A new Home and a new Life

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Grayson Diamond was sitting at the kitchen table on his laptop looking at adoption websites. Almost sixteen years ago, he was married to a woman named Alexis and they gave birth  to a baby girl, but Alexis put the baby into foster care, before Grayson could see her. All Alexis would tell him, was that the baby's name was Evangeline, and that she was born disabled.  She threw divorce papers at him and left. She was never seen again.

Grayson has been searching for her, since she was placed, but has been unable to find her. Grayson asked David and Jane to be her godparents should anything happen to him, and they agreed. "Don't worry Grayson we'll find her." Jane said. Just then the phone rang. "I'll get it." Grayson said.

He picked up the phone. "Hello?" He asked. "Yes this is him." He said. "Really? Okay yes see you then, bye!" He squealed and hung up the phone. "Who was that Grayson?" Jane asked.

"Child Services." He said. "What did they say?" David asked. "They found Evangeline, her social worker is going to be bringing her over at five today." He said. "Oh Grayson I'm so happy for you!" Jane exclaimed. "We should wait and go shopping when she gets here." Jane said.

"No Jane because we're going to be moving out at the end of the month." Grayson said. "Why don't I go and get the things for her room?" Jane  asked. "Okay." Grayson said. David and Grayson went upstairs to the attic.

"What do you think about putting Evangeline up here?" David  asked. "I think it's a great idea! He said.  Just then the bell rang. Grayson and David went down the stairs, while Jane came through the back door, came up the stairs, and got Evangeline's room ready. "Are you ready Grayson?" David asked. "Yeah." He said and opened  the door. A strawberry blonde haired girl with Sea Green eyes was standing there. "Dad?" She asked.

"Yeah kiddo." He said. Evangeline jumped on him crying. Grayson was in tears too. "It's okay Evangeline I'm here now." He said. "Evangeline these are your godparents Jane and David, and their children D.W., and Kate." He said.

"Sweetheart I'm gay and I was forced to marry your mother by her and her parents, are you okay with that?" He asked. "I'm okay with you being gay, it's the fact that you were forced to marry my mother and have me, that I have the issue with." She said. "Evangeline I may have been forced to marry your mother but I wasn't forced to have you, I wanted you, I was so excited when your mother told me she was pregnant with you." He said.

"Really?" She asked. "Really you're the best thing that I got out of that marriage." He said. "Sorry hello Jane." Evangeline said. "Hello sweetie do you want to see your room?" Jane asked.

"Yes." She said. Jane put Kate in the den with D.W. and walked up the stairs between the bathroom and the master bed room, and opened a door. There was a staircase leading up to the attic. Jane walked up and opened the door. "Oh wow Jane this is beautiful!" Evangeline squealed.

"I'm so glad you like it." She said hugging her. "Evangeline your mother told me when she gave you up you had disabilities." Grayson said. "Yeah I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy,  and a learning disability." She said. "Are you allergic to anything?" He asked. "Milk, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Red Sauce, and Heavy Cream cooked." She said.

"Evangeline will whatever you said you had go away?" D.W. asked. "I have Cerebral Palsy and no D.W. it won't go away, because there's no cure for it, but it  will never get worse than what it is already." She said.  D.W. started to cry. "I'm sorry!" She sobbed. "It's okay D.W. I can do anything a person without it can do, I just do things in a different way." She said.

"Okay girls to celebrate Evangeline's arrival what do you want to do for dinner?" She asked. "Pizza!" D.W. squealed. "Wait a minute D.W. Evangeline can't have pizza remember?" Jane said. "Actually Jane I can, I just have to have it without the sauce and it tastes really good." She said. "Well okay, let's go get in the van." Jane said.

Evangeline carried Kate out the door with everyone following her. When they got to the pizza place, David and Grayson went to order the pizza, after Evangeline told them what she wanted on hers, and Jane sat down with the kids. "Hi Mr. Read someone said. It was Francine, Binky, and Molly. "Hey kids where are your parents?" David asked.

"Mine and Binky's parents were killed in a car crash the day before school got out in third grade, we've been living with relatives since then, but they can no longer care for us, and Molly's mom kicked her out, when she got a new boyfriend." Francine said. "Dad,  could they live with us?" Evangeline asked. "Of course they can sweetie if it's all right with Jane and David." He said. They nodded.  Evangeline told the teens everything.

"Were your  foster parents kind to you honey?" Grayson asked. "Oh I lived with these two gay guys Hunter and Mickey and they were wonderful to me dad, I was five the last time I saw them." She said. Grayson made a mental note to find them someday. "Okay girls here's your pizza." Grayson said. After the pizza was eaten everyone got into the van and went home.

When they got home, Molly, Francine and Evangeline were going up to her room. "Evangeline could you try on the outfits I bought for you so I know if they fit or not?" Jane  asked. "Sure Jane." She said. The girls went upstairs and Evangeline tried on her clothes. They all came back downstairs.

"Everything fits perfectly Jane thank you so much!" She squealed  hugging her. "You're very welcome sweetie." She said. "Okay so what do you want to do before bed?" Jane asked. "I want to watch Beauty and The Beast." D.W. said. "Okay but everyone go and get your pajamas on first so that you'll be comfortable." Jane said.

Binky and Francine left to get things and came back wearing their pajamas.  Grayson went out to do something. The kids were watching Beauty and the Beast and Evangeline was singing along to the songs. "Wow Evangeline if we ever have a musical for Beauty and the Beast you'd get the part  of Belle over all of us." Francine said. "I hope so it's always been my dream to be able to play her." She said.

"Maybe you will." She said. After the movie was over, Grayson came home.  Jane had just come into the den. "Hey Jane where is everyone going to sleep tonight?" David asked. "Well I put another mattress in Evangeline's room so Molly and Francine can stay there, Binky can stay in Arthur's room, D.W. and Kate in their room, us in  our room, and  Grayson can stay in the guest room,

 "I forgot Bitzi invited Arthur to stay until the day before his birthday, so he's going to be at Buster's." She said.

Binky looked  worried. "What's the matter Binky?" Evangeline asked. "If I know Arthur as well as I do he's extremely homophobic, he'll end his friendship with me and Buster when he finds out we're dating." He said. "Don't worry we'll deal with it tomorrow." She said with a yawn. "Okay everyone it's time for bed as it's already ten pm." Jane said.

The kids all went upstairs with David, Jane and  Grayson following them. Evangeline had tucked D.W. and Kate into bed before heading up to the Attic. "Hey are D.W. and Kate sleeping?" Molly asked. "Yeah Molly I'm so sorry your mom did that to you." Evangeline said. "Don't worry about it, I never had a good relationship with my mom anyway." She said as they were getting into bed.

"Goodnight." Francine said. "Goodnight Francine." Evangeline said. "Molly we need to get you a makeover and soon." Evangeline said. "I know I've had this look since 4th grade and I''m sick of it." She said. "Goodnight Molly." Evangeline said.

"Goodnight." She said, and the girls fell asleep to tired to stay awake.

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