna in this fic is a trouble-maker and a voyeur. That's creative and much more interesting than her usual treatment as a stalker or silver medal.

    Also, the smut is top-quality. Just, really great. And the author does a good job keeping the wit and energy of the fic going alongside the explicit content.

    I sincerely look forward to more chapters of this fic and plan to check out more from this author as well. GrayNeko, thanks for writing all this and keep up the good work.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on December 18, 2015

    Chapter two was quite an intriguing and very sexy (times three... or four? I lost count) twist to the sordid tale. Maybe Star's "conditioning" of him is working a bit too well, or perhaps he's just such a sweet and wonderful guy that everyone wants to help him achieve his goal.

    First off, nice way to ease into the situation without telling all of the day's events in order or even full detail. I think the way you filled in the information fit nicely and didn't confuse me as to the chronology at all, plus the timing worked when Marco finally checked his messages. Sneaky Janna was funny and cute. You did a wonderful job with Marco's attempt at deception regarding the J, and the idea that Janna is turned on by the idea of Marco and Star is fantastic; actually, I get the feeling that was what drove Janna to choose this particular "price" for her silence, though it's pretty clear what she's planning.

    ... or are you going to surprise us somehow? There's still this curse thing going on or something... :)

    So yes, it was a deliciously steamy chapter but also had some great character development and story advancement. I eagerly look forward to what's next.

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  • From ANON - Darrius Mcgavock on October 30, 2015

    Hello my name is Darrius and I want you to please continue updating your story it's getting better and better now that I can't wait till you update your story but yeah Please continue to update your fanfiction it's getting better and better now so please continue to updating please and thank you.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on September 30, 2015

    This was a super fun story. I love how you captured Marco's uncertainty about Star's seriousness with the punishment issues, then also how she led him along into all that sexy business. Great work on the natural way it developed and then how hot all of the various sex scenes were. On top of that the bits about Marco's uncertainty about their relationship is really cute too, and Star's way of motivating him to get further with Jackie is quite wonderful (for both of them, I'm sure). I really enjoyed it all. Thanks.

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  • From ANON - Swindle on September 27, 2015

    Now this was just amazing. I love myself some long in depth in character smut.

    Any idea on when's the next chapter upload?

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  • From ANON - Harem Lover on September 04, 2015

    If you make another chapter to this i think Marco should have a threesome with Star and Jackie

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  • From ANON - RandomReviewer on September 01, 2015

    The thought of Marco pounding Star every time he manages to hold hands with Jackie gives me the giggles. I'm sure that Marco and Star won't have developed conflicting emotions by the time he works his way to condom #5 at all /s. Great story, I can't wait to see more!

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  • From ANON - ForgetMeNaught on September 01, 2015

    Well, that was certainly a proper load of hormone induced mayhem, I can't begrudge you that, or its erotic consequences.

    I look forward to the development of the Friends with Benefits aspect of this arrangement.

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