The Tales of Two Sisters

BY : lilo1013
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“The warm sun, the peaceful area, the space in this place…mmmm…Its so wonderful…” Britina express to herself as she step among her bedroom. “I’m so glad I invited Kim here, but it’s a little strange that she wanted her father to come along as well. Oh well, guess he needed some time to unwind.” She thought to herself curiously with a smile on her face.

She stood naked in her lavish bedroom and approaches a large wooden dresser within the space surrounding her. Carefully, she pulls out the top drawer and search through each swimwear item present before her eyes. “Oh…this one looks good. I haven’t warn this one in a long time. I think it’ll suit me perfectly.” She states to herself happily while pulling the articles of clothing into the air.

Five minutes after selecting her bikini, she strut slowly forward towards her waiting pool in the distance. She had a pair of dark, purple rimmed sunglasses over her eyes as the rest of her attire had the same coloring as the rims of her eyewear. The sandals on her feet showed off her feet and light purple toenails, a matching towel was dangling over her right shoulder with each step of her advance with her bikini shining the most the further she advance.

Her choice in bikini covered her crotch and asscheeks well almost hugging on her body with each step she took. Unlike Kim, she had a backside that was a bit more slender and soft compared to Kim’s bubble butt. The crotch of her bikini bottoms almost dug into her crotch, but it gave the appearance rather than actually doing so. Her bikini top covered both of her mounds as it was a single strap that wrapped around her chest and back easily. Her breasts bounce each time she moves, offering some friction from her movement until she steps out into the open.

She bask in the sunlight shining down onto her body, but blink in confusion when there wasn’t a single soul present among the pool area or in the water’s depths. She step closer to the edge and peer into the vast blue, pulling her sunglasses off of her face with her right hand. “Where are they? I know that Kim and her dad already changed and went ahead of me. So they should be here.” She questions to herself while continue to survey the water.

“Calm down Britina. They couldn’t have gotten far. Maybe they went to get a drink before getting into the water. I’ll just go check the kitchen.” She thought. She was about to turn around to her left to go and search when the slight moan caught her attention. “What was that?” She thought then step closer to her left rather than going back inside.

The moan picks up again, but it quickly stops almost being muffled as she narrow her eyes and step closer slowly on her property. “Alright…I know that were moans I heard…” She thought curiously; tiptoeing further among the grounds. Each step Britina took, the moans build up though they seem to be cut off at times the further she moves among the grounds.

She move around the corner, but lean back from where she was with her back hard against the wall with shock in her being. In the distance, Britina stare with her eyes fully widen and shock in her being at the lewd scene playing out in the distance close to one of the trees planted in her large yard. Kim, completely naked was pressed firmly against the bark; clinging onto her father around his upper back with her legs dangling in his arms.

He was thrusting violently against her body, keeping her close against him with his blue swim trunks dropped down to his feet. He stood in a pair of black sandals during his repeated thrusting which Britina took in heavily of the shape of his naked body. She pull back around the corner and press herself harder against the wall of her home. “What the hell!? When did they start doing this!? Aren’t they family!?” She thought quickly and further in her shock.

She lean over to get a better look, but only peer with her head rather than most of her body like before. James was still bucking his hips against his child, holding her up still against the tree until they stop and look at one another. Kim was panting heavily from what she had gained from her father and in turn, the two lean into one another and kiss lewdly.

Together, they swirl their tongues hard and rough inside of their mouths then pull away; exposing their swirling tongues to the air. Much of their saliva spill down between their bodies from their lewd act until Kim force herself hard against her father; kissing him once more and taking his tongue into her mouth. Britina stare even more at what Kim was doing with her father as her breathing begins to pick up slightly.

“Wow…I…I heard of this…and I saw a porno about this once…but…wow…Kim…I…I didn’t know what you…you were like this…” Britina thought a bit aroused while slightly panting from the scene further playing out before her eyes. Kim tilts her head slightly to her right, continuing to move her tongue about within the mouth of her father.

James resumes his thrusting inside of her pussy, never allowing their lips to part from one another. His thrusting increase in power and their lewd tongue act continue much to the building delight of Britina’s viewing. Kim quickly pulls from her father’s lips and whispers, “Fuck me daddy…fuck me harder…” James didn’t say a thing back rather he pump his hips harder against his child.

Kim in response loops her legs around her father instead of continuing to let him hold her up. The tight embrace of Kim and her body pressing against his body brought more to James than before with his cock increasing inside of her pussy. It made Kim moan out loudly as she arches her head back from what she was doing. During this, Britina was busy stroking along her crotch with her right hand though focusing mostly on what Kim and James were sharing.

The movements James provide to Kim current change from him bucking forward and back to thrusting up and down inside of his daughter. Kim yells out happily, but sucks in her lips to keep her moans shut and in turn, Britina lean away to avoid being caught in view. “Oh wow…this is hot…” Britina thought, but then shake her head back and forth quickly; shutting her eyes tightly from her resistance.

“No…no…NO!!! I shouldn’t be thinking about these kinds of things. What they’re doing is wrong! What they’re doing isn’t something a father and daughter should do!” Britina screams in her mind, but open her eyes slowly hosting a large amount of want in her eyes. She turn around, lean around the corner in want of more of what Kim and James were up to.

Her eyes widen in disbelief now witnessing Kim bent over against the tree and James pumping inside of her pussy from behind. His hands were gripping the upper parts of her asscheeks as they ripple among the lower parts when colliding with his body. Kim had her head down despite holding onto the tree in front her and her legs spread apart, clearly enjoying the actions of her father.

Every thrust he grants her was strong, deep, and lustful as minor amounts of her collusion could be heard by Britina. James let out a few grunts of his own, but quiet down quickly in realization. He pick up a bit more in his thrusting which Kim let out a louder moan and in turn, Britina shudder in delight then shut her eyes tightly from what was happening.

In her mind, she was trying to imagine the faces Kim and James were making though it proved impossible. Much of her reason had faded with her shaking her hand and rubbing harder on her now moisten crotch. She could feel the material of her bikini sinking into her crouch, her pussy leaking out juices heavily and her desire for pleasure building up inside of her.

She moans without thinking alerting Kim and James which Britina open her eyes in shock of her actions. The trio froze in their tracks from what had transpired between them which Britina sigh heavily to herself. Hosting a great weight in her being, she stands up in place then step around the corner, guilt radiating off of her body. With a guilty smile, she lift her head up and smirk towards James and Kim asking, “Hi guys…did you have fun?”

The few moments the trio shared after Kim and James were discovered by Britina and vice versa were an odd one. Kim, wearing a peach sling bikini was swishing her legs back and forth among the water, facing the vast yard belonging to Britina. James stood close to his child to her right, staring off into the distance with his hands in his swim trunks and a less than noble expression on his face.

Britina was sitting on the edge of a lounge chair with a small table to her left. The umbrella resting inside of it was shut as a pitcher filled with lemonade and tea was resting on top of it with three glasses surrounding it. She was fiddling with her thumbs on top of her laps with a bit of disappointment in her being. Her head was down and her sunglasses were resting on the table across from her as she continues to fiddle her fingers.

She shifts her gaze back and forth among James and Kim until she sigh heavily from the guilt and shame building inside of her. “So…Um…” “When did we start this?” James cut in on Britina’s words before she could finish them. Rather than reply, she nods her head once then turn her head towards James’ person. He had already turned around before her with his arms crossed against his chest as he kept a smile on his face.

The expectation in Britina completely vanishes when witnessing the expression James’ face. She turns towards Kim who had already turned around towards her friend with a wide smile on her face. The expression Kim offered was a kind one, but there were lingering desire in her person. Britina skim her gaze between James and Kim though at times she would stare at Kim’s asscheeks and how her bikini sinks into her asscrack and James’ crotch.

“It’s alright if you want to look as long as you listen to us and keep this a secret from anyone you know. Including our family.” James instructs which Britina nods repeatedly from his words. Kim lifts herself out from the pool and stand up on her feet. The water drip down off her body, giving her a different air compared to before until she reach down to her asscrack with her right hand.

Playfully, she pull the strap out of her crack only to release it from her fingertips; making it snap into her cheeks with her smirking naughty and proud from her actions. The act made Britina blink a few times until she turns her focus to James who nods in approval towards the young woman. “It started a long time ago Britina. Sometime after Kim was about ten or so.” James explains kindly with Kim approach his person at her leisure.

She drop down onto her knees beside him the moment she was close to his person which Britina blush greatly and blink several times at the sight of James and Kim’s current actions. She lifts her left hand up along his crotch, slowly stroking along the outline of his cock without a change in her person or a change in his being. “Kim and I had a deep interest in one another since that day and I showed her everything she knows…” James went on as his demeanor begins to change.

Kim continue to slide her fingers up and down along his outline, causing his erection to grow within his trunks though Kim didn’t allow him to stand up from her actions. The feel of his cock growing and the size of it made her smile lewdly which Britina swallow some of her saliva in disbelief, but didn’t tear her gaze away from Kim’s actions.

“Kim and I made sure to enjoy ourselves to the fullest whenever we could. Being this way has given us a great release when we need it due to our lives. Things are stressful for us and the sex between us is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. You have no idea Ms. Britina.” James explains through a few moans slipping out of his lips from Kim’s actions.

“I…I wouldn’t know really…but…but I’m happy for you two…” Britina replies in shock as she tuck her legs together to hide how wet she was getting from Kim’s actions. “You don’t have to hide your arousal Britina. After all, this is a first for us. We’ve never had a live audience before…” James explains happily despite the moans continuing to leave his lips.

He stops completely and shut his eyes feeling Kim picking up in her stroking. She moves her hands from his crotch then to the top of his trunks. Swiftly, she forces them down to his ankles with his cock flinging out into the open, hard, throbbing and in need of attention. The entire time of James’ cock exposed, Britina follow it shocked and wanting of what he had.

Kim crawl on her knees around to James’ front and was about to take him in her mouth, instead she grasp the base of his cock and stroke it with her left hand. He moan from this, lightly placing his hands on top of her shoulders in enjoyment from her actions. Her fingers were looped around his stiff cock tight as she drag on his flesh to the head then back to the base adding to his pleasure.

“Hey Britina…want to help me out with him? He won’t get enough if I just do it now…” Kim offer with her eyes locked onto James’ cock. “…are…are you sure I won’t be imposing?” Britina yell out eagerly and wantingly which James and Kim pick up on. James turn his focus towards her and smile fatherly and kind while Kim turn around towards her from her left.

“We’re friends aren’t we? I don’t mind sharing as long as you keep our secret.” Kim answers with a wink of her left eye and a devilish smirk on her face. Everything that the two had to offer was filling Britina’s eyes as her lust was taking her over fully. The sight of Kim’s body and how she position herself made Britina breathe heavily while the knowledge of her friend stroking her own father brought out more of her inner desires.

She slide off from the chair she was on then quickly rush towards Kim and James who both smile even more when seeing her running at their location…


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