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BY : JamesRyder
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The Griffins had been staying with the Simpsons now for two days and Bart was already over it. He couldn’t believe his fat ass father had found someone even fatter to waste all of his time with. He couldn’t stand the way Mrs. Griffin talked to his mother, or the way that their daughter followed Lisa around, and especially couldn’t stand the way that their weird talking baby Stewie had tried to latch onto him.

In Bart’s mind the only decent one was Chris and that was because he wasn’t trying to judge how they lived or force his way into their lives. In fact, he hadn’t seen much of Chris or the families dog Brian since they had gotten here. He was sure it had to have something to do with Santa’s Little Helper being missing but as long as it got them out of his spikey hair, he didn’t much care.

Now, for the first time since the Griffins invaded their lives, Bart had the house to himself. The two fat men were off searching for the Griffin’s stolen car, Louise had convinced his mom to take her to the mall, and Lisa was off at the library with Meg not far behind, he was sure. That meant he had at least a few hours of peace.

Bart was on his way up to his room. He had just recently discovered the joys of masturbation and now with the house to himself he could finally have some fun. He saw that the door to Maggie’s room was closed, and his heart sank. They had forgotten to take Maggie and they hadn’t gotten her a sitter.

Well, it won’t be that bad, he thought as he went to check on her. As long as she’s asleep I can still have some quiet me time.

As he got to the door, he could hear muffled crying coming from inside along with what sounded like grunting. Bart threw the door open and froze at the sight that greeted him. His sister was face down on the floor completely naked and the Griffin’s weird talking baby Stewie was naked from the waist down and on top of her humping away.

Stewie was so focused on raping Maggie that he didn’t hear Bart come in and so he didn’t even slow down. He kept thrusting away not caring that this girl obviously didn’t want this. He had wanted to try this ever since he had watched his fat ass father rape his sister Meg after a long night of drinking while Louise was out on a girls night.

The first Stewie knew of Bart being in the room was when the back of his shirt was grabbed, and he was physically tossed away from his crying victim. He landed roughly and saw he had been caught. Knowing he was in trouble he simply began to cry.

“Shut up,” Bart snapped at him. “No, not you,” he quickly added scooping up the still whimpering Maggie from the floor. He cradled her and looked her over. Other than what Stewie had been doing to her he didn’t see any other bruises.

Bart continued to cradle her as he got her a fresh diaper and onesie. He glowered at Stewie who merely sat sobbing on the floor. He cleaned Maggie up, got her redressed, and after giving her the pacifier she liked the most he put her down in her crib.

He rounded on Stewie who was still half naked and his eyes were red from crying. Bart was furious and at first, he wanted to kick the crap out of him, but then his budding hormones and rage combined, and he had a wicked thought.

He would punish this little bastard and he would get revenge for his sister.

“Get up,” he growled as he advanced on Stewie.

“I’m sorry,” Stewie blurted out as he continued to half cry.

“Not yet you’re not,” Bart hissed as he hauled the boy onto his feet, “but you will be soon.” He marched Stewie into his room.

“Are you going to tell my mom?” Stewie managed between sobs. He didn’t even think about the fact that he was still half naked until he noticed Bart’s hard stare wasn’t at Stewie’s face.

“I’m not sure yet,” Bart lied effortlessly. He wasn’t going to tell anyone about what he had seen unless he absolutely had to. His family always tried to shield him from bad things and now was his chance to return the favor. Of course, there was also the fact that if he did then what he was planning to do to punish Stewie would also come out.

“What are you going to do?” Stewie asked a little more calmly. He saw a potential way out of trouble, and he was determined to take it.

“Well, I could tell everyone what you were doing,” Bart let the threat hang in the air long enough for Stewie to start to shake, “or I could keep it between us and simply punish you myself. I’ll even let you decide, which is more of a choice than you gave Maggie.”

Stewie wasn’t sure how Bart would punish him, but he knew what his mom would do. She was downright cruel when it came to punishments. Nothing Bart could do to him would be as bad as what Louise would dream up. Besides, he thought to himself, we’ll be leaving this place soon and then all this will be behind me.

“I don’t have all day,” Bart snapped impatiently.

“I’ll take the punishment,” Stewie almost whispered before raising his voice to a normal tone laced with shame. “Just don’t tell anyone.”

Bart spit in his hand and offered it to Stewie, Stewie spit in his own hand and shook Barts. He smiled a bit at the gesture thinking again that maybe he and Bart could be friends. Then Bart spun him around and used his other hand to lift Stewie by the shirt like he had done to throw him off Maggie. Bart carried Stewie to his bed and slammed him down on the edge hard enough to knock the wind from Stewie.

Stewie was dazed from the force of the impact and could barely register what was going to happen. Then Bart pulled down his own shorts and Stewie was that the boys cock was hard. Stewie began to try and struggle as he realized what Bart was about to do.

With his hard cock free Bart reached down and rubbed the spit from the handshake on to his cock. He honestly only cared enough to not want to hurt himself. This was a punishment, so he didn’t care if Stewie enjoyed it. Without a word he lined himself up with Stewie’s tight looking asshole and shoved the head of his cock in. It slid in easier than he thought it would and he grunted as he shoved more and more in.

Stewie wasn’t as shocked as Bart at how easy a time Bart was having getting his cock in his ass. On more than one occasion he had pretended to be asleep as Brian would sneak into his room after striking out at the bar and fuck Stewie instead. Still Stewie played the part of the victim and screamed at the violation.

Bart reached down, grabbed his shorts off the floor by his ankles, balled them up, and then shoved them into Stewie’s gapping mouth. “Eat my shorts,” he quipped as he shoved the last inch of his cock into the shaking boy.

He pulled back and as the tip of his cock was just about to pull out, he viciously shoved forward again. This time the force of his thrust caused his balls to slap into Stewie. He pulled back and pushed back in again even harder this time before settling into a steady pace of long hard thrusts.

Stewie almost let out a moan as he felt himself getting butt fucked by Bart. His cock was certainly longer than Brian’s, but it wasn’t as thick. He found he enjoyed this sensation more and decided to see if Cleveland’s new baby stepson Rollo would want to try and play some games like this. He snapped back to the moment and continued to pretend to struggle against Bart’s enjoyable punishment.

Bart felt Stewie start to go limp and be smiled at the idea that Stewie had simply accepted his fate. The more Bart used the boy sexually though the more he wondered if he could continue to do this the entire time the Griffin’s stayed here and not get caught. This was certainly better than his hand.

Bart continued to pound away until he felt that he was getting close. That was when he pushed and lifted Stewie further onto the bed so he could get on top of him fully. As soon as he was in a comfortable position, he picked up the pace and began to fuck Stewie as hard as he could feeling the small boy’s body get pressed into the mattress with each thrust.

Stewie couldn’t help himself anymore and he began to grunt in time to Bart bottoming out in him and even began to push back slightly with his tiny little hips. If Bart noticed, he didn’t change pace or speed.

“I’m going to cum in your ass,” Bart growled into Stewie’s ear, “but that doesn’t mean this is over. From now until you leave, I own you, and I will fuck you whenever I want, or I tell our families what you did.”

“Mhhh,” and a shake of the head was all the agreement Stewie could offer with Barts shorts still acting as a gag.

Bart felt his balls tighten and dumped spurt after thick spurt of hot gooey cum into Stewie’s ass. Stewie pushed back hard as Bart came and he felt his own orgasm explode. He was still too young to cum so there would be no stain, but he felt the wave of pleasure all the same.

They lay there panting for a few moments before Bart rolled off Stewie and his softening cock came out of Stewie’s gapping asshole with a wet pop. As soon as he caught his breath, he dragged Stewie into the bathroom with him and used a washcloth to clean them both up before taking Stewie to retrieve his pants from Maggie’s room.

As Stewie fastened the buttons of his overalls he saw Bart standing half naked by Maggie’s crib and couldn’t help but notice Bart’s cock was beginning to twitch a little. He smiled knowing soon Bart would be horny again and they could have some more fun.

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