Confusion abound

BY : slayer-of-evil
Category: -Misc Cartoons > Crossovers
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Disclaimer: I don't own The tales miraculous ladybug & Cat Noir or, mighty max or, animal don't make money on this & any resemblance to anyone living or, dead wasn't intentional. Thanks much.

On a bright sunny day....

Max: So, where exactly are we this week?

* landing on side of a bakery Virgil looks at his map.*

​Virgil: Looks like we're in Paris.

* Nkira looks at her iPhone to get a idea where in Paris they where.*

Nkira: I'm going to go inside to see what's going on around the area & to get something to eat. Max would you like to come in with me?

*She waits for a answer then goes to the front door of the bakery Max  follows close behind. She opens the door & the smell of fresh baked goods is the first they noticed.*

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