Mickey gets a wake up call / ghost of Hollywood

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John reached for hsbtrungeon and struck it down in mickeys head. Blood came spurting out the cum drenched mouses eye sockets and this made John excite. Wow that’s a lot of stuff and shit on smiled towards the spooky alley but then Michael popped out with a taser. Barlow watched from the shadows, clasping his semi tumescent member through the thick denim of his Levi jeans, and whistled softly to himself, “That’s not something you see every day.” He smiled, his upper lip curling viscously.


John glanced back dreamily at Micky who was laying nonchalantly on the r d velvet chaise loangue,


“You know John , these role plays are getting quite full on, I’m not complaining but woah your out of control” Mickey whispered sardonically whilst wiping the blood and seed from his mangy coat, he wasn’t no sling chicken no longer, it had been a long life but full of seed and glory. 


John reached for his shooter and placed slowly back into the holster attached to his chaps, he didn’t have much time before filming commence for the afternoon session and he had to make his way across the full extent of the universal film Lott ,


“See ya later mickey” John said in a cold and sexy tone , as he walked out of the reeking room of sex without even looking back at his sodomised accomplice who lay burst in the film set bedroom that they filmed th sthe s wcene from American beauty. 


Meanhie mickey in the room got up and opened a box of tubes. “Tubes” said mickey “will fit John like thumbs in a glove” moving out the room mickey stopped though. Mickey breathed in John never left the room at all he just went outside to the cupboard to fetch his cowboys hats and boots which mickey knew meant he felt dominant.


“I’m back for more “ he rasped through dry lips. His boots were worn, dusted with the sand of the desert, for he was a true cowboy, and gentleman. He hat was askance, as he strode across the room towards Micky, staring hungrily, his member tight against his jeans. “You’re mine,” he asserted


These words alone sent a shudder down mickeys vertebrae , the hollow words echoed in his pricked cartoon ears . Your mine , your mine YOUR MINE! Mickey was transported to a place he vowed never to go back to. The castle where it all began. Walt’s playhouse. 


Mickey recognises in an instance that something was awry , he opened his eyes and see something he can’t imagine. John towering above him fears at his face which begins to peal away , layers of lates and silicon ooze out as he years at his masked head. 


“Oh no oh no , it’s you , no not again I thought  we’re dead ! Please no no “


“We-w-w-allllt is ttttthhhat y y y ouuu .?”, Mickey cowered in a timid voice 


For it had been a rouse for the whole time , a plan to get back to him , Mickey know it now. He couldn’t believe it, how had he not seen it . He was terrified and knew what was in store . Then a rainbow of light burst out of the ground and melted johns trousers and a voice said all angry “WHAT YOU MOTHERFUCKER MICKEY I TOLD YOU ID KILL JOHN”. it was he voice of Walt Disney. His life flashed before his eyes. All those cowboy nights in the old west with the cow boy fights and cowboy horses. No one would let that ol gunslinger to put to bed. But now that John was dead the ol west would never be the same again.


Johns body was stiff cold and heavy, Micky gasped and walt stepped forward from the trapdoor where he’d been and stepped over Johns broken body and advanced on Micky, his body muscles rippling and an expression on his face that said everything Micky needed to know. He gulped and closed his eyes, instinctively leaning forward against a counter and perking up his furry backside


By this time Ariel , johns  wife had returned from the department store where she had gone to purchase some BDSM gear and sex toys. She was a Milf and always wet. Not just because she was a mermaid. Ariel has some pressing news but before that is revealed I must divulge some information about the not so innocent character who likes to pretend he is being a certain Mouse call d mickey. At his appartment Micky had something he needed to do , he walked to the rear of the house  stopping behind a locked chest , inside the chest was a key , he too. Out the key and went to his bedroom , he unlocked the door and opened the door to reveal a red curtain. Looking around him to make sure no one was looking, Mickey drew the curstain to reveal his prize collection.  He had been worki t in it for his who,e career and had gotten so many he had forgotten the origin of the, all. Reaching into his fur pockets he took out a piece of folded toilet paper. He carefully opened it and took the contents and quick put it into a jar he had opened a second before. He closed the lid quick and out the jar with the others. For this was his anal sex feces collection . For every time he had been soddomised he had taken a bit of his own poo from the penis of his assailant and kept it as a momento. This may not seem important now but remember dear reader this vital bit of info - back to out story , Ariel approached the caravan , she had to talk John the news she was pregnant. And it was not his child. It was makckeys. She was in love with Mack and lived his old balls. 


To be continued 









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