Poject Fluttershy

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The Cloudsale Factory, a place few would think could hold a drug, and even less would try to find it. However, one night, one kind soul had gone into the Factory, hellbent on a find it. On this night, a figure quietly mover through the hallways, careful not to alert any security. Dressed in her spy uniform consisting of skintight hooded long sleeve zip up bodysuit, that had an open Back cut out Bandage Sexy Monokini look to it, with thigh high leather boots, the hood had bunny ears, the figure had peach cream skin, long wavy pink hair and light blue eyes with a busty and voluptuous body. "It should be around her somewhere…" she mumbled to herself. Her name is Fluttershy, working as a spy had it damage but in this case, it was personal. A week ago, while visiting her family, Fluttershy happened come across drug in her brother room. Having a quick talk with her brother Zephyr, Fluttershy found out he got the drug from the Weather Factory. Normally Fluttershy wasn't one to go alone but seeing that it was her family affair. Unfortunately, Fluttershy left before seeing Zephyr pull out a phone "Street Rat tell boys the Spy took the bait."

As Fluttershy was looking through various places to find the lab, found a hidden door beneath the floor she was standing. "Yes, I found it." Fluttershy said to herself finding the access door and found it was abandoned. "Well look what we have here," a voice say behind her, before she could react, a syringe pierced her arm, and her head started to feel lighter, and it wasn't long before long that she passed out. As Fluttershy fell asleep in the arms of his attacker said, "Time to score with a Spy."

Fluttershy opened her eyes and found herself tied ceiling, with her arm over her head, hanging just above floor, her feet barely touching the ground. "Look she's waking up, call Hoops so we can start our little project" A man said, she quick recognized as Dumb-bell one of her former bullies. The one making the phone call was Score, another former bullies. Fluttershy was scare as Score was laughing and sighting at her with lust.

In a rush Hoops came in, Fluttershy was set between Dumb-bell and Score with telling Score, "Ready Pal." As Hoops stand in between his friend with Score continue to speak, "Thanks for coming here so fast."

Hoops lustful smirked at Fluttershy body, "My my, what a cut spy, isn't she?" With a serious tone Hoops said, "So, what were you doing here."

Fluttershy with a blush on her face with a clam look to face by lowing her head and standing silence. With a smirk Hoops said, "I see, you won't talk." Pulling out a box knife from his pocket Hoops "That's a problem." As his smirk grew Hoops said, "If you won't answer us, we'll just ask your body…" saying this even though they were going to assault her anyway as he continued to speak, "…secret agent, Fluttershy."

Scare Fluttershy "How do you know I'm a Spy" worry what the knife was for.

Hoop with a evil tone, "You've failed as a spy, falling for such a simple trap." As if he was gloating "Outwardly, we are just a Factory…" pausing for effect to enjoy the fear in Fluttershy's eyes, "but we do have a lot of project at the request of our clients."

In stock Dumb-bell yelled "Bro!"

As the fear grow Fluttershy voice soften, "Why are you telling me?"

As Hoops walk closer to Fluttershy still holding the knife straight up he said, "Because even if I tell the truth, you've not getting out of here."

Fluttershy still afraid "No! What are you going to do?" stock as Hoops squeeze her right breast, Fluttershy screamed "Stop!" As Hoops was grabbed the strips of her suits so he could cut it. Fluttershy screamed, "No! Stop!" as she tried to struggle.

Annoyed Hoops said, "If you move, you'll get cut." No sooner had he spoke the words he was able to cut the fabric. All Fluttershy could was scream as the sound of fabric ripping, before leaving her lower half exposed. "No! Stop! Let me go." Fluttershy look at the ground with panic in her eyes.

The Boys gawked at her pussy. It was so cute and innocent, untouched, and shaved, she was. Hoops lick his chops, "That's a pretty pussy."

Shutting her eyes and wishing this were just a nightmare, Fluttershy screamed "Don't look at me!" The feel of Hoops' index and middle fingers penetrated her slit as her nether lip leaked fluid onto his fingers. Fluttershy screamed, "Stop! Don't touch me!"

"Oh, I see here, this isn't your first time?" Hoops murmured, move his fingers in, out and around, bringing forth signs of fear and pleasure from Fluttershy

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Fluttershy moaned, still looking at the ground.

"Since this isn't your first time, I won't go easy on you." Hoops chuckled, holding up his fingers drenched in Fluttershy sauce. "Look, this is the juice that came out of you."

"No!" Fluttershy yelled, still looking at the ground. Hoops grabbed her nose with his left hand and shove his right fingers into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself as his finger move up and down her mouth so she could thing his fingers.

"I don't think it will be a problem to put it in." Hoops chuckled, unzipped his pant zipper and letting his penis pop out of the whole. "This is going to go inside of you."

"W-wait, please." Fluttershy pleaded, having a red face. "It's my first time!"

"Dumb-bell, Score, hold her legs," Hoops ordered. Dumb-bell and Score grabbed legs and lefted her legs up, spreading them. Presenting her lovely nether lips to Hoops.

"No! Stop!" Fluttershy beg, as she struggle but just made Hoops harder as her exposed pussy leak liquid and her tight-fit suit highlighted her perky mounds. "Please, stop this!" As Hoops came closer to, Fluttershy still pleading "Stop! No!" with tears in her eyes still pleading "No!" As she felt it. Big, Round Probing at her entrance. Fluttershy screamed, "Stop!" as Hoops cock prodded blindly as if it didn't know the way in. Having his fun Hoops slowly shoved his dick into her entrance as she screamed "Ouch! It hurt!" Despite his slow thrust, she grimaced as every thrust, parting her further away from innocence. Her folds stretched with so much pain as blood and love juice flow out of her as her cherry pop. The two fingers couldn't have prepared her for enormity come as she screamed "Take it out!"

"It so tight" Hoops said, astound in his own right as snatch her virginity. He worked her tightness pound away, aided by her overflowing excitement. "First timers are spectacular" he murmured shock and elation at her tightness.

"It hurts!" Fluttershy gasped out, she sobbed, "I don't want it!" she shook her head from left and right. "Take it out!" she pants and moaned as her cunt was force to gobble up more and more, salivating around his thickness. "Please! Take it out!" she pleaded as he ploughed into her at a furious pace "No! It hurts…"

"What do you want me to take out?" Hoops chuckled as his tightness, as his manhood was practically knocking on the door to her cervix.

"Y-your pen—" she screamed as Hoops thrusts double in speed pumping into her. "Please, take it out." Screaming as the pain and pleasure grew. "Please take your penis out of me." She begged

"Aren't you embarrassed to sound so lewd?" Hoops grinned as pound away at Fluttershy.

"You're making me say it…" Fluttershy lowed herself so she is hanging flat on her back, but allow Hoops to penetrate a little bit deeper now.

"You're feeling so good, but you want me to take it out?" Hoops asked, rhetorically.

"You're ripping me open!" Fluttershy yelled out as Hoops pounded her most sensitive spots over and over.

"Just a little longer." Hoops said, as he continued to pound in and out of Fluttershy, he could sence his clock ticking. He gritted his teeth so he could try to postpone his release as long as possible. "I will cum inside of you."

"Inside" she said, "Please stop!" she pleaded as tear flow down her check. "I'll do anything, just not inside, please!" Fluttershy beg as she was getting absolutely drilled.

"If that's want you want, stop enjoying it." Hoops groan as his hand squeezed her ass as hard enough to leave bruises as her pussy tightness up as if it was about to cum.

"I don't want it to feel good!" she screamed out as Hoop increase both the frequency and power of his thrust. "I'm gonna get pregnant!" she streamed she climax as she continued to get hammered. As Hoops was going harder and reaching deeper with every thrust. Hoops was unable to fend it off anymore either, so he fired load just moments after Fluttershy finished. "It's coming in…" said Fluttershy, half-words, halfs pants. "He came inside…"

After Hoops finally quit shooting his semen inside of Fluttershy, Dumb-bell and Score helped Hoops lower Fluttershy, so Hoops could lay on the floor with Fluttershy who was to straddle Hoop, with his hard dick still buried inside of her sex. "We're just getting started…" Hoops said, moving his hips a little, which made Fluttershy moan, feeling Hoops was still inside of her and still hard. "Dumb-bell, Score, we have to have a proper welcoming party." Hoops said mischievous smirk on his face as he stopped moving hip.

"Of Course," Dumb-bell walk behind Fluttershy, "We have to welcome you from our hearts."

As Dumb-bell places his hands on her ass. Fluttershy gasped as Dumb-bell spread her cheeks apart. "No! Stop!" Fluttershy cried as she felt a hot pressure against her asshole. She pleaded and screamed as Dumb-bell forced his cock into her ass. "Not my butt!"

"Oh, that won't do," Dumb-bell grunted. He slowly pushed his length up Fluttershy's ass; the pain and pressure from the cock was made worse by Hoop's cock slow thrusting in her pussy. "You're going to feel our welcome."

"You're going to feel our welcome." Hoops said as enjoy Fluttershy love tunnel around his cock.

"No, I don't want you to!" Fluttershy begged Dumb-bell cock slowly pound her ass.

"Stop clenching or you're going to tear!" Dumb-bell said, as his length pound her ass.

In stock Fluttershy let out a moaning scream as both males started to pound her ass and pussy. "It hurts, my butt hurts!" as she was double penetrated.

"I'm sorry, but we can't take forever." Hoops chuckled, as he forced his cock into her pussy.

"It hurts!" Fluttershy cried, "My butt is going to tear!" she screamed as they pumped into her pussy and ass like pistons.

"Pal, Can I?" Score asked, as he walk up to Fluttershy face.

"Go ahead." Hoops said as his hand squeezed her thigh harder leaving more bruises.

With that Score unzipped his zipper let his cock slip out and took hold of Fluttershy head, drawing it forward. "Come on!" Score said try to put his cock into her mouth but able as she tried to keep her mouth closed, "Come On!" after that her mouth open, his cock accepted the unwitting invitation, as the cock drove into her mouth. Fluttershy eyed widened as his manhood slip in her month. "Take it in all the way." Scored shoved his cock down her throat. "Use your tongue." Enjoying the how his cock slip down her throat.

"You have bad luck." Hoops laughed, as Fluttershy whimpered and moaned as they fuck her pussy, ass, and mouth. Hot tears spilled from her eyes. "If it weren't for Zephyr, we'd never have known…" Hoops chuckled as her pounded away, "…that you were spy."

As Score pull his dick out Fluttershy grasp. "Zephyr.." that all she was able to say as Score grabbed the top of his head.

"Stop Talking!" Score ordered, "And don't use your teeth!" as Scored forced Fluttershy to go all the way own to the very base of his cock. He could hear her gagging as he kept skull-fucking her.

"I think I'm going to come." Dumb-bell said, wanting to go a step further, Dumb-bell started to slap Fluttershy's ass with every hard shove of his dick.

"Me to." Score said in a jestin manner. Fluttershy whole mouth was stuffed full of Score cock went down and seemed to block her air in her throat because of its extensive length.

"Inside, outside, whatever you want." Hoops smirked as he pounded away. "Her body wants your sperm." As Fluttershy pussy was slick as Hoops cock throbbed inside her as he fucked her faster and harder.

"I'm coming." Dumb-bell groan and came, filling Fluttershy with his seed, Dumb-bell removed his cock from Fluttershy ass and walked over to lean against a hall.

"There." Score groaned out as he released his seed with his cock still lodged in her throat. Fluttershy was forced to shallowed, as Scored ordered, "Drink it all down!" Score then took his hand off of Fluttershy's head and pulled out of mouth., but barely had a moment to catch her breath when Hoop aimed his cock at her face, shot a hot spurt smacked her between the eyes. Granting, Score aimed more burst at her lips and chest. Fluttershy was out of it, heaving as he bathed her in a white-hot shower, his essence sliding down the slope of her cover breast as she coughed a few times. Fluttershy was now exhausting and panting heavily. This didn't stop Hoops one bit though.

"It's a nice color on you." Hoops spat out with malice, "I'm coming too," he said, admiring her flushed face, hazy eyes rolling back in her head "I will release a lot inside of you." As the ricochet of wet smacks doubled in speed and intensity, the ripples bobbing her head up and down, having the hood bounce out her head.

"No, not inside…" Fluttershy pleaded as cum and drool slip out of her mouth. "I'll get pregnant..."

"Here goes…" Hoops groan out as he continued to keep up his pace, "Fluttershy cum… cm with me...!"

"I don't want to be pregnant!" Fluttershy cried out as she shaked her head no, "Not inside…" as Hoops groaned out loudly as he had his climax, giving of a great groan as he had his release, filling Fluttershy with his seed, the feeling of which made the pink hair spied arch her back as she cried out in ecstasy and came. Hoop put out and let Fluttershy just lay on her side with her arm still tied to the ceiling and saying, "Not inside…" and exhausted and saying "I'll get pregnant…" panting and exhausted. As the three admired their work Fluttershy cover breast had a cum spat out them, cum leaking from her pussy and ass, drool and cum leaking from her mouth, and nice red ass from the spanking. All Fluttershy could do was pleaded, "Please…"

"What are you saying?" Hoops ask, rhetorically, as the three men stood over Fluttershy with still hard dick. "We're about to begin round two."

"I can't anymore." Fluttershy pleaded as cum was still on her face.

"I told you, the welcoming party is just beginning." Hoops spat out with malice. As Hoops gazed into Fluttershy hazy blue eyes and order Dumb-bell and Score to each take a side of her

"No! Stop!" Fluttershy screamed as Dumb-bell kneeled right and Score kneeled to left of her

"Who will come inside of you this time?" Hoops said as Score rub her left thigh.

"No! Not inside! I'll get pregnant!" Fluttershy pleaded as Dumb-bell and Score grabbed her legs and spread them. "No!" as Fluttershy continued to plead as Hoops got between her leg and reinserted his cock and pound away as Fluttershy continued to scream "NO!"

Just walk into the doorway

Zephyr just close the door with a hearty chuckle, "Nice to see the spy drop by." As he left his sister to be assaulted some more.

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