Reviews for Bart the Ripper II: Mothersnuffer

BY : JayDee

  • From ANON - Cerulean Dove on August 03, 2012

    You know who I think Bart should go after next (unless he's already gotten to her)?

    Nikki McKenna from "Stealing First Base". She screwed with Bart's affections worse than Jessica Lovejoy ever did! Also, will there be like, a flashback scene of Maggie coming home to find her family brutally slaughtered? That would add more depth to the story and maybe even some psychological/mindfuck elements too :) I really hope you add another sequel to this especially considering its been over 4 YEARS since this story came out lol XD

    Cheers and happy writing!


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  • From pittwitch on November 13, 2010

    Definite horror-film stuff, JayDee. Still not enough to make me reach for the brain bleach ... maybe just not watch Simpsons reruns.

    Thanks, PW

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 07, 2009

    yarg. that was the most sickst/fucked up simpsons fic EVER even more than maggie's rampage. how about in the next one jessica lovejoy teams up with bart?

    that'd be schweet


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  • From anibourne on May 10, 2009

    holy....damn dude. that was.....damn. ill read anything that's not male/male that'll teach me.

    my stunned gibberish aside. I think it was very well written. keep up the good work while i go find something happy to read....

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 24, 2008

    good story. make a third Bart The Ripper!!! and seriously, will Maggie be OK? i hope so. maybe someday there will be...
    MAGGIE THE RIPPER!!!! (dundundun!)
    another thing i wonder... how many other girls DID bart get??? and if so, who?
    and WHAT might i ask, compelled bart to do all those heinous deeds in the first place??? another horrific, somewhat erotic, and overall awesome story from Joandoe
    5 stars
    Anonymus (i spelled it right this time. yay!)
    update soon please!!!

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  • From ANON - D4rK on April 09, 2008

    Sick!!!!! Damn that wasnt most violent than Lisa one but it was really nice violence. Could you get a Laura Powers next??. And what about Maggie?. Later

    From Venezuela

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