The Sexy Loud house of Sex

BY : Nick
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Disclaimer: i do not nor will i ever make a profit off this. i do not own the characters/property’s assorted with the loud house. this is a work of fiction only.





this is like my 4th story.


but I wrote this months ago and I figured since I was without internet for another week I could put this one here.


so for the 4th time, 


this story will be rated M.


if you do not like the following 


Incest, Sex, underage actions, and more, please leave now.


I am not one to how you saw have great grammar sentence structure or English all together yes English is the first language I just could never grasp how to properly structure a paragraph (i am handicap so give me some slack).


but that's what apps are for right? I'll run this chapter and the rest through the 2 apps I have they will correct my bad grammar.


just Remember not every App is 100% accurate so if there's any that slip through the cracks please let me know.


and I fix it.


even bestseller authors have some mistakes so don't expect me to be perfect.


and this goes without saying The loud house is owned by Nick and the Nickolden company I have no interest and no I have no intent to make this canon... but like gravity falls the Simpsons ben 10 and others there are signs of actual incest in the show.


nothing too big like the Simpsons or gravity falls but he's an 11-year-old boy living in a house with 10 sisters stuff is bound to happen.


so take that as you will.


and before you say anything the creator's beyond ben 10 matt Groaning and Alex Hersh have mentioned that the Simpsons the Tennyson's and Pine's children love each other more than normal Family but however nothing more than that they confirmed or denied. so do they do this stuff beyond the scenes? IDK but Tara Strong Va for ben supports him and Gwen in a relationship so take that as you will.


now because this is the loud house I need to repeat my age rules.


I will use the 10 loud sisters but... 


anyone 8 and younger will be aged up to 10ish (it honestly depends)


now, this might seem like a huge time skip making all the loud sisters over the age of 10?


Lily being 9 months she'll be 11 the rest will be basically young adults.


so to fulfill the story progress I'm going to use the mighty power of timeskips.


lincoln will have fun with all 10 of his sisters and no one's too old or too young.


if there's any combo like some 3 ways loud combo y'all want or not loud's to get involved feel free to ask.


just note no like 8-year-old lucy and 11-year-old Clyde. or anything that goes against my age rule they still do all the nasty stuff y'all want it will just be 10ish year old Lucy and 13-year Clyde.


originally I said no Lincoln and Clyde I am not against going gay or lesbian or both ways but... I decided there might be some later on.




another note I am how you say not super creative. 


I mean look at my ben 10 series it on the leaderboards on Wattpad for a lot of tags here and that's just insane I did write most of those scenes but I might have used repeated scenes from my other stories and then reworded those scenes using a sentence restructure the site.


so if these scenes sound familiar to my other content I am sorry. 


a final note I swear.


I originally planned this series to be a multi-universe series. like Danny phantom fairy odd parents etc.


if it's animated and popular-ish then they might show up but with the age rules so time skips.


now just suggest stuff I actually know I know the majority of western animation but don't suggest stuff that airs at 3 PM in Greece. how will I know that? since I already wrote a ben 10 series and a bob's burgers series if those characters show up here they won't be from that series. so you can freely read this series without being spoiled with my others.


ben 10 is my only plot-heavy series ATM but I might diverse and do more.


this isn't going to be plot-heavy right now but I can make that work if requested. 


 it's not going to be multi universal right away but as lincoln picks his way into his sisters he's going to need more partners to be them male be them female be them, girls, with male parts. I don't care tbh.


if anyone wants to special request a character combo from the loud house and another show just make sure you take my age rule into account. so say if someone wants Lisa Simpson and Clyde to have such fun Lisa is 8 so she'll be 11 in this situation Clyde will be 13. 


now because ben 10 has its own multiverse I will use characters from there so Gwendolyn from ben 10 thousand or any one of the ben 10 thousand if older ben and 10-year-old ben wanted to join the party I'll make up some reason for them to do so without their multiverse crumbling.


real final note I'm without internet atm so if I miss spell the name of any character or get their name wrong just note I'm only human.


one show I will have to say no to adding to this party is mlp I have something in mind for that show both the pony world and the nonpony world. 


(I'm writing dirty fan fiction about an 11-year-old having sex with his 10 sisters, kinda hard to judge me for knowing more than the average joe about mlp).


it just seems really really really weird even to me if Rainbowdash starts a 3 way with Bart Simpson and Dipper Pines.


either pony or human that's just hard to handle. she'll be the first one to jump into that though.


speaking of which I guess I should mention that there might be talks in this series and or others about past events like Lynn might mention something she did 3 years prior or something or lincoln might not be Lisa's first now this doesn't break my rule. there might be talks of stuff that happened before they hit the 10-year-old mark talking about it is one thing showing or in this case writing about it is another.


everything else is on the table, especially on the table.


let's just not get the parents involved yet I don't want it to be just kids or teens because that's kinda weird but...


maybe they can do so the parent on parent stuff.


it's more approved of for some weird reason for children and teens to do children and teens and I've seen more negative reactions to teen parents or kids' parents. I'll do like late teen parents or teens and non-parents adults. like Lynn and clydes dads or something.


(yes I know they're gay but we can mess with the canon a bit).


now let's get on with the actual story.


What?? you gotta be crazy


ya, thousands of pictures and videos.


really and they just make new ones every day?


yes, Lincoln for the 5th times wow your dad know you look at that no Eric said.


(Eric was new to town and he  joined Lincoln's friend group and they became very close friends in a matter of weeks)


his sister is also really close with Lynn Jr. 


Your sister going to be our student-teacher today Lincoln Liam? (that southern kid) asked. 


yes, Liam, she's our student teacher for the rest of the month.


you got a crush on her worst than Clyde does on Lori.


did Link I'm over her.


you kinda had to be since she moved to the city to live near bobby.


you still in a weird relationship with that Ronnie Ann girl Eric asked.


if you mean it being obvious that we both had feelings for each other than no we both agreed that we couldn't make that work with us is having our siblings dating and her living in the city. we decided to be normal regular, not weird friends.


so if I tell you I have a date with her tomorrow you're cool with it. you what? Lincoln said spitting out his drink say it don't Spray it Link Clyde said cleaning his shirt.


I ahh guess so Eric Lincoln said trying to form a smile.


how did you even meet her? we went on this friendship app and we happened to match and really kicked it off.


if I can't make it work with her because of the distance how can you? my mom works in the city and I see her twice a month.


and you told Lynn to meet up with her while you're with your mom?


Clyde asked? exactly C dog.


well, I'll be visiting My sister and bobby Tomorrow and I happen to be taking... Lincoln looks around the room and sees Kara Cleavers, Kara Cleavers Lincoln said.


my cousin? she's your cousin?


great we can carpool I'll go talk with her right now I'll do it I gotta finish the plans he said pulling Clyde and Liam with him.


Liam  Clyde helps me. what can I do Kara likes you, Liam, I'll ask her for you she'll say yes and I'll get Lynn Jr to come with you.


I can do that.


hey, Kara listen I got a question for you would you be interested in a quadruple date with me my sister her boyfriend Clyde Liam and Lynn.


normally I would laugh in your face and say no but I want to have a talk with that Ronnie Ann.


you still got a stick up your butt about that time she started a rumor you gave a BJ to Tommy Quinn?


he promised he wouldn't say anything.


wait you actually did that? Eric asked walking up to the group does Aunt Erika and uncle Luke know? no, and it was a party and just never mind I'll do it.


great, it's a date. I'll ask Lynn next period.


(The bell rings. speak of the devil Liam said see ya later in math lincoln 


come on Lincoln 


Lynn, I got a huge favor to ask of you tomorrow Eric is having a date with Lynn tomorrow and since I'm going up there anyway I was wondering if you could be Liam's date and Quadruple date with us?


I don't know Link Liam is worst around me than Clyde was. please, Lynn. you don't have feelings still for Lynn do you, little bro?


I am kinda maybe.... you're not going to do anything to ruin Eric's date, are you? no Lynn will kill me. 


she would Girl Jordan added. 


not now not Jordan Lincoln retorted.


I'll go just to make sure you don't die Link.


thanks, Lynn you're the best sister ever.


don't tell the others.


ok, go do your work now the class is starting.


(The rest of class moves slowly)


(The bell rings)


I'll see you at home Lynn I'm going the long way and walk Kara Cleavers home maybe I can actually get something going.


good luck Link.


Lincoln finished his school day and returned home. 


Lola was at practice for a pageant Lucy with her Goth friends luan was at her after school comedy club Lisa was at her after school science club lily was with mom and dad while Lana with her fish friends at the pond, only one here beside me is Lynn. the coach was sick today so she had no practice today. Lynn of all people would be the one person I can discuss what I wanted to. 


Lynn can I ask you something anything link. 


what do you know about sex? I and the guys were talking about it at lunch and since you're a student teacher I feel its safer to just ask you. ill do you one better why explain something when you can just show them. 


I ahh ohh what do you mean? pull down your pants little bro if ahh you say so he said complying to her request.


let's take a look at little lincoln.


oh, you're a big boy. let's see how well he works what are you doing lincoln said as Lynn started handling his dick.


you like that little bro I ahh yes... how about this? she asked placing his dick into her mouth. 


Lynn ahh...


Lynn smiled and give her brother's dick a light kiss; the taste assaulted the preteens identifies, on a very basic level making her mind run clear with want. Without another word the PreTeen brought his dick into her mouth and began to suck on it with excitement, Lincoln moan riotously as he felt Lynn's tongue move wherever on his Dick as her head ricocheted to a great extent, After two or three minutes of sucking Lincoln's dick, Lynn expelled it from her mouth, lifted it up and began to tongue and suck on his balls making Lincoln moan and groan significantly more, soon it ended up being too much joy for the young loud. 


Lynn, I'm going to cum" he shouted, The horny PreTeen pointed the dick at her face just before Lincoln began to shoot, his cum burst out of his Dick and wherever all more than, a couple of shots of cum by and by clung to the young women go up against, some on her forehead, her cheeks, and her mouth and catch. Lynn then licked her lips bringing a bit of the cum that verified it into her mouth and swallowed it."Kind of salty" she said getting together some more and setting it in her mouth "anyway very yummy.


this your first-time Lynn? kinda I started to do something with Clark Opal. Clark Opal? Do you know the captain of the football team? aren't you the captain of every team at our school I play on the girl's team link.




so you never finished?


someone heard us and we had to stop.


what the hell was that Lucy asks revealing herself in the doorway. Lucy, what are you doing here?


I live here... what were you two doing she asked looking at the still showing lincoln.


nothing he said pulling his pants up.


I'm going to go watch my show now you two ahh do whatever you were doing.


lucy said closing the door and walking away...


want to finish this tonight Lynn asked.


you know it...


 link you awake ya Lynn good.


i gave you some fun earlier now it's my turn.


that's fine with me Lynn.


Lynn pulled down her shorts and her panties and presented herself to her brother.


By and by Lincoln's hand slid around Lynn's thigh and slithered upward, searching for. Lynn wound up naturally sliding one foot to the side to give Lincoln's slim, helpful fingers access to her private spot. She gasped as the youngster's fingers reached her lower lips, by then slid between, in any case, them looking, until they found her way. Lynn was wet to the point that Lincoln encountered no trouble sliding a finger into her even as his thumb encompassed Lynn's clit. Lynn got a handle on Lincoln's shoulder with one hand and protected her own one of a kind mouth with the other to keep from yelling out. 


"Let me..." Lincoln mumbled, "... let me... satisfaction you..." 


Lynn couldn't bolster herself. Her body was so responsive to sexual prompting that it didn't seem to mind where it started from. 


Still softly snapping off Lynn with his right hand, Lincoln as of now understood one of Lynn's satisfactory chests with the other and slanted down to kiss her areola. Lynn covered a yell of satisfaction. 


Lincoln pushed Lynn back onto her bed, never taking her hands off the brunette luxurious, energetic body. By then she straddled one of Lynn's thighs and began scouring her clothing verified crotch against it even as she physically pleasured his sister, sliding her finger in increasingly significant and stroking her clit speedier. 


"Thoughtful! Lincoln! You're-You're-" Lynn cried through the hand with which she was at the same time covering her own mouth. 


"For sure," Lincoln moaned as she stroked off herself against Lynn's leg. "Without a doubt, genuinely, yes..." 


Lynn was moving toward the edge as her sister expertly scoured her clit and finger-screwed her. By then Lincoln slanted down and began sucking on Lynn's chest, by and by swollen significantly greater with enthusiasm. Lynn about yelled into her hand, and Lincoln's pantied dick scoured harder against Lynn's leg. 


Lincoln slid a second finger into Lynn's pussy, broadening it pleasurably. Lynn aimlessly considered whether Lincoln's two fingers felt anything like Clark 's Dick would. 


That reasoning was adequate to send her straight into a yelling peak. She kept her hand cut solidly over her mouth as her entire body squirmed, her vagina smashing around Lincoln's fingers, her arm obliterating Lincoln's head to her, squashing Lincoln's face into Lynn's full chest. Lincoln knock Lynn's leg harder and peaked too, her yell stifled in Lynn's adequate chest, getting a handle on Lynn's body as if Lincoln expected to keep hold of it to persevere. 


Breathing hard, her physical needs immediately satisfied, Lynn was out of the blue totally aware of what she'd as of late done. 


Lynn whistled unassuming as his erection skipped perceptible all around. She hadn't reached it yet, and her eyes and body were pulled in to it like a bug to a pundit. She couldn't dismiss. She set down on his legs, putting her hands on his hips to persistent herself. 


Her mouth isolated, her tongue dove out... 


His sister was laying on his lap and looking at his dick. He was so hot, so hard, and right currently streaming with precum. 


Lynn's eyes sought after a let run tumble down his length, and she expected to stop the tendency to get in touch with her tongue out and taste it. 


By then, she looked... since really, for what reason would it be prudent for her to stop? Nothing in his eyes said for her to stop. If anything, the subtle way his hips were progressing toward her was all the sign she expected to forge ahead. 


Her fingers collapsed over his length, and she felt the child tremble under her. 


Her eyes looked at the tip in wonder as she stroked it, causing more precum to spill down the post and through her fingers. 


She needed to taste his cum again, and this time... considering his to be as she conveyed her lips to the tip... she let herself yield. 


She crushed a kiss to the head, wetting her lips with his musky exemplification. 


She cut down her face extensively more and reached her tongue to the base of his Dick, and bit by bit pulled it up to his length. 


Lynn got the sum of his precum and the sum of his fragrant inclination for that singular stroke. 


Regardless, she required more. She required more. 


Turning her thought back to the tip, she collapsed her lips over the head, bringing him into her mouth. Her tongue got serious, stroking him, hitting his cut; simultaneously she suckled on him, gobbling up his unique fluid as it spilled onto her tongue. 


One hand kept stroking him as her mouth accomplished something astounding for his dick, and her other hand got him, holding him close and tight. 


Lincoln slanted up on one elbow, looking Sister suckle on his cockerel head. Her blonde hair falling around her, shining around his groin with each light weave she made on his tip. 


He squashed his eyes shut. 




He couldn't hold in his cry, and neither disapproved in case anyone heard them. They couldn't recall what they were doing already. She was so charmed with his chicken, and he was so energized by her touch... 


She moved her tongue around his tip two or three additional events before releasing him with a wet pop. 


"Does that vibe extraordinary, Linc?" she nudged him with a smile, for no situation humiliated that she had a little spit and precum on her jaw. 


He motioned his head, and a while later yelled out as she snared onto his tip again. 


She was sucking on him so extraordinary, so sensitive, so dire even... 


He saw her trying eyes gaze toward him and her naughty smile nudging his dick. 


The sensations were finding the opportunity to be a great deal for the child. 


"Lynn, I-" he moaned, writhing as his hips endeavored to move against her, "I feel something happening..." 


Her eyes never left his as she worked all the more excitedly, suckling on the tip and getting all the smooth semen that streamed from him. 


It was basically a great deal for the child. As his eyes squashed shut and his body shook, he fell back to the ground and reached get in touch with her cheek, helping her to stay set up. 


Lynn felt his shivering hand all finished, and she laid her tongue essentially under his tip and sucked a lot harder than beforehand, giving him a single method to shoot all his cum down. 


"N-Lynn!" he endeavored to demand help, and he begged she understood because for no situation a single later his dick was throbbing uncontrollably. 


The youngster moaned as she felt his dick snap two or multiple times, her body heating up in want. 


What's more, a while later he released into her mouth; a couple of significant piles of semen. Some of it went straight down her throat, yet a considerable amount of it stayed on her tongue. Besides, after the child was spent, she invigorated his stomach to stand sufficiently apart to be taken note. 


Lincoln lifted himself up at the last possible second to see Lynn stick out her tongue, giving him his fair, huge pile of cum. What's more, a while later, she shut her mouth and swallowed down the whole thing with a singular swallow. 


He about choked and his experienced dick twitched with reestablishing life.


Oh, God...


C-if it's not all that much issue Linc, your turn. Find the opportunity to work." 


He was simultaneously shaking from his crazy pinnacle, yet regardless he found the solidarity to get onto his knees and creep over toward her. He took a stab at emulating her, at any rate, her legs were so long and unwieldy, and he was so short; he continued slipping, pounding, and crushing on her thighs in a way that was pleasurable and uneven for both. 


He at last inclined toward enough that his fingers could extricate her jeans, and soon he was slipping her bottoms down her legs. Lynn laughed as he slid back, pulled on them, by then slid in reverse more, and pulled on them more. He contorted up fundamentally finishing at her knees since he was getting energized and her legs were only approaching to manage long to administer at once thusly. 


She grinned at him, in any case at that point went peaceful and still as he wound her legs back to her chest, and he set down before her groin. 


He loosened up his neck forward to give signs of progress look. He looked toward her eyes, seeing her twinkling craftiness yet besides her hesitancy looking. He came back to her labia, seeing since her musky smell and the dew spilling down her thighs. 


It had every one of the reserves of being incredibly remarkable from his thing, at any rate, it released and had a charming smell; two things that his thing moreover had. So perhaps they weren't pointlessly remarkable, other than their appearances obviously. 


Lynn had utilized her hands and mouth on him, so he ought to have the decision to do in like way, isn't that so? 


Lincoln searched again for any sign of what to do, yet the adolescent was scarcely loosening up... monitoring things for him to move as her reality had gone still. 


Thusly, rapidly encompassing a strategy in his mind he decided to reflect what she had done. 


His fingers related and contacted her cut; he about cried when she yanked. 


Speculation she's touchy, by at that point. 


Lynn snatched her legs to hold them down to her chest and surprising, and Lincoln was allowed to slide somewhat nearer and nearer two hands on her sex while supporting himself on his elbows. He hit her, spread her labia disconnected. He esteemed the wet sheen on her pink inside parts, and he dove a finger in only a piece. 


His Sister panted, and that mentioned that he continue contacting her. In any case, soon his bit of leeway gave signs of progress of him, and he brought his mouth close. 


He laid a kiss on her puffy lips, getting her wetness on him. He secluded his lips and stuck his tongue out. 


His heart hustled. This would be undeniably the main event when he'd taste Lynn... 

Before he could pull back, he dove honestly in. Jumping his tongue into her folds, he flicked it upward, tasting every single bit of her in one go. 


Lynn shouted out his name and shook, and he groaned at her flavor. 


He continued licking her, unfit to get enough of her. 


"L-Lincoln, and ahh!" 


She pressed her legs tight to her chest, in any case, her hips were squirming. Something was making inside and she could scarcely stand it. 


She laid her head back and groaned his name, again and again, arranging him lick for lick. 


"Ohhh, in that spot, Linc." 


Lincoln utilized his fingers to spread her labia separated, and he introduced his tongue fundamentally more noteworthy than as of now. Lynn reacted with a keening fling. By at that point, he brushed her clit with his thumb inadvertently, and that made her almost shout. So he did it once more; scouring her as he ate up her. 


She was shaking to a routinely growing degree. Her groans were unfathomable. Her nails were plunging into her thighs, slipping on her sweat-drenched skin. Lincoln's tongue was screwing her so phenomenal her psyche was blanking. 


Out of the blue, it resembled a blinding piece of light detonated inside and her pinnacle washed over her. 


Lincoln held her nearby by as he swallowed up her juices, helping her to defeat her pleasure. 


Right when she fell limp, the youngster finished his activities to come up with neighboring her. 


Lynn was crying and widening like a cat under his fingers. She was edging her inside closer to him. The shirt was riding up past every last bit of her ribs with each squirm of her hips on the sheets. She was spreading her appendages over the bed hazardously, about gambling upon Lynn when Lincoln's fingers slipped over her interior thighs. 


They were devouring a wealth of room as they were; one close by the other. 


Lynn eeped when her essentially progressively settled kinfolk lifted her up and shimmied underneath her. Regardless, she murmured the unequivocal moment she was chopped down onto his hunky chest and solid legs~ 


"Mmm, you're so solid, Affiliation... " Her fingers were creeping their course, teasingly, up to his chest; maintaining a strategic distance from through his hair until they arrived at his neck. Besides, sometime later she finished considering the way that her eyes were destroyed into his portrayed facial structure, so kissable. What's more, past his jaw to where his lips withstood, so insidiously edible~ 


He couldn't compel himself to talk through the dryness in his mouth and the dread that he'd squeak and sometime later his better half would kill him where he lay. 


In any case, that was alright, considering the way that Lynn could do all the talking for them. 


Goodness, God, this was so off-center, at any rate, felt so right! 


Her optional school body, so warm and vivacious, bowing around him like a boa constrictor. Her lips ambushing him equivalently as anxiously as his wife's. Her chest was so firm and full against his chest. In like manner, her butt so tight underneath his hands. 


He hadn't the faintest thought when he started petting her back, yet his dispersed character could mindless. She felt befuddling! 


Is this what she'd been stowing interminably in her diaper all when they were continuously fiery!? 


Liberal, God, on the off chance that he'd known... 


He shuddered underneath her when her fingers assessed his groin. He coarseness his teeth when her nails relentless against cotton, scratching his touchy tip. 


"Mindful, Affiliation, no vulnerability about it" 


She moved her legs with the target that she was straddling him; her hand never halting its stunning touch against his warmed concentration as her hips gradually moved along his thighs. 


Lincoln had just a second going before her revealed warmth came running down into his unbending sex in one, long, slow push that twisted his toes and fisted his hands in the sheets. 


Lynn pulled her wet sex down his rose contenders, resting her center-right on top of his unbendable tip with an amazing moan. She squirmed her hips a scramble of, feeling his warrior clad head spread her lips disconnected only a squeeze. 


"Is it careful to express that you are going to offer it to me, Affiliation?" 


Lincoln swallowed as she a tiny bit at a time slid down to his knees, her intensity slicking his legs. 


She sulked at him, her base lip shuddering. 


"Pretty please with a cherry-wy on top?" She ground her sex down on his knee to extend her reference. 


He didn't effectively shield her from slipping his warriors down only enough to free his part. He about muttered when her dainty hands immediately fallen over it, stroking him. 


"Uncover to me you need your  kid youth's pussy, Affiliation." 


She continued stroking him until he was spilling, and a brief span later her lips wrapped him and suckled. 


Lincoln attempted to contain the fits of commotion figuring out how to turn out. He flung his knuckles in his mouth and bit down. His hips incidentally moved against Lynn's lips, pushing into her mouth. His other hand reluctantly held her bleach blonde hair and guided her undeniably critical onto him, pushed her harder, continuously repulsive... 


Lynn was groaning scurrilously, uproariously, as she ground her sex against his leg, as she lapped at her kinfolk like a dry little pooch. 


In a short time, her unsettling influences were getting pointlessly uproarious, and Linc's frustrated cerebrums held basically enough instinct in them to comprehend that was, by some way or another, an appalling thing... at any rate he couldn't review why... 


Lynn whimpered when she was hesitantly pulled off his part; her tongue lashing out at the tip as her family coercively pushed her away from the throbbing part. 


Lincoln was thoroughly wiped out arranged when she began sliding back up his body without a doubt. 


"Does this mean you need your child youth's pussy eventually, Affiliation?" 


She was grinning, so enchanting and flawless looking. Her hair was muddled and fell around her shoulders, packaged up and wild. Additionally, her lips were so solid and pink. 


It was mind brushing he was simply drawn off by his older sister. 


By at that point, she ground her pussy against his chicken, smoothing him against his mid-region as she gave a long, slow push. As it were. 


The shine stroking him, dissolving around him... he required it. God, he required it so horrendous! 


Lynn murmured when her kinfolk was flagging; faintly, yet motioning notwithstanding. 


Regardless, she wasn't done at this point. 


"We should accept it. Reveal you want my pussy, Affiliation," she instructed with an edge to her voice. 


His lips were dried out; his throat dry and diligent. He fundamentally expected to croak out, "I-I w-need it... " He shut his eyes in lack of regard and need when she pushes her pussy against him once more; 




I lied about being on the pill...


you what?


i'm ovulating too.


i'm oh god.


I want to keep it.


i combined the two i wrote originally into one so it's a little longer than it originally was.


Authors note while Re Editing this i noticed Scenes that were basically the same as one another.

i will reword one of those scenes but right now i want to focus on the newer chapters so for now they will continue to be there.

my ipad is currently at 33% but i can move things over to my phone.

to at least write the next chapter.

been over a year since i wrote this story figured i own it to y'all for this.


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