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Disclaimer: I do not own My little Pony, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. I do not own Sagurare Otome, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

In a smart apartment, a lovely figure making dinner while she talking to her fiancé on phone. Dressed in her casual outfit consisting of a pink off the shoulder knit short sleeve sweater top showing her strap of her sink blue bra, a mini jean skirt, black house shoe, the figure had white cream, curly pink lock and light blue eyes a busty and voluptuous body. “Huh? Right now?!” scream in annoyance. Her name is Pinkie Pie, the bubbly wife to be of Cheese Sandwich. Cheese Sandwich was over work worker of a local Amusement Factory who has been arriving home and not even bat an eye at her every night. In spite of her frustration, she hated playing the nagging girlfriend as she once again put aside her own selfish need for attention as he husband who was drunk was calling her late at night.

“Yeah, I’ve been drinking with one of my coworkers and he just keeps insisting on coming over.” In drunk voice Cheese Sandwich in front of factory with a shadowy look person.

“But we don’t have anything to offer.” Pinkie Pie yell annoyed that Cheese Sandwich had ruined their evening.

“Oh, it’s fine, we’ll just being some drinks over.” Cheese Sandwich said trying to get his way, “But anyway, we’ll be over in like ten minutes.”

“Hey, wait-” Pink Pie yelled in annoyance as Cheese Sandwich had just cut the call short, “Geez!”

As Cheese said they would arrive the door open and he yelled, “I’m home!”

“Coming!” yelled Pinkie Pie for the kitchen in bubbly tone.

“Pinkie!” Cheese Sandwich yelled as if he was showing off Pinkie pie for his friend, “This is my old friend, Street Rat.”

With a blown Pink Pie said, “Thank for looking after—” but was unable to finish her sentences as Street Rat interrupt her.

“Oh, hi sorry for coming over so later…” Street Rat said admiring Pinkie Pie body from the doorway, “Sorry about this.”

“It’s fine. Nice to make your acquaintance.” Pinkie Pie said in a nervous tone. Why she though as she remembered when she had gone to a gentlemen club to help Fluttershy as a dancer. As she dances, she ended up bumping into someone chest. Still in the man chest as one hand trailed down her down as it cupped one of her ass cheeks. He gave the jiggling flesh an approving squeeze. She raised a hand to push away… but she didn’t. Her hand rested on his firm, muscle chest. With a face flushed and panting softly for air, she turned away from him, but the man simply placed both powerful arms around her waist, preventing her from leaving. Street Rat let his hands rise to cup her large perky breasts in response Pinkie moan. Street Rat chuckled to himself, still holding her in his arms. She pressed herself against his powerful body, feeling something hard and thick pressing up against her backside. Idly, Pinkie Pie started to rub herself against him, grinding her soft bubble butt against his crotch. Street Rat chuckled as he felt his cock harden even further. She still frozen as the bouncer finally arrive and told Street Rat to leave. Street Rat left with a lustful smile on his face as he hoped to meet Pinkie Pink again.

Interrupting her thoughts Cheese Sandwich said in a drunk tone, “Please come in. I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick.”

“Pinkie Pie,” Street Rat said in a lustful tone at he leaned in front face to face to Pinkie Pie. “It’s been a while.”

“Um, The guy for the night club.” Pinkie Pink said in a nervous tone as she backed into the wall behind her. She felt cornered and no place to run.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Street Rat chuckled at he was appreciating Pinkie Pie body, “My lips are sealed.” As his right hand trailed down under her skirt, where he hand pushed gently against the blue silk skimpy panties covering her clean-shaven pussy, running his finger up and down, just hard to allow Pinkie Pie to feel his finger rubbing her nether region. “But what happen next is up to you, Pinkamena—No, Pinkie Pie.” As he put left hand over her month.

“Please Stop.” Pinkie Pie begged nervous “Please!”

“How about you get me a drink for now, Ms. Bride to be.” Street Rat grinned as he looked at her as if he were hungry predator corner his prey.

Sitting on the floor next to coffee. On one was Cheese Sandwich on one size and other side of the table was Pinkie Pie and Street Rat. Street Rat had his left hand plunged down her skirt. “Pinkie Pie, pour him drink.” Cheese Sandwich said in a drunk tone.

“H-Here.” Pinkie Pie said, trying not to blush as she poured the beer in a glass cup.

“Oh—” Street Rat said as he sipped the beef because it almost bubble over the cup.

“But man, I’m surprised.” Street said as he moved his fingers on her panties, gently pushing the fabric that covering her pussy, running his fingers up and down just pushing hard enough at Pinkie Pie to feel his fingers rubbing her nether region. “You have such a cute bride to be here,” Street Rat said teasing her slit up and down.

“Yeah, I’m really lucky. Doesn’t that make you happy, Pinkie Pie?” Cheese Sandwich said unaware of what was happening.

“O-Oh, me? I’m not that…” said Pinkie Pie, half-words as the feelin of foreign fingers down there was surprising welcome. She supposed it was like any itch needing a good scratch and it made little difference who the scratcher was. The body heat retained in her panties with his vigorous fumbling formed blistering storm of musk and moisture. She felt his digit drew a line over her slit, spreading her labia the breath of a fingertip.

“When did you two register for marriage?” Street Rat grinned. Never had the term ‘snatch’ been more appropriate. He pitched her slit as her overflowing excitement cover his hand.

“Just a little while age.” Cheese Sandwich said as Street Rat rubbing Pinkie Pie snatch, “We’re the newest of newlyweds.

“Oh, you guys must not have a lot of time to fool around together them,” Street Rat said while teasing her slit up and down, until he suddenly shifted her panties so he could have a more personal touch of her snatch, “because your job been so demanding recently.” Pinkie Pie as her walls were breached.

“Oh, no, we’re…” Pinkie Pie said, trying not to moan. We a pout face she said to herself ‘I need to endure this.’ Pinkie Pie was embarrassed by the squishy sounds he was pumping out of her. At this rate he had drain all the fluid in her body. Gosh, how is he unaware of what was happening.

“If you leave a cute girl like this by herself for too long, some guy might come and snatch her up from you.” Street Rat chuckled as he worked her tightness through incremental rhythms.

“Please don’t joke around like that, Street” Cheese Sandwich droned. “If you really think that then help me not have to work so much!”

“But seriously, you must feel lonely a lot, Pinkie.” Street Rat murmured as looked at her reaction as he continued to touch her snatch.

“I—” Pinkie Pie said in half pats as her rush to the kitchen to get away from Street Rat.

“Huh?” Cheese Sandwich said who was really drunk at this point.

“I’m going to make some more snacks.” Pinkie Pie said, hiding her red face.

No, If this keeps going on, I’m— Pinkie thought she tried to do some cook trying to distract herself from what had happen.

“Ma’am?” Street Rat smirked, as he walked behind her. “Let me help you out.” He simply placed both powerful arms around her waist, preventing her from running away again. “You were nice enough to have me over after all.”

“I-I’m fine.” Pinkie Pie, hiding her red face. “All I have to do is warm this up.” Suddenly Street rat started to lip her shoulder. The tip of his tongue teased her flesh with light strokes. He painted a thin coat of saliva on shoulder, let the room cool air sizzle upon it, then reinforce the sensation another swipe of his tongue. “Stop.” Pinkie Pie begged as his hands rose to slide under her shirt. His hands crammed into her cups and explored it squishy content. She blushed and he murmured satisfaction at her size and suppleness. He had coarse, inquisitive digits, rummaging in her bra like little critters, ticklish in ne scandalous way. He massed her tit round and round, pressing, nipping at the bountiful flesh.

As he played with her nipples, he started to lick her again. “You got really wet back there, didn’t you?” dry humping her bubble ass to make his cock hard. “Pinkie, your pussy twitch when I went in it.”

“It didn’t It didn’t feel…” She shivered as she felt her nipples harden between his long stroking fingers.

“Cheese Sandwich got it good.” Street Rat said this link her left ear. “He has such a nice wife to make him food.” Pinkie tried not to moan as Street Rat flattery rubbed her in all the right ways, heightening her arousal making her nipples leak milk between his long fingers. With his right hand he turned her face so he could kiss her. She was taken by surprise, groaning as his mouth smothered her rebuttals. When her mouth opened, his tongue accepted the unwitting invitation. Soon her mind slowly slumped into a dreamy haze as her tongue was doing all the chasing. Breaking to kiss so he could play with her breasts again and hear her hot moans pour down his ears. “And the food looks so delicious! You must be so skilled.”

“Please stop! This isn’t the place!” Pinkie Pie begged as her sensitive nub had never lived such pleasures and she struggled to hold her climax as his fingers tugged on her breast in all the right ways.

“What was that? Are you starting to moan?” Street Rat chuckled as he continued to play with her breasts. “Are the fingers of another man really that good?”

No, there’s no way that’s true! Pinkie thought as her body continued to betray her. I’m promised to another man. There’s no way that I’ll… She started to rub herself against him, grinding her soft bubble butt against his crotch. I need to satisfy him quickly and get him to go home! Pushing him to sit on chair. “Street, aren’t you tied from standing all day?” Pinkie Pie said as she got on knees and she worked his pants zipper. “You told me at the club that you wanted me to suck, right?” As his hardened erection revealed itself to Pinkie Pie, which made her lick her lips lustfully before she took Street’s cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down on it, causing Street Rat to groan in pleasure.

“You’re being pretty aggressive now, huh, Pinkie Pie?” Street groaned in pleasure.

It’s not like I’m doing this because I like it…Pinkie said mentally denial his word and hope his long moans as her tongue lick up and down his shaft would make him cum soon. But for now, I have to endure this!

After working him over a few minutes, “Deeper! Take it in all the way!” Street Rat let out a grunt as he grabbed Pinkie head and forced her to go all the way down to the very base of his cock. He could hear her gagging because of the expected move.

W-Wait! She yelled mentally as she thought for sure that she was going to choke if he kept like this.

“On, you tongue is sticking to my dick!” Street said in jesting manner, “I knew you’d be really good at this, Pinkie Pie!” He was glad that he came up with the skull fucked as enjoy hearing Pinkie gag on his huge dick continued to force its way down her throat.

Pinkie never understand how the girl learned to breathe like this. I can’t breathe! Pinkie thought as her whole mouth was stuffed full of cock that seemed to block her air passageways in her throat. Having this guy’s dick in my mouth makes me want to throw up! Pinkie thought as she wasn’t sure how long she would be able to stay conscious if her breathing continued like this, but she just hoped to tough it out until Street finished with her. No! I got to make him finish quickly! She thought as she looked at the haze glass door that divided the kitchen and living room. I need to finish this before he notices, as she as a haze image of her husband still sitting on the floor in the living room.

“That’s it!” Street said as took his hand off Pinkie’s head and pulled out of her mouth. She coughed multiple times, but barely had a moment to catch her breath as he got a rougher with her as he force he to bent her over the table, groping her as with right hand and held her left hand behind her back with his left hand.

“No!” Pinkie beg as Street Rat place his hand on her ass cheek with his cock rubbed against ass.

“If you place such a cute newlywed in front of me, I just can’t help but want to eat her up!” Street Rat groaned with pleasure as he pressed his cock between her huge bubble as cheeks.

“No! Please! Anything but that!” Pinkie Pie beg as she felt it. Big. Round. Probing at her image. Too big, she imagined, as it prodded blindly as if it didn’t know the way in. “Please don’t!” She begged as his heady dick slipped and slid over her juices, occasionally grazing her clit to blissful effect.

“I feel bad for Cheese Sandwich, but I’m going to have you before he does!” Street grinned. With one hand shift her skimpy blue panties so he exposed her saturated lips. He hooked and tugged it until the tip of his dick could peek into the entrance. “Holy crap, it’s tight!” he murmured shock and elation at her tightness as he shoved his full length inside of her.

He’s inside me! She bit lip as he continued to move his hips faster, and harder. He really came inside me! I’m doing it here… with this guy…I’m being raped! As he continued to move in and out, pumping his hips.

“Look like it wasn’t a lie that you haven’t been doing it recently since he’s been so busy.” Street Rat groan as he lower head so he could lick her shoulder while his hands groped and massaged her large soft warm peaky breast. “I can tell by how tight you are!”

“P-Please, take it out of me!” she begged as she was getting her pounding. “Making me have sex with you here is too cruel! It’s too cruel!” she said with slow panting, moaning and squealy as Street Rat dug down deep with more strength to go even harder.

“Sorry, but you really think I can stop right?!” Street asked, rhetorically with malice as he held her tongue with right hand. Wanting to go a step further, Street started to slap Pinkie’s ass with every thrust. The noise level being emitted by the love making was astonishingly high; Cheese Sandwich could probably hear them. The resounding thump made each time Street’ full length went in and the ringing from every slap onto Pinkie’s ass

Please stop being so rough! Pinkie Pie though as Street hand still grabbing her tongue as she muffed moaned and gasped made her look like a bitch in heat. If you keep being rough like that, I…I—Pinkie though as muffed pants and moans worked her mouth beyond coherence, as her hungry cunt gobble up more and more and salivating around his thickness. I don’t want this at all, but my body is getting hotter and hotter! She shivered, as her body continue to betray.

Wanting to have more fun by grabbing Pinkie Pie by both her hair and breast Street shove her across the kitchen making her whine as her legs shook wildly struggling to support her weight as shove her face and tits against the glass. “What a good girl. You’re trying your best to hold yourself back.” Street laughed as he knew if it was for his hand over her mouth she would be moaning like a bitch.

“Please, stop. He can see us through this door!” She begged as Street moan his hand from her mouth just to put both hands on her shoulder to message them as if he was trying to relax her.

“Huh? So I guess I can be a little rougher then!” Street comment as he bent her over, so her ass was now sticking out with her arms stretch out allowed her huge porn star tits to quake with each thrust, jiggling obscenely as he fucked her from behind.

“No! If you do it like that, I won’t be able to hold voice back!” Pinkie Pie sobbed as pound she was receiving made her breast leak milk all over the floor. “He’s really going to find out!”

Removing his left hand for hip and grabbing the handle of the haze glass sliding door while he right hand grabbed her right arm pull it behind her back. “It looks like you’re really curious about what’s going on it there. Let’s…” grinning has he slid the door as he increased the force of the penetrations, “Let’s take a look!”

In stock Pinkie Pie in stock raised her and shut her eyes, “No!” In a flash lower her head and look between her legs begged “No! Don’t open it! Please! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” Moaning like a bitch in heat as the door slide open, “Don’t!!” raising her head the scene show Cheese Sandwich passed out in the living room with his on the coffee table.

“Surprised?” Street boasted “Well, he was pretty drunk.” As fucked her in obscenely lauging as the sounds of lewd smacking fulled the room as his hips slapped against hers again and again. “He passed out almost immediately.”

Pinkie was relieved as she took in his length as it was practically knocking on the door to her cervix, “Th-Thank god.” said Pinkie, half-words, half-pants.

“It’s too early to be relieved, Pinkie!” Street spat out with malice. He continued his vicious pace with a quick slap on her ass.

“No way! This still isn’t over yet?” Pinkie Pie moaned in pain and pleasure. Wanting to have fun, Street hosted her up off the ground in a spread eagle fuck her until he reach the sofa so he could fuck her on the sofa in a sitting reverse cowgirl style with her legs spread open. Street laughed as he showed her shame to her passed out husband.

“If you’re really feeling this good, you gotta show your husband.” Street spat as he continued his vicious pace.

“Stop! Don’t show him!” Pinkie Pie moaned as her body continued to betray her. “My pussy… Don’t show him my embarrassing side! Please! Please!!” she moaned as she bounded on top of his pole.

“Hey, say it.” Street smirked in elation at her tightness, “What kind of girl are !”

“I won’t say it! I won’t!” she moaned as her tongue lolling out of her mouth lasciviously.

“Hurry up!” Street yell as he grew inpatient with his thrusting. He pounded her at a furious pace like a battering ram on fire. To increase her pleasure with right hand he pitched her slit and pound her at the same time.

“I’m a dirty girl who is having sex in front of her husband with a different man!” Pinkie moaned

“Yeah, that’s good!” Street Rat growled back as he dug his fingers harder into Pinkie’s thighs, mostly likely leaving bruises but Pinkie reached down and laid her hands ontop of Street hands.

“I’m about to cum from being rape! I’m a perverted wife!” Pinkie moaned as she let out a cry of bliss, her cunt squeeze even tighter around Street Rat’s cock making him momentarily pause to enjoy the hot wet hole clench and massage his shaft.

“Even if you don’t want to be, you’re that kind of woman, Pinkie.” Street grinned as start to spank her again. “Even if you’re getting played with in front of someone, you get wet!” He laughed as her moans full the room. “Don’t you feel bad for you husband?!”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to start a new life with you, but…” she moaned. “I’m such a prevented woman.” Moaning like a whore “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Changing position Street rat force on her side with his left hand on her left thigh and his right hand squeezing her red ass. “If we don’t finish up soon, Cheese might wake up.” She moaned but her in her thought How is Cheese still asleep.

Laughed off her excused as Street force her on her back and lifting her legs to drape over his shoulder, the new position giving him a new deeper angle to press his cock against her cervix even harder making her moan louder. “Come on, loose up and take all of my dick inside you!”

“No!” Pinkie Pie moaned. “It’s so deep! It’s going so deep!”

” Your pussy’s getting even tighter than before, Pinkie!” Street glowed in shock her pussy squeeze even tighter start to rail her pussy sideways.

“Forgive me! It feels so good! I’m being raped in front of you, but I’m getting so turned on!” Pinkie Pie moan as Street Rat reach forward to grab and squeeze her breast. Street leaned forward onto her chest. Pinkie moaned as she felt the tip of his tongue circle her nipple. It was cold and wet, yet hot against her skin, fueling her epicentre. “No! If this keeps up, I’m going to cum!” Pinkie gasp in shock and ectacy. When street had her nipple between his teeth and sucked it hard, drinking her milk like a newborn. “He’s going to make me cum!” moaning as her cunt squeeze even tighter around Street cock. “It’s so hot!” moaning as reached her orgasm “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!” Pinkie cry out in bliss. “I’m cumming!!” Pinkie screamed as the feeling of happiness and pleasure full her body. Street grunted, his nuts contracting as his cock pulsed and fired jet after jet of hot steaming jizz inside her snatch. His hands squeezed her bubble red ass hard.

“It’s already so late. Maybe I should stay over tonight.” Street chuckled

“Y-You’re kidding!” Pinkie panted in exhaustion as she knows their lovemaking was far from over.

Their lovemaking stretched on into the wee morning; experimenting, playing games Frenching…works. As if she was the lottery CheeseSandwinch never got up from the coffee table until the hours of the morning as he looked at the clock. He rushed to the door, “This isn’t good!” Cheese shouted as dress for work since he was running late. “I haven’t even begun to prepare the materials for the meeting today!”

“Sorry, I gonna borrow your shower. I’ll be right behind you though.” Street Rat said with apologize look on his face, but Pinkie knew it was fake with her pout face.

“Got it! Then I’ll see you at work!” Cheese shouted as rush to the doorway

“Um—” Pinkie said confuse tone as she turned to the door away from Street.

“Pinkie, take good care of him, will you?” Cheese ask as open the door, “I’ll see you later!” just as the door shut behind him Cheese said, “Have a good day…”

“Um Street Rat!” Pinkie pie shouted as hard rub her ass. It was Street’s cock lift her skirt as it rubbed her soft bubble ass.

“I’m just so hard right now, Pinkie Pie.” Street smirk as his hard cock rubbed her ass. “Take care of me a little more.”


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