The Island of Love

BY : Johnny Hung
Category: +G through L > Kung Fu Panda
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Po gasped as he woke up. The blue sky filled his eyesight with white puffy clouds that gently rolled along with the breeze. The air was warm and cool at the same time. The panda felt fine sand under his back and heard the great crashing of water. Po gently sat upright. Vivid blue stretched beyond the horizon until its vanishing point. He stretched his flabby limbs out and rubbed his eyes. "What happened? How did I get here?" Po mumbled and yawned. He froze as he heard gentle shifting sand next to him, accompanied by a soft deep moan. Po looked to his left and saw Tigress resting on her side. The tiger's small smile and easy breathing almost made Po reluctant to wake her.

And he would have left her alone had he not realize she was naked. "WHAAA!" Po screamed, scrambling away from Tigress. The Kung fu tiger instinctively jumped to her fighting pose. She immediately noticed her center of gravity was off, and the unnatural pull forward slightly jarred her stance. "Tt. Ttt...Tttt Tigress!"

"Po?" Tigress looked at the panda and immediately shielded her eyes. "Po! Why on Earth are you naked?!"

"ME?!" Po looked down. "Oh shoot!" Po covered his privates. His eyes darted side to side, frowning as he turned his back to Tigress while still sitting in the sand. "Please let this be a dream, please let this be a dream," Po repeated over and over. Tigress saw her own nakedness, turning away from Po. "Ooookay, so... this is happening," Po stumbled.

"What happened?"

"I don't know," Po answered Tigress, innocently throwing his hands up, "I just remember going to bed last night and now poof! We're here!"

"Yes, you are," Said an unfamiliar female voice. They turned towards the sea, where a strange white light seemed to hover on the sand. It had no limbs or body, just a bright white light that looked like a ball one moment then an oval the next. Neither Po nor Tigress could tell whether or not the light was flat or a sphere. "I'm glad that you are awake." Its voice was light and friendly. A lift in its tone was comforting and easing to Tigress's tense muscles and Po's overactive mind.

"Who are you, uh, ma'am... being?" Po guessed.

"I am Mot-el, creator of this world, and I have placed you here. You two were the worthiest in China, and I've chosen you to take care of my realm here."

Tigress crossed her arms and glared, "And if we refuse."

"Haha! Could you excuse us for a moment?" Po nervously laughed, grabbing Tigress by the shoulder and stepping away. "Tigress, I don't think we should be making this woman... thing mad," he whispered.


"You're kidding, right?" Po said in a deadpanned voice. He slid his hands down his face and puffed out a breath of frustration. "Okay, think about this. If this girl is able to zap us over here, then she might be able to zap us back home or into nothingness!" Tigress looked at Po for a moment before looking back at the being of light. "Let's just try and reason with her before trying anything... dangerous."

Tigress smirked and rolled her eyes, "That's interesting coming from you."

"Hey," Po huffed as they walked back to Mot-el. "Sooo... Mot-el, you said you wanted us to take care of this place for you? Um... for how long?"

"Forever," Came the reply.

"And if we refuse?" Tigress asked bravely. Po gulped.

"Then I send you back," Mot-el answered, "And I'll find someone else to tend here." Tigress and Po looked at each other.

Po shook his head. "Wait, so we can leave here anytime we want to? Then why would we stay?!" Mot-el moved between the two and came towards the main island, or what Po and Tigress thought was an island. "Whoa," Po breathed out as his eyes feasted on the land's lush colorful scenery. Tall palm trees grew at the border of the sand. Beyond that border were tall green trees with all kinds of fruits. A gray purplish mountain with a white snow cap stood in the far distance, towering over the landscape. Tigress saw the most peculiar thing in this tropical paradise.

Bubbles as big as Po's body softly flew into the sky from the vegetation and caught a gentle drift of air. From a large split in the middle of the mountain flowed a waterfall and a cascading rainbow over the falls. The whole view seemed symmetrical. The large mountain had fading hues of red and yellow on its right side and hot pink, white, purple colors to the left. They looked like autumn and spring colors, but that couldn't be if they were in the tropics. However, they could only see a fraction of this paradise. "That looks awesome!" Po grinned widely.

Tigress looked at Mot-el, "What about our friends and family?"

"They will come when the time is right," Mot-el replied. While Po was still mesmerized by the landscape, Tigress talked with Mot-el.

"What about our clothes? Why were we transported without them?"

Mot-el answered, "In this new world, you will not need them. Every fruit, vegetable, and plant are edible here as well." A warm presence suddenly wrapped around Tigress. "Everything will be okay. Soon you will learn to love this world."

"Are there any stipulations?" Tigress asked flatly.

"Do not kill each other," the disembodied voice ordered, "Care for one another." Tigress nodded. That was easy enough. "I know that you're suspicious. You have the right to be. I hope that over time you'll learn to trust me. This will be good for both of you." With that, the form of light vanished from their sight. Tigress gave a great sigh as Po walked back to her.

"Well, no use arguing," Po sighed. "Besides, this place looks nice."

"We don't know if this is a trap. Don't you think it's suspicious that we're not wearing clothes?" Tigress asked, crossing her arms to cover her nipples.

Po rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, but there's nothing we can do about now. Right now, let's just try and find something to eat. I'm starving." The roar of the panda's stomach echoed inside of him. Tigress's belly growled too. Might as well make the best of this situation.

"Fine, let's get going," Tigress sighed as they walked towards the new world.

The two walked into the jungle-like forest. The trees were pretty spaced out; they were only clustered at the beach. Vines and large leaves crisscrossed just underneath the canopy. The gentle popping sound of bubbles interested Tigress. "Let's head towards the bubbles. Maybe there's a fresh river to drink." Po nodded, focusing his attention on the different green trees. Some looked like green bamboo trees. Others had a very pale green he never saw before. "Po, focus," Tigress said after Po nearly tripped on the nth stick.

"Sorry," Po mumbled bashfully. He looked at the ground. There wasn't much to trip on; the ground floor was surprisingly free of loose sticks, branches, and leaves. It had soft grass sprouting under his bare feet. The grass was weird though. It had a faint emerald green to its color, and it seemed to grow well under the thick canopy. Po tripped mostly because of the tree roots he was walking by. A sigh exited his mouth as he looked at the trees again. They had been walking for about three minutes, and Po tried to stay distracted by the greenery. Why? The tigress was walking in front of him.

Suddenly, a shower of water poured onto the two, oddly refreshing them. "Ooh," Po felt tickled, "that was nice." Tigress gazed up and saw one of the bubbles above them. As it popped, another shower of cool water came down a few feet near them. "I guess that's how this part of the island gets the water."

"Which means we're close," Tigress replied. Walking through the forest, they came to a small dark green shrub with big round purple fruit. "Think it's safe?" Tigress asked Po.

The panda rolled his eyes. "Mot-el did say everything was safe to eat."

"And you believe her?" said the tiger with a raised eyebrow. Po shrugged, taking the fruit, and eating it. Po's eyes lit up. "Well?"

"This is really good! It tastes almost like... grapes," Po exclaimed. The tiger narrowed her eyes. The fruit was in a cluster like grapes, but the size of one of these things fill her hand. Taking a careful grasp, Tigress took the fruit and bit into it. Her eyes widened as she stopped chewing for a moment. It did taste like a grape. "Oh, man! This island is awesome!" Po beamed, still munching on the piece of fruit. Their appetite was quickly filled by one grape. "Wow, I can't believe one of these grapes can fill me up."

"The fruits here is very filling," Tigress noted as they continued walking. It wasn't long before she grumbled when the panda behind her nearly tripped again. "Po, what's wrong?" She asked, standing directly in front of him with her arms crossed. The tiger frowned and tilted her head while the panda's eyes avoided hers "You're not normally this clumsy."

Po sighed, "I'm sorry. It's just... well. It's hard for me to be behind you when we'" Through the utterings, Tigress understood. They were still naked after all. "I know! Why don't we just use one of the leaves?"

"It would rot. We need some kind of wool or string for fabric," replied Tigress, briefly looking around. "But don't worry Po," She placed her hand on his shoulder, "I know that you're not trying to be rude. This is... an unusual type of situation we're in, but I know you. You don't have to worry." She smiled, making Po bashfully nod.

"Okay, let's get going." They continued on in silence, hearing the popping sounds of bubbles getting closer. Before they came to the source, Tigress glanced at Po. The panda looked taller and more assured all of a sudden. Tigress couldn't figure it out, but maybe it was because his normal slouch was gone suddenly. But she could only remember his stature changing when they ate the fruit. As they cleared through the thick wall of green in front of them, they found the source of the bubbles. "Wow," Po marveled.

A bright blue lake in a clearing of lime green grass sat bubbling and churning as large bubbles escaped its pool and floated into the air. It almost looked like a hot spring. "Coming through!"

"Po wait!" Tigress shouted. The panda ran at full speed and jumped into the lake with a big splash. "Ugh, why do I bother," grumbled the tiger. She waited for him to emerge from the lake's surface, but when he did, Tigress noticed he came out much slower than expected. Then her eyes popped open, coupled with her mind screeching to a halt. She saw the thin film encased around Po as he slowly floated a few inches above the lake. "Unbelievable." She whispered.

Too shocked for words, Po provided plenty. "Haha! You have got to try this Tigress. Monkey would love this!" He yelled. The panda hovered lowly above the lake as large bubbles all around grabbed his attention again. The sun's reflecting light through the bubbles left Po speechless before he heard another splash. He looked down in his bubble and saw Tigress starting to float up from the water. "Hahaha! This is awesomer than ever!" Po exclaimed as Tigress's bubble and his started coming closer together.

"This is...beyond words," Tigress said. Po saw the tiger's wonderful smile as the sun's rays shone through the clear bubbles. Brief glimpses of colorful rainbows swirled around their eyes in the translucent film.

Then came trouble. Tigress and Po noticed their bubbles were coming closer and closer together. "Uh oh, Tigress?"

"Hang on!" As they came closer together, the bubble merged into one, throwing Tigress onto Po's front. "Ow," she muttered.

"Well, that was interesting," Po laughed, rubbing the back of his head. Tigress gave a brief smile. Then she saw the panda's wide eyes. "Um... Tigress, could you get off of me before things get-"

"Oh! Sorry!" Tigress quickly apologized, moving off of Po. She didn't realize until too late that her sharp claws punctured the bubble. It popped, and Tigress and Po crashed down to the grass. "Well, that was an adventure."

"Hehe, yeah," Po looked away from Tigress.

Tigress bent down and tasted the water. "It's drinkable. Not salty or poisonous."

"Well, Mot-el wouldn't have caretakers if there wasn't clean water around," Po pointed out. He looked at the mountain in the background, hearing Tigress walk up to him.

"You want to go to the mountain?" Tigress asked. "We'll need something warm."

"No, I don't think we'll need anything. Something tells me we'll be fine. Besides, we'll learn a lot more about this island if we have a bird's eye view." Tigress glanced down at Po, which caused her to look away and cough. "What's the matter?"

"Um... you're erect."

"Oh!" Po spun around. "Sorry, sorry. Whew, on the bright side it's not all the way up."

Tigress's head snapped back. "You... weren't fully erect?" She asked.

"Uh... no, why?"

Tigress's wide eyes and slightly parted lips completed her shock. "I... I didn't think that... um..." Tigress shook her head. "Let's get to the mountain, shall we?"

"After you." Po smiled with cute nervousness in his voice.

Tigress was about to lead the way again when she stopped midway. "Actually, why don't we walk side-by-side." Po nodded and the two walked towards the massive summit.

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