Fifth Child, Second Daughter

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"Congratulations Queen Nala, you're pregnant!" says Rafiki as this has both taken Simba and Nala by surprise, they wouldn't have thought of having another cub. This is a week after Kion's coronation, even thought that the king and the queen misses their younger son and Bunga, they're happy for them.

While they were strolling towards Pride Rock a couple of minutes later, they saw Kiara and Kovu having a discussion with Timon and Pumbaa near a waterhole. This was the chance to announce them the good news. Simba has done a fake cough and the four of them now looks at him.

"Hi mom, hi daddy! What did Rafiki tell you?" asks Kiara with worry, making her two grandfathers of different species confused. Kovu whispers to them that Nala was feeling unwell recently. Simba and Nala each has a huge smile on their faces.

"I'm pregnant, you'll be a big sister and grandfathers again," announces Nala, keeping a smile on her face. Kiara jumps up and down, and then goes to nuzzle her parents, Kovu congratulates them. Timon and Pumbaa goes to the king and queen and snuggles them.

Timon and Pumbaa felt their eyes watering, Simba places a paw over his eyes. Pumbaa says with emotion, "Our first baby… having another cub. You do know that you're making us happy grandfathers."

Timon wipes his tears away, "Yeah, it will be perfect of having another grandcub. It will make us less worry about Bunga," he then chuckles, "even if he's safe with Kion at the Tree of Life."

"You two have been wonderful grandfathers for Kiara and Kion, so Nala and I wouldn't be surprise if you'll be wonderful with this one," Simba grins as he nuzzles both his fathers.

"I just can't wait to see what will be my cravings for this little one," sarcastically says Nala, her first pregnancy was grubs and the second was antelopes and third… gazelles? Zebras? When she had one of those nasty cravings she would be getting it even at night. Nevertheless, she was happy that she was pregnant again.

The whole family was now walking together, talking and as they approached Hakuna Matata Falls the duo excused themselves and embraces their family before going to their home. When they continued their way, they saw Fuli and Azaad and called them. Nala sweetly says to them, "Do you think that you can tell Kion, Rani, Bunga and Binga that I'm pregnant?"

"Of course we can," says Fuli with pride. "We'll go right away, right Azaad?"

"Right," simply says Azaad before bowing to the king and queen before they left.

Later at night…

Nala has just awaken from a terrible nightmare, she breathes rapidly and looks everywhere in the den. She decides to take a stroll in the Pridelands before going back to sleep, she comes out of the den she takes a deep breath and sighs in contentment and goes to take her walk. She feels a little nauseous but she continues to take her stroll. When she arrives at a waterhole she didn't see that Timon and Pumbaa were there, watching her and it wasn't after she carefully took a sip of water that she saw them staring at her.

She took a step back startled, "What are you two doing here?"

Timon crosses his arms over his chest, "Can we take a drink sometimes?"

Nala doesn't know why but this comment has hurt her, she feels tears coming down her pale cheeks. Pumbaa gives Timon a glare, the meerkat sighs and rubs the back of his head. He comes to her and wipes her tears away, Timon says softly. "I'm sorry about that Nala, we didn't mean to scare you…"

"No Timon, I understand," said Nala nuzzling Timon and he pets her cheek. "I didn't think you two would have been up so late."

Pumbaa goes to her and embraces her, "You know Nala, we sometimes take a drink of water at night, don't you remember?"

Nala has forgotten this detail, Timon and Pumbaa sees that she's paler than usual. This means that she must be nauseous right now or lack of sleep, they're now worried. Nala can feel this and she feels bad about it, Timon goes on top of Pumbaa's head. "We'll go with you, wherever your going we'll walk with you. Where were you going anyways?"

"I was just taking a stroll… I had a nightmare and…" says Nala with difficulty, trying to change subject. "Can I ask you guys a question?"

Timon shrugs his shoulders, "We don't mind, really Nala… you know us, we're here for you. Go for it!"

"If something bad happens to me and Simba, will you be there for our cub?" asks Nala with her blue eyes getting watery. This question has both surprised Timon and Pumbaa as they took a glance at each other (still with worry), they go back to gaze at her.

"Nala… why are you asking us that? Of course we'll be there for the cub, is there something wrong?" asks Pumbaa, eyes filling with tears. He and Timon loves their daughter-in-law, they're now anxious that something bad is going to happen to her and their little Simba.

Again, she feels sorry for worrying them, she shakes her head. "No, there's nothing. I was just asking you this. Sorry to worry you guys. You can go to your home, I'll return to Pride Rock to sleep."

They both shook their heads, Timon says tiredly, "No. We'll come with you, we don't care if we won't have a discussion while walking. We just want to come with you to Pride Rock and see…" he stops a moment before wiping his tears away. "If the rest of the family are alright."

Nala just nods and they went to Pride Rock.

Two months later…

"Oh! I can't wait to see my little niece or nephew in another month!" exclaimed Binga with joy. Nala smiles weakly, she feels more tired than her other pregnancies and is more sicker than usual. Thank goodness that she has Binga for company for a few days, Kion and Rani had to deal a few things with Simba and some other kings and queens from other prides. Bunga and Binga came with them to visit Timon and Pumbaa, Nala was resting at Hakuna Matata Falls while Kiara and Kovu stayed at Pride Rock.

Nala felt a little more relaxed at Hakuna Matata Falls than Pride Rock… well, a little. Rafiki comes to Nala and Binga, the mandrill turns to Binga as if they want to have some privacy but Nala declines and wants Binga to stay with them. Rafiki sighs and nods, "Alright Nala, if you want some support than it's fine."

Nala lifts a little her head with worry, "Is there something wrong?"

Rafiki takes a deep breath, "My queen, forgive me but you'll have to give birth soon because you have some disease that I have never seen before…"

"No!" shouts Nala, almost forgetting she was pregnant but rested her head on the thick root she was resting before shouting, tears escaping her blue eyes. Not believing what she was hearing.

"Nala, are you okay?" Nala hears Bunga calling to her and Nala calls back to him that she's alright. What are he, Timon and Pumbaa doing? She doesn't have a clue. Then Binga tries to comfort her as she pets her head, worrying for her sister-in-law. Then the three others appears with concern and Bunga shakes his head, "Nala… we heard in your voice that you're not alright. What is…"

He saw that Rafiki was there and the parental duo comes to Rafiki. Pumbaa speaks up with concern, "What's wrong Rafiki? Looks like you made our first daughter-in-law upset."

"You know, if you pick that decision to keep it, your life will be in danger," Rafiki points out to Nala, "you can die from childbirth. You might not even be able to hold your cub-"

"Yes, I'm risking my life if I have that some unknown disease. I don't want to interrupt this life that I'm creating inside of me." Nala is firm on that, her decision was made. Everyone was in shock, Bunga and Binga held each other with huge eyes while the duo's eyes were watering. Timon gives Nala a glare, "I truly don't love this decision of yours. We don't want…"

And with that he runs off to sob uncontrollably, Pumbaa follows him while sobbing. Bunga and Binga goes to Nala, hugging her despite being stinky but Nala held a little her breathe. She doesn't care if they're stinky, they're family to her. They parted away from her so she can breathe, Bunga stares at Binga and tells her that he'll be back, he just needs to go get his uncles and calm them down. Binga nods as she kisses his cheek and Bunga grins, he then leaves to search for them. Nala could see this really upsets Timon and Pumbaa that she has taken that decision and will risk her life just for this cub.

Her attention has returned to Rafiki as he shook his head disapprovingly, he knows it's her choice but what would Simba say about her decision? Nala speaks up with more tears running down her cheeks, "I know something bad will happen to Simba… I know it… I see it in those nightmares I've been having, ever since I'm pregnant…"

Nala starts to get dizzy, Binga puts a paw on Nala's belly as to remind her to think of this little cub that's inside of her. Nala sighs and nuzzles Binga, meanwhile Bunga found his uncles crying against each other fearing for their daughter-in-law's life.

Bunga sighs, "Uncle Timon, Uncle Pumbaa. You must be strong for Nala, even if it's a bad choice she has done, you guys should support her."

The duo has stopped sobbing and took deep breaths before nodding to their younger son, Timon wipes his tears away. "Alright, we'll try for Nala… and for Simba and the kids', we'll try to be in control."

Then with that Bunga smiles, he and his uncles returning to the others. They see Binga retreat so she can't make Nala sicker, Nala nods with an apologetic smile. The duo goes next to her as they nuzzle her, Pumbaa gives a heavy sigh, "We're sorry Nala that-"

"You guys don't need to explain anything."

"This reminds me Nala, did you really see Simba getting killed in your nightmares?" asks Binga, she then realizes what she just said and slaps her paw across her mouth. Nala has given her a frown before she exhales.

Nala answered her sister-in-law's question, "Yes, Binga this is the truth."

Bunga needs to sit down while Timon faints dramatically, Pumbaa goes by his side with fret, Nala continues with frustration, "And that's why you shouldn't had asked that question in front of Timon and Pumbaa... and Bunga."

She suddenly lets her head drop on the thick root again, going unconscious. She wakes up some hours later, she weakly gets up to go drink some water near Hakuna Matata Falls. She hears a fake cough behind her, she turns and sees Bunga and Binga following her. She snaps at them, "Why are you two following me?"

They ignore her nasty temper, Bunga folds his arms over his chest and raises an eyebrow, "We're going to take a drink with you and keep and eye on you. Kiara and Kovu came later that afternoon to check on you. Also, you need to eat," and continues with excitement, "and that's why we found you some things to eat!"

"Yay, that's amazing," sarcastically says Nala, she knows that they're here to help but they can be irritating sometimes. She's shaking, feeling dizzy again, she turns to the two honey badgers. "I think I would want to eat… a little."

They nod approvingly and even if she isn't close to the waterhole, she wasn't capable of going further and returns to the falls. Simba wanted his family to keep an eye on her because she's sick. She understands him completely, he worries for her and their future cub but sometimes he's a little overprotective. Tomorrow she might return to Pride Rock even…


She looks at her worried brother-in-law, she shakes her head in frustration. "Sorry Bunga, must have my mind elsewhere. Let's eat a little snack, the cub wouldn't mind some grubs… could it?"

"Now that's the spirit! Go to your resting spot Nala, we're going to get some grubs that we kept for you! Zuka Zama!" then he disappears through the trees to get them while Binga stays with her. She rested her head on the thick root of the tree, tears urging to get out of her eyes but she didn't want to worry her in-laws, she's getting more tired as ever, will she survive until the day she gives birth? She doesn't know…

"Drink this, Nala," she hears Timon say as she looks up at him, she also sees that Pumbaa is right behind him, both of them weary. She drinks from something but what? She knows it's water but… she let's out a small sigh, wondering if it's a sort of bowl, probably… oh she just wishes… her vision! She's now seeing double, what's happening?

She's lifting her head a little as tears leaks out of her eyes, "T-T- Timon, I'm seeing double, is that part of my illness?"

The duo turns their head away to cry, Timon takes a huge breath and releases it, nodding, "Yes, it's part of it, if you want it to stop-"

"No! You know very well I made my final decision," she hisses at him, Bunga and Binga arriving with the grubs they kept for her, they hand her one and she eats it slowly, "Great, that cub let's me eat this time."

Bunga puts the grubs next to her, she looks at Timon and Pumbaa and smiles a little, "I'm okay, you two should stop worrying about me. You can go to sleep-"

The duo shakes their heads and sits down close to her, watching her, she feels so intimidating so she looks away. She continues to eat slowly, while the others were watching her but Bunga and Binga finally went to sleep some minutes later, this made her happy that they dozed off. When she was finished she placed her head back on that thick root, sighing happily, so far no sickness. She was going to ask something to Timon but he was falling asleep but as her paw brushed a couple of leaves he opens his eyes.

He looks at her with panic, "Do you need something, Nala?"and nearly trips on the sort of bowl of water. Nala weakly puts a paw on his shoulder, "Timon, will you calm down, I only wanted to ask you if I could have some water again."

"Oh! Sure, you can," and he gives her that bowl of water so she can slowly take a sip, she nods at him with a small smile.

"You can go into slumber like the others, I'll go back to Pride Rock so that Kiara and Kovu can take care of me," she continues as she starts to be lightheaded again, "that will make you less worry and you'll sleep again."

"No, I don't- we don't mind you being here, taking care of you," says Timon tiredly as he kisses quickly her cheek, "Kiara and Kovu are family, they'll be always welcome here. You need something soft like here to rest…" he pauses for a second before continuing with tears leaking out of his eyes, "not hard like Pride Rock."

"Thank you Timon," says Nala as she was falling into slumber, hoping that this horrible nightmare won't return but she won't count on that.

Nala who was seeing the love of her life, taking a walk. It was night and it looks something troubles him, it looks like he needs to go and he starts to walk faster. Concern, she follows him and sees that she doesn't have a pregnant belly, what the hell does that supposed to mean? Where's the cub?

"Funny, I thought I saw something," mutters Simba (Nala had to run up to him so she can hear him) and shakes his head in disappointment, "better head back with my family before…"

A lion that resembles to… no, it can't be! It can't be… Mheetu? This is a first, she never would have thought her little brother would come back. Then she sees another lion with a brown mane that resembles-

"Kopa?" asks Simba, surprise to see his eldest son, he was too amazed to see his first cub back in the Pridelands that he didn't see Mheetu taking a bite on his neck which Simba roared.

"I'm sorry dad," quietly says Kopa, tears cascading down his cheeks. Blood starts to leak out of Simba's neck, Nala calling to Mheetu to stop but he doesn't hear her. She then turns to her eldest son, screaming to help his father. Then a group of lions surrounds him, Simba looks around him, shaking, "What is this? It reminds me the time with Kovu…"

And then he felt more of his flesh tearing, Kopa looking away from this horrible scene. Crying, just like Nala is right now. Wait! She isn't pregnant, why isn't she doing the roar then? Is she too amazed to see her little Kopa alive? Why isn't she…

Then with that she let's out a roar at her brother, the biggest one she might have done in her life. She then falls on Simba's lifeless body, crying her heart after the lions left. Then some moments later she hears some shouting into distance but as she turns the Pridelands is burning. She tries to look for her family members after glancing at her dead mate's body one more time, "Goodbye my love."

As she was going to go to Hakuna Matata Falls, it went completely black which caused her to panic and to shriek all her might.

Nala wakes up with sweat, breathing loudly, Binga coming to her side and rubbing her back to say it's alright, she then sees her daughter, son-in-law and Rafiki looking at each other with worry, Nala feels now ashamed for… wait a minute, has she awaken everyone with her roar? She doesn't see Timon, Pumbaa and Bunga, where are they? She looks at them with fear in her voice, "Where are Timon… Pumbaa… and… Bunga? They're not here!"

"Bunga went to help Grandpops and Grandpa," said Kiara as she looks at Kovu with worry, "but you roared on them, not enough to blow them far away but enough to be out of Hakuna Matata Falls."

"I did what? Oh, are they alright? How did I roar on them if…" Nala trails off, trying to get some more words of her mouth but she was breathing quickly, Binga places on her shoulder to calm her down.

"You were having a bad dream," Binga fills in for her, continuing to calm her down, she then gets away so Nala could smell fresh air.

"I know that Binga," Nala narrows her eyes on Binga, she then calms down. "I'm sorry sister-in-law, it's just I can't believe that I would do that while I'm having my nightmare."

"Mom, please reconsider what Rafiki told you," Kiara took a deep breath before releasing it, "I don't want to lose you, I-"

"Oh no, no, no! I'm keeping my decision, it's my choice, no one else," says sharply Nala, her eyes glaring at her daughter, "you'll have your own choices to make, daughter," she then exhales as a tear slips away from her eye, "don't ever forget that. I'll always love you even if I'll be with the kings and queens of the past. I'll always love my family, all of them."

"Hey! It would be nice if someone can help me with my uncles," Bunga screams at them, Kovu sighs and helps Bunga with Timon and Pumbaa, the duo saying to Kovu and Bunga that they're fine and joins the others.

Nala weakly goes to them, nuzzling them with watery eyes, she feels so horrible for hurting them. "Forgive me for hurting you-"

"Hakuna Matata Nala," says Timon with a tired smile, Nala sees that he and Pumbaa haven't truly slept because of her. Nala starts to wail and puts her paws on top of her head, why is she wailing? Fucking pregnancy hormones! She hates them! Rafiki shakes his head, Timon and Pumbaa stares at each other with agonize, they sit down close to her, Pumbaa says, "Nala, you didn't hurt us, see? Like Timon says: Hakuna Matata."

"I didn't?" she asks and the both of them shakes their head. She feels more relieved and she goes to her resting spot, Bunga excused himself to go to eat with Binga and so did the duo. Nala went to the closest waterhole with Kiara and Kovu and took sip of water, slowly. Kiara was so angry at her mother for having taken this choice, who cares if she'll lose this cub, one less wouldn't hurt her, she already has two… well three if Kopa is still alive. She then takes a sip of water with Kovu and her mother, she sees Zazu coming their direction, Nala smiles at him. "Zazu, why I didn't know you had a twin."

Zazu raises an eyebrow, Kiara whispers to him. "She's starting to see double because of her disease, she wants to keep the cub."

Zazu just nods, "Just to inform you that the king has arrived and that he wants Queen Nala return to Pride Rock."

"With pleasure," says Kiara without expression, Kovu sighs at his mate's attitude but he doesn't want to say anything to cause his future queen to snap at him. Then with that they return to Hakuna Matata Falls, to say that they're heading back with Nala at Pride Rock. However, when they found them, they saw the complete family.

Simba turns to his mate with surprise, "Is that true you want to keep… this cub?"

Nala nods at him and nuzzles him, "Of course, love. I still want to keep this cub, even if my pregnancy gets tougher every day."

"Well, if you want to keep it, then it's fine," says Simba with tears in his eyes, "it's your choice, do what you want-"

"What? Daddy, are you serious? She can't have the cub, she needs to get it out right away! She can't have it, she might die!" Kiara was scandalized of what her father just told her mother.

"That's enough, Kiara! When you'll be queen you'll have your own choices to make, but now it's not your choice to make this decision, it's your mother's choice," Simba snaps at her, eyes narrowing at his daughter.

Kiara spats at him, which surprises everyone, she usually doesn't do that, "You know what's my choice? Never considering this little bastard as my sibling!"

She received a paw across her face, her father screams at her, "Don't you ever say bastard, do you hear me? Your sibling is not a bastard, it isn't it's fault if your mother is sick, it just happened like that."

"Still, mom became sicker because of this cub," says Kiara with hatred and puts her muzzle up high, "anyways, like I've said this cub will never be considered as my sibling," and with that she left, Kovu sending an apologetically glance at his family and runs after his mate.

Nala sighs remorselessly, here's one of her child who refuses to consider this cub she's carrying as her sibling, will Kion consider this cub as his sibling? She searches her second son's eyes to see if he'll accept it as family, Kion looks back at her, he goes to nuzzle her, "Don't worry mom, even thought this is a bad choice you're making, I'll accept this cub as my sibling, nevertheless."

"And we'll consider it as our niece or nephew," Bunga quickly says as he hugs Nala, which Binga also hugs her. Rani nods at her mother-in-law, smiling brightly. Nala then looks at her father-in-laws, wishing them too can be part of this cub's world. They felt hesitant, not knowing what to think or say, in a way they so want to be in the cub's life but they still don't want to lose Nala. They were looking at the soft ground, looking lost.

"Uncle Timon, Uncle Pumbaa?"

They look up and saw everyone looking at them, Bunga looks at them, wanting to urge them to be part of the cub's life, nonetheless he knows he can't force them. Simba also waited an answer from his fathers, even thought his real father is with the great kings and queens of the past, he considers Timon and Pumbaa as his fathers, his "adoptive" fathers. He looks at them with concern, "Pops? Dad?"

Timon just blinked with tears while Pumbaa sniffles, "Let us think about it first, then we'll come to see you, we don't know what to choose," he stares at Nala directly, "we're sorry Nala that our decision won't be right away. You'll have to understand that this is a big decision… it's just, your our daughter-in-law, our first daughter-in-law," then tears starts to fall down his cheeks while Pumbba left to weep, "we love you very much and we don't want to lose you but if you want to keep this cub? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to be alone and so does Pumbaa."

Bunga and Binga looks at each other with worry, Bunga then looks at Timon, "Uncle Timon…"

"Bunga, please! Go with your brother and the rest of the family to Pride Rock for the rest of the day and you can return when the sun will go down," then with that Timon disappears through the trees, sobbing. Bunga sighs and leaves with the family.

When they were returning to Pride Rock, they had to stop because Nala was vomiting a couple of times, feeling dizzy, Simba and Kion had to help her the rest of the way. As they entered the den, Kiara is there having a heated discussion with Kovu and Simba did a fake cough. The couple turns to him, Kiara going out of the den but Kion and Rani stops her from going further, Simba goes to her unhappily, "Please princess, this is not a good time for you to be unhappy, there's enough of your grandfathers has some thinking to do if this cub is going to be in their family or not."

"Well, I hope not," snarls Kiara with tears, "you shouldn't have made her pregnant, daddy. Her disease gets worse because she's pregnant, don't you see this? You'll lose the love of your life," she then realizes that her family is back early, "what are you, Kion and Rani doing here so early, anyways?"

Simba has forgotten this detail, "Yeah well, I've returned earlier to be close with Nala and Kion and Rani returned only to get you and Kovu for this important meeting. You two are going to replace me. Think you can do that?"

"Of course daddy," says Kiara, holding her head high as being proud, she turns to her mate, "let's go Kovu, Kion and Rani, we have some important meeting to go."

Kion, Rani and Kovu nuzzles Nala before leaving to the meeting, then off they went. Simba watches them until they disappear from horizon, he sighs in frustration of his daughter's attitude towards her mother. He goes near his mate as she starts to cry, "Kiara wouldn't even look at me! There's already enough of her who won't accept her little sibling that… that Timon and Pumbaa aren't making their decision right away!"

Binga places her paws on her chest in sadness while Bunga is fuming at his uncles for having not decided right away, he loves them dearly but what made them stop right there? He speaks up with anger, "We'll stay here tonight, I don't think…"

"Bunga, no!" Nala says, tears leaking out of her eyes. "Go back to Hakuna Matata Falls tonight, they'll be sadder if you and Binga aren't returning tonight."

"But…" Bunga starts and Simba shakes his head not to argue farther with her, Nala smiles at him weakly.

"They'll make their choice pretty soon, I know that," then with a smirk Nala says, "Hakuna Matata, remember? I should do the same, being worried all the time isn't good for the little cubby here. I'm sorry, must be the pregnancy that made me cry."

"Hakuna Matata," chuckles Bunga.

"What a wonderful phrase," says an unfamiliar voice, they all turn to the source of the voice, Simba and Nala has each let out a small gasp with wide eyes and Bunga and Binga are confused by Simba and Nala's reactions. Who is he and what does he want?

Author's Note: If you need to ask some questions, don't hesitate, I'll try my best to answer you. Hope you enjoyed reading the first chapter, it feels good to write another story and taking a small break from Hakuna Matata Royal Family. I already know what I'm going to do with the next chapter.

Oh! And I must warn you that in this fanfiction, this is an alternate version of my headcanon. What happens in my real headcanon is that Kiara does accept her new sibling and that it doesn't take very long for Timon and Pumbaa to accept the new cub. Also, in my headcanon only Bunga and Kion stayed at the Tree of Life.

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