A magical erotic tale of exploration

BY : JWilly1992
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George and Fern had just finished studying at Fern's place when they both decided to go on a walk together through the Elwood city park. Normally they stuck pretty close to the trail, but this time they decided to explore a little more in the woods. At first George was reluctant, but after some encouragement Fern talked him into it.
    The two made it about a mile or so into the woods before they stumbled across a cave. George was terrified to go in, but Fern's spirit of adventure and curiousity finally gave him the courage he needed to follow her inside. Fern turned on the flashlight from her phone and the two of them were suprised at what they found.
    At the end of the cave was a door and a small book lying on the ground. George and Fern cautiously walked over and George began to examine the door as Fern picked up the book and began to read it. To her suprise the first page of the book showed an illastration of the cave with the book and two figures that looked almost exactly like her and George.
    The book had what appeared to be instructions in it. The instructions seemed to be in a foreign language at first but as Fern concentrated on them see suddenly found herself able to read and understand them. "What's it say, Fern?" George inquired, curiously. As Fern began to comprehend the instructions in the book, she read them aloud for George to hear. "It says....to pass the first level the male and female must remove all the clothes from their bodies...only then will the door open and the next page be revealed"
    The both of them were shocked. "What else does it say?" George asked. Fern flipped through the next pages only to find that they were blank. "I really want to see what's on the other end of that door.." she thought out loud. They both looked at eachother. George gulped. "Fern...I...this has to be some sort of prank.." "Only one way to find out, George!" Fern started to take her shirt off. George stood still, unwilling to move. Fern dropped her shirt on the ground and kicked off her shoes. "Here, George, let me help you!" She said, grabbing at George's shirt. George was still hesitant but didn't put up too much resistence. Both of them were now topless together for the first time.
    George was embarrissed but at the same time a comforting warm feeling started to take over. The sight of Fern with her shirt off made George feel really good inside. Suddenly George noticed that his penis had started to grow inside his pants. George couldn't help but stare dumbly at Fern as she undid her pants and slowly guided them and her panties together down her legs before stepping out of them and kicking them aside. "Come on, George!, it's not so bad!". George kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants and underwear, at once. He stepped out of his pants and kicked them away.
    He blushed as he stood naked with his friend, his penis fully erect for Fern to see. Fern blushed as well. "Wow, George! *giggle* I've never seen...I think I like it" Fern said, blushing even harder. "Thanks" George said, smiling meekly. George had a hard time not breaking his gaze from Fern's little girl parts. George had never seen a girl's privates before and like any little boy naturally would, wanted to get a closer look, but before he could both him and Fern were suddenly started by a loud "Thump!" and the door slowly opened.
    Fern grabbed him by the hand. "Come on, George!" she said pulling him inside. George could feel his rock hard penis bobbing around as he followed his friend inside. It felt weird and slightly uncomfortable, but he didn't mind it too much as his gaze and attention were focused on Fern's perfectly round ass and how nice it would feel in his hands. Suddenly to the couple's suprise, the room started to fill with a dim light. Neither of them could see where it was coming from and it seemed almost magical, almost like some of the rocks in the cave were glowing.
    Fern turned off her phone's light. The room had another door at the other end and was pretty much empty except for a couple bowel shaped holes in the floor across from eachother. Fern flipped to the next page of the book to see that it was now fully illistrated and had some instructions for the two of them to follow. "To open the next door, and proceed deeper into the magical lair, the couple must empty their bodies of all waste to purify themself for what it so come. Both male and female must bare witness to the act for the magic to work." Fern then flipped the page to see the figures taking turns squatting over the holes. "First female then male must empty themselves and then the door will open. Magic will help the bowels relax".
    Both Fern and George were shocked but curious as to what this cave was leading them too. Fern suddenly got the strong urge to releave herself and George felt the same. "Oh man! I really have to go!!" Fern said. She blushed hard at the thought. "Oh....George already sees all my parts.. and now he's going to see me in my most private moment...oh man I really want to know what's beyond that door though!" Fern walked over to one of the bowls and squatted over it. George couldn't help but watch her as she positioned herself carefully over the bowl and breathed deeply. "Her goes nothing!" She thought as she relaxed her pelvis.
    George gazed in lust as a stream of piss started to flow out of Fern's body. Fern could feel her full bladder emptying as her asshole relaxed and the contents of her rectum started to slowly make their way to her little hole. Fern was feeling a strange mixure of embarrissment and plesure - the feeling of George watching her in her most intiment moment was starting to turn her on while she enjoyed the most pleasurable, relaxing bowel movement of her entire life. The magic seemed to be helping completely relax her little body and she could feel the biggest shit she'd ever felt start to slowly make its way down to her anus.
    Fern was supprised that her bowel movement felt so good, she secretly looked forward to the feeling of her anus being stretched when she went to the bathroom, maybe it was the magic but something about this bowel movement felt particularly satisfying - almost as if the poop itself was bigger, fatter, smoother and more fullfilling. Fern felt her hole being stretched more than it had ever been before. George couldn't turn his gaze away even if he wanted to, his rock hard boner raged as he watched Fern slowly deposit a fat healthy turd that landed with a satisfying *plop!* into the bowel beneath her, which was then followed by a few small nuggets landing on top.
    Fern then stood up, feeling completely empty below the waist. She had never felt so satisfied before in her life. Both her and George were suprised that the room wasn't filled with the smell of poop - almost as if the magic was cleansing the air of any and all stench. Now it was George's turn. He squatted and pointed his rock hard erection downward into the bowl. It felt slightly uncomfortable and he looked forward to it all being over. Fern watched as a strong stream of piss shot out of George's rod. She had never seen a boy pee before, and was starting to feel a strange warm wetness in her bottom seeing George's manhood direct the contents of his bladder into his bowl.
    George could feel the contents of his rectum move their way to his butthole. Like Fern, he had never felt something so big try to make its way out of such a small hole - the magic was really doing its job cleaning out the contents of their lower intestines. George moaned as his asshole stretched to allow its contents to drop out of his body - the nerve endings in his anus sending waves of pleasure as they gripped the product of his bowels on its way out. Like Fern, George's poop landed with a satisfying plop in the bowl - concluding the natural function of the young boy's body.
    Suddenly the door at the end of the room began to open. George looked back as the couple made their way to the door and saw that the bowls in the floor had magically disappeared as if they were never there. As soon as they entered the new room, the lights in the previous room went out and the new room was illuminated. In the center of this room was what appeared to be a large mattress. Fern flipped to the next page of the book and read the instructions. "To proceed to the next room, the male and female must join in sexual intercourse on the matress, only when the male has released his seed into the female will the next door open". The image on the next page showed the two figure on the mattress, with the girl on her hands and knees and the boy behind her.
    Although neither Fern or George knew what sex was before that point, the magic appeared to have awakened the instinct inside both of them. They knew what they had to do. Fern could feel a tingling in her little girl bits and George's already rock hard boner started to feel even more like a guided missle that wanted to hone in on it's home. Fern blushed "Well....I guess...let's get too it" she giggled climbing onto the mattress and assuming the position. George was more than eager. His throbbing boner almost felt sore as he positioned himself behind his mate.
    Fern was nervous, she had played with her lady parts a little bit, but had never had anything put in them. She could feel George's love rod rubbing against her already wet crotch before slowly guiding himself inside. Although Fern was obviously a virgin, the magic ensured that their first time would be as pleasurable as possible. Fern and George both moaned in pleasure as they gave eachother their precious virginity.
    George had never felt so much pleasure before. Fern's pussy gripped his cock like a wet warm vice as he thrusted his manhood deep inside her. "Ohhhh Fern!!" He moaned as the pleasure got more and more intense. The pleasure reached its peak as George's first orgasm rampaged through his body. With one final thrust he pushed his dick in as far as it would go and pumped Fern full of his seed. At the same time Fern also felt wave after wave of pleasure as her first orgasm emraptured her hole body in the most intense pleasure that she's ever felt before. As their orgasms subsided, Fern and George finally decoupled, loads cum dripping out of Fern's deflowered pussy and dropping onto the mattress beneath.
    The two collapsed and cuddled for what seemed liked like hours when George noticed that the magic book began to glow, as if to urge them to continue on their quest. George grabbed the book and handed it to Fern who then began to read the next chapter and began to read the next chapter. "Proceed to the next room to complete your quest" she read aloud as the door on the other side of the room opened. George and Fern looked at eachother, eyes glimmering with excitement. "This is it!" Fern said as the two held hands and strolled into the next room. Upon reaching the next chamber the door behind them slammed shut, leaving the two in complete darkness until finally the walls began to glow and reveal the contents of the next room. The two were suprised at what they saw. On the floor in the middle of the room was a knife and a sword sitting next to eachother. Fern opened up the book again as it began to magically translate the following instructions. Fern slowly read the instructions aloud for George to hear.
    "Congratulations on reaching the final room....you have passed every test. You have experienced the most pleasure you will ever experience in your young lives. Unfortunately because you both were unmarried virgins when you mated you have brought much shame to your families. There is only one way out of this room now. The magic will help you if you do not have the will to complete your final task... Fear not, it will all be over soon..". An illistration began to slowly appear on the final page. Fern gasped in horror as she finally began to comprehend the depiction being revealed for her. "George... we've got to get out of here!!" Fern screamed as she ran back towards the door and tried to force it open. It wouldn't move. An invisible entity whispered in her ear - "The magic will help you..the magic will..". Fern panicked. She had never been so scared in her life. Suddenly something swiftly took possession of her body, she couldn't fight it no matter how hard she tried. She could feel herself moving back towards the tools in the center of the room.
    George tried to run up to her and help, but he couldn't. He too felt like something was controlling his body. He watched in horror as Fern slowly walked over to the center of the room, picked up the knife and sat cross legged with both her hands grasping handle of the deadly weapon. George moved into position next to her and picked up the sword and stood next to his girl, sword tightly gripped in his hands. Fern knew there was no getting out of this. She knew she was going to die. She began to cry. "George..I'm sooo sorry... I led you into this...please...forgive me..." she moaned as she slowly brought the blade up to her belly. George began to tear up. He hoped beyond hope that the magic would be merciful. Fern noticed that she had to pee and poop really bad again. She thought this was strange considering how George and her had already taken care of business a couple rooms before. She wondered if this was a final humiliation that the magic was adding onto their punishment. She could feel the blade touch against her belly. She knew it was time. She took a deep breath as the magic forced her to plunge the blade into her body.
    "Ahhhhhh!!!!" She screamed. The pain was so intense. The blade began to slowly move. Fern looked down as the blade slowly made its way accross her belly. Suddenly she could feel herself lose control of her bowels and bladder. A stench of piss and shit filled the room as Fern's lower pelvic floor relaxed allowing the contents of her bowels spill out onto the floor. Fern couldn't help but keep her eyes wide open throughout the whole ordeal, maybe it was the magic or her own morbid curiousity. She had sometimes wondered what her earthly demise would be, she had never dreamed it would be like this. The knife was at the half way point when Fern's intestines started to slip out, dangling from her body like little red ropes. George watched in horror as Fern slowly began to finish her cut and more of her guts started to fall out into the pool of blood and piss that was forming underneath her. Finally Fern was finished and dropped the knife. She felt like she had regained control of her body. She knew she wouldn't last long. At this point Fern had accepted her fate. "George...please...this isn't the magic talking...please..finish me.." she cried dropping to her knees. George knew what he had to do. "I'm sorry Fern". George swung the sword with all his strength. He felt a sharp bump as the blade struck the resistence of Fern's neck before plowing through and smacking the stone floor below.
    Fern's head dropped to the ground. Her body collapsed as to long streams of blood started shooting out of her neck as her heart pumped the remaining blood out of her body. George dropped the sword and picked up Fern's head. She was still there. Barely. She tried to mouth something but George couldn't really make it out. He kissed her on the lips and the two made out until Fern's spirit had finally departed. George gave one final look at his friend - her mouth was still open and her eyes had slightly closed but now looked like they were glazed over in a vacant stare. He knew she was gone. Now the magic took control of George. He knew what was next - or so he thought. He was hoping his end would be reletively quick like Fern's was - he braced himself for what he thought was going to be a quick - albiet painful and gory end. Suddenly the stone started to heat up and a long poll shot up right behind him. He looked up as he felt something hit his head. The room seemed to be dropping sticks and twigs down right on top of him. He tried to move but then realized he was suddenly tied to the metal poll that appeared behind him. He looked down to see he was suddenly standing on a few dry logs that were suddenly underneath him.
    George suddenly realized what was going to happen. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!" He screamed. "Help!!!!!!!" He cried. He looked up to see the contents of the page that Fern hadn't finished reading him being projected on the wall opposite him. Either she hadn't fully comprehended the second part - or maybe wanted to choose the easier death - either way George's fate was sealed. He began to read the remaining instructions as they were slowly displayed. "The one who accepts their fate first will die the easier death. The other will face the fire". A horrible thought entered George's mind - Fern knew this place would kill them. She knew that if she died first she wouldn't have to face the flames. Maybe the magic didn't make her commit Hari-kiri. Maybe.. Suddenly George felt like his mind was transported somewhere into the past. He could see Fern sitting cross-legged in her room - naked and surrounded by candles - reading what looked to be some occult books and mumbling a foreign language George couldn't understand. Then George noticed something. To his shock as Fern mumbled the ancient spell to herself the book that they had picked up in the cave began to appear.
    George was then transported to another scene of Fern trying a different spell. Although he was able to walk around and interact with items in his visions, he couldn't interact with Fern in any way, almost as if she was shielded by magic. He picked up the book she had finished reading and thumbed through it. That's when he found it. THE spell. THE spell that explained everything. The spell would give whoever completed it an immortal body, one that could not be killed and would stop ageing after adulthood. All that was required was that the caster of the spell and her "victim" were both virgins. The magician casting the spell needed to lure an unsuspecting virgin into a cave which they were to magically create. The spell would have them both empty their bowels in the cave to "purify themselves" and then they needed to lose their virginities to eachother to "desecrate themselves". Once that was done the one who was casting the spell needed to get the victim to help them commit suicide in a specific way. They would leave their current body and when the victim was done away with - in the way of her choosing - their life forces would join and a new body would be made for the Fern - the new immortal body while the victim's soul would be cast into immortal flames.
    "FUCKKK!!!" George screamed. "WHY!!! FERN!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!" George felt duped. All along Fern only pretended to be his friend. Only pretended that she liked him. Used him, used his body, pretended she was in the same situation as him, pretended and tricked him until the very end - just so that she could live on the earth forever - and now George would be tormented forever. How could anyone be so selfish! Why!!?? Why me!!!?? George didn't have long to think about it before the entire room began to slowly engulf in flames. The flames got hotter and hotter. George was terrified. He began to piss himself. The room was getting so hot he could see and hear the hiss of steam as his body fluid instantly vaporized upon hitting the floor. "Noo!!!!" George screamed as the flames engulfed him. This was the end. He looked over at Fern's corpse to see that the flames had already began to consume what was left of her body. It was so hot. Why!!! He looked down to see his body begin to be charred as the flames began to consume him. George could feel himself losing consciousness. This was the end. Hopefully those visions he had were just the magic playing a trick on him. Hopefully... George thought as he began to drift off feeling every bit of his pain and torment. Suddenly George felt like he was floating. He looked down and could see his naked body, completely charred and engulfted in flames. He looked over at Fern's corpse to see that it had almost been reduced to bone.
    He began to feel himself floating upwards until he saw what appeared to be a transparent apparition. Slowly he began to recognize who this spirit was. It was Fern. But not quite the same Fern he remembered - she looked sinister - almost evil. She saw him and gave a slight smirk. Before he could feel his spirit sucked towards her, combining with hers. "Thank you for kindly donating your life force to me. Now I will be immortal. Nothing can kill me, I will be like a god walking on the earth for all time!" She then gave an evil cackle. Have fun in hell! She laughed. I could feel my essense being pulled away from her as I fell, slowly at first, but then faster and faster deep into the earth. Suddenly it was hot all around me. I was consumed in unending flames for all eternity. All I could do is scream and regret the day I ever met Fern. What a bitch!

The end

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