A New Family and a new home

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David Read was sitting in the kitchen with his wife Jane. He was looking at adoption websites bwcause he wanted to adopt a child. Jane was against this. David scrolled through a list of children awaiting adoption and found fifteen year old Tina Knightley.  "Jane come here isn't she cute?" David asked.

Jane took a look at the computer and froze. "David I don't think you should do this." Jane said nervously. "Jane honey she's so beautiful." David said. Tina had long dark red hair and Ocean blue eyes. "I'm going down there to meet her." David said. "Can I come with you Daddy?" D.W. asked.

"Of course D.W." He said. David picked up Kate and left Jane in the house alone. When David drove up to the orphanage, He got out of the car and took Kate out of her car seat. "Daddy what is this place?" D.W. asked. "It's a place where kids go that don't have a home D.W." David said. "That's sad." D.W. said.

He nodded. After looking around the yard, he went inside the building holding Kate with D.W. beside him.  "Hello may I help you?" The woman at the desk asked. "Yes I'm David Read and these are my daughters D.W. and Kate." He said. "I'm sorry did you say your last name was Read?" The woman asked.

"Yes why?" David asked. "One of our girls have been here since she a few days old, her Birth Certificate lists you as her biological father." She said.  David was shocked. "Oh I was actually here to see Tina Knightley, I think she would be a perfect fit to our family." David said. "That's the girl I'm talking about, whe the woman dropped her off here, she said Tina's last name was Knightley, but her Birth Certificate says Read." She said.

"I'm CiCi by the way." She said.  David shook her hand. "Do you have Tina's Birth Certificate on you." David asked. "No Tina has it in her pocket." She said. CiCi led David and D.W. down the hall to where Tina was telling a story to the little kids.

David put Kate down and D.W. walked over with Kate Crawling behind her. Tina was just to start when she saw the two girls. She picked D.W. up and sat her on her lap, then CiCi came over and put Kate on D.W.'s lap. With both girls on Tina's lap she started telling the story. "She loves to tell the story of Beauty and The Beast it's her favorite book, she memorized the whole book by heart and she doesn't need to read it anymore." She said. Cici cleared her throat. "Hi Ms. CiCi." The children said. "Hello kids could I talk to Tina please?" She asked. The younger kids except for D.W. and Kate ran back to their rooms. Tina looked at David.  "Tina honey I'm David Read." He said. "Your my father." Tina said. "I think so." He said. "Well according to this you are." She said handing her Birth Certificate to David. David looked at it. 

Birth Name: Tina Anastasia Read

DOB: September 30th 2005

Birth Mother: Jane Read

Birth Father: David Read

Siblings: Sebastian(Older twin) Arthur Read (younger brother) Kate Read(younger sister) D.W. Read(younger sister)

David was shocked. Tina had tears rolling down her face. "Shh don't cry honey." He said hugging her. "Let's go home okay?" He asked. "Okay." She said.

Tina picked up Kate and walked out of the orphange with her father to her new home. "So Tina is there anything we need to know about you?" David asked as they were driving along towards the house. "Well I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability, I was born two months early and I'm allergic to Red sauce, Milk, Strawberries, and Tomatoes." She said. "You can't have Ice cream?" D.W. asked. "I can D.W. and I can have Cheese too." She said.

"D.W. when someone is allergic to dairy, sometimes they can have other dairy products that don't bother them." David said. "What happens if you drink milk?" David asked. "Well for the milk I get a stomach ache a and for the Strawberries, Tomatoes, and Red sauce I get hives." She said. "I also can't have heavy cream cooked, I'll throw up." Tina said. David nodded.

"Will the Cerebral Palsy go away?" D.W. asked. "No it won't D.W. It'll never get better, but it won't get any worse than what it is already." Tina said. "I'm sorry!" D.W. sobbed. "It's okay sweetie I can do anything a person without it can do I just do it in a different way." Tina said. David smiled.

"Have you always been in an orphanage?" D.W. asked. "No I was shuffled out between a lot of foster families. I've lived in sixteen different homes." She said. "Were they nice to you?" D.W. asked. "The last one was, but they were having a new baby and couldn't care for me anymore." Tina said. "I've been beaten by a lot of them and stayed out of the homes a lot so I wouldn't get hurt." She said.

"Do you know how play an instrument?" David asked. On the inside he was furious. "How dare they abuse my little girl!" He thought angrily. "Yes I can play guitar and Piano, I taught myself to play both of them." Tina said. "How did you teach yourself to do that?" D.W. asked. "In the last foster home I was in, they had a guitar and a piano, It took me about two years before I learned to play both. " Tina said. 

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