A New life for Tina

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Disclaimer: I do not own Arthur or the characters. The only characters I own are Tina, Anislee, Nigel's parents, brother, and sister I am not making money off of this.

David Read and his wife Jane were looking at different adoption websites for children to adopt. Why were they looking you may ask?  Sixteen years ago David and his husband Luca gave birth to a baby girl named Tina. Luca's parents Anita and John, absolutely hated David, so when David went into labor with Tina, Luca's parents told him they died in Childbirth. What actually happened though, is David passed only passed out  from the blood loss. While he was out Anita and John took Tina, cast a glamour charm on her, and put her in foster care.

Anita and John passed away yesterday and right before they died, they told David the truth about what they did. David has been searching for her ever since. "David I think we need to call Luca and tell him the truth, luckily Arthur is at Buster's until tomorrow." Jane said. "I think you're right Jane call him." David said. Jane dialed Luca's number and asked him to come over.

He said he'd be right there. Jane told him to just come in when he got here. "Jane?!" Luca called. "In the kitchen Luca!" She yelled back. Luca came into the room and almost fainted when he saw David.

"David!?" Luca sobbed. David came over to the sobbing man and held him. "It's okay my love it's me, Anita and John lied to you about everything." David said. "What about Tina?" He asked. "We're still looking for her." David said.

Luca sat down in one of the chairs and offered to help. "Wait this says Child of the Week click on it David!" Luca begged. David clicked on the link and a girl with black hair and green eyes smiled back at them. "Yeah that's her Anita and John told me she would have black hair and green eyes instead of the color she was born with" David said. "What color was she born with?" Luca asked.

"I don't know, I passed out from the blood loss before she was taken." David said. "Does it say what home Tina is in?" Luca asked. "No but there is a number, call them." David said. Luca called the number and spoke to whoever answered the phone and hung up. "Tina's case worker is going to bring her over around five tonight." Luca said smiling.

  David hugged and kissed him crying. Luca nuzzled  him to calm him down. "Well boys I've got some shopping to do." Jane said. She left the house leaving David and Luca alone with Kate and D.W. "We have another problem though." David said. "What is it?" Luca asked.

"Arthur he's not going to accept the fact that I'm gay not married to his mother, and I'm also not his father." He said. "Arthur isn't your son?" Luca asked. "Nope Arthur, D.W. and Kate all have different fathers, Jane had me cast a glamour spell on them when they were born to make our marriage believable." David said.

"D.W. knows the truth after meeting the Tibble twins new family." David said. Mrs. Tibble passed away due to Illness last year and the Tibble twins were placed in foster care, but they were adopted out quickly due to being children and not teenagers. "So what are we going to do about Arthur?" David asked. "I don't know let's wait until Jane gets back and ask her." Luca said. "Ask me what Jane asked coming in the house with bags.

"Do you need help Jane?" David asked. "Oh no thank you David I can manage, I set up a double bed in Tina's room in case she wants to have sleepovers some nights or over the weekends. Jane said. "Okay Jane that would be nice for her." David said. Few hours later everyone was standing at the front door waiting for Tina.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. David and Luca looked at each other and smiled. "Are you ready?" Luca asked. "Yeah." David said. He had tears rolling down his face.

Luca held his hand and they both walked to the door. Luca opened it and they saw Tina and her social worker standing there. "Hello Tina." David said. "Hi dad, hi papa." Tina said. "How  the world did you know already?" David asked.

"I found my birth certificate in one of my foster homes, I'm very observant." She said. "Do you know which one of us gave birth to you?" David asked. "You gave birth to me so your dad and he's papa." Tina said pointing to Luca. "That's fine with us." Luca said. "This is Jane,  D.W. and Kate.

David said. Jane hugged Tina gently. "It's so nice to meet you sweetie." She said. "Nice to meet you too." Tina said. "I feel kind of funny." Tina said. "In what way?" David asked.

"I feel like something is grabbing me and pulling me towards something." She said. "Oh boy." David said. "What what's wrong dad?" Tina said. David looked at Luca and nodded. "What Tina is feeling can only happen if she's a mate to a magical creature." David said.

"So what are you saying?" Jane asked. "I'm saying that Tina is the Submissive mate to a Dominate Veela." David said. "So in other words she has a mate and you guys don't know who it is?" Jane asked. Yes that's what I'm saying." David said. "I know someone that can help us find Tina's mate." He said.

"Who?" Luca and Jane asked. "Arthur's former teacher Nigel Ratburn, He's a dominate veela himself, but he hasn't found his mate yet, if anyone can find her mate he can." David said. "Give him a call." Luca said. David called Nigel on his phone. At Nigel's house he was talking to his mom and dad and sister about something when he felt the mating pull.

"Nigel honey what's wrong?" Mandi asked. "I feel the mating pull, my Submissive mate's out there somewhere, I've waited so long for this!" He sobbed in happy tears. "I think it's coming from the Read's house I'm going to go and see." He said and ran out of the house. 

At The Reads Francine and Binky came over and explained that their parents were killed in a car accident last night and they have no one  that will take them in. Tina asked her parents if they could live with them and David said he'd draw up adoption papers for them in the morning.

Francine,Tina, and Binky were upstairs getting to know each other. When Nigel got to the Read's he rang the bell. David answered the door. "I wondered why you didn't answer the phone, did you feel the mating pull?" He asked. "Yes it's strong too, it led me here." Nigel said. Luca came into the hallway.

"Nigel this is my husband Luca." David said. They shook hands. "I thought you were married to Jane all of these years David." Nigel said. Luca and David told Nigel everything. He nodded.

"Oh boys good news I called Bitzi and she agreed to let Arthur stay until his birthday." Jane said. "That's good." Luca said. "I  think I know who your mate is." David said. "Who?" Nigel asked. "Tina could you come down here please, and bring Francine and Binky!" David called up the stairs.

 A few seconds later, Nigel saw a black haired girl with green eyes coming down the stairs. The girl went straight to Nigel and he nuzzled her neck. "Yep I thought so Nigel wouldn't have reacted like that if Tina wasn't his mate." David said. "Nigel this mine and Luca's daughter Tina." David said. "Hello." She said shyly.

"You don't have to be shy around  me." Nigel said. Suddenly Luca's brother Rodney, pulled into the driveway. "I called him after you called Nigel and told him to bring Tina, Binky, and Francine's schedule. He said and he opened the door. "What took you so long, do you have Tina's schedule?" Luca asked.

"Yes Luca and Francine and Binky's too." He said handing them out. Francine, Binky, and Tina compared them. "Okay according to our schedules we have periods 1-3 together with Nigel teaching, I have 4th period  with Binky only, and all three of us have 8th period together." Tina said. Nigel snuggled into her. "So what do we call you?" Francine asked looking at Nigel.

"All three of you can call me Nigel, but only you three." He said. "Tina honey we should probably tell you that you don't have black hair and green eyes." David said."I don't?" She asked. "No honey." He said.  "Tina honey if you want to make your Stuffed Crescent Rolls tonight you can, I found all of the ingredients." Jane said.

"Okay." Tina said. She got out of Nigel's arms and went into the kitchen to make dinner. Everyone followed after her.  Fifteen minutes later, dinner was done. Everyone got two rolls each and sat down to eat. "Oh Tina honey these are delicious honey!" She praised. "Thank you." Tina said shyly.

"Don't be shy sweetheart these are really good!" Nigel purred. "Hey dad do we have a cat?" Tina asked. "No honey that was Nigel." David said. Tina looked at Nigel confused. "My Veela side purrs when it's happy." Nigel said.

"I didn't know you could cook." Francine said. "Of course I can, I had to cook dinner for myself ever since I was eight years old, do you think my foster families would do it?" Anislee her social worker shook her head no. "The only thing all of my foster families wanted was my money, they didn't care about me, no one did." She said. Nigel got up from his chair and nuzzled Tina's neck whimpering.

"What's with the whimpering?" Tina asked. "His Veela is upset about how you were raised and he is too."  David said. "Nigel it's okay I'm here and safe." Tina said. He finally calmed down and purred. "Dad who's taking the glamour off of me?" Tina asked. "I am why?" He asked.

"Will it hurt?" Tina asked. "Yes honey it will and it's not something I can help nor can I give you anything for the pain once it starts, but Nigel can stay with you and hold you if you want." David said. "Yes please." She said. Once dinner was cleared up, everyone went into the den. Tina and Nigel stood in the center of the room with David.

"Ok sweetie I'm going to take it off now alright?" He asked. "Go ahead dad it's okay." Tina said. David cast a anti glamour spell on Tina. For a few minutes no one thought that it worked, but suddenly Tina led out a blood, curdling, scream and dropped to her knees with Nigel still holding her. Nigel talked soothingly to her telling her it was alright, and that it was almost over.

Finally the changes started to take affect and the black hair and green eyes changed to Dark Red hair and Ocean blue eyes like Luca's. "She gets the red hair from my side of the family." Luca said. "She looks more like you than me." David said. It was true Tina had a lot of Luca's features, but she was skinny like David, and had a tint of green in her blue eyes. "Do you think Arthur will notice the eyeshape and nose?" Tina asked in a weak voice once the spell faded.

. "No I don't think so he hardly notices anything, he's not observant like you." David said.  If Nigel thought she was goregous before, that was nothing compared to what she was now. "You look goregous." He said. "Thank you." Tina giggled. D.W. came over to Tina in tears.

Nigel let go of her just in time as D.W. barreled into her. "Daddy hurt you." She sobbed. "It's okay D.W. he had to do that to change me back to what I look like." Tina said.

"Are you still in pain?" D.W. asked. "No not anymore but I'm kind of tired now though." She said. "I have an idea why don't you kids sleep down here tonight, you can watch movies until you fall asleep." Jane said. "That's a great idea!" Tina squealed. "Nigel you'll have to leave when the kids go to bed." Jane said.

  He nodded. "Tina am I okay to go now?" Anislee asked. "I think I'll be okay." Tina said. Tina thanked Anislee for everything and she left. The kids watched Toy Story 1,2, 3, and  Beauty and The Beast, before being too tired to watch anymore.

Tina snuggled down beside Francine. D.W. was on the other side and Binky was on the couch. Nigel knelt down and nuzzled Tina's neck. "Goodnight my sweet." He said purring. "Good night Nigel." She said giggling. 

"Will we feel pain being away from each other?" Tina asked. "No but, we'll miss each other like crazy." Nigel said.  He  wished the girls and Binky sweet dreams, and went home. When Nigel got home, his parents and sister were still up. "So how did it go?" Mandi asked.

Nigel told his parents and sister everything that happened tonight. "We're so happy that you found your mate Nigel." Jaxon said. "Thanks dad." He said. "She's goregous and a sweetheart, and she also knows how to cook." Nigel said. "That's wonderful honey." Mandi said.

"Well it's late mom I'm going to go up to bed.  Nigel said. He said goodnight to his family and walked up the stairs. When Nigel got to his room, he got his pajamas on and was asleep before his head hit the pillow. 


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