The Little Apprentice

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When things had become seemingly quiet about the confines of Townsville, enough so that it appeared the Powerpuff Girls had more disposable time than usual, Buttercup had made an announcement that made her siblings pout and scowl in envy.


“An apprenticeship?” proclaimed Blossom, dumbfounded. “You of all people??”


“Read it an' weep, egghead” smirked the boisterous tomboy, shoving the approving document in her face.


Even as she had scanned it, the redhead couldn't help but splutter in disbelief. “I can't get my head around it. I'd never have thought you woulda applied, let alone had the discipline and attention span to attend one of these things”


Buttercup's smug expression fell into a neutral mask, emphasising the amusing sarcastic comment that followed “Gee, I guess I can always count on my family to believe in me”


“Well, I think it's swell” The Professor said happily, kneeling down to take a look at the letter. “It's of course temporary, but I think it'd be really something to shape you up for higher education and the eventual work world”


This was of course met with protest “Hellooooo!” cried Blossom, flying into his face. “I've been proving above average excellence in my grades for years. Why don't I get an apprenticeship?”


Clearing his throat, he responded honestly “Because you've already proven your excellence and already know you're liable to excel, Blossom. You're already several steps ahead of your sisters and I think it's pretty selfish of you to assume you're automatically entitled to something because of that”


“Ba-zing!” chuckled Buttercup, punching the air, followed by a small giggle from the blonde. The both of them found great amusement in watching their know-it-all sister deflate and become a bit pink with embarrassment.


“Can I have an apprenticeship please, Professor?” peeped Bubbles, innocently.


“I'd be happy to look into an apprenticeship for you Bubbles, as soon as I can find something suitable.”


“Wait, wait, wait” repeated the nerd hurriedly. “Am I the only one to recall that we're, what, six years old? Shouldn't that indicate immediately that non of us are eligible?”


“I wouldn't throw the age card down so quickly, Blossom”


Confused, Bubbles tugged the Professor's sleeve. “Why's that?”


“Girls... Look, I've been running some tests and nothing is really set in concrete in my conclusions as of yet, because, well... some things are yet to be proven, but there's the possibility that you girls may not have to worry about... growing up... at least so soon”


The implications of what the man said rattled their little heads and they were stunned. They, in some way, were relieved, but also horrified and disappointed at that information. Dreams... possibilities... were they indefinitely shattered? “So...” began Blossom timidly, her mind a whirlwind of questions all leading into one. “You mean we...?”


“Again, it's not set in stone” said Mr Utonium softly, attempting to calm them. He hadn't really thought through how he would deliver the news. “I'm saying it's a possibility that we'll just have to wait and see”


He'd already regretted it, seeing his cherubs look to each other with a surge of puzzling and unrealised emotions. Sighing, he stood up, fixing his tie. “In other words, right now, what matters to me the most is assuring you girls get the best out of the opportunities that lay ahead of you. If this is proven to be correct in the impending future, you girls have so much to look forward to, to experience and endeavour. I might even say I'm a little jealous of you” he added with a little chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.


Expanding the conversation outward from it's dismal centre, Buttercup approached her father with a small smile. “Well, I wanna make you proud Professor, we all do”



Just when Buttercup had thought the office would be a neat distraction from the catastrophic combination of thoughts coursing within her, she sighed defeatedly as she laid her eyes upon the chaotic mess of people dashing around, to and fro, sorting and filing essential papers, relating to the recent monster attack that had left half the city with some desperate and urgent need of repair.


“I wouldn't be put off by this rush” said Bellum, standing to her side, as tall as a Greek sculpture, and as shapely as that of Venus. “You'll happen across this room on minor occasions, but I'll help you along the way”.




“Now, I'll show you to the office, where you'll be helping me”


She figured that, although taxing on her imagination, the work would be simple. At best, she could meditate through the work and not have it seem like the worst thing ever. She'd be lying if she said she even WANTED to be there, but the only thing that brought her there at all, was Ms. Bellum. As they strode along the long corridor, lush with red carpet and epic art along the walls, Buttercup did her all to muster control over her temptation to look up the woman's skirt. She felt like some mutt that wanting a piece of her so quickly and so badly. Gulping, she turned her attention to the front, staring aimlessly down the hall.


Sara couldn't deny how adorable the tyke appeared: in her standard work clothing of a black work tie, white work shirt and even a belt, black trousers and polished shoes. She was almost aesthetically identical to the Professor and was happy the man allowed for her to dress as she deemed appropriate. She was cute... and kinda handsome.


It was hard to brush off the stares of some of the employees, who found the whole picture rather intriguing. A tamed Buttercup alongside the voluptuous secretary, like some dashing image of a gorgeous woman and her trusty canine. The analogy of the Powerpuff representing a dog was embedded not only into the curious eyes and minds of the observers, but the lovers themselves. They weren't sure why. Maybe it was because of Buttercup being a brute in the past and now apparently seeming restrained and... trained. The height difference probably didn't help either, seeing as the doll's head just went past the woman's knees.


The office was much tidier and quieter and as they closed the door behind them, the noise instantly halted and they were just accompanied by a ticking clock and the occasional buzzing and whirr of the scanner and printer.


They got to work and surprisingly, Buttercup's uncontainable arousal gave her some relief and vanished for the time being, as she was educated on her duties.


When Bellum arrived back from her break, having left the trainee alone with a moment to have a coffee break (although Buttercup just had some orange juice), she was amazed to find her organising some of the papers having created a messy stack on one of her tables. Alphabetised, sorted by date, completely arranged in an orderly fashion. The tyke wasn't told to, but figured the dashing beauty would appreciate it... and she did.


“What a good girl” she smiled, her voice so warm and delicate. Buttercup recognised that tone and felt her face heat up.


The lady locked the door behind her.


“I kinda thought just having the papers sit there looked scruffy, so I wanted to organise them for you” the girl informed, shuffling the next batch of papers.


“How sweet. I think after your shift, maybe you deserve a bit of a treat for all you've done today”


“Hmm” hummed the Powerpuff, averting her eyes from the pretty woman, trying not to let the topic of sex swamp her brain again. “You know, outta all the things I could be doing, I find this to be one that's pretty... tedious”


Bellum raised a brow. A new word she's learned maybe?


“I have all these superpowers, you'd kinda figure I'd be more suited to labour and manual work, since I wouldn't mind that sorta thing” she explains.


“Aha, but that's exactly the issue” Sara stated. “There'd be no challenge in what you'd be doing. If you want to work more into those fields in the future, that's all well, but today is a challenge by embedding you into a whole other type of environment to expand your skills”


Tutting, the rebel folded her arms in a huff. “But it's boring. All I'm doing is printing stuff off, filing stuff, fetching people coffee and passing on these stupid messages”


Sighing softly, the secretary shook her head with a small smile. She was still a child after all, so it was no surprise she'd start losing her patience with this sort of thing and, at worse, could lead to forms of distraction.


Kneeling down to be better level with her, Sara made a suggestion. “How about you finish with those papers and I'll see if we can find some more interesting jobs for you. You've only got 2 hours left, so I won't eat up your time too long”


Feeling the lady ruffle and play with her dark hair, the cherub blushed, but resumed pouting. “Fine”

Watching her leave the room, Buttercup was then alerted to a beep coming from the printing machine and whizzed over,


“Stupid thing's low on ink” she grumbled.


As she pulled out a new cartridge from the drawer, she pulled down the cover for the printer and attempted to amend the problem, only by being a butterfingers and spilling some of the left over ink onto herself.




Slamming the door shut, gritting her teeth. She hit print for the next batch of papers, growling over the blotchy mess on her mitts and tummy, which only further spread as she touched things, printing little blotches on the machine. As she thought to leave to wash herself, the machine began to grumble and groan, having some issue with a jammed piece of paper.


“Aww screw you!” snapped the tyke, snatching the paper and trying to yank it out. As she did, the printer squeaked painfully and reeled more paper in from it's inventory.


Arriving back with a chipper attitude, Ms. Bellum was shocked as she was confronted with the kid growling and smacking her machine. Rolling her eyes, she went to unplug the thing, letting the raging noise die down and she delivered a gentle frown to the messy apprentice.


Looking down at herself and seeing the mess, the tomboy trembled and sped out of the office.


The secretary was left bewildered for a few moments and then went to sit down, sighing at the state of her machine. Sipping her coffee, her eyes shot up to see the Powerpuff return, covered in some form of dust which she brushed off before stepping inside.




“I needed to let off steam, so I went to space and punched some asteroids” she snarled, still caging a bit of anger. “I'll go clean up then get this thing sorted”


Speeding off again to the bathroom, Bellum was left to ponder. Attending to the old, struggling technology that was soon to be a mangled corpse of a printer, Sarah thought perhaps the strain of the first day was making her lover feel too pressured. So, as she shut up the door to the machine, having sorted the little error, she went to sit herself on her desk, pushing aside some papers. Leaning back in a carefree manner, she smiled coyly at the Powerpuff who casually wondered back in. As she was confronted with the inviting display, she withdrew a tiny gulp and locked the door behind her.


“Err... I'm sorry about that...” mumbled the girl, fixing her tie a bit, trying to neaten her appearance despite still having ink and debris of asteroid still clinging to her.


“The thing's old, it's unpredictable at times, so it's water under the bridge. Now, come over here”


Puzzled at the woman easily brushing off the little incident, Buttercup floated over to be closer to her, only to have her be yanked by her swishing tie over to the secretary faster, as she crushed her plump, ruby lips to hers. Startled, the girl squeaked and found a strong flush consume her face.


“You've done a good job today, Buttercup. You've been patient... so perhaps now is a good time to give you your little reward” the goddess whispered seductively, unbuttoning the kid's top button to help her breath.


“B-Bellum... is it really such a good idea? I mean... right here...” said Buttercup, looking to the door nervously.


As the girl stammered, she saw the woman reach behind herself to pull the blinds, concealing their session from the eyes of the outside world and making the mood a little more intimate.


“I was expecting a little outburst at some point. It's not because I think bad of you, but because you're young and can only cope with pressure to such an extent. You did well. Plus...” Sara assured, giving a little pause as she apparently hesitated, a tiny blush stinging her own cheeks. “It was a little rush for me to see you acting so aggressive with the printer”


The news was a little shock, but also slightly confusing for the curious tyke “Huh?”


“I liked seeing you a little angry”


End of Part One

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