Messy Daytona Vacation

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After a very wild Mother's Day, Kim and Ron return the self-replicating syntho material to their scientists. Kim then heads back into her home and flops down on the touch next to her mother, Anne, while James and the twins are busy doing some experiment together. "Yesterday was a wild ride, huh, Kimmy?" Anne asks. "It sure was, Mom,"

Kim replies, sounding a bit exhausted, "The complicated brain surgery, the bleeding, my embarrassing puking..."

"Don't forget the train, Sweetie; riding on an ATV to get up on the roof of it, feeling the wind and g-forces, jumping into the control room by the hatch, getting Wade to blast the rockslide out of the way, and getting to fight Drakken and Shego. Why do sidekicks confuse him, anyway?"

"I don't know, Mom, because he holds so high value in my abilities that he thinks I don't need one? Some kind of one-track mind that focuses more on me than someone helping me? I don't question it too much."

"That's fair. But it was kind of nice for someone to think of me as your sister instead of your mom."

"Sometimes I wish I did have a sister instead of the tweebs. Joss is a cutie, though. Maybe I should spend some more time with her next chance I get."

"We'll see when we can. But Drakken's mother is something, isn't she? Just that voice is a bit..." "

...weird? Yeah, I know. And she doesn't even know what he really does."

"Why was she even there?"

"He probably forgot it was Mother's Day."

"Sounds about right for a supervillain. But it's cute she still calls him Drewby."

"That was actually pretty funny."

"Yeah, but it's not as adorable as you being my little Bubble Butt."

Kim blushes and groans, "Moooom!"

Anne giggles, "Sorry, Honey, I couldn't help myself. Though thinking about the fun we had together gives me an idea." K

im raises a brow, "Yeah, Mom?"

"Why don't we have another wild day out, but bring your father along too?"

"No offense, but I don't think I want you both tagging along on a mission with me, the once was enough while Ron was stuck home."

"I don't mean it like that, I mean a real day-long vacation; no missions, no work, just the three of us. The twins can be taken to Uncle Slim's and they can work on his robotics or whatever."

"Hmm, well, I did help Jimmie Johnson get to his race after the transport truck broke down. Maybe I can get us a day at an empty race track, and all we'll need to pay for is a hotel room?"

"I think we can afford that. But let's keep it a secret from your father, okay? I want him to be surprised."

Kim nods then blushes as she asks, "...Will this be a lewd vacation?"

"Do you want it to be? You're not as quiet as you think you are, Sweetie, I have heard you when you're masturbating."

The blush deepens, "I would prefer it to be, yes... I want both of you to fuck me..."

Anne grins, "Oh, Honey, you're not the only one into that. You get that from both me and your father, so it's perfectly fine with us. Plus, it'd be fun to tease him together."

"Good to know, Mom..."

"If we're going to a race track, we should get some outfits that match, and surprise your father."

"I think Club Banana has a line of promotional racing outfits."

"That sounds perfect, Sweetie."

"Oh, while we're there... can we...?"

Anne raises a brow and smirks, "Get a little dirty in the dressing room?"

Kim blushes and turns away, "Yes..."

"Of course, Honey, but on two conditions."

"Which are...?"

"One, you let me call you Bubble Butt in there, and two, you call me Mommy in as innocent of a tone as you can."

Kim groans a little, but nods, "Okay..."

"Okay, what?"

"Okay, Mommy..."

"That's better," Anne grins.

Kim gulps, "Just give me a m-moment to get ready..."

Anne nods and heads outside while Kim goes to her room. After a few minutes, the two get in the car and head off to the mall, dealing with traffic. They park, get out, and head inside, Kim leading the way to Club Banana.

The moment they walk in, they're greeted by Monique, "Hey, girl! Having another mother-daughter day?"

"We're actually planning a vacation, a proper no-work vacation, and we need new clothes for it," Kim explains

"I got you. C'mon, lemme show you all the new selections."


Monique shows them a large new selection of swimwear, hot weather clothes, things along those lines, and the racing-themed stuff is scattered among them. The sexy redheads go and grab mostly the racing themed stuff, but a few normal pieces of clothes for teasing and such. With Monique helping them, it becomes a fashion montage; the mother and daughter in a lot of outfits that can be described as different NASCAR themed jumpsuits that show off a lot of skin, some two piece outfits that are race themed and show off the good stuff, and just som sexy normal clothes that help keep cool in the heat.

As the two show their bodies off in these outfits, Monique finds herself eyeing their bodies, their curves, their natural features while biting her bottom lip.

Anne smirks when she notices, "You have a thing for women, Monique?"

"I do for two fine women like yourself and Kim."

Kim bites her lip, asking in as cutesy of a tone she can muster, "Can Monique join us in our fun, Mommy?"

"I would love it if she did, Kimmy."

Monique looks between the two, then smirks at Anne, "Mmm, getting Kim to call you Mommy? That's hot..."

"While I'd love to have you call me Mommy too, it's a bit weird, but if you're open to the idea of Mistress, I would love that."

Monique nods, "Mmm, that's hotter. I'll gladly join in..."

Anne grins and pulls the two girls into a larger changing room and they all strip down entirely. Kim bends over and shows the handle of a stained glass anal plug shoved all the way in there, doing so to tease Mommy and Monique. Grinning, Anne reaches into her purse, taking out a suction cup dildo and sticks it onto the mirror.

Looking between the girls, Anne fixes her gaze on Monique, commanding the girl, "Spank Kimmy, spank her good for your Mistress. Oh, and Kimmy, suck the dildo, go at it like it's your father's cock. You know you wanna blow your Daddy..."

Kim goes right for it, leaning into the silicon toy and licks all over it before taking it into her mouth. With Kim's white bubble butt sticking out in clear view, Monique gets right behind and starts spanking her redheaded friend. Anne takes a seat, watching as she digs through her purse, taking out another toy and starts using it to tease herself. Monique's hand keeps going, hitting harder with each smack, making Kim's ass turn red as it jiggles.

"Now finger her Monique," Anne commands, "And make her cum before I do for a reward."

Monique doesn't even hesitate, running two fingers from her free hand along Kim's lower lips, teasing her before slipping them in. She twists, twirls, and curls her fingers while sliding her thumb up, pressing it down on Kim's clit. Kim moans all over the silicon cock as saliva drips onto the floor and runs down her cheeks and chin. Monique presses down a bit harder before moving her thumb around, playing with Kim's button like it's an analog stick. Kim's starting to lose her focus on the toy as she arches her back and moves her hips with Monique's fingers, letting out a muffled whine of desperation for more.

Anne starts ramming her own toy into herself, moaning as she watches and asks, "How'd you -- mmm! -- get so -- uuhhnnn -- skilled -- ahhh! -- Monique...?"

"Too many boys trying to work what they don't know, I've a lot of practice on myself, and I may have hooked up with Kim a few times before," Monique admits as she works her fingers a bit more, even sliding a third one in.

"Mmm! Oh, please -- fuuuck yesss! -- tell me -- ohhhh! -- more... once we're -- ahhh uhhhnn! -- done here..." Anne responds as she starts to writhe in her own self-pleasure, her free hand playing with her own tits as she watches the girls.

Monique slows her hand a little, knowing Kim's getting closer to a release and wanting to keep her waiting a bit longer. Kim whines, pulling away from the mounted toy, panting between whines as she rocks more into Monique's hand.

"Is it becoming -- ffffuuuck! -- too much for you? Then -- ahhhh! -- beg Mommy to let -- yyeeeesssss!! -- you cum... beg Monique -- uuhhnnnfff! -- to push you over -- mmmhhhff -- the edge!" Anne commands.

Kim groans, "Pleeaaassseee! Mommy, Monique! Let me cuuuummmm! Push me over the eeeddddgggggeeee and give me the orgasm I neeeedddd!!"

Monique grins, leans into Kim's ear, and whispers, "Mmm... always the needy slut when we have our fun..."

Kim just groans louder as Monique moves her fingers and presses her thumb as fast and hard as she can. Anne gulps hard, demanding Kim cum now, and the mother and daughter orgasm in sync, both of them screaming in pure bliss. Monique, while having her juices run down her inner thighs, isn't close to cumming, but she was also more focused on pleasing Kim rather than herself.

Anne digs through her purse again, pulls out a double dick strap-on, and grins as she puts it on herself. With the two rubber cocks side-by-side, it'll let her take both girls at once.

Monique gulps, "Well, you're quite prepared, Mistress... If I may ask, if I didn't join in, what would you have used on Kim...?"

"I would have pulled out Kim's plug and used a vertical double strap-on just for her. I came prepared for either situation," Anne explains.

Kim nods slowly before asking, "Mommy... can you also take us... when we're on top of each other...?"

"Oh, why of course, Sweetie. I'd love to pleasure your young pussies while you're laying on one another, making out," Anne grins at the thought, "Now, on all fours both of you."

Kim and Monique firmly plant their hands and knees down on the floor, their pussies at the ready. With one hand placed on their outer hips, Anne rubs the rubber against their entrances before pushing in. The teens moan in bliss as they're penetrated, their juices running down in delicious streams along their inner thighs. Anne starts thrusting, slowly and gently to get a good rhythm before picking up the pace, making the girls moan a bit louder.

"Ahh! Mmm! Uhhnnn! Yesss! Mommy!"

"Mistress! God, yesss! Mooorrre! Pleeeaaassse!"

Anne slows down to ram into the two of them, shoving the fake cocks in as hard as she can, making them go in deeper each time before picking up the pace again. She changes up her speed and force every few thrusts, making it hard for the girls to know how it'll all go. Kim and Monique moan louder and louder, unable to help themselves, which make Anne's grin grow.

Outside the changing rooms, and inside the smaller ones, customers can hear what's going on, and while most stay away, one person - Ron Stoppable's mom - opens the curtain and her eyes widen. She stands there, mouth agape for a moment, but can't deny it's sort of... appealing... to watch.

Anne's too busy to notice as she leans forward, sliding her hands up the girls' bodies, pressing a breast onto both of their backs as her hands grab theirs to play with. Kim and Monique's moans start to sound more like pleasured screams at the sheer volume they're reaching.



Anne whispers into their ears, "Cum for me you beautiful sluts..."

The two of them do immediately, even squirting a bit as they let out echoing screams, gathering more and more people until at least ten are looking in there. Anne doesn't care at all as she pulls out of the two and switches to the other strap-on. Monique lays flat on her back and Kim lays on top of her, their tits pressing together as they spread their legs open. Anne grabs Kim's hips and starts just how she did before. The teens start moaning, panting and catching their breath whenever they can, but the lust takes them and they start making out, moaning into each other's mouth as their tongues dance.

From such a sexy display of exhibitionism, the crowd starts feeling the lust; women getting wet, men getting hard, arousal is everywhere. A few of them slowly slide a hand down into their clothes, playing with themselves as Anne picks up her pace and force. Again, the woman changes it up every few thrusts, and the besties continue making out. With each thrust, their bodies rub together, teasing each other and bringing out more pleasure.

The thing about this strap-on is there's a nub inside that plays with Anne's clit as she uses it, and she finds herself moaning and screaming as she has her second orgasm. Kim and Monique, however, aren't quite done, and in a moment of lust-filled synergy, Anne lays on her back and the teens position themselves in a way that allows them to ride the toy together. Monique goes down while Kim goes up, and vice versa, their tits and asses bouncing and jiggling as they find their rhythm and speed up.

All three women are moaning, screaming, panting, and sweating as the crowd just stares at it all. Everyone that's watching the show is now bluntly getting themselves off, and no one seems to have noticed or cared about the security cameras in the area. The mall's security is seeing this show for themselves, too.

The girls keepin on going, though, lost in the most intense pleasure any of them have felt in a long time. Once the teens cum again, it's obvious all three of them are running out of steam, but they share a glance with one another. With all of them on their hands and knees, they form a sort-of-circle; and go right for it. Anne is eating out her daughter, Kim is lapping up Monique's cunt, and Monique is going down on Anne.

Some people in the crowd lose it and cum in their clothes as the display continues. Others have undressed themselves and gotten lost in their own self-pleasure while their eyes remained focused on the spectacle. The three girls continue going to town on each other, using their own personal tongue techniques to achieve the same goal. Their arms and legs are all trembling, exhaustion about to take them, when they all finally achieve an orgasm together and collapse onto the floor.

It takes a little bit, but the crowd slowly disperses as they finish themselves. Mall security, who enjoyed the entire thing as well, hesitantly go and check on the tired three. When it's confirmed everyone's okay, security decides to ignore what happened so no one gets in trouble... and so they don't have to admit to being perverts like the rest that stuck around. They get the girls some water before leaving them.

After rehydrating, the girls get dressed in their normal clothes, Anne collects her toys and puts them away, each one wrapped up in a clean rag. She and Kim then pick up the outfits they plan on buying and Monique rings them up using her employee discount, as a thanks for the good time. Once everything's bagged, the mother and daughter leave and head home. Kim can't stop grinning as she thinks of all the possibilities for what'll happen on their impromptu vacation. Anne plans on telling James of what just happened to tease him, and possibly for them to have a little fun themselves that night once Kim and the twins are asleep. A strong libido is something that should never go to waste.

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