Diamond Dog Manage a Rarity

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Disclaimer: I wrote about Rape, but Rape is still evil I do not own My Little Pony, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Walking out a lovely dress store, a figure walk through the park, Dressed in her designer attire consisting of a blue business bottom up vest over little blue bottom up top, blue suit skirt, and purple heels, along with her signature diamond pin in her hair, the figure had pale pearl skin, bright purple lock of hair and light blue eyes with a busty and voluptuous body. “I got my wish two whole week free of dogs.” she mumbled to herself. Her name is Rarity, the Fashion designer and owner of The Carousel Boutique. For a mouth, Rarity would be follow by one of the Diamond Dogs, group of three boys; Rover a tall gray skin with a blue spike hair, Fido a ginger with mussel that can break anyone, and Spot the short one with black hair. The dogs would try to inspire her. Rarity was flatter at first, but it was now it was getting annoying. After yelling at them to leave her alone three weeks ago. she left them with a stock look on their faces but not seeing the stock face turn to lust at if they were going to doing something.

Rarity thinking, she was lucky, she had her night walk through the park by herself. Still not take any chances, if Diamond Dogs were following her, she stayed under the light so if Dogs show themself, they would be seen from a mile away. Looking around and seeing nothing creepy or at least she did not feel like she was being follow. As she passes the restroom hearing. “Meow.” call out a cat that look like a male Opalescence was in front of her path.” Why are you out here?” Rarity smiled. Suddenly, from behind the door a hand was placed on her mouth while arms circled around her and pulling her into the restroom. As Rarity struggled, she heard someone said, “We’re going to have a fun tonight.”

Still in the arm of her captor. There well three captors which were the Diamond Dogs.

Rover arms still around Rarity. “Couldn’t help but notice how shiny you are Rarity now.” Fido saying “Yeah, you’re a right fine catch Rarity.” “Have want to touch her tits.” Spot added

Rarity fidgeted uncomfortably. “Stop it! Why!!” She squirmed, trying to dislodge Rover. Rover just threw Rarity to the ground with Fido now kneeing behind Rarity holding her arms, after Spot ripped open her vents and now with left arm grabbing Rarity right arm and Spot’s right hand on Rarity’ waist. Rover holding Rarity left leg and Rover right arm on her smooth leg groping it.

As Rarity struggle as Fido grabbed Rarity’s hair and pulling her head upward saying, “You want me to hunt you?”. Spot now on her left side pull open her button up shirt revealing her purple strapless lacy purple bra and remove her bra and revealing her double D breast with her pink harden nipple. With a whistle “You have big tits Rarity.” Spot said, with his left-hand clamping down on her right breast massaged her tit round and round and his right arm squeezed her left breast while Spot sucking the milk out of the left breast, drawing a gasp of shock and fear from Rarity. With tear in eye Rarity wishing the nightmare to end. Rover now on her right side plunged his hand down her purple lacy thong teasing her slit up and down laughing while doing it. Fido holding Rarity in a nelson hold with right arm under her shoulder and on his right hand on the back of her head and licking her left ear while holding her left arm with his left arm. Spot massage her left breast round and round. Rover hand still down her undergarment and grabbing the hem of the throng and ripping it. Spot now behind Rarity with his right hand on shoulder and his left hand squeezing her left breast and with her nipple between his teeth and sucked on it hard. Fido now in front of her with manhood out and spreading Rarity legs saying, “Now let me stick it inside.” and seeing her cunt with its small hair and her lubricant spill out. Rarity screaming “NO! NO!” while Spot now on her right side grab her right arm and massaging her right breast. Rover doing the same on her left side. Rarity screaming “DON'T PUT THAT INTO ME!” While Fido between her legs probing her entrance. His dick slipped and slid over her juice and grazing her clit and moving his hip. Soon enough Rover had his plum head cock inside her, bumping away were she was still screaming. Every thrust, parting her further away from innocence stretching her fold with pain as her juice and blood spilled out. Rover grabbing her head and turning Rarity’s head and forced her to suck his cock, making her suck all the way down to base of his cock. The three laughing as Rarity gagging and the trio enjoying themselves with the experience. Switch position by flipping Rarity over, her bent over with Fido fucking her hard from behind pushing her forward into Rover’s manhood, while Spot was groping her breasts. After bump away Fido seed full Rarity womanhood shortly joined by a blast of Rover hot, sticky wetness into her mouth. Taking their dick out just to let Rarity lay on the floor and heaving as Fido saying “Dang, that pussy is amazing.”

“Alright my turn.” Spot said as he laid on the floor with his dick out, “C’mon get her on her knee.”

Not having no strength to resist as Rover and Fido force Rarity to straddle Spot. Spot held onto her hips make her womanhood hover just above his cock and rubbing his head against her slit. Rarity cried as Spot buried his manhood into her sex. Her body burned as the thrust upward move hips in a she did not want to as she start to grind her pussy instinct and move as if she was enjoying the cock inside her.

“Rarity, you are amazing…” Spot said shock and elation at her tightness.

Rarity felt another pair of hands on her ass. “Look at this, sweet ass.” Rover said from behind her. She screamed raggedly as Rover forced his manhood into her ass. “Oh Celestia...”

“Tight! Tight!” Rover groaning. He slowly thrusting his length in Rarity’s ass. Rover push Rarity forward cause her tit to buried Spot face, Spot started to motorboat her; the pain and pressure was growing worst as Spot’s manhood hammering away her pussy.

Fido in front of Rarity took held of her held toward him. Rarity’s eyes widened as she came face to face with his manhood. “No…Please Stop—” With a gasp and pleas were stifled as Fido drove his cock down her mouth.

Rarity whimpered and moaned as her attacker fucked like no tomorrow. Tears continued to spill from her eyes. She felt Rover began to spank her, but she did not care anymore. She found herself no longer really caring what they do to her. Her entire world was three dicks invading her body. As a mix of fear, anger, shame, and pleasure filled her being. As the pleasure was growing, dulling the anger and shame never wanting them never to stop fucking her. Spot began to suck on breast causing more milk to leak from her nipples, moaning into Fido dick. With a hard grab of her hips, Spot begin to fuck her faster and harder as his manhood pump away. Her ass felt pain and pleasure with every hard thrust from Rover’s manhood and the swing form every spank from his strong hand.

“I’m going to come inside you Rarity,” Spot said. “Oh Celestia, Ah coming too!” Rover grunted

At the hot warmth exploded inside Rarity’s pussy. A second blast of cum filled her ass. Shortly joined when Fido took his manhood out of Rarity mouth and aimed his cock at her face as hot spurt smacked between her eyes. Grunting as Fido aimed more bursts at her lips and chest. As her white-hot Shower of Fido essence sliding down the slopes of her breast Rover remove his manhood and zipped up said “My turn with the pussy.” Fido decide to leave. " try not to have too much fun.” Rover said at her left his friends with Rarity. Fido through Rarity to the side so she would be laying on side next Spot, Spot quick got up because he wanted to do something. Spreading her out on her back. Spot straddle Rarity. Spot throbbing cock settled between her breasts. Grabbed her tits, pushing them up and squeezing them, pressing them against his dick. Just as She was forced to give a titfuck, Rover got between her legs and shoved her full length into cunt. Rarity back arched as Rover thrusted deep inside her. Rarity began to link the tip of Spot manhood thrusting quicken up into her cleavage.

After a few minutes of the best titfuck, Spot felt his climax approaching causing him giving a hard squeeze of her breast making her milk to leak from nipples. He finally let out a groan as he shot his semen all over Rarity’s Face and chest. After pumping away both Rarity and Rover had their release. Putting back their manhood back in their pants, Rover and Spot admiring their work as the semen slide down Rarity breast as while as the fluid leak out her vagina and ass.

Spot knelt next to Rarity, “We’re going to leave now, you’re not gonna tell anyone what happened?”

Rarity nodded and looked at him. “This is just a night on the town darling.”

Spot took out his phone and took a few photos of Rarity. The boys just left Rarity behind panting from exhaustion.

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