Regrettably Your Rival

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Disclaimer: I do not own The Powerpuff Girls series, or any of its characters. This work is purely for entertainment and I made no profit from it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey, guys! For those who have read some of my work before, welcome back. For new readers, welcome! Glad you're here!

I've always loved The Powerpuff Girls (and the Rowdyruff Boys) but never got around to writing something for them. Brick/Blossom has always been my favorite pairing in the series. So, here we are.

-Also, I'm writing the PPGs and RRB's as themselves, but they're adults and look like standard people. So, normal sized eyes, noses, fingers etc. They're still products of Chemical X and have superpowers, just they're human looking.-

As always, thank you for reading and I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have a minute 😊



The screech could've shattered glass. But, Princess was sure to do it herself. Flying in through the window to a Coffee Shop, her mechanic wings sent shards towards every corner. Everyone else quickly ducked to the floor and under their tables.

With the exception of my friends. They all rolled their eyes and stayed seated. This wasn't new, they weren't anymore shocked than I was.

"Excuse me, Girls..." I apologized.

"I'll watch your stuff." Robin ate a doughnut hole, unfazed.

Before I could even get out of my chair, Princess lunged at me. Her dad paid for a new power suit after I broke her last one. She'd gone through quite a few this year. Another had to go, it seemed.

"Outside!" I snapped.

I slammed in to her, forcing her out of the coffee shop and away from innocent customers. Normally, I try my best to keep my cool and not invest too much energy in to her temper. However, today Princess's audacity hit a nerve.

She sucker-punched me, sending me straight through a billboard. "Smile! You're in Townsville" it read under a picture of my sisters and I.

Their portraits were fine. It was mine she destroyed. Plywood from what was my face splintered everywhere, falling down to the street below. Passing pedestrians scattered, ducking away from the debris.

Princess was off in the distance, waiting and ready.

"You don't have anything better to do on a Friday night?"

She gave an arrogant shrug in response. This brat was only getting started. I needed to take this out of town before Princess made a bigger mess than this was even worth.

Just needed a lure. And, I knew exactly the one to use.

"…actually, now, that I think about it." I stood up on the ledge of what remained of the billboard. "I'm not surprised."

Princess instantly got defensive.

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Well, you have all this free time. You should really get a boyfriend, or something. Oh, wait-"

She practically snarled. But, she took the bait. I bolted in to the air, making a beeline to the outskirts of town.

"Get back here you little bitch!" Princess wailed after me.

Her pride got the worst of her. She never learned.

A grown ass adult, and the stubborn brat still hadn't changed. In all fairness, maybe I was expecting too much of the juvenile 21-year-old. She never really ever grew up.

"To think he missed out on a prize like you." I rubbed salt in the wound, it was too easy.

Princess was already fuming. She took rejection so badly, as if it physically wounded her. It crippled her pride.

"Say that to my fucking face!"

She was trailing close behind. Right as she reached for me, I snatched her golden mechanical wing and swung her a full 360 degrees. The oversized brat got a hard toss.

A distant tree cushioned her landing. Princess crashed in to the branches.

"Done, yet?"

Flying out of the tree, Princess came straight for me with leaves still stuck in her curly hair and stupid tiara. Some scattered in the wind behind her, and I doubt she realized how ridiculous she looked. Like some kid fussing on the playground.

"Come back here and fight me!"

Princess was quickly in my face swinging, throwing punches. Her blood pressure may take her out before I had a chance to. It was pathetic.

"See, that's your problem." I told her. "Tantrums aren't cute."

I blocked her hits, sending Princess in to a rage. Finally, she landed a decent punch to my face and busted my bottom lip open a bit.

"Neither is that." She sneered haughty and suddenly far too content.

Blood trickled out. Now, I was mad.

"Oh, did I ruin your pretty face?" Princess batted her overly done up hazel, eyes at me.

"Doesn't matter." I wiped the blood away. "It's not my face he'll be kissing."

"You stupid little-He's supposed to be mine!"

She grabbed my hair. How clever and mature.

"See how much he likes you when you're bald!" She pulled and wouldn't let go.

This cat fight was beneath me. I dove us in to a nearby pond, plummeting straight down. We hit the water, and she let go. I flew up the second she lost her grip on me.

"No!" She wailed as the water short-circuited her suit."Nooo! Daddy just bought this one!"

I didn't realize I could do that. Her dad hadn't sprung for a water proof model? Really?

Now that she couldn't fly away, Princess was stuck in the water leaving her no other choice but to physically swim to shore. That useless suit weighed her down. She sputtered on water, flailing her limbs. I only stayed and watched to ensure she didn't drown over this.

"Still think Daddy can buy you superpowers?"

"I will be a Powerpuff girl!" Princess wailed, dragging herself out of the water dripping and pissed. "Just you watch!"

She stumbled forward, barely catching herself. Her makeup dripped down her face; curly hair slicked straight and stuck down her back.

"And, I'll be better than you ever were!" she panted in exhaustion.

"Money can't buy you everything, Princess."

She could wake up tomorrow with actual powers, and it still wouldn't change anything. Her heart was in the wrong place. It always would be.

I flew away, leaving a lone pink streak in the dusky sky.


Townsville was slowing down with dark rolling in soon. Flying sopping wet, I was hit with the windchill. It was freezing up this high.

I flew down in to a secluded alley. My short pink skirt and white camisole were soaked through. Everything was just stuck to me leaving very little to the imagination. This outfit was cute for a casual get together. It wasn't so practical to fight in.

In my defense, I hadn't gone out to fight.

"Damn it, Princess" I muttered. "Of all the days."

The early evening air had a chill to it and I shivered, wringing out my long hair. To make things worse, I heard something land behind me.

"Kind of chilly to be going for a swim, isn't it?"

"Rhetorical questions are so overplayed, aren't they?"

I didn't give Brick the satisfaction of showing him I rolled my eyes. I kept my back to him.

"Just sayin'." he defended.

He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his ripped black jeans, red flannel button-down shirt blowing in a passing breeze. Cigarette between his lips, he lit the end with a zippo lighter.

"Hell of a fight she put up." He took his first drag. "Until she started tugging hair. Cheap bullshit."

"That's why I dunked her."

"Smart girl."

I finally looked at him.

"I'm a woman." I bluntly reminded him.

Brick gave me a not so subtle once over. His gaze got stuck on my legs a moment, then my chest. Finally, he was looking at me.

"I've noticed." He assured me, shit-eating grin creeping over his face.

Those red eyes were coy and troublesome. I shivered for reasons unrelated to the brisk breeze.

"You look cold. Wanna come over and towel off?" The offer preceded a suggestive leer. "Should probably get out of those wet clothes."

"Give me your phone."

I texted Robin.

"She has my purse." I explained. "Need her to hold on to it."

Finishing his cigarette, he crushed it in to the cement with his sneaker. Not once did he tear his eyes off me. He smirked like he found something so amusing.

"What?" I almost snapped.

"Does she have your jacket too?"

"...yeah. Why?"

He took off his flannel and gave it to me, keeping the black shirt he wore underneath.

"Might want to cover those." He suggested.

My white camisole was soaked completely, thus revealing my cotton pink bra. My nipples were hard and poking through.

"Pervert." I huffed, but took the shirt.

The sleeves were too long and the hem came down past my mid-thigh, covering my indecency and protecting just enough of me for the fly across the other side of town, where no one questioned a red and pink streak darting past the clouds.


The house Brick shared with his brothers wasn't bad, but the part of town was. I normally kept a low profile when visiting this way. Mostly for my own sake.

No one ever dared give me a hard time. But, as a known crime fighter, this neighborhood didn't exactly welcome me with me open arms. And, my own would question my integrity for being here.

I questioned myself for being here.

However, there were select groups of men who didn't mind me. Brick never liked their lingering stares. Especially now. If looks could killed, bodies would've dropped like flies on the pavement.

"Got a problem?" Brick narrowed his eyes at a local gang member sitting on the street outside his house.

He'd been staring at my legs. Their kind were always out drinking and loitering around. Knowing damn well he couldn't take Brick, let alone both of us, the man scoffed.

"Nah, no problem man." He raised a beer bottle to his lips, looking away. "We good. Right, boys?"

The rest of the crew shook their heads in agreement and followed his example.

"Then mind your own fucking business." Brick warned.

He unlocked his front door, motioning with his head for me to get in. Boomer and Butch were on the couch playing video games, as was a typical Friday for them.

"Sup, guys." Boomer greeted, eyes on the screen and not really paying attention to his surroundings. "Blossom's here early."

The only reason he knew I was here too was he heard his brother's little spat outside the door.

"...the hell happened to you?" Butch grunted when I walked by.

"Morbucks is a bitch."

"Don't I know it."

I flew upstairs and directly to Brick's room. All the wet clothes came off immediately. I went to his bathroom and stripped, leaving everything to dry.

I ran a hot shower for myself, grateful to get in. The bathroom door opened. Brick brought me a fresh towel, leaving it on the sink.

"Not very evil of you." I piped up.

"I'm off duty."

"Aren't you considerate?"

Brick leaned one shoulder up against the bathroom wall while I washed away my encounter with the notorious rich kid of Townsville.

"What was that you were saying about rhetorical questions, earlier?" He flicked the shower curtain. "Huh?"

Shampoo in hand, I lathered my hair.

"Ugh, the pond made my hair smell like algae." I complained. "Disgusting."

"At least you got to keep it."


I lathered harder until I was sure it was clean and rinsed. The water turned off and I held my hand out for the towel. Brick handed it to me.

"First aid kit is in the medicine cabinet." He said.

I stepped past him to the mirror, inspecting the number Princess did to my lip. It wasn't bad. Just a small cut not bleeding anymore.

"You could be black and blue, and that face could still give Morbucks a run for her money."

"Don't you mean her daddy's money?"

Wetting a cotton ball with antiseptic, I cleaned the cut.

"Can't believe she went for my face."

"She's a catty cunt. Doesn't surprise me."

We briefly met eyes in the mirror. Brick raised a brow with interest.

"I could kiss that better." He told me.

"Somehow, I don't think a villain could."

I tossed the cotton ball in the trash and left.

"Where's that shirt I like?" I opened one of Brick's drawers. "The big red cotton one with the short sleeves."

"Over there."

Towards the head of the bed it was folded and waiting for me. It came down above my knees. I toweled dried my hair. My scalp was tender where she yanked.

"You look pissed." Brick observed.

"She nearly ripped my hair out. There's actual crime to deal with, and Princess is wasting my time lately." I complained. "You villains are aggravating."

"Wouldn't so much call her a villain, as I would a fucking pain in the ass."

"Whatever you wanna call her." I dismissed.

Brick shrugged disinterestedly.

"I've never cared enough, Babe."

I gently used a comb to fix my damp hair, thoroughly done with this topic.

"I'm taking a nap."


I fell asleep, waking up to a dark room later. The bed shifted under someone's weight. Brick climbed in behind me. I could smell the soap from his shower.

He was a night owl, so it must've been late if he was turning in for bed now. I couldn't hear his brothers hollering over the game system downstairs, anymore.

"What time is it?" I stifled a yawn.

"Past two."

That explained it. They were probably both in bed falling asleep with their T.V's on if they weren't passed out already. Brick plugged his phone in to charge and rolled over towards me. He came in close behind. I could feel his body heat through this borrowed shirt.

Amongst other things.

"Hey." he kissed the back of my neck.


He chuckled lowly. And, I'd always loved the sound. Good guys didn't sound like that. The hairs at the nape of my neck stood on end pleasurably.

"Don't 'what' me." Brick's hand trailed up my thigh to my hip, bringing the hem of my shirt with it. "Come here."

"If I don't?"

"Where's the fun in that?"

I scoffed, but rolled over towards him. There was still space between us. Very little. But, some. I was lying right next to him.

"Closer." He brought my leg around his waist, dragging me in the last couple of inches.

I was flush against him. Brick dragged his warm palm over my thigh to my ass. He squeezed the flesh there.

"Isn't that better?" His breath smelled like the mouthwash he used after brushing his teeth. "I think so."

"Now what?" I goaded him.

Slowly, he slid his hand between our bodies.

"I could think of something."

I bit my inner lip when he reached me. He rubbed between my legs. It didn't take long for him to feel silky wetness form at his fingertips. I softly rocked in to his hand, squeezing his body with the leg I had curled around him.

"That's a good girl." Brick smirked against my cheek.

He kept his touch light and steady, eating up the sound of me getting hot and bothered. I was started to pant. His lips grazed the corner of my mouth, ready to part along mine. I turned my face away.

This was one of many of his attempted kisses I'd rejected. All of them, for that matter. It never stopped him from trying.

"Can't say I appreciate that cold shoulder." He kissed at my neck instead, ghosting my skin with his hot breath. "When you going to drop that?"

I ignored him, moving harder in to his fingers as he touched me. I was just about to give when he took his hand back.

"Now what?" He mocked me, sucking his finger clean.


"Oh, I'm sorry; Did you want me to play nice? Practice what you preach, then."

I climbed on top of him, sitting myself on his thigh. All he had on for bed were boxers. I ground in to his bare skin.

"I'll finish myself." I tossed my hair over one shoulder. "I don't need you."

"Whatever you say. That's still my thigh, Babe."

Contrary to my relinquishment of Brick's role here, he still touched me. He traced circles over my shirt with his thumbs, playing with my nipples through the fabric while I ground down on to his leg. My hips moved, mimicking a sensual rhythm he was quite familiar with.

"That's it." He encouraged me. "Fuck, I love it when you're horny."

I wasn't supposed to be here, especially not for this. And, I kept coming back.

I was supposed to be better than this. I couldn't bring myself to care right now. Brick slipped his hands up under my shirt, touching my breasts directly while I rode his leg. He played with my nipples, lightly pinching and rolling them until I was just at the edge.

It wasn't enough, however. And, he knew that. I stopped to take a breath. This wasn't getting me where I needed to go.

"Change seats." Brick offered, his voice had taken on that husky drawl. "Might get you farther."

He tugged the hem of my shirt to try and lure me forward. He was so smug about it, I considered saying no. But, the offer was too good to refuse. I crawled up his body until I had a knee on either side of his head.

He made me toss the shirt. So, there I was naked and mounted over his face using the headboard for balance.

I'd been horrified the first time he asked me to do this. Practically sitting on someone's face just seemed so vulgar and not lady like...If I was being honest with myself, that's why it turned me on. Brick brought out the worst in me.

Gripping the headboard, I felt my face flare up when wet heat lashed out between my legs without warning. I gasped, quickly recovering and easing down closer to his mouth. I shut my eyes, whimpering to myself from his tongue strokes.

He flicked it against me, caressing up my sides with his hands. I rocked my hips gently against his swirling tongue. My thighs began trembling on either side of his head.

"A-Ah, a little h-harder." I panted to which he quickly obliged.

I could faintly hear the soft wet sound of him licking me in the quiet of the night. I was so worked up from earlier and on clown nine about to burst in to climax any second now.

"Brick…" I whispered under my breath. "I'm almost there…"

I swiveled my hips, concentrating until hitting the peak. I shuddered pleasurably, slowing my movements ready to ease myself off his face. He wouldn't let me get up.

In the falling climax, each flick of his tongue felt too intense. I flinched, feeling my body give a quick jolt each time.

"Brick." I tried again.

I got a perverse, almost sinister chortle in response. That moment served as a reminder that with me, Brick was a dangerous combination of eager to please, and sadistic.

"Hold on tight." He warned me.

He promptly went to town on me in a calculated oral assault. With the tip of his tongue he traced precise, almost languid circles over my sensitive flesh- picking up speed as I involuntarily squirmed atop of him.

I held back pleasured cries with every fiber of my being, whimpering under my breath. The walls here were only so thick, and I'd just about die if either of his brothers heard me.

"Nng-" My nails scraped the smooth polish of the headboard where I clenched. "Mm-...a-ah...a-ahh..."

Brick suckled my clit between his lips, stopping to flick it quickly in short spurts. He kept on until my entire body seized and gave involuntary spasms. I was red in the face, overwhelmed with pleasurable waves of aftershock.

So much so that I almost screamed. I finished strong. Hushed cries crawled up my throat, tumbling out with desperation. I could feel that crooked grin under me.

"Okay, you happy now?" I asked once I caught my breath a little. "Phew...thought I was going to scream for a second there."

I tried again to move, only to find my hips still cemented in place.

Brick pressed a kiss to my intimate flesh, tongue snaking out. He tightened his grip on my hips. My blood ran cold when I realized what was about to happen.

"No, no, no, no, no-" I immediately panicked, trying to rip myself away.

It was simply too late. He plunged his tongue inside me this time. I gripped the headboard with white knuckles, shaking and desperately trying to pull myself up. But, he was stronger than I was. I wasn't getting away.

It was all an intense blur after that.

He forced me to cum, I'm not even sure how many times. I just remembered shaking and holding my breath, not getting enough air. Tears streamed down my face, and my orgasms eventually sounded close to sobbing. I was begging to be let go.

"Brick, I'm gonna scream..." I whined through clenched teeth. "Please-"

I couldn't hold it back much longer. By some cruel grace, Brick finally let go before I could disturb the quiet house. But, I couldn't feel my legs. And, I couldn't move.

And, he wasn't even done with me.

He pushed me off, my head landing towards the foot of the bed. He crawled on top of me. I didn't have to see his face to know how satisfied he was. Or, just how much he enjoyed himself.

Some moonlight seeping in through the blinds showed me. He wiped his shimmering mouth with the back of his arm.

"Bet that felt good." He taunted me, darkly. "But, you don't need me. Isn't that what you said?"

Apparently, he'd gotten out of his underwear before he got on top of me. Because, I felt him throbbing against me. He was hard, the weight of his bare cock heavy on my thigh.

He grabbed me by the bends of each knee, dragging me down closer until his pelvis was aligned with mine.

He made sure to look me in the face. His red eyes just seemed to glow maleficent in the dark. The very first time they loomed over me, I felt my innocence dissolve. He greedily drank it in.

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret." Brick bent my legs apart.

With one swift thrust, he was inside me.

"This is mine."

Thoroughly wet and lax, my body didn't put up any resistance. I couldn't have fought him off even if I wanted to.

He moved against me, hands planted on either side of my body. His thrusts were hard. The mattress moved with his momentum.

Flesh hitting flesh became unbearably loud in the dark. I cried out each time his hips hit me, clutching at him as he rocked me back and forth. I buried my face in the crook of his neck, muffling myself.

"You don't need this?" He growled under his breath. "You love it."

Brick took one hand, wrapping it around my neck just hard enough to force my head back down to the bed. He never hurt me. He couldn't. Not anymore.

We grew up, hit puberty, and his attention drastically changed. He changed. That boy became a man. When I became a woman, he was the first one to notice.

Overnight, he never laid a finger on me again. But, he could hardly keep those eyes to himself. They were boring in to me now. Brick leaned in, nose to nose with me.

"Just fucking kiss me." He said, breath against my lips.

I wouldn't open my mouth.

"Blossom." His voice took on that steel edge to it, like he was losing his patience.

Maybe, he was.

"I love you." The words touched my ears for the first time.

I played it like I could live without him. Like being here was all just a choice. But, there are reasons we make choices. Inevitably, they all have consequences.

Had he humored Princess, we wouldn't be here right now. It wouldn't have gone this far. But, Princess could never be me.

I was everything she wasn't. And, Brick made his choice a long time ago. Without regrets.

I couldn't really say I had any, myself. Even as I laid there subdued under him and powerless to his control over my body. It slipped in to surrender.

Brick bucked furiously against me, groaning low in his chest as my body quaked in warning. He nipped my blemished lip, forcing me to open my mouth. I gasped and his tongue plunged past my teeth

"Mmph-" My hands came up to push him away.

Brick pinned my wrists down, ravaging my mouth without apology. Or, restraint. Tongue against tongue, I could faintly taste myself on him. The sweet, coppery tang.

I hit the threshold with an Earth-shattering tremor, legs coming up to curl around his waist and pull him to me. Desperately holding on, and grasping for some foundation in this sinkhole, they locked around him.

Brick let my hands free. I tangled my fingers in his firey hair, clutching his face close.


Additional Author's Note:

I wanted to play around with the "opposites attract" trope. You know, that whole Good vs. Evil dynamic that Blossom and Brick have.

But, I also wanted to do something where the bad girl wants the bad boy- but, the bad boy doesn't want her back- with Princess and Brick.

In a way I've always secretly shipped Princess and Brick in that "This logically makes more sense" type of way. You know, evil with evil. But, she's a spoiled brat and Blossom is bae so...Lol! Thanks for reading!

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