Book of Oneshots KFP

BY : Johnny Hung
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"Okay, we say it together. Alright? No holding back." She nodded in agreement.

"I love you!" They shouted to each other. Po opened his eyes and dropped his jaw. Had the woman really said it? Shock filled her eyes as she gasped and covered her mouth.

"Re...really?" Tigress asked.

"Of course, Tigress. Why would I love anyone else? Look at you! You're smart, fearsome, beautiful, talented, and a bunch of stuff I don't know how to say." Tigress giggled. "What I don't understand is why you think I'm worth liking," Po said.

Tigress tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms, "You're serious." Po nodded. "Po, you're bravest, kindest, most loving, caring person I know. Why would you think I wouldn't love you?"

"My stupidity?"

"You're not stupid, Po," Tigress firmly said, "You think differently, and you make mistakes. It's okay. I love you." The tiger lightly placed her warm hand on the panda's cheek. Suddenly, Po hugged her tightly, smiling wide. She quickly returned the hug, wrapping her arms around his neck. His sweet aroma sedated every fear in Tigress's heart. The night sky hung over their heads with watching twinkles dotting the darkness. The moon coolly lit the warm air around them as they stood on the Jade Palace mountain. Tigress and Po drew away a bit, looking and smiling at each other's eyes. His swirling green orbs; her flaming amber globes. Her lips, those plump black bottom-heavy tempters drew Po's mouth in.

Tigress gasped at the kiss before she hummed. His big arms nuzzled and protected her, making her eyes drift shut. She didn't need to see, just feel. Her deep throaty purr echoed as he opened his lips slightly. Her tongue slyly charged in, fighting with her panda's tongue. Her sharp teeth lightly bit his bottom lip, sucking on it as he tried to pull for air. Tigress growled and pressed his head towards her lips. He wasn't leaving. Po stumbled back against the walls of the courtyard. Tigress's growl enticed him, making him snake his hands around the small of her back. But Po gasped for air. "Tigress, wait."

"What?" She growled out quiet yet violent.

"I don't think we should do this." It broke her heart a bit. "Here," He recovered. Tigress nodded. The others were out of the Jade Palace but doing this in the courtyard was a little risky. Before she could speak, Po grabbed Tigress's hand and led her to the barracks. They got to Po's room. A strange bright glow came from the silk panel. Po slid it open and a rose-covered heart-shaped bed surrounded by lavender-scented candles stood right in front of them. Tigress's eyes shot open, and she looked at Po.

"When did you... you were planning this all along," she said. Po nodded. "And if I had said no?"

"The candles would have been put out by my tears," Po chuckled nervously. Though she smiled, Tigress didn't once doubt it Po walked in further as Tigress silently closed the door. "So, what do you whOAOA!" Tigress pounced on the panda, forcing his back on their bed. Po looked up at the purring, smirking tiger. "Hehe, I guess you like it."

"I do," She hummed lowly. She rubbed her head against his chest, but her purr never stopped for a moment. It only increased as her body rubbed against his. Her tail somewhere wrapped around his foot. Her lips sealing his mouth off while her tongue stole his breath away. His hands deftly slid down her back, causing her spine to bow out ever so slightly until he reached her ass.

That's when she stopped, pulled away from his gasping mouth, and grinned with a slow long lick of her lips. "You want to get on with it, don't you?"

"Y-y-yes?" Po stuttered. Tigress flew off of him, and the panda sat up. Tigress held her hand on his bare chest.

"Ah, ah, ah. It's not your turn. Besides, you have fewer clothes than me," she leaned next to his ear. "Watching me undress will be more... exciting." Po shivered and nodded, making the tiger smile as she walked a little further from him. "Let's make sure you have a good view," Tigress grinned. Her voice, rich, low, and smooth, gave Po goosebumps upon goosebumps as she slowly undid the buttons to her vest. She split the vest down, revealing the white tight chest bands covering her gorgeous breasts. Agonizingly tempting the panda, Tigress turned towards him. "Do you like it?"

"I love you. The body is just an awesome bonus," Po said with a goofy smile. Tigress felt a warmness spread from her chest to her cheeks, but she simpered. The panda stood up, slowly approached her, and kissed her calmly and passionately. He directed this time. Tigress's vest, loosely held by her wrists, fell to the ground, letting her hands drift up to his chest. Po's hands snuck to her front and cupped her tits.


"I'm sorry, I didn't-"

"It's not that," Tigress blushed a bit and bowed her head. "They're... sensitive." Po lifted her head with his hand.

"I'll take care of them then," He whispered as he kissed her. Her fluttering light heart bounced from joy to joy. Po's hand went caress her cheek while the other carefully kneaded her banded chest. They were warm and plush in his roughly groping hands. Her perky huge breasts were white-orange round mountains smothered together, about FF in cup. They bounced whether she walked, turned, or even breathed. That's why she had such tight bands together, and they were enormous in Po's large hands. Each roll of her bubbly flesh caused her to gasp as the bands slowly came undone. "Let's get rid of this," Po said gruffly. Tigress nodded, feeling the heat rush to her head and core. Was his voice getting deeper?

With the bands off, Tigress gently pulled away, playfully pouting, "You're supposed to be watching, not touching." Po chuckled nervously and sat back down on the bed. Walking seductively, one foot mindfully placed before the other, Tigress's bubbly chest stood level with Po's head. She wrapped them around his head and smothered him. The panda's hands grasped her bosom and pressed them harder against his head. "Mmm, you like that, don't you? You like being smothered by my huge breasts? Playing with them like your little stress balls? Mmmm, your hands feel soo good, Po. Mmmm." Her moan came from deep in her throat. Po suddenly twisted her nipples, making her gasp sharply. Po pulled out from her cleavage prison, panting for air. "Hehe, oops."

"Even when you love me, you're trying to kill me," Po muttered with a small smile.

"With love." Tigress sexily smirked. She pulled away, spun around, and presented her clothed booty to him. "And I think you'll love this. You look at it enough when we're practicing." Po's eyes widened. "Mmm, I see you watching my ass anytime I'm doing splits."

"Hehe, you can't blame you, right?" Po nervously chuckled.

"No, I guess not," Tigress purred. She grabbed the corners of her pants and underwear and pulled them down painfully slow. The ravishing heart-shaped curve of her ass funneled gracefully into her meaty strong thighs. Her striped orange booty jiggled restlessly as it came out, and she stepped out of her pants. She slowly came back up; her powerful muscle-lined back enhanced her massive firm yet plump booty. Her 45-inch ass was as big as her giant breasts to balance her weight. Tigress's asshole and pussy winked at him. Po's jaw dropped to the ground as Tigress turned around and smirked while she closed it for him. "You like that?"

"I love you, Tigress," He said in a long-dazed sigh.

"Hehe, I love you too, Po," she replied, leaning down to kiss him. Her hands rested on his legs as her lips pressed against his. She moaned at his butterfly-like kisses that he grazed the side of her jaw only to charge deep onto her lips. Her hand wandered slowly to his crotch when Po suddenly grabbed her shoulder and magically switched their positions. She sat, dazed and confused, and the handsome lovable panda standing over her.

"I think you should be serviced first," Po smiled as he got to his knees. Tigress gripped the bedsheets and bit her bottom lip. Po's hands slowly spread her legs wide, revealing her steaming waterlogged pussy to the cool elements. She shivered as his hot breath tingled her. "I'll be easy."



"I can take it. I don't want you holding back at all... Please," Tigress gulped. Po could see fear in her trembling bottom lip. He knew what it was. He rose up a bit and leaned in her ear.

"You won't break me."

"Mmm, I'm trying not to," Tigress said with a perfect mix of worry and lust. She gasped sharp and quick as Po's fuzzy finger lightly played around her labia. Her body gently jerked, spilling more gasps from her mouth. "I don't... want to hold back."

"Don't," Po grunted, nibbling her ear. The tiger growled so deep as her eyes pierced into Po's with pure lust. The panda kept his gaze on her as his head went down. He gave a small lick. Tigress jolted. Another lick, and another. Then a long lazy lick from the bottom all the way to the very top where her sensitive clitoris was.

"Oooohhhhhh fuck," Shaking and sputtering, Tigress's head rolled back, and Po played with her sensitive pussy. The tiger gripped the bed; her mouth shifted from a panting gasping O to a gritting toothy grin. Sometimes, she relaxed: her eyes closed, her mouth slowly releasing a long moan, and her slim belly unflexed and soft. Then Po licked an untouched part of her while running his fingers lightly along her inner thigh. She tensed: gritted teeth, furrowed eyebrows, flexed belly showing all of her rock-hard abs. Po teased as he licked, never prodding further than the outside. Her juices poured onto his tongue; the taste urged Po to lick faster, but he lingered. Slowing down his licks, it drew a throaty moan from Tigress's lips. "Ooooooooohhhhh Please, Po. Don't mmmmmm don't tease me," Tigress sighed.

"As you wish," Po listened. He shoved his tongue into her wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhh mmmmmm yesssssss ooohhhhhh fuck!" She sharply hissed. Her back flew to the bed as her legs flung up. Po was undeterred. He wrapped his around her beautiful ass and brought her pussy closer to his mouth. "Ooohhhh please Ooooohhh mm-m-mmm more mmmm, yess Poo!" Tigress begged. A hungry growl from the panda forced a gasp from her. Her hands grabbed his head, keeping it in place. "Yess, yess ooohhhhh gods! Mmmm yess Eat me out! Fuck me with your beautiful tongue! Ooooohhhh!" Her grip tightened on his head as he licked faster. His tongue went wild inside her, touching places she had never been touched before. Suddenly, his fingers replaced his tongue and shoved their way in. "OOOOHHHHGOSSHHHHH!"

Po lifted his head up a bit, gazing hungrily at Tigress's hazy, lustful eyes. "You're about to cum, aren't you?" He grinned.

"Y-y-yes! Please, don't stop! Please don't hold anything back, Po! Please, make me cum!" Tigress's lips, big and swollen from the kissing, gasped hungrily for filling. Po gave it to her, kissing her as his fingers revved up their speed and intensity. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Crash, crash, crash! One cascade after the other, tightening all of her muscles until they felt like she would be paralyzed. Po slowed down, letting the tiger smash to earth. Her legs plopped to the ground, dangling off the bed. Her breasts bobbed up and down with each panting breath, and Po refused to give her air. His lips were too good. His fingers threatened to give her another climax very soon. "Ooohh gods, Po. I mmmmmmm," Tigress's lips couldn't breathe with the panda smothering them.

Finally, Po pulled away, giving her space to respire. "Did you like it?"

"There is... no way... you're a virgin," She said... angrily? It was hard to tell since her body still trembled but her eyes glared up at him. He moved, hovering over her trembling body.

"I did a lot of reading. I wanted to get this right for you. All of it," Po smiled.

"Well, you definitely did it," Tigress gasped. "Shit! Ahhhh."

"Hehe, you seem a little weak."

"Shut up."

"Maybe we should-" Before he could finish, Tigress grabbed his shoulders and flipped their position on the heart-shaped bed. "Uhhh, how do you?"

"I had to make sure your defenses were down," Tigress smirked. Her voice was low feathery yet threatening. "You really brought me so much pleasure, Po. I'm still shaking." Her breasts jiggled with each spasm. "But now, it's time I do the same to you."

"Uhhh, are you sure because uhh I don't know if... uhh?" Po fidgeted, glancing away.

"Po, it's okay. I love you... no matter what size," Tigress smiled kindly. Po seemed a little calmer. "Now, let's get these pants off." Tigress gripped the edges of his patch-work pants and underwear and pulled them down in one go. "Oooohhh my gods." She whispered. The panda's belly wasn't the only thing that was big. Po's cock flung out with all its fat massive weight. It was black with stocky veins, and its bulbous head proudly pointed to the sky. It had to be 14 inches, Tigress thought. Fear and lust brew together in her stomach as her eyes widened, but she licked her lips. "Po... you're massive."

"Re-really? I didn't know if it would be the right size or-"

"It's perfect," she purred with another lick of her lips. Tigress lightly kissed the tip, smiling as it bounced. It jerked at another kiss. "It seems like you like seeing me." Po nodded. "Mmm." Tigress grabbed onto his dick. "It's soooo big, Po. I can't even get my hand around it." She lightly licked the tip. One lick, two, three, ten. The tiger's rough tongue danced on the head, making Po grunt. He looked at Tigress's fiery tempting eyes. They looked so lustfully, awaking the deeper wild part in his core. He shut his eyes. "Mmm, you like that, Po? You like me kissing and licking your cock like this? Am I making you feel good? Do my big lips feel soft and plush around you?"

"Shit," Po grumbled lowly, propping himself on his elbows. "Damnit, Tigress, you're making it hard to hold on."

"Hm," Tigress sharply muttered, lightly pressing her serrated teeth on his dick. Po gulped. "I told you not to hold back. If you want to cum... cum," She suddenly wrapped her lips around his head and slowly sucked his member. Po moaned with a deep voice as his hand gently rested on the back of her head, petting her. Purring loudly, the feline swallowed more of his thick cock that stretched her mouth. His searing heat made her half-lidded eyes gaze at him with the deepest lust that she could muster. She suddenly popped off his dick, looking down at his balls and cupping them in her supple hand. "My, my. You've been saving up a lot for me."

"I don't really masturbate so."


"Well, after I met you... I didn't want anything fake. I wanted the real thing," Po sighed in bliss, "And this is sooo much better than my hand." Tigress giggled as she stroked him faster. Soon, her lips were around his dick again, bobbing on 7 inches and stroking the rest. "Oooohhh gods this is amazing."

"Mmmmm," Tigress hummed, looking at him. Po poked an eye open and saw her stop halfway all of a sudden. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her head. His eyes shot open.

"Uh! Tigress! You don't have to-" Tigress pressed further down, slowly and agonizingly. "Ooohhhh fuck," Po growled through gritted dentures. "Alright, you don't want me to hold back? HERE!" Po shoved his rod all the way down her throat. His head rolled back at the tight wetness. She wrapped around him perfectly, squeezing him and massaging him. "Oooohhh shit!" Po pulled his cock out, panting hard to settle down. "I'm sorry, Tigress," he said, after hearing her cough, "I didn't mean to."

"Why did you stop!" She shouted through her coughs. Po's eyes were completely round.


"I told you. Don't hold back," Tigress growled.

"But breathing is-"

She grabbed his tush firmly. "I'll let you know when I need to breathe."

"But-" She forced his dick deep into her throat; her nose pressed against his fuzzy crotch. "Ooohhh my gods." Po gawked at the ceiling as his hands went back to her head, forcing his hips up into her sweet little mouth. "Holy fuck, Tigress! Your mouth is sooooo good!" Po grunted, grinding his teeth.

"Mmmmmm," Tigress moaned sweetly. Her hands went to his balls, cupping and fondling them with tender yet rough tugs and pets. She purred loud on his cock while it ravaged her throat. Her half-lidded eyes hazily looked up with all the pleasurable submission in the world. Tigress popped her mouth off, wrapped her huge breasts around his member, and stroked him hard and fast with her furry warm boobs. "Take me. Don't hold back. Give me everything you got! I want you to cum so much that you cover my face with it."

"Holy fuck, I... I'm gonna cum."

"Please, Po. Give it to me, Cum! Cum!" Her lips wrapped around his dick head, licking and lapping it.

Po's shut eyes opened as his heavy balls tightened. Tigress's fondling hand felt his strong pelvic muscle pulse faster and faster while his hips punched up. Po gritted his teeth, panting, and growled as he came. One thick stream of cum shot out, then another, another, another. Flowing protein and life-giving semen shot down Tigress's throat. The dense big strings of cum slipped down to her waiting stomach as she gulped quickly and noisily. Gulg gulg gulg gulg. Its tangy flavor had her purring loudly as he pumped more inside.

Suddenly, pulling her head off, Po came all over her face, her head, her warm breasts, her lips. He spurted strands of cum all over her. Its hot drip slid down her hard nipples as his balls finally relaxed and fell down to their low hanging state, satisfied about its work. His long cock soon limped downward, pulsing and jerking slightly and dripping more cum out until it finally became flaccid. "Ohhh gods," Po panted, plopping back onto the bed. "Tigress, that was amazing! I don't think I've ever... oohhh gods, I've never cum like that."

"I'm glad you liked it," Tigress hummed. Her sensual smile was loudly heard between the purrs and delightful giggles. Po rolled himself up, just enough to see Tigress licking up the strands of cum. Her plump lips glistened with his sperm as she took a hold of her massive boobs and licked the dripping cum from her nipples. "Mmmm, tasty." Po's cock bounced a bit. Tigress giggled, "I guess you really didn't hold back. Good, I'm glad."

"I'm sorry that I-"

"Don't even say a word, Po. It's okay." Tigress whispered. She swiftly crawled onto him, kissing his member on the way up. Her breasts, rubbing their warm masses up his body, finally rested on his chest and squished into big furry pancakes as Tigress laid onto him. Her legs straddled his waist, and her ass barely grazed his cock. The cleaned tiger smiled wide and pleased, kissing Po's nose. "Besides, we have time for another round. For now-" Po captured her lips before she could say anything else. "Mmmm." Tigress slowly caressed his face, and Po's big hands twisted their way to her back, making the tiger purr with his gentle soft rubs. Then he traveled lower, gliding over the huge circumference of her booty. A deep low growl echoed from Tigress's throat. She pressed her lips harder as his hands gently rubbed her warm firm ass. "Mmmmm, you're holding back," Tigress whispered into his ear.

"Huh?" Po stuttered, out of breath.

"You're holding back. I know what you want to do." Tigress's eyes dug deep into the young bear as her teeth flashed a wide grin. "Do it."


"I told you. Don't. Hold. Back," Tigress growled, grinding her hips against his growing member as she hissed. "Because I won't."

"Fuck," Po bit back as he clasped his hand hard on her bubbly flanks. He released them, spanked them, and rubbed a 'sorry' to them before doing the whole cycle over again.

"Mmmm, yes. Don't be scared, Po. Let go," Tigress hissed, craning her head up. Her nipple brushed to his mouth, and he suckled on them. "OOHHh Poo, mMmmmmm not so hard! Mmm."

"You sssaah-" He said with his mouth full of tit, "Ta not hol bashk." He slapped her ass once, twice, three times before Tigress moaned loudly.

"Ooooohhhh yeah just like that Mmmm, yes!" She gasped sharply when his cock, rejuvenated, bumped against her luscious curves. Tigress wagged her ass right and left, making his dick hop for more. Po growled, sucking harder on her cheeky tit. The tiger rolled her head back, looking through closed eyes. "Ahhhhh! Mmm, you seem ready," She smirked excitedly, rocking her ass up and down. Her tail skillfully wormed down his long pulsing length; the panda grumbled deeply. "What do you want me to do, Po?"

His hand quickly grabbed the back of her head, so firm yet gentle, and crashed his lips against hers. The tiger's eyes rolled back as her heart soared again on that lusty wave of love. His tongue drove deep inside, deeper than she thought possible, searching every corner for her nerves to tingle, to tease, to press over and over again. Tigress's tail wrapped around his dick, taunting the raw energy out of him, and roped down to his balls, slightly tugging them. Po pulled her back, glaring deeply into her soul. "I want to fuck you." Po couldn't have said it with more love, lust, power, and gentleness than he did now. He gave a light peck on her lips.

Tigress picked up her hips. Her hot moistened pussy, dripping with streams of her juices, pressed against his large cock, jerking with each graze of her tail coiled lovingly around him. They both looked down, Tigress over her shoulder while Po looked down the side. Slowly, gods was it slow, Tigress descended her wide hips down his long shaft. Her walls spread to form for his rod, stretching her cavern, her walls, her heart as her slick juices lubricated his rod. "Ooohhh Po," She sighed.

"Tigress, this is... Oooohhh gods," Po rolled his head back, eyes closed, moaning with a perfect O for lips. Tigress instinctively caught that O with her own lips. The two smooched as her hips slowly slid down his cock, swallowing and accepting more and more. "Mmmmm. Tigress, are you-"

"Please, Mmmm, no words right now. Please." Po nodded. His hands resting on her wide hips as his cock split the feline open. Then she panted, feeling the last two inches escape her, and she rocked her hips back and forth, gently sliding more inside. "Mmmmm."

"Mmmm," Po moaned with her. Her silky cavern massaged his dick, wanting him to cum right there and then. Po kissed her again. He couldn't get enough of her big lips, and when Tigress's ass finally brushed against his balls, Po knew the time had come to make those lips scream for him. "Mmmm," He kissed an 'I love you'.

"Mmmmm," was her 'I love you too reply'. When they parted, Tigress looked at the panda's vast green eyes and felt her heartbeat hard. Po gulped. Tigress nodded, swallowing a bit harder than normal. She looked back. The feisty pussy still molded to his cock, hugging him. Tigress did a hop, gasping. Her steady hips bobbed a few inches up and down, rocking back and forth. Po grabbed her cheek and kissed her. His hand shot down to her huge ass and gripped hard, stealing a moan from her throat. Po's lips pulled away. Tigress stared at him, panting for some kind of stable form of this love they were feeling. There was none. She gasped hard, "Do it."

"Are you sure?"

"Please," Tigress panted, nodding vigorously, "Do it. Please, don't hold back." Po's hips nudged up, feeling a deeper heat each small thrust he went up. His fingers dug into her meaty flesh, grabbing her ass. "Ooohhhh gods, yes! Give me more!" Tigress gulped and bit her plump bottom lip. With her eyes shut, muffled moans got trapped in her screaming throat. Po spanked her; the jiggly waves reverberated, bouncing again and again. But Po's tiny thrusts kept edging to deep rutting. The smell of thick want–heavy, low, manly–sunk in the air. "Please, don't hold back."

"I'm... afraid," Po grunted, gritting his teeth. Tigress growled a hint, grabbed the bedsheet next to Po's head, and glared at him. "Uh, Tigress?"

"Then, I'll make you!" Tigress picked up her hips and slammed back down. A long-cracked grin spread across her face as her eyes rolled up. "Ooooohhhh FUCCCKKKKK!" Her hips bounced up to the top of his long burly dick and dropped back down. Her juices splashed over him, making him slip in easier, making her squeeze tighter to keep him in. The panda's mouth shot opened as did his eyes. Tigress straightened up; her huge tits lunged into the air as she bounced on his dick. She jumped down on his dick, squeezing every single inch of his manhood."Oooohhh fuck that cock is amazing! I want more. Please, don't hold back Po! Please give me more! AHHHH FUCK! Please Po, don't be scared. Do it! I know you want to! You want to fuck that big cock inside me like it belongs there!"

"It does belong there," Po growled lowly. Rising heat in his stomach rose to his head. His heart raced louder and louder. "Fuck, Tigress. Ahhhh." Tigress slammed down on his dick; her massive ass smashing softly against his balls. The two orbs hopped up to meet her backside pillow only to be smothered again by their warm heavy pressure. Po's cock reamed through her cramped pussy, reaching deeper into her soul while her scent, fiery and roasting, seeped into his nose. Po suddenly propelled his hips up, meeting her soaking pussy right in the middle. Tigress seized up, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. "Fuck it!" Po snarled. He pulled Tigress's torso back down onto him, rooted his feet onto the bed, and pounded his cock into her pussy, slapping her ass with his heavy balls. "You want this, huh? You want this?!" Po growled.

"YESS FUCK YESS I WANT IT JUST LIKE THAT! Fuck me! Fuck your cock into me!" Po's lips found her nipple again and sucked on it. "AAHHHH OOHH MY GODS!" Tigress's hips couldn't stop, and Po smashed against them until Tigress's pussy spasmed around him. It gripped him like a viper, desperately trying to hold onto him to keep the pleasure going, but a swift spank from Po's hand sent her prey loose. Tigress's tongue dropped out of her open mouth as her hands felt like twigs that magically held her up. Her eyes, hazy and half-lidded, rolled up as her panting tongue drooled down to Po's chest. "Oooohhh GODDSSS YES FUCK ME PO! FUCK ME!" Tigress screamed.

"I love you so much Tigress," Po grunted, releasing her tit and gripping her bouncing ass. Tigress's head dropped, and she laughed as she gasped.

"I love you too, my panda warrior! AHHH FUCKKK!" Tigress's hands clenched Po's chest fur. "Ooooohhh GODS! I'm going to cum! PO! I'm going to cum!" She crashed onto his chest, gripping his fur tightly, and bit his shoulder hard. Her hips smashed harder against his massive dick as the train of pleasure railed down on her tightening core. Her fuzzy tail wrapped around his balls, tugging them, begging for release. "Fuck PO! FUCK ME! FUCKING IMPREGNATE ME!"

"RAAAAAHHHHHH!" Po growled, succumbing to her pussy's strangling grip. They rammed their crotches tightly together. Tigress's hands gripped his face, the bed, his arms, his hands, his everything, anything to keep the pleasure wreck going. And the warmth his chunky cum gave made her spasm harder, letting his semen into her waiting womb for future buns to be made. Po's hands gripped his tiger's ass mercilessly, pressing it further down, as close as it could possibly be. Ropes of cum kept pumping into Tigress but spilled out as it filled to the brim. "AHhhh ooohhhh fuck, that ooohhh," Po crashed back, relaxing every muscle possible.

Finally, their high slid down. Tigress's tail, still around his fat balls, slipped out of the dripping mess that seeped out of her pussy and down his baby-makers. She brought it to her lips and licked it. "Mmmmm, sooo good," She said with the deepest part of her throat. "Ooohhh, Po, that was amazing."

"Hehe, was?" Po smirked, still catching his breath. The cat's eyes shot open when Po flipped her back to the bed. "You told me not to hold back." He leaned close to her nose; his dark lusty green eyes stole her breath. "And I'm not holding back." Po's lips kissed her, making her eyes roll up again. He moved their sweating bodies to the edge of the bed where he stood on his feet. Holding her legs up, Po's tongue probed the pleasure center of her mouth, drawing out with a string of saliva connecting them. Po smirked, breathing hotly against her plump lips. "You love seeing me like this, don't you?"

"Yes," She answered.

"It excites you seeing the little kind-hearted panda be a dominate rutting top dog."

"Mmm-hmm." She nodded.

"Hehe, I can be both, you know." Pecking her lips, he licked them briefly. "Now, your turn. What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me like a little slut." She quickly said. "...Please."

"Of course," Po smiled dirtily. Then Tigress blinked several times before covering her mouth. The panda's eyes rounded, and his smile dropped when her body shook, and she looked away. "What? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no," She chirped. "It's just, your 'evil' smile looks like your bad impression of Tai-Lung," She laughed. Po giggled along with her. Love without laughter is nothing. The two love-designers grabbed each other as if they were holding the blueprint of their love together. Tigress looped her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin the moment."

"It's okay. We needed a good laugh," Po sighed, leaning low and kissing her passionately. "Besides, I want to stay like this a little longer. But now-" His dick slowly receded and snatched a deep moan from the kitten lips. He popped out, and a stream of cum flooded out onto the floor.

"Hehe, Oops, my bad," Tigress tittered.

"There are no accidents," Po smirked. He grabbed the base of his hard cock and patted her pussy lips with it. "You want me?"

"Yes, fuck me, Po. No holding back."

"No holding back." The panda gently dropped her legs around his waist, dangling off the edge and hovering inches above the floor. Tigress looked up at him, smiling wide, and her hands brought her massive jiggling tits together as she gave a sultry wink. Po's heart and dick throbbed, "Fuck you're awesome."

"And you're wonderful." Po smiled, spreading her legs wider. His massive head pressed against swollen pussy. She purred out her want, sticking out her bottom lip. "Oooohhh! Shit Mmmmmore."

"You want me?"

"Ooooh fuck me, already Po!" Her hips pushed up against him. "Please, I need it. I want it. All of it." She hissed harshly. Po's spine shivered from head to dick. He slowly pressed into her cavern, returning home to rut. "Ooooooaaaahhhh fuuuuuuuuuck." Her throat moaned as she gripped the sheets beneath. Po pushed further and looked down at the bulge running along her core. His dick spaced out her wet velvet innards, and the pleasing sight of a long thick rod caused him to push deeper. "Oooohhh gods, Po! You're making me want to oOoohhhh!"

"Hehe, I'm not done yet," Po smirked. While she massaged him with a vicious softness, the panda grabbed her big breasts and smashed his hips against her crotch. The tiger wailed and rolled her head back, leaving her beautiful neck exposed. Every part of her was beautiful. Twisting her nipples, Po gently retreated to barrage back in, ripping her snug space open. "Mmmm, yeah. You like hugging me with your little pussy, don't you?"

"IIhhhaaahh!" Her lips became dry from her pants. Po quickly shoved in, leaned down, and deeply kissed her drying lips, refreshing the tiger. But his steady hips pulled back to his head and drove back in, quickly fucking her like the desperate thing she wanted to be. "Ahhhhh ooohhhhh PO!"

"Come on, Tigress. You told me not to hold back," Po growled with a savage smirk, peering deep into her eyes. "I'm not holding back."

"Don't ever hold back when we're together," She panted back.

"Never." Po's hips rose up, bashing her pussy like the clap of a hand. Her dick-addicted pussy snuggly massaged his pummeling dick; slick juices and cum spilled out while her moans cried to the heavens. Po's face, a few inches from hers, growled softly, muttering tender loves and promises in her ear while nipping it. His hands settled to the bed she lay on, and his dick for a moment drove balls deep into her and stayed. He craned his head up, feeling ALL of her. The tight strong cunt muscles massaged him while milking for his cum; the searing heat weakened his thinking; the insatiable thirst that her pussy seemed to pull from him. They both wanted more. "Mmmmm, fuck. You're sooo fucking good, Tigress."

"SHHIT! Yess!" The tiger gasped at the deep huge bulge running along her stomach. "Ooohhh gods! Damn you're so savage when you want to be."

"You being that side out of me, kitten," Po gritted his teeth in a smile. Tigress did the same, dangerously glaring at the thin self-control in his eyes.

"Fuck me," She growled. Po stood straight up, grabbed Tigress's legs, and folded her in half. Po, resting his knees onto the bed, planted his hands on the bed while his dick pulsed at the new angle. Tigress blushed brightly. "A... a mating press?!"

Po leaned close to her face. "I'm going to make sure that you walk out of here with my seed sprouting in your womb." He didn't even wait for her response. He smashed his huge rod straight into her unexpecting pussy, ripping her wide open. Her mouth flew open in a ring of pleasurable moans while Po's balls smacked against her massive cushion-like ass. His dick spread her walls far and wide while her pussy struggled to keep him inside, continuously sucking him for more of his cum. Po growled lowly, snatching a nipple into his mouth. "Mmmmmm."

"OOHHHHHGODDSSSH! YESSS! I FUCKING LOVE YOU PO! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR SEED! PLANT YOUR TREE INSIDE ME!" The tiger's string of screams ran close to Po's ear as his hips pumped her deep and quick. "Ooohhhh damn it! PO! Mmmmm yes, please fuck me just like that! I feel it! I feel you fucking me with all you got!" She sung through her teeth.

"You better take it," Po snarled, picking up the pace. His balls slapped her behind; his dick ravaged through her narrow spasming pussy, flexing his muscles on every level. He shut his eyes, focusing on the tight smoking sensation of her walls. It felt like home on a deeper level. The peaceful panda raged his fury and power straight into Tigress's submitting womb that begged for him, coaxing his balls to fill her. "Fuck, you're going to make me cum too soon, Tigress."

"Don't hold back."

"Fuck." He growled deeper, drawing his hips back further to stroke her womb thoroughly. Then his eyes widened as he looked back. Tigress's fuzzy tail wrapped around his punishing huge balls, adding more cushion to an already soft couch. The tip flickered against his strong pelvic muscle, teasing him insatiably. Po's dick felt her tightest muscular pussy squeeze. He looked down at her and saw her partly open panting lips, her half-lidded sex-filled eyes, and her hypnotic glare of lust. "T-Tigress?

"Fuck me, Po. Don't hold back. Cum," She moaned so gorgeously.

Po's body lost control. He pounded her pussy fast, hard, and deep; her juices sprayed all over. With her tail teasing his muscle and wrapped around his balls, Po's dick barreled through the rushing sensation that came deep from his belly. His lips crashed onto Tigress's waiting cocksuckers, fiendishly sucking, probing, and licking them while his cock pummeled her pussy. Tigress moaned loud into his mouth. His cock jammed her cum button several times, abusing her G-spot with no mercy. All his veins, heat, and dominance flowed from his cock into her sensitive tight womb. Her breasts jiggled and jumped while the panda's hands forced her hands above her head. His lips ruled hers as his cock bashed her pussy like a wild dog. No, like a wild man. That's exactly what he was. The purest form of masculinity and she had helped draw it out. Her pussy clamped down hard at the thought. "Please, Po! Give it TOO MEEEEEE!"


"I LOVE YOU TOO!" Their bodies accepted each other. Po gave one vigorous thrust. Big black balls lovingly pressed against her huge firm ass. His tenders flexed and pumped his seed probably deeper into her soul than before. Semen brimmed out of her motherly hole, dripping several strains of his life-giving serum. Tigress's head swam with hot waves that swallowed her up as Po's full weight crashed onto her. They couldn't move. They didn't want to. His cock still pumped his cum deep into her womb, ensuring a future little Dragon Warrior. "Ohhh, my gods. Ooohhh that was amazing," Tigress moaned.

"I don't think I can move, Tigress," Po grunted. "Hold on." He gently rocked them to their sides where Tigress could snuggle better into his fat warmth. "Mmmmmahhh! I'm still cumming," Po moaned. "You're milking me, Tigress."

"Mmm, sorry," She panted and smirked. Po grinned back with a laugh. "It feels good."

"It's spilling on your legs."

"I'll clean it up later with my tongue," She winked. Another glob of cum pushed into her womb. "Mmmm, you're soo warm. Soooo good."

"Only the best for you, my Kitten."

"Mmmm, I love you, Po."

"I love you too."

The next day, Po woke up with Tigress's pussy still snuggling his dick. The slumbering tiger slowly awoke as Po kissed her. "Hey."

"Hey," Tigress cutely yawned. "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept awesome! Especially now that I have you," Po smiled. Tigress simpered back, resting her head in the crook of his neck. "Um... Not to ruin the mood, but-"

"Yes, I'll marry you."

"How did you-"

"I saw the little ring box on the corner."

"Oh..." Po slapped his forehead. "I didn't think you would say it so easily."

"One, we've known each other for at least eight years, and I started liking you for seven. Two, you have a future baby to worry about."

"Oh, that's right. I better make sure everything is ready."

"Later," Tigress said, wrapping her strong legs around his. "Right now, let's enjoy this."

"Hehe. I love you, Tigress."

"I love you too Po."

The End

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