Squirrel Boy: Born to be Mild (Alt)

BY : Lukegregory448
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The sound of exaggerated struggling sounds behind Leon as he watches a squirrel documentary, relaxing in his easy chair constructed out of nibbled-on bits of tree. He turns his head to see his friend, a pampered house-pet of a squirrel named Rodney, struggling to climb into the entrance of his home in a tree in Rodney’s yard. The taller, red-furred squirrel looks defeated, tired, and overall foolish to even attempt climbing. Ignoring that, Leon rushes to the door to greet his friend.

“Hey-a, Rodney, pal!” Leon greets with a smile, “How’s tricks?”

Gasping for breath, Rodney still hangs from Rodney’s doorway, “H-hey, Leon!” With a loud, strenuous grunt, Rodney struggles to pull himself inside his friend’s home. After a moment of catching his breath in a winded, tongue-hanging manor, Rodney collects himself. “Listen… you’re a wild squirrel, accustomed to livin’ off the land, and I’m a pet squirrel, who for no apparent reason is suddenly craving adventure,'' Rodney grins to Leon as he announces his fine idea: “so what do you say I bunk with you for, oh, I don’t know, two weeks?”

“Hmm…” Leon thinks aloud, “Let me check my schedule.” He turns away from Rodney to check his calendar; a majority of his days are filled with nothing but a simple label: nuts. “Well, it may take some shufflin’, but it sounds fun so wh--”

Rodney interrupts happily, “Great! I’ll unpack my things!” Suddenly, to Leon’s surprise, the seemingly empty-handed squirrel reaches outside of Leon’s home, somehow retrieving a large chest which Rodney effortlessly pulls inside. Opening it, anyone can see that it’s full and overflowing with clutter. Paintings, statue busts, clothing, toys, sports gear -- all of these things out of character for Rodney. What captures Leon’s attention the most, however, is a small pile of three wrinkly magazines that have clearly been folded, stored hastily, or handled casually.

Leon picks up the first magazine, shocked to see that it’s full of models who wear next to nothing. Human males posing with cars, bikes, tools, and other stereotypical “man” things adorn every single page of the magazine. Gulping, Leon begins to sweat as he notices a lot of these men are very well hung. Shaking his head, Leon gasps to himself as he quickly looks at his friend in utter shock. Wait a minute… Rodney is… is Rodney gay? He can’t be. There’s no way.


Rodney digs through his massive storage trunk, items flying everywhere as he mumbles to himself, planning out where to place his own belongings. “Leon, what do you think about my

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

Marie Antoinette portrait behind the T.V? Or maybe by the door so she can watch T.V. with us!”

“Uh, y-yeah, sounds great, Rod! Say uh…” Leon holds up the second magazine from the floor - this one being called Nut SlingR - full of squirrels and chipmunks, a lot of them sporting body types similar to his own. “I don’t judge or nothin’, but uh… are you… you know?”

“Hmm? No, I don’t know,” Rodney says, aiming with his thumb along the walls for his painting. He turns to Leon, “What’re you talking ab-aa-aa-aagh!?” he shrieks, rushing to his magazines and clumsily scooping them up in a messy panic, “U-u-uh, w-what do you mean? A magazine collector? Haha, yeah? So what?” He speaks quickly, sweating bullets, “I mean sometimes I don’t even look at the magazine I’m collecting, haha, I just have a terrible problem that I should be seeking serious help for, that’s all!”

“Rod,” Leon smiles, his normally wide, adventurous gaze turning into a calm, loving one, “If you’re struggling with something, like… sexual identity… I’m your friend. You can talk to me about it. I’m never gonna quit bein’ friends over something like that.” He rests a hand on Rodney’s shoulder, “So… what’s up, Buddy?”

Rodney gulps, fidgeting with his hands, “I’ve… been having thoughts. Weird ones. But… h-hey. It’s nothing! That’s for another season anyway, right? This one’s all about freedom!”

“You know,” Leon smiles sheepishly, clinging to his own arm, closing in on himself shyly, “I’ve got some… uh… experience… in that kind of thing. L-like in that magazine.”

Rodney holds up the third pornographic issue: Ladies in their 80’s, “You used to be a Russian gold medalist, but your hard-drug choices led you down another path which brought disgrace to your family, so you were cut out of the will, so now the only fortune you’ll ever obtain is the one you make doing questionable things for questionable people well into your elder years?”
“That was a side-gig, it was a very hard winter,” Leon crosses his arms, embarrassed, “N-no, Rod, what I’m sayin’ is… if you’re curious about some guy on guy stuff, I… I could maybe teach you some stuff.”

Rodney sets his magazines back in his chest, “You’d really do that?”

“Of course. Besides… we got two whole weeks, right? Let’s uh… let’s get away from normal stuff for a while.”

“Um… okay!” Rodney smiles, excited and confident, “So, one question I’ve always had

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

was… well, how do two guys even do it?” Rodney puts his hand to his chin as he begins to daydream, imagining two penises continuously tapping their tips together, slipping and sliding all over each other to insulate there’s just nowhere to go.

“Well… that one’s easy!” Leon says confidently, “Guys either blow each other, stroke each other, or fuck each other in the ass.”

Rodney gasps as such language, “Y-you said…”

“We’re getting away from the boring usual, right?” Leon winks, his hands on his boxy hips, “We’re gonna settle any confusion you have, Rod! That’s what friends are for. Besides… I uh…”

Rodney looks closer at Leon, seeing his typically blue cheeks turn a soft shade of purple. “Are you blushing?”

“Rodney, listen, you’re not the only one fantasizing lately. Yeah, I’m experienced in this stuff… but lately… I’ve…” Leon gulps, “I’ve been wanting to try it with you. So uh… I could tell you how dudes do it,” he scratches behind his head, “or if ya wanted, I could show you.”

“Sh-show me?” Rodney feels his heart sink into his stomach, fluttering nervously, but somehow excitedly. His mind begins to wander, imagining a fairy-tale forest with a romantic, neon sky and Leon with a buff, chiseled, shining chest like the men in his human porno issue.


An axe is slung over Leon’s shoulder and he’s sweating, looking sly and hungry. With long, brown, wavy hair flowing behind him, Leon approaches a more feminine-looking version of himself, wearing a gorgeous white gown with long blonde hair. A large, veiny erection bursts forth from Leon’s low-rise jeans, leaking and throbbing. His idea of Leon leans down, sensually whispering into Rodney’s ear, “Ain’t gonna suck itself… Rod. Rod… Rod?”


“Rod?” Leon asks, shaking Rodney back to reality, “Rodney? Did you hear what I said?”

The red squirrel shakes his head, blushing at his fantasy, “A-ah yeah… you said uh…”

“I said… why don’t you go and freshen up… and I’ll make us a nice dinner and… maybe see where the night goes? From experience, I know forcing it along ruins it. Besides… you’re my best friend… I want you to experience it right. I-if you even want to, I mean.”

“You know what?” Rodney smiles, his ears drooping in contentment, “That sounds

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

pretty great. I mean… my house caught on fire just a bit ago so I could use some pampering.” Rodney proudly marches by his friend and goes straight into the bathroom, “Thanks, best friend!”

“Of course… pamper yourself up,” Leon smiles, soon muttering to himself, “After all… an innocent, sheltered house-pet should always be kept soft and fluffy… right?” As his mind wanders, he imagines Rodney’s fur being soft and fluffy as he runs his hands through it. His tail would be so soft, he thinks to himself as his groin begins to tighten. He looks down at his crotch to see that his cock is beginning to respond. Oh God… it’s been so long. Rodney, Buddy… this is going to be so worth the two weeks of your goofy shit. He listens to Rodney run the shower, sliding his hand down his stomach and caressing the tip of his cock gently.

Leon’s cock grows thicker and throbs lightly as he watches it stiffen, growing erect rather quickly. He can’t help himself; the idea of Rodney’s tight, virgin hole swallowing his cock makes him grip his base, feeling his tight, full balls against his fist. He slowly strokes his cock upward, covering his tip, following up with a gentle, polishing motion. Breathing heavily, Leon brings his stroke back down to his base, feeling his tip tingle as a bead of precum forms. Stroking upward again, Leon swirls his thumb around the tip, using the precum to lightly lubricate his tip. He moans softly under his breath as he massages his cock, lengthening and thickening as he strokes.


Rodney rinses his fur of excess fur-conditioner, leaving his fur smooth, soft, and smelling like subtle orange blossoms. Stepping out of the shower, he reaches for his towel, wrapping it around his torso and his head. He looks into the mirror, using his hand to wipe off the fog. Suddenly, with a loud, womanly shriek of fear, he screams in panic as he sees Leon’s reflection behind him.

“Rodney, woah!” Leon says, reaching out to calm his friend, “Buddy, it’s just me.”

“Don’t do that!” Rodney pants, “I’m… I’m… indecent,” he says shyly, posing femininely.

Leon smiles and holds out his hand for Rodney’s, “Come with me.”

“Huh?” Rodney is quickly whisked out of the bathroom, leaving his towels behind, and brought to Leon’s bedroom. He gasps in awe as he sees his friend’s bedroom adorned with flower petals and candles - tastefully, giving the bedroom a romantic, yet calming glow. “This is

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow


“Romantic?” Leon asks, “I wanted your first time to be something to remember.”

Rodney gulps, sheepishly smiling, “Thanks, pal… but I’m still nervous.”

“It’s alright… here,” Leon smiles, leading Rodney over to the foot of the bed. He sits down and holds his hand out to Rodney. “Come over here and kneel down.”

Rodney’s heart begins to slam against his chest as he sees his friend’s cock for the first time. The shaft is so thick. That’s way bigger than mine! And his tip… oh my God. W-what would that feel like? Where would it even… okay Rodney… calm down. Leon is your friend, he won’t hurt’cha. He gulps nervously, slowly approaching his friend and kneeling down. Leon’s large, swollen cock stands stiffened before him. Looking at it is enough to make his own cock begin to stiffen; the six-inch cock curving slightly at full-mast, throbbing for attention.

Leon smiles as his cock twitches, precum beginning to slowly drip down his tip, “So the first step is easy… all you have to do is lick it a little.”

“L-lick your… dick?” Rodney blushes, feeling his asshole twitch a bit, “That’s all? Heh…” he says nervously, “No problem.” Come on… this is your friend. You can trust him. Rodney closes his eyes and opens his mouth. He leans forward, breathing steadily, waiting to feel something on his tongue.

“It’s alright, Rod,” Leon moans in a whisper, grabbing the back of his friend’s head and pulling him forward. Soon, Leon feels Rodney’s tongue on his cock. “Aa-aagh, yeah,” he whispers, “oh my God,” he shivers under his breath.

Rodney’s cock twitches and tingles intensely as he begins to leak precum. He snaps open his eyes, looking at Leon’s dazed, blissful expression. The flavor isn’t bad and the feeling of his hard, aching cock begging for attention is almost addicting; Rodney smiles as he cushions his friend’s cock with his tongue, making Leon groan even more.

Leon begins to thrust his hips lightly, slipping his cock in and out of his friend’s throat. In no time, he’s able to easily thrust a bit deeper and faster, catching peeps of Rodney’s strangely proud and passionate expressions. He feels his balls tighten as Rodney moans around his cock, making him want to thrust even faster.

“Mmm-mm-mmgh!” Rodney groans as Leon’s cock thrusts in and out of his throat. Rodney’s vision begins to blur as his cock twitches, leaking as his throat stretches in a strangely

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

blissful way around his best friend’s cock. Tasting Leon’s cum compells him to finally grip his own cock and begin to stroke, feeling that his precum had already oozed halfway down his shaft. He shivers as he strokes himself quickly, catching up with Leon’s thrusting rhythm as he groans over the sensitive shaft.

“God, you’re stroking yourself…” Leon gasps in realization, making him push Rodney’s head down, slipping his full length into his friend’s throat and grunting hard, gasping and moaning in bliss as he cums, his hot, sticky semen shooting down Rodney’s throat.

Rodney gulps the salty load, craving even more. He rips his head away from Leon’s cock with a gulp and a gasp, licking his lips… and his fingers. His own precum tastes similar, but not as salty as Leon’s. He catches his breath as he watches his friend scoot to the head of his bed and lay down, his cock still standing firmly at attention, throbbing, shimmering lightly with Rodney’s saliva and his own cum. He notices a smirk on Leon’s face, making him almost excited. I’m really liking this… that was… I loved that! Leon’s cock is pretty great… look at how it just stands there… throbbing… twitching around. My tailhole feels like it wants to grab onto it.

“Come here, pal…” Leon whispers, “You’re gonna feel amazing… trust me.”

“You know what? I do trust you,” Rodney says, taking a deep breath and bravely crawling over the foot of the bed and approaching his friend’s cock. He sticks out his tongue, ready to lick again, only to be stopped.

“Hold on… come up here. Get on top of it,” Leon purrs, his eyes gleaming.

“Like… sit on it?” Rodney asks.

“Yeah… let it… go inside ya,” Leon bites his lip a little, “I-I know it sounds weird, but trust me… it doesn’t hurt. I promise. It feels… h-here,” Leon pulls Rodney by the hand, bringing him on top of him. Rodney sits up straight and looks down at Leon shyly, unsure what to do. “It’s alright, Rod… back up a little…” he helps Rodney scoot back, grinding over his cock. “Mmm yeah… a little more… y-yes… God…” Leon moans softly as Rodney adjusts himself.

“A-am I almost… there?” Rodney wiggles around, listening to Leon’s moans of ecstacy. “I think I’m… almost… th-th-aa-aagh!” Rodney groans, feeling Leon’s tip press against his anus. “Oh God… I… I want it to g-go… in…” he moans softly, pushing himself over Leon’s tip, feeling it suddenly pop inside. “Ha-aa-aagh!” Rodney gasps and moans, unable to stop himself from wanting it deeper.

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

“Rodney… God!” Leon moans, helping by thrusting upward a bit, feeling his friend’s asshole swallow his thick, needy cock. “S-sometimes, your cock might get sensitive after c-cumming the first time… b-but if ya tough it out…” Leon shivers, slowly getting used to the sensation of Rodney’s asshole squeezing around his tip and shaft, “it’ll f-feel… a-ha-mazing… and the fun… lasts longer.” He closes his eyes as Rodney slowly gets used to the rhythm. Soon, the two are in synch, and both of them breathing heavily and moving in a way that makes their entire bodies feel… lost.

“Leon… G-god, Leon,” Rodney moans softly in heated whispers. He leans forward, placing his hands on Leon’s strong, broad chest, rocking himself back and forth, riding Leon’s cock a bit harder, feeling him thrust even deeper. “Oh my God… it’s… so far… inside…” he pants, groaning and feeling his stomach stir and his hole gape.

“God, you’re so tight!” Leon groans, feeling his tip throb and the desire to cum even stronger. “I loved cumming in your throat,” he groans, grunting and teasing, “I loved how it felt to get my cock swallowed by a pretty house-pet…”

Rodney’s canal widens suddenly, allowing Leon’s cock to slip further inside with ease for a brief moment. Soon, he squeezes tightly around Leon again. Did that just excite me? Rodney’s cock begins to ache even harder as he rides his friend’s cock, panting and sweating as he feels Leon grip his cock, stroking him.

“Not fair that you get to taste mine and I don’t get any,” Leon groans, stroking Rodney’s cock as he thrusts into his asshole, making Rodney pant harder and faster. “That’s it… come on, pretty boy… it’s alright to cum,” Leon pants, encouraging, “Let it go, Rod… let it all out, Bud…” Leon strokes a bit faster, massaging Rodney’s drooling cock as he feels himself close to cumming. “Oh God… I’m close… I’m gonna… b-bust… R-Rodney,” Leon grunts, biting his lip.

“Oh my God… I’m…” Rodney’s mind is blown away as the sensation to orgasm slowly rises inside him. He feels a strange, amazing pressure in his stomach, forcing him into a blissful high of complete release. His cock throbs and gushes a thick, heavy load of cum out onto his friend’s stomach while his own is flooded with Leon’s second load - lighter than the first, but intensely blissful.

Leon groans loudly as his cock throbs, desperate to empty his balls completely as he thrusts a few final times. His orgasm subsides as his friend’s asshole slowly loosens its grip

Born to be Mild: Alt. || Jessica Snow

around his shaft. He slowly pulls out, a string of cum still connecting them. It slowly snaps as Rodney leans back toward the foot of the bed, his cock going flaccid and his eyes glazed with euphoria.

“So… what did you think of your first time?” Leon asks, his voice a bit shaky as his own cock slowly falls flaccid, relieved and satisfied.

“I… that was… w-wow!” Rodney flops onto his back and stares up at the ceiling.

Leon tiredly makes his way to Rodney’s side and lays next to him, basking in the afterglow of such an intense orgasm. He looks at Rodney as his blankly grins a goofy smile at the ceiling, clearly feeling the best he’s ever felt in his life. He sighs content, looking back up to the ceiling.

“Thanks, best friend,” Rodney sighs, happily.

Leon smiles, “Of course, best friend.” Oops, I almost forgot. Leon pulls a smaller version of his calendar out from behind his back, crossing off today’s date. Evening nut… completed.

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