The Legend of Korra: Unrated and Untold- Season 1

BY : EyeoftheBeholder
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Disclaimer: See Below

Hey. Sorry for the long delay, life gets in the way and I’m a perfectionist. 



  • All Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra characters belong to nickelodeon and I make no money off of this story.
  • This is an extremely NSFW story so don’t read it at your desk.
  • This is a work of fiction, about fictional characters in a cartoon… if any of these acts or situations were to happen to REAL people, I would be in front of the angry mob looking for retribution with everyone else.



Authors notes:

I hope everyone enjoyed the continuation of Avatar The Last Airbender- Unrated and Untold.  This story give Legend of Korra the same treatment.

My plans are to do every episode of the first two seasons, then take a break and finish off a few other stories  (HP Legacy…) before returning and doing the final 2 seasons of LOK. I really enjoyed writing ATLA Unrated and Untold. Let me know if you guys want any Adaptations of the comics (The Promise, he Search, The Rift… others.) 

I wrote the First seasons along with the ATLA Unrated and Untold, so the writing reflects that as it gets better throughout.

I hate grammatical errors, but I’m also not a professional writer, so forgive the few that slipped by me.



If anyone is reading this on the Nazi some that is AFF… check it out on Archive of Our Own (AO3)… cause if it gets taken down from AFF I wont bother posting it again. (To the Nazi’s… This is my Original story. DO NOT TAKE IT DOWN)



Check out my discord for updates and discussions. ( ) I am very active there.

Chapters will post weekly starting on Christmas Eve. 

Enjoy and please comment and tell me what you think.


Eye of the Beholder & Valley of Spires


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