Another Night with Ms. Bellum

BY : Whiptail
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Part One

“Ms. Bellum” chimed the moustached gent in his giant chair.

“Yes, Mayor”

“How are things with you? I know that there had been some problems before and... well, if you don't take it the wrong way, you look very refreshed these days”

It was true. Sarah had taken it unto herself to resolve a serious matter that had the doctors concerned for her health. Her workaholic nature had been taken its toll and had delivered a shocking warning to the dedicated secretary to find more time for leisure. She had found it alright, with the help of a certain, mischievous tyke. However, it'd be wrong to imply she was the only reason, but she had helped to break down the barrier and make her realise that life was short and shouldn't be spent working every last minute to the bone.

It had even been a long time since she had properly read a book. Before, she would skim and scan the pages briefly and not remember a word of anything. Now, she had started a lush library in her office and was going through thick hardbacks almost weekly, if not less. She had started other activities she hadn't invested herself in in years. She'd forgotten how much she'd liked swimming, going out to listen to live music in jazz clubs, photography and writing.

Things had been so much better. She felt alive again and was consistently glowing with this aura, as if she had been reborn.

“Why, thank you, Mayor” she said with a smile. “I feel refreshed”

“So what's your secret? A new hobby? Diet? … Is there some scoundrel on the side?” he pondered with playful suspicion, raising a brow.

The woman laughed “Oh, no, Mayor. I haven't the energy or time for that sort of thing any more. No, just a few hobbies. Making the most of my tune-out times”

“Hmm. Whatever you say”

“Alright, Conan Doyle. What's knocking about in that head of yours?” she grinned, hands on hips.

“Nothing, nothing” he dismissed softly, checking through some paperwork. A sneaky, small, half-knowing smile curled under his giant moustache however.

“Mayor, have you ever known me to lie to you?”

“Let's not play that devil's game” he sighed, shuffling the work. He jerked sharply from a papercut, whipping the finger to his pouting lips. “Yeowch. Anyway, it's none of my business, Ms. Bellum. My only concern is that, if there IS some dirty dog, some scamp, galloping after you, I'd keep him in his place”

A little insulted by his approach, her lips twisted into a fine scowl “I think I can handle things for myself, thank you for your kind words”

“I'm not saying I don't trust YOU, my dear. It's HIM I don't trust. You've been a faithful employee here and a true friend to me, Ms. Bellum. You can't blame me for being worried. I want for your happiness, but not if it's at the risk of some scallywag taking advantage of you”

“Ugh, how dare you!”

“So, there is some chap then?”

Sighing angrily, the woman turned her back to him, something rarely done, and she felt like a child throwing a temper tantrum for doing some. It was quiet for a moment, before the man left his chair and shuffled into view.

“I'm sorry for ruffling your feathers, Sarah” he said, glancing up with sincerely regretful eyes. “But, you're my shining star and I wouldn't want a soul to tamper with it's shine”

With such sweet words, the woman couldn't help but be won over and she smiled. “I apologise for snapping at you, sir”

Although Sarah had been better with keeping a less strict schedule with herself, she still found herself mildly pissed if anyone interfered with it. Anyone.

Without so much as a warning, Buttercup, her 'scamp' and 'little scoundrel', had whisked her from the comfort of her lounge area and had taken off back to the Utonium residence. Late into the night, the rest of her family, as well as the majority of Townsville would definitely be asleep. Bellum wasn't too good at handling her own curfew, something she needed to work on, but wasn't helped due to the secretive nature of her and the tomboy's 'relationship'.

“You know I hate you dropping in without warning” she scolded with folded arms.

“Sorry, Ms. Bellum, but this is something I just gotta show you”

“I'm sure it is. What is it anyway?”

“It's a new invention the Professor has come up with”

The girls needed beepers... or at least a form of text messaging.

"Coast is clear”

Together the two crept down into the laboratory and the Powerpuff beheld the awesome new invention. It appeared like some form of metallic incubator, with a station of buttons and dials at the side, and the incubator being sandwiched between two glass like containers that appeared to generate some form of electricity.

“That man's always heading above and beyond” Sarah mused, dreaming of being able to be smart enough to construct and come up with ideas like this. “So, what is it?”

“I'd rather it just showed you. But first, I think it's best if you strip off for this” Buttercup instructed with a tint of huskiness.


“I don't like the chances of the machine messing with your clothes. It's best to strip”

“I swear, if this thing turns me into a wildebeest or something...” Sarah warned, tapping her heels.

Buttercup shook her head. “It won't, trust me”

“Isn't this thing going to create a lot of noise?”

“This is a sound proof room. The professor made it like this a while ago after some tests going wrong. The explosions were frequently bothering us and he was swearing an awful lot”

Explained. So, with minor hesitation, the lady obliged to the order and began undressing herself. All the while, she chewed her lip anxiously at the hungry stares from the kid, seating herself up on a cleared table. Her eyes practically beamed with anticipation and it created a familiar stirring of excitement within Ms. Bellum, knowing what the girl was thinking. Was this essentially a strip tease for the babe? Over the course of time they'd been together, they'd learned to be a little torturous with each other: teasing one another, leaving one another sexually frustrated after fondling and touching.

Particularly after brief instances at the Mayors office, which Sarah called 'Tutor times', reserved for a session between her and Buttercup, they often wouldn't have enough time to finish one another off. As of late, it mainly revolved around the girl tearing open the woman's blouse and ravaging her tits, as she made the submissive woman touch herself. Buttercup had become quite selfless in that regard and had her top priorities set on making her partner feel good, which she had learned to become quite the expert at.

Bellum had become an expert too, and would dress up for the heroine in the nightly meet ups in alluring lingerie and silk dresses. It was quite nice that not 'one' person was assigned the dominant or submissive roll. 

Finally peeling off the last item of clothing, her panties, Bellum stood exposed to the little pervert she had created.

“So, I assume I just step into the machine right?” she assumed.


It was always adorable to see the tomboy try to keep up a confident front when her face was bright red and her hormones were raging a war with her internally. It was also really hot, seeing through the calm exterior, Sarah knew the girl wanted to fuck her.

With her heart racing, feeling the predatory undertone of her 'lover's' gaze, the magma maned beauty stepped into the machine and Buttercup closed the door.

It was tightly packed, claustrophobic and the activation alarmed the woman to an extent. With zaps and sparks flaring in the glass containers seated each side, she saw whiteness filter her vision more strongly every second, with a high pitched whine that escalated painfully. Suddenly, there was a strong flash and the container flooded with smoke and steam. She felt like she was underwater, engulfed by an all consuming sensation that rattled her senses. It felt like she was drowning and felt herself falling... falling... deeper... and deeper. Then the door hissed, as it slid to the side and allowed for the concentrated smoke to spill out and dissipate into the room.

Stepping out, she didn't feel at all like herself, and Buttercup's reaction confirmed that.

End of Part One

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