I Dream of April O'Neil

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New York city. The Big Apple. It's a place where opportunity once abounded, where the streets were paved with proverbial gold and people came the world over to begin to stake their claim in the fleeting American Dream.

It's a place regaled in film, television, books, even comics. And it's home to our favorite butt-kicking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who were growing up fast. Time had moved on though, ever since their woes with Shredder's resurrection and all the craziness that transpired since.

But now everyone was growing up. Especially the redheaded tomboy of April O'Neil. Now 18 and a recent high school graduate, April still made time to be a kunoichi while preparing to attend the prestigious Columbia University so at least she'd be close to home...and she'd be forced to commute because an Ivy League education doesn't pay for itself.

Twas but one evening in early June. April, clad in her best black on yellow jumpsuit; an obvious homage to the 80's April O'Neil mixed with The Bride from Quentin Tarantino's: Kill Bill, sat on the wraparound couch in the Turtle's sewer lair, which had gotten forty percent smellier as the years past. (Thanks, de Blasio.).

She was alone, laying upside down on the couch playing some video games in a near successful attempt to beat Raph's high score because nothing is funnier than watching Raphael go ballistic over the most mundane and innocuous of situations.

Her tranquility and the rushing of blood to her head was interrupted by the sound of the turnstile turning at the entrance. This person definitely wanted their presence known otherwise they would've tried to be sneaky, they were all ninjas after all. April turned her head and saw it was none other than the princess of the Foot Clan: Karai.

"Were rubbing off on you" April said, turning her head.

"Really? How's that?" Karai asked.

"Your entrances are getting less and less subtle."

"Who says I have to be subtle all the time?" Karai shrugged, walking over to the couch.

"Is there something that requires our attention or is this a social call?" April asked in non-sequitur fashion.

"I gotta have a reason to see my brothers?" Karai raised an eyebrow. She sat on the couch next to April.

The redhead moved to a sitting up position. "I'm just saying, you're not one for "just dropping in to say hi", or whatever" April shrugged.

"What's your excuse?" Karai playfully asked. "Crime's nearly doubled in the city and here you are."

"I'm bored, and besides, I've been crime busting all week" April defended. "That's where everyone else is by the way. I think Shini is out with everyone."

"Yeah, she was saying something like that" Karai added.

She gave April a quick onceover watching her play the mindless Mortal Kombat-esque game. The wannabe kunoichi was slender yet curvy in all the right places, those places covered up as she was sitting on the couch.

What was Karai doing? April turned her head slightly seeing she seemed a bit different. Cagey, spacey, not unlike her usual obsessive, sarcastic, over-confident self. The redhead raised an eyebrow, hoping Karai would say something.

"Are Shini and Jones a thing?" Karai finally asked.

"You're asking me?" April quipped. "I doubt it. Casey's never openly said anything so if they are dating it's a suuuuuuper huge secret."

But that question seemed preprogrammed. Karai followed with: "What about you?"


"You and Jones?" she asked with a smirk, crossing two of her fingers.

April chortled. "I don't think I'm really his type...and he sure as hell isn't mine."

"Really? I thought I saw something in you too."

"For a moment, so did i. But Casey, he's...were better off friends. Honestly, him and the guys are like the long lost brothers I never had" April explained. "Why the sudden interest in my romantic life?"

"Just making small talk" Karai shrugged.

"You never make small talk—you never make small anything."

"why are you passing judgements?" Karai asked slightly defensive.

"You're the one talking about who everyone's..." April paused. "No! Are you like...do you like Casey?"

"No" Karai hissed.

"Oh my God. You like Casey Jones."

"He's missing teeth" Karai deadpanned. "Besides I already kissed him, remember? Wasn't impressive."

"Uh-huh" an unconvinced April winked. She turned back to her game where she just—"Yes! Ha-ha, just obliterated Raph's high score!" she cheered, proud of herself.

"Something like that deserves celebration" Karai smirked.

"What did you have in mind?"

Smash cut to inside the fridge, which opened up. April scoured this relic of a bygone era of Eisenhower, and came up with mostly leftover pizza and some— "Let's see, water...water...vitamin water...Off-brand Gatorade...Orange Dream Wonderful?" April asked skeptical looking at an orange bottle in pathetic handwriting. "This is one million percent a Mikey concoction"

We tilt down to the bottom rack, jackpot. "Perfect. I knew it" April grabbed a pallet out of the fridge, closing it.

She put said box of beverage on the kitchen table. "Miller Lite? Beer?" Karai raised an eyebrow. "I thought Jones had a fake ID?"

"He does, this is what he likes" April sighed.

"I know he's got more" Karai looked in a few of the equally dilapidated cabinets so worn out, squatters in Detroit wouldn't use them. She came up with a jackpot of her own. "Here it is."

She pulled down a brown bottle, blowing some residual dust on it. It was mostly full. "Johnnie Walker Black Label. Scotch?" April asked.

"What are you, chicken?" Karai raised an eyebrow twisting off the cap.

"Chicken? I'm not five."

Karai got out two dusty glasses, pouring them a stiff one. "Prove it" she passed a glass over to April.

The redhead stared at the glass of mid-range single malt like it was one of Donnie's science experiments about to jump out and claw at her face. She looked up at Karai, who swirled her glass in her hand.

"You first."

The veteran kunoichi rolled her eyes. She lifted the glass to her lips and took a huge gulp, clenching her other fist...not exactly reassuring. She slugged the last sip down and slammed the glass back on the table, making a few winces.

"Oh yeah" she sighed. Then looked over at April.

"Fine. You win, hurray for you. But I'm not chugging it" April warned.

"Don't be a bitch, O'Neil."

Another warranted scowl and April put the drink to her lips and took a bigger gulp than she anticipated. She slugged down the scotch and winced like she just ate fifty sour patch kids all at once. She finally took a breath and coughed to Karai's amusement.

"God. Aw, this stuff's like rocket fuel" she wheezed. "Fuck this, I'm chasing it" April darted back for the fridge and pulled out a Vitamin Water, pouring some of the contents into the glass, then another small dip of scotch. Karai poured herself a second glass, sans chaser.

"What do we drink to?" Karai asked.

"What are we, war buddies?"

"In a sense" Karai shrugged with a smirk.

"Here's to..." April paused, looking at her glass of scotch and electrolytes. "You know what, here's to friendship. We've come a long way."

Karai was in agreement. "Cheers."

The two clinked glasses and swilled down their beverages, each wincing.

We fade to sometime later. Donnie's lab door was ajar. We hear giggling, chortling. Cutting to the kitchen, several now empty cans of Miller time are scattered about. Another cut and we see a mortar and pestle sitting on the counter. Another cut and there's crumpled up cans strewn about the floor as we lead to the couch. Another can comes into frame, obviously thrown.

Now we see April and Karai, two sheets to the wind. The—now empty bottle of scotch is laying down on the coffee table, each had a half drunk can of beer in hand. They were watching a stupid movie on TV, laughing about old times.

"He's like a lovestruck puppy" April slurred...then burped.

"Leo's worse" Karai gulped. "I know were like...related...symbolically, but it'still weird."

"Wha's weirder?" April asked, taking another gulp of fermented wheat. "The symbrollic brother-sister t-thting—"

"Thting?" Karai raised an eyebrow.

"Shut-up, I'm drunk" April playfully punched her arm. "But like, is it that, or-or-or that he's a giant talking turtle?"

"Take your pick" Karai cryptically answered, taking another gulp, finishing yet another can, crumpling it up and tossing it on the ground. "I love him though."

"Oh I love 'em too" April defended. "Just not, you know, that way. Do they even have dicks?"

"Why don't you ask them?"

"Ffffffffuck that!" April chuckled. "Tha'snot goin' over well."

"So no Jones, huh?" Karai queried.

"I thought about it" April shrugged. "But he's like...I dunno."

Karai inched her way closer to April. "What don't you know?"


Karai put an arm around April's shoulder. She looked at April. Blush. Her cheeks now a shade or two pinker. Karai used her other hand to gently caress the redhead's cheek, and cupped her chin.

"Casey what?" Karai retorted.

"W-what are y-you doing, Karai?"

Karai flicked a stray strand of her hair. "What do you think I'm doing?" she asked almost lucid, and not slurring at all.

April looked into the Kunoichi's eyes. Without much warning, she put her hands behind Karai's head and pulled her in for a kiss, solidifying that, that was what Karai wanted, and boy did she want it.

It started out nice and slow before Karai forced her tongue past April's lips and into her mouth, swirling it around and forcing April's tongue back in. With eyes closed the two explored each other's mouths.

Karai moved her hands to grope April's breasts, fondling and squeezing them before she started to unzip April's jumpsuit. April responded by sliding her sleeves out of the suit, still not breaking from the kiss.

But eventually, the two needed a breath of air as their mouths didn't provide the oxygen they needed and tasted like a hot mess. "I want you, O'Neil" Karai said with a hiss. "I need you...now!"

April uncharacteristically smirked. "So this was a social call, huh?"

"In a sense" Karai leaned back, winking.

"You want me? This?" April asked, rubbing her hands along her body. Karai nodded. "Alright, then."

April stood up and stepped out of her jumpsuit, then in true striptease fashion, slowly took off her shirt, then her bra, revealing those perky C-cup breasts. Karai blushed and ogled them as she moved two fingers down to her crotch and rubbed herself over her tight fitting stockings.

The redhead then took off her boots, then pulled off her stockings, and finally, her jean shorts and panties, and Karai blushed and rubbed harder.

April was nearly shaven with just a small patch of red bush along her crotch, her slit glistening in the fluorescent light. She sauntered over to Karai, and from the back we get a marvelous view of April's tush, perfectly round and plump with a few freckles bedecking her cheeks.

Facing Karai she hopped on her lap and the two made out once more. This time Karai fondled her hands all along April's body, including her breasts, and her flat stomach. Her hands of course found their way to April's butt where she grabbed each cheek and gave them a good slap. April moaned.


Karai moved her face down and found one of April's nipples, gently nibbling while April blushed and rubbed Karai's head.

"Is this what you want, baby?"

Karai continued to nibble, but lifted her head up. "Actually, there's something else."

She motioned her eyes downward, and April smirked, happy to oblige. She stood up, straddling her feet on the outside of Karai's legs. Her moist snatch was over Karai's mouth. Without needing much direction, Karai gently leaned in and licked around April's folds.

"Awwww" April cooed. "Good girl."

Karai grabbed an ass cheek as her tongue worked some magic in April's slit, licking her up and down from the opening of her vagina all the way up until she finally found her clit, which made April moan louder.

"Ah! Fuck!" she moaned with a slight hiccup.

Karai liked the sound of that moan as her tongue swirled it's way around April's G-spot, her saliva dripping down and falling onto her own lap while also fondling April's ass. She loved her scent and her moistness and felt April was getting close as her moans became louder and more audible.

"Oh Karai! I've wanted this...for so...loooong" April moaned. "Oh Karai...Karai...KARAI!"

. . .

We snap out of it and see Karai with closed eyes just licking her own lips. Her eyes opened up and she saw a fully clothed April with a concerned eyebrow raised. Karai looked around, none of this had the trappings of two women in the throngs of love-making.

"Are...you okay?" April asked, slurring.


"You said "what don't you know" then you...started like, acting weird, like a space cadet" April explained. "You were mumbling something."

Karai blushed. That was a dream? It could've been. It felt so real. But yet, here she was, licking her lips like a crazy person while April watched. What did that mean? Karai was too drunk to remember or even process any of this.

So drunk in fact that she started to feel something...something queasy. Maybe it was all the thinking and the embarrassment of a weird fever dream involving the two, maybe it was the fact that it sounded so real and lucid that it took its mental toll on the Kunoichi...but maybe, just maybe it had something to do with the absurd amount of beer and scotch she consumed in short order...yeah, that's it.

"Oh" Karai held onto her stomach. "I don't—I don't feel so..." she retched. "Oh God!"


Karai got up and hobbled over towards the bathroom. She was about to pass the small sewer reservoir where the tire swing sat above and sensing she wasn't gonna make it, let loose a little vomit. "Fuck!"

She looked at the brown mass separate in the blue water. Nearly falling over, she hobbled over to the bathroom with April in tow. The bathroom was nothing special, Donnie's handiwork made it more home-like. It had a nice shower, but an unimpressive sink and toilet next to it.

Karai fell to her knees and picked the lid up, just making it as the next round of vomit landed in the toilet.

April winced as she stood in the doorway. "Aw, gross."

The redhead was getting that feeling too...maybe it was seeing Karai vomit but April really needed to do so herself. She fell to her knees and crawled towards the toilet.

"Move over" she slurred, tilting her head in and throwing up the contents of her stomach as well.

After some more retching and stomach lurches, the two seemed like they were done. Catching their breath, they took their heads from over the toilet. Karai leaned against the wall as April, with a thin trail of vomit on her chin leaned against the shower.

The two stared at one another for a moment while the noise of the crappy light whirred from overhead.

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