Incest Gangbang

BY : Abby
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Disclaimer: Includes: incest, animal/human sex, anal, multiple cocks in each hole, very rough.

I wake up to loud noise. My two brothers and I are home alone so I go to check on them, concerned. I pull a tank top over my 12 yr old body. And I had just gotten tits. I follow the noise to my oldest brother's room. His name a Matthew and he is 18. My other older brother is Lucas he is 16. I open the door of Matthews's room and see Matthew and Lucas sitting around his desk watching something while moving their arm up and down. 
"Matt, Luke? What are you doing?" I ask. They turn around shocked
"Abby, what are you doing?!" They question at the same time. I look at them and see two sticks coming out of their shorts. I look at them curiously then look up at the screen. A girl is stroking the sticks up and down. 
"Is that what you want," I point at the screen "if it will make you happy I can do it to you" I offer. They look at each other for a second, then turn and nod at me. I walk over and kneel in between them. I grab the slightly bigger on that's in Matts shorts then the one in Lukes shorts and start moving my hands up and down. They start making more sounds. I look back at the video and the girl has her mouth on one. I chose Lukes to try it on. I lean forward and lick the tip. I start sucking on it. 

"Fuck, yes! Suck that dick baby" Luke yells. I suck on the tip, of what I now know is a dick, harder. I feel this hand on the back of my head then he starts pushing me down on his dick. He pushes me down so far I can't breathe. I let go of Matts dick and try to push his hand off my head. He just pushes my head further down on his dicks. I hear him groan and then a liquid shoots down my throat. When it stops shooting down my throat he lets go. I come off his dick and swallow it. I feel Matt comes up behind me and pick me up. 
"Wha-" I'm cut off as he throws me onto this bed. 
"Just relax, Abby. Relax" He tells me. He climbs on top of me, then takes off my clothes. When he finishes undressing me, he just stares at me. I back up on the bed. He grabs my ankles pulls me back up to him. Luke then comes up behind him and says "Their one their way. Should we go ahead and get started?" "Yeah, let's get her prepped," Matt says. His hand travels down my body until it hits my pussy. He starts to rub it a little. then he slips a finger in my hole. I yelp as he does.
"Matt that hurts stop." I try to lean forward and push the hand away from me but Luke then comes up and holds my wrists down. 
"Fuck Abby your so tight!" Matt moans, Just as he finishes the door opens and three guys walk in holding a camera and a tripod. I recognize them as Matt and Lukes's friends. The tallest one is River, the blonde is Shane and the shortest is Noah. 
"Is she ready?" River asks 
"No, but it doesn't matter. We can use her anyway." Matt replys. I watch as Noah sets up the tripod and camera. Shane walks over and starts messing with my tits. "Who whats what holes?" Matt asks
"Ass," Noah says
"Pussy" River says
"I'll share her ass with Noah," Luke says 
"I'll take her mouth," Shane says
"Ok, I'll share her pussy with river," Matt says. Then Noah and Luke get under me so they can take my ass. And River and Matt get in position. "Wait to take her mouth I wanna hear her screams" Just as Matt finishes his sentence he slams into my pussy. I scream loudly. Just as I'm started to calm down River slams in next to him. As I'm screaming Luke slams into my ass followed by Noah. The Shane takes my mouth when my screams of pain start to lessen. But when they start thrusting into me I start up screaming again only around his dick his time. I can feel both my holes stretch as they take my holes. As Shane fucks my mouth he reachs behind and grabs my nipple. He starts pulling them and stretching them and pinches them. He switchs beween the two until I feel another hand come up and do the same. With both hands focusing on one the pain in my nipples increases greatly. After a few more mintures of pain all over Shane yells "Fuck I'm gonna cum!" After a few more thurst he shoots his cum down my throat. He pushes my head to the base of his dick and makes me stay there until he finishes. He pulls off and I look at him and swallow it. 

"Get the plugs, we aren't gonna last much longer and I want our cum to stay in her" Matt says. Shane then run over to a bag I never notices and pulls out to plugs. Just after he walks over I feel cum shooting into both my holes. I feel the cocks pull out of my holes and wuickly after two things are put in both my holes. I pass out as Shane puts the plugs in. My last thought is 'Whats gonna happen next?'



Part 2 coming soon...........

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