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Disclaimer: I do not any of the characters in this nor do i own Gravity Falls, Gravity Falls is owned by Disney and i make no money off this is, which was made just for fun.

I making this story a two parter due me not wanting to drag on for too long, i hope you all enjoy it!

"I don't know Pacifica, these might a bit too small for me."

"Oh don't be such a worry wart, just try them on already!"

Grenda took a deep breath and grabbed the red laced panties from the blonde girl's hands and went into the changing booth.

After the events of "Battle for the Falls!" Pacifica Northwest and her family lost all their money and all had to get normal jobs and live in an apartment, it wasn't much but it was still better then having your face rearranged by some strange one eyed triangle creature wearing a top hat.

Pacifica herself had a much better time adjusting to the life of a non rich person or a "commoner" as her parents would say or at least use to say. Ever since they started their new jobs and new lives, they have slowly started to change their behaviors towards others including their own daughter, which didn't mean much since Pacifica's relationship with them was still strained at best.

It was hard for her to get use to working, especially at Greasy's Diner but she eventually got use to it, even enjoying the smiles on customers faces when she brought them their food, tho she wished that they would tip her more, oh well.

Her relationship with Mable's best friends forever and ever (hey that's what she called them) also changed for the better. Candy helps her with make up and in return, Candy would give Pacifica all types of tips and tricks with any video game that she already owned or would have to save to buy which was still something she would still have to get use to.

Now her relationship with Grenda was a bit more tricky since she had always made fun of how deep voice sounds. They both eventually agreed that they needed to bury the hatchet and start all over again and Pacifica knew the best way how.

"The Mall!"

The two of them started to hang out together at the mall every weekend, doing different things with each other and learning more about one another, like how for example Pacifica didn't know that Grenda could actually sing pretty well.

She learned when one day after the two of them saw a karaoke bar and decided to go inside to see if it was cool enough for them to hang out in, it turned off that it was a perfect place for them to hang out since both of them loved to sing. When Grenda first went to on the stage to sing, Pacifica was both a bit surprised and a bit jealous since everyone was paying attention to Grenda and not her, she was still getting use to the idea that the world didn't revolve around her.

When Grenda was done singing, Pacifica clapped and cheered loudly. "YEAH GIRL! YOU ROCK!" Which was followed by everyone else joining in after her, the thunderous cheers made Grenda feel pride in her singing ability which was one of the main reasons why she and Pacifica decided to come back almost every week, well that and the tasty warm pancake flavored milkshakes.

For Grenda it was a surprise to learn that Pacifica was a lot stronger then she looked, She had learned this when after they done singing a song one night, when they where leaving the stage platform. Pacifica had overheard some guys making fun Grenda.

"Bro is that hippo even allowed up their?" One guy said while pointing towards Grenda who just tried her best to ignore the dickhead.

"I don't know but i bet you she couldn't even walk up those steps without getting winded!" The guy's friend replied while laughing at the oh so funny joke he had just made.

Pacifica went up to their table to confront them. "Excuse me but that's like my friend your making fun of!" She yelled, slamming both of her hands down on the table shaking it and it's contents. The two guys just looked at each other while smirking.

"Bruh who does this bitch think she is?" One of the guys said as he turned his head back towards Pacifica. "Listen babe this America! and as a fully legal American citizen i am with in my legal rights to say whatever the FUCK i want! you got that?" Pacifica just stood their for a moment, thinking of something to say to the two men, suddenly an idea popped into her head, she placed her hand on chin and spoke.

"Oh i think i got it" she said has she reached in her purse. "But tell me do you got this?!" She said as she pulled out a large roll of cash from her purse. "I'd been saving this money up for a special occasion but now-" She trailed off while squinting her eyes at one the guys. "I think i need to teach you a lesson." She said with her voice as cold as ice.

One of the guys eyed the large roll of cash and looked back at his friend before looking back over at Pacifica. "Heh so what you have in mind sweetheart? Cards? Chess? Maybe a nice game of rock paper scissors? I mean there's not much you can d-" Before the guy could even finish his sentence, Pacifica pulled up a chair, sat herself down and slammed her arm down onto the table. "Arm Wrestling contest just you and me, let's go!" She yelled out.

Grenda walked over to where Pacifica was at and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey Pacifica let's just go, these guys aren't worth the trouble, trust me i met guys like these before and they aren't even worth losing money over." Pacifica looked over at her large friend and just smiled at her. "Don't worry Grenda, i won't be losing any money, besides i could use the extra cash."

Pacifica turned her head back towards guy with her expression changing for that of warm smile to a look of death. "When i win, you have to apologize to my friend and you'll have to pay me 50$!" The guy just cracked his knuckles while smirking. "Heh well when I win, you'll have to give me all of your cash, plus you'll have to give me and my friend a blowjob."

Pacifica kept her look of death, one that would even make Bill Cipher shake in fear. "Deal!" She said she leaned her arm forward to shake his hand, she gave him a nice firm hand shake and looked back over at Grenda with the same warm smile she just gave her a few seconds ago. "When we're done, let's get something to eat alright?" Grenda just nodded slowly in response.

Pacifica turned her head back and held out her hand with a serious expression. "Ready when you are." She said coldly. The guy grabbed her hand tightly and smirked. "You better prepare to to give me and my buddy some good ass head!"

Grenda tightly grabbed her own arm and bit her lower lip as she thought to herself "Why was she doing this for me?"

"Alright" the guys friend said."Start on 3, ready?" Pacifica just stared intensely at the guy who just made a kissing motion at her.


Pacifica tighten her grip.


The guy winked at her.

"3!" The guy's friend yelled out.

Pacifica felt the guy start push her arm downwards, she kept her locked and firm as she slowly started to push back, all while keeping her eyes locked on him. The expression on his face went from that of cockiness to worry as he soon realized that he was starting to lose, he started to use more force to push his arm back up, but it didn't help much as sweat started to form on his head while she continued to give him the ice cold look of death.

"What the fuck? How? HOW!? HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU WINNING!?" He yelled out in frustration and anger.

Pacifica just blinked at the guy and started to pull her arm up a little bit, letting the guy get a little slack, just about enough to put it right back to where they where when they started. Pacifica's expression changed from that of the ice cold look of death to that of boredom.

"Wow this is just sad." She said as she started to yawn with her other hand covering mouth, the guy tried to use this chance to force her arm down onto the table but he soon realized that action was a big mistake as soon as he felt her grip tighten. She looked at him with an unimpressed look on her face. "Really dude?"

Grenda had one hand over her mouth while the over played with her ponytail, as she started to breath through her nose with the though going through her head.

"PLEASE DON'T LOSE, PLEASE DON'T LOSE, PLEASE DON'T LOSE" Playing over and over again.

"Well this as been fun but i'm getting hungry and i'm pretty sure my girlfriend is too so if you don't mind, i think i'm going to end this now!" Pacifica said as she slammed the guy's hand down on the table hard enough to spill over his drink. She released her grip on his hand and raised her hand next to her face and sniffed it a few times before retching.

"BLEH! Smells like loser and buffalo wings!"

She reached into her purse and pulled out a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and started to spray and rub her hands with it, meanwhile the guy was rubbing his hand but for a different reason.

"Ah come on man, how the hell did you lose to that bimbo!?" The friend asked the guy.

"HEY"! Grenda yelled out. "You can make fun of me all you want, but don't you dare make fun of my girlfriend!"

Pacifica looked back at Grenda and placed a hand on her chest. "It's alright, let's just get this money and go get something to eat alright?"

Grenda looked down at Pacifica, she had a look of worry on her face which made Grenda feel bad about getting so worked up. She crossed her arms and turned her head away. "Fine, but i want some pizza!"

Pacifica giggled at Grenda's pout. "Sure." She replied. After reviving the money and the apologize, Pacifica walked out the bar with Grenda, who's face had a turned red. "Hey are you alright? You look like you might be sick." Pacifica asked her large partner.

Grenda looked down and Pacifica. "Uh yeah, i think i might need to sit down of a bit tho."

After finding a bench to sit down on, Pacifica and Grenda sat in silence for a bit. Grenda had a burning question for Pacifica but she felt like if she where to ask the question, it might would ruin their relationship so she held her tongue.

Pacifica looked over at Grenda who was staring out in the distance, she looked over at what Grenda was staring at, it was a clothing store with fancy name.

"Grande Beauté" She said out loud "Hmm sounds pretty fancy, so what do ya say? Wanna spend this some this money on some new clothes? " Pacifica asked Grenda while waving some of the money she had just earned like a fan while playfully nudging Her.

Grenda said nothing.

"Uh hello? Earth to Grenda!" She said as she started to snap her fingers in front of the large girls face, still nothing.

This started to worry Pacifica. "Hey if your worried about what those guys said back in the bar don't, people like them have nothing interesting going on in their lives so they have to pick on others just so they make themselves feel better about their boring lives."

"So just like how you use to treat me and my friends." Grenda finally spoke out towards Pacifica without moving her head.

Pacifica looked down at her hands, thinking of what to say, when she finally thought of something to say, Grenda spoke up again.

"So tell me, why did you call me your girlfriend?"

Pacifica moved closer to Grenda and put her hand on Grenda's just before she quickly pulled it away. "Please answer my question Pacifica."

"It's because..." Pacifica stopped when she realized that she didn't have a good answer for her, she tried to think of some excuse, any excuse really but nothing good came to her so she just answered it as honestly as she could.

"I'm not sure, like i'm not even sure why i arm wrestled that guy at all, maybe it's because he reminded me of myself and some of the things i use to say to you." Grenda looked over to Pacifica who just had her head down.

"I guess i just wanted to prove to myself that i was better then how i use to act, so i guess in a way i did it for you, to show you how much i changed, how different i am from how i use to act and treat you."

Pacifica folded her arms together. "Maybe i just wanted you to forgive me for all of the shitty things i done to you over the years and this would be the ultimate way to do that, but i can't change the past..." Tears started to form in Pacifica's eyes. "No matter how hard i try and i know how hard it is to deal with body issues, my parents use to limit how much i ate and what i could wear." Pacifica's face was now a full on waterworks as she started to sob. "And i hated them for it and i hate myself for doing that to you and i-"

Grenda wrapped both of her arms around Pacifica and embraced the once rich girl in a big warm hug. "It's OK Pacifica i forgive you."

This sentence made Pacifica cry even harder as she pressed her face against the warm confines of Grenda's chest, Grenda rubbed her back with one hand while patting her on the head with the other. "I knew that something like this might happen ever since you went up to me and Candy and asked us if we could start over again, to be honest i Pacifica i never really hated you, sure i hated what you said about my voice and body and about Candy but then i realized that it must have been for a reason that you said all those mean things."

Pacifica slowly looked up at Grenda with her face still pressed up against her chest, Grenda's expression was that of warm giant.

"All of the teenage magazines that i read have said that hurt people lash out in anger or in snotty bitchy remarks towards others that they feel are easy targets, i didn't really understand until i found out about your relationship with your parents, including the things with the bell your father used on you."

Pacifica raised an eyebrow. "Wait i never told you anything about that."

"Mable told me after that party where i met Marius." Grenda said.

"Ah i see, i'm gonna have to pay her back for that." Pacifica said while gripping Grenda's shirt.

Grenda just laughed at this this while putting a hand on Pacifica's face to wipe a way her tears.

"So do you want to check out that store now or what?"

We now find ourselves back at the beginning of the story where Grenda and Pacifica have both gone into the store called "Grande Beauté" where Pacifica has convinced Grenda to try on some fancy red lanced panties.

Pacifica waited for Grenda to come out of the changing booth, tapping her foot in annoyance. She checked her phone to see that more then 5 minutes have already pasted, this was unacceptable for her so she knocked on the changing booth's door. "Hey Grenda are you good in there?"

"Uh yeah but..." Her voice started trail off before she finished her sentence. "But what?" Pacifica asked with slight annoyance in the tone of her voice.

Grenda started to speak again but her voice was a bit more quite then how it usually was. "Well do you think you can come in here please."

Pacifica's eyes widen a bit at this question. "Uh sure i guess." She said as she grabbed the handle of the booth and went inside to see Grenda sitting down on a small bench, fully dressed and holding the red laced panties in one hand while her other hand was on her head as she was looking down, vexed at her current situation. Pacifica closed the door behind her and looked over at large girl.

"Are you OK?" She asked. Grenda raised her head up. "No." She responded bluntly.

Pacifica eyed the panties in the girl's hand. "So let me guess, they didn't fit you?"

"Fit me?" Grenda spoke in a low tone voice. "Fit me?" She said again but this time a bit louder. "FIT ME?!" she yelled out in her more usual tone of voice that she usually talked in. "I DIDN'T EVEN TRY THEM ON!" She yelled at Pacifica who jumped back at this. She quickly got herself composed and walked over to the large girl. "Hey it's alright, we can just find you another pair and-"

"NO!" Grenda yelled out.

"I don't want to wear any of these stupid overpriced underwear!" Tears started to form in her eyes. "I just wanna go home and eat a whole tub of ice cream!"

Pacifica didn't know how to react to this so she relied on the ol'northwest charm or as everyone rightfully called it "snark."

"Sure thing Grenda, we can just leave and get a huge tube of cookies and cream ice cream, and hey why stop at that? Let's just lay on your bed, wearing nothing but our nightgown's and watch some Gigi's Odd Journey together!"

Pacifica turned her head away and started to walk to the door when Grenda spoke up.

"Could we get peanut butter ice cream instead? I also wanna watch the dub of Gigi's Odd Journey if that's fine with you..."

Pacifica knew that she was being 100% genuine which bugged her since she herself wasn't so she breathed through her nose and turned her head.

"Uh Grenda i was only joking." Pacifica didn't need to turn her head all the way around to see that this just upset Grenda even more. "I really gotta learn how to stop doing that." She thought to herself, regretting her actions just now.

Grenda stared at the blonde girl with a confused look on her face. "Well why not?" She asked Pacifica. "I don't want to be here and i'm clearly upset right now so just take me home already!" She said as she started to raise her voice at the girl.

"Well i mean you wanted to come in here and-"

"Uh no, you wanted to come in here, i just said yes because i knew it would make you happy!" She yelled at make up wearing blonde.

Grenda stood up, her face now red with anger. "I just thought that you where going to look at some stuff and maybe try some of it on, i never wanted to try any of this stuff on for myself!" Grenda took a step forward and raised up her hand that held the red laced panties. "I mean did you really think i could fit these? Let alone look cute in them?"

"I sorry if you felt like i forced you to come in here for me, let's just leave and-"

"Uh Pacifica, you haven't answered my question." Grenda held up the panties with both of her hands and held them in front of her face. Pacifica stared at the red undergarments that where held in front of her, she imagined what Grenda would look like while wearing them.

The red laced panties hugging against her flabby, pale skin as she walked down a hallway while doing various different poses, each one more sensual then the last, her hair which was usually tied up in a ponytail was now down with part of it going over her shoulder which she just brushed away with her hand which gave her a good view of fully nude upper body which started to make the once rich blonde girl drool in real life.

"Yo Pacifica snap out of it!" Grenda said as she started to snap her fingers in front of the once rich girl's face. When Pacifica came to, the first thing that she saw was Grenda's hand which was in front of her face, Grenda pulled it back when she saw Pacifica came back to reality. Pacifica looked at Grenda and not just in a normal way that you would normally look at someone.

She got a good look at her face, her cheeks that looked oh so warm due to how plump they where, the small beauty mark that she had which was light brown and had always been something that Pacifica had noticed when she first got a good look at Grenda's face.

Grenda had an expression of concern and worry on her face, something that made Pacifica feel bad so she reached out her hand for Grenda's hand and grabbed it, she held it up close to her face and started to slowly rub it on the side of her cheek.

Grenda didn't know how to take this action, she felt the warmness of girl's cheek on her hand as she nuzzled it as if it was a teddy bear, for some reason she didn't mind this too much since she wasn't a stranger to physical contact and she had already hugged her earlier. Grenda remembered how much she enjoyed the hug and how good it felt to be that close with Pacifica, so much so that she had started to wrap her arms about the blonde girl again without realizing it.

Pacifica's face was nuzzled into Grenda's chest which with the added befit of being so close to her, she could hear the large girl's heart beat.





Every thump that she felt gave her a tingly sensation inside. Removing her face from the large girl's chest, she looked up to see Grenda looking down at her with a small smile which she found extremely cute.

"Do you like being close to me Pacifica?"

Pacifica eye's had a bit of a twinkle in them as she heard the large girl's question. "Why i'm i feeling so weird? It's just Grenda! Maybe i'm sick, yeah that's it i'm sick!" The blonde though to herself as she removed her hands from Grenda's chest and stepped back a bit before she started to fake a cough.

"Oh Pacifica are you sick? Here let me check your temperature!" Grenda said frantically as she placed a hand onto the girl's forehead.

"Well it seems like your temperature is fine" Grenda said as she removed her hand from the girl's forehead. "But you might need to go home and call a doctor to check out that giant red blush across your face."

Pacifica tried her best to keep her composer as she looked into the mirror behind Grenda to see that she indeed had a large blush across her face, she quickly covered her face with her hands to try to save herself from the embarrassment. Grenda looked behind her to see the mirror and looked back over at Pacifica, putting two and two together she dropped the red laced panties that she was still holding and went up to Pacifica, placing a hand on her shoulder she spoke to the girl.

"Do you just want to get out of here?"

Pacifica's answer was muffled by her hands but Grenda could still understood what the embarrassed blonde girl said.

"Yes please."

Right on cue Grenda picked up Pacifica bridle style and kicked the changing booth's door open. "HOMEWARD BOUND!" She yelled out as she ran out the store with Pacifica in her arms. Pacifica felt a mix of embarrassment and excitement as she was carried out of the clothing store, her heart started to race as she saw her old friends Tiffany and Stacy who where sitting down on a bench near the giant water fountain.

The two where seemingly talking about the latest gossip when they saw their old leader being carried by a large girl with a beauty mark on her face.

"Hey isn't that Pacifica?" Tiffany, the light skinned one with the bob styled cut and red hooped earrings said.

"Uh yeah i think it is." Stacy, the dark skinned one with the brown curled hair replied.

The two of them watched as Pacifica was carried off to the front of the mall's entrance by Grenda.

"So should we like do something?" Stacy asked while looking back at Tiffany.

"Nah those two look like their on a date, best not two bug them." Stacy said turning back to Tiffany who had her hand on the side of her face.

"Uh, i never though Pacifica would be into girls, let a lone fat girls." Tiffany said confused on why their former friend and leader was being carried out of the mall by a girl that they always made fun of.

Well that was certainty crazy, what crazy shenanigans will those two get into next?

Pacifica: Spoiler alert, we go to Grenda's house and have sex.

Ah come on man, i wanted that to be a surprise for the readers.

Grenda: Well they still don't know how it's going to happen yet.

I mean that is true.

Pacifica: Plus don't you like writing sex scenes more then normal stuff in your stories?


Grenda: Uh oh, i think you made him mad Pacifica.

Pacifica: Oh please, what's the worst he could do? Write me out of the story? Besides this story is more for you then it is for me, so the next part will be more about you anyways.

Grenda: Oh it is? AWESOME! Thank you so much !

No problem Grenda. :)

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of this two part story!

Part two will come out when where i finish writing/editing it so look forward to that. :)

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