Filthy Rich's Bakunyuu cowgirl Honey Crisp

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As the view of a large mansion came, a figure walked down path of the mansion. Dressed in a country western attire consisting of a front-tie top, tan short shorts, and knee boots along with her signature cowboy hat, the figure had tan gamboge skin, bright golden lock of hair and light green with a busty and voluptuous body. Her name is Applejack, the caretaker of Sweet Apple Acres.

“Another day with the richest man in town” Applejack said to herself as carried a box full of her families famous Apple cider. as walk through the entrance to the Rich’s mansion, Doing her regular delivery to the Rich Family.

Putting down her barrel as she stepped onto path of the mansion Applejack smiled as she was almost immediately greeted by a couple of the butler who were hanging around the entrance way “hey, here to see the boss again?” one of the butler asked as Applejack walked towards them “He is in his quarter just let me tell Mr. Rich.”

“Okay” Applejack asked confused as the words, usually the worker would lead her in. “Master just wants me guild to the room to meet in.” Thanking the butler for the info Applejack why the meeting with Filthy Rich was different, because want to show her a new room. Still confused, she followed the butler further into the mansion where she was warmly greeted by more butler. Upon reaching the meeting room Applejack found a door high amount lock. As the butler unlock the lock Applejack approach “Usually a room doesn’t’ need that many locks?”

“Do worry once I done. It will be worth the it.” The butler trying to convince Applejack to worry. The door opened there was empty room except for a sofa, and desk and office chair.

“Applejack nice mean you.” Cried out Filthy Rich walking behind them. With a annoyed expression Applejack turn around and was about to speak to Filthy Rich, but the butler grabbed her from behind and wrapped one arm bending both her arms, while the other arm putted a damp cloth over her mouth, after a short struggle Applejack was out. As she fell into the arms of the butler, Filthy Rich just had a smirk on face as he was thinking what he was about do.

In the room with her clothes spread across the floor in a clothes, laying on floor handcuffed on her right side Apple was dress in with cow theme outfit: With a cow horns on her, cow print glovelettes around her smooth arms, black lace up corset leaving her generous cleavage exposed any moment could my her breasts pop out while as highlighting her hourglass figure, tight leather studded assless chaps leaving her sweet meaty ass exposed, well as highlighting her sexy smooth curly legs, and cowboy boots.

Approaching her from behind Filthy Rich kneeing and pulling her on back, while rubbing her smooth left leg, his hand grabbing her left breast give a squeeze. Lifting her breasts out of its cups, Filthy Rich left arm massage her right breast, and right hand grabbed her left breast so his tongue could circle her areola. Loving how even in her sleep the nipple was ripe and swollen, puffing out for attention, but he continued to make a teasing trace around a few more times. As pop her eyes for a second to moan, Rich mouth enclosed her areola by catching the nipple between his teeth and sucking it hard, drawing another gasp and milk form the girl.

Spreading her legs wide open, looking at Applejack with rising his arm as if he was a king about to claim his prize.

Pitching her womanhood with his left index finger and thump while plunging his right middle finger into her slit, Spreading her labia.

As the squishy sounds increase the fluid of her leak like a river. Spurt, Spurt, Spurt, and moans in her sleep. Kneeing Filthy rich gawked at glimmers of her pussy. It looked so cute and innocent, advocate of shaved, she was. He licked his chop as he dived in and kiss her on pussy lips. With a few French kiss to her wet snatch, Filthy tongue glided along her inner lining, sending a tingle up her spine, and when he reached her arching clit, Applejack cried out a heavenly moan that filled the room. As his tongue pushed in and out of her damp entrance, flicking at her nub she was moan grow longer. His tongue trusting wave after wave through her body. The sounds of room were her moans and her lover slurping up every ounce of ecstasy gushing down his throat As Applejack pussy had clamp down his tongue tight as rapture explode from her core, rippled to her extremities but stocking her from her sleep.

Rising her head confused shout “Who’s there?!” Rising in a bound sitting position glaring at Filthy Rich.

“Applejack…” Filthy said worry. Applejack realize something “It’s you, aren’t it?” remembering for week someone was send her message that she was going to be his. With a worry tone “Wh-What are you talking about?” Applejack in annoyed tone “Lowing yourself to this…You poor man.” Angry with that Filthy slap Applejack across her face and shouting “Shut up!” Grabbing her throat with left hand “Know your place!” anger leaning in her “You’re in my hands now!”

Standing above her as push her to her stomach smirk evilly “I can get away with treating you any way I want.” As he had a belt and crack it, raising his arm over his head. Striking like lightening Filthy Rich thunderously smacks on her ass. Applejack screamed from the whipping, moaning as if she was enjoying how hunt.

“No! Stop it! Rich!” she screamed. “Never called he that! Never! You should call my Master!” Filthy said evilly. Smacking her ass over and over leaving big whip mark across her ass.

“Come on, raise your ass.” Applejack did as told hoping he would be more gentle. Flipping her on her back her began whipping her breast letting red mark as they were lactating.

“Please ! Stop it!” Applejack begged.

Finally done whipping her “You’re soaking wet.” He said, admiring he work. “I know you like this. “That’s… not true!” said Applejack, half words, half pants trying give a standoff look.

“How much longer can you keep that self-righteous expression on you face?” Filthy asked, rhetorically as he had chain collar with a small cowbell in his right hand and a dilio in his left hand give it a quick lick excited for what he was going to do.

Putting her on her knees and kneeing her forward and wrapping the collar around her neck Putting the chain so she was now at a 90-degree angle. With a stock face as he probed the dilio at her entrances. “No.No!” she begged as Filthy pretended not know which hole to put it in.

She grimaced as he shoved the dilio into her pussy with every thrust, parting her further away from innocence.

After teasing her for a few Grabbing her head and tell her, “This time… take this!” shunt his cock into her mouth, fucking her throat like a mad man

“Very nice!” he moaned, “That’s a great look for you!” he came as a torrent of white jizz shot down Applejack’s throat.

Not given a moment to catch her breath. Filthy Rich pushed the blonde on he back and turned her onto her side, lifting her left leg to drape it over his shoulder as he railed her pussy sideway “Applejack! You’re actually a very lewd girl!” he smirking seductively. Panting louder and harder with every time Filthy Rich’s cock slammed against her cervix, Applejack moaned “I like it this way!”

Applejack soon had another oragasm, arching her back as she let out a cry of bliss, her cunt squeezing even tighter around Rich’s cock making him momentarily pause to enjoy the hot wet hole clenching and massaging his shaft just to put her on her back throwing her feet over his shoulders. The new position leaving him penetrate a little deeper against her cervix even harder making her moan like a bitch with a giant smile on her face.

With her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she panted with pleasure. “Harder, Harder!” Applejack screamed as her cunt squeezed even tighter around his cock than it had been. “I’m almost there!” Filthy let out moan, he could sense his clock tick. He gritted his teeth so he could try to postpone his release as possible. Knowing that it wasn’t possible to go on forever, pulling out with a shudder as his release came out in thick blast coving Applejack’s face, hair, breast making the slut moan and simper at how thick it was. Their lovemaking stretched onto hours, experimenting, playing games, Frenching...the works. He fucked her in a half dozen positions, loving every minute of breaking her in. Sitting on the chair is a rope otm, she was riding him again, reverse cowgirl style. His hands pulling rope squeezing her tigher, as she bounced on top of his pole once again. Moaning like a whore her start to massage her breast

“Mmm yes grope my tits.” Applejack breathed was falling. Gripping her waist tight Filthy rich pushed her on the deck fuck her hard from behind, pushing her forward on the desk to as her ass into the air and her face planted in the desk. She let loose wails of please, her hot sex dripping wet as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. “P-Please, Harder! Fuck me like a little bitch!

“Said your, my woman, Applejack”

“I’m your woman! I’m yours!”

“And your body?”

“My body is yours to do with as you please! You can do whatever you like!” she begged before going limp letting the older man use her body as he wished, orgasm after orgasm passing through her from the rough treatment

When Filthy rich finally put on out, and put has he could before cumming hard all over Applejack’s back and into her hair, she could barely thin straight, her entire thrumming with pleasure, as he zip up giving her bubble ass a heavy spank with a chuckle.

“Are your Satisfied, Applejack?” Filthy Rich said as he yanked her hair, forcing her face to his cock aiming shoot another load all over her face and breast. All Applejack could do was nod.

Ten minutes later, Applejack slowly got up and went over to retrieve towel that was sofa. She quickly wiped away evidence of cum from her body and headed for the door. Before, leaving to change, she turned back to Filthy with a cute look and said. “Thank you very much, Master.”

After watching her leaving the room, Filthy Rich though if he could have Applejack and Spoiled Rich together in bed. A small smile crept onto his face and he muttered to himself, “Maybe next time Honey crisp.”

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