Celebrity Slumber Party

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The clouds within the sky move about at a slow pace with the wind offering a light warmth as it blew through the neighborhood.  Things were quiet for everyone with Kim driving on the street in her car with a pair of dark sunglasses over her eyes having purple frames.  She had a content look on her face without letting any emotion out in her person as the radio played some soft music for her.

She drive into her family’s driveway then park her car, sighing to herself in bored as she cut the engine and rest her arms on top of the wheel.  Following her actions, she rest her chin on top of her arms and stare out at her home before her still holding some content, but more boredom in her being the longer she remained in her seat and buckle.  “Damn…I didn’t think this would happened…” She whispers to herself with a blink of her eyes behind her sunglasses.

“Another stupid prank done by another set of idiots who couldn’t act right…they had to blow up the toilets and mess up the pipes for everyone…until everything is fixed we’re off for a week…and that’s where the problems begins for me…”  She lament to herself then lean back into her seat. Sighing heavily once more, she reach for her buckle without looking down rather her gaze was on the ceiling of her car.

“Everyone is gone…everyone had plans this week and I know the tweeps got off on their special trip to that rocket science convention…Mom and Dad had to go with them to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid…or worse ruin the place like they always do…”  She continues to herself with her buckle now free from her body. She sighs to herself again then pushes herself a bit more into the seat, slowly sinking into the material.

“Ron told me that he was going to go with his family now that this happened…I wouldn’t have mind spending some time with him…”  She thought then reaches for her sunglasses with her right hand. Pulling it off from over her eyes, she kept her eyes half opened still staring at the ceiling above.  There was a bit agitation in her person as she drop her hand down onto the passenger’s seat then sigh again as she shut her eyes gently.

“Monique is working more at Club Banana so she can’t hang out with me like she used to…despite the fact that we both love that place so much and now…now we hardly see each other unless I go there to see her, but she’ll be working as always…”  Kim continues within her thoughts. Turning to her right, she open her eyes a little then stare out at the horizon of her family’s yard.

“Tara and Wade both got grounded at the same time…how does that happen to someone…I can’t believe that!”  She complains to herself while extending her arms from her with her eyes now fully opened. “Now I can’t contact Wade and Tara can’t hang out with anyone…not unless she wants to piss of her parents.  I still can’t believe they even cut Wade’s hologram…” She complains now crossing her arms and looking out the window to her left.

“I’m…alone…really alone…”  She thought losing much of her anger and sulking more into her chair.  “I would call Bonnie…but putting up with her would be…” She expresses to herself then shudders in great disgust; shutting her eyes in the process.  “I would rather let someone shave me bald than spend even one minute with Bonnie…or get root canal…” She states to herself in a lower tone then before.

After her words to herself, she steps out of her car while pulling the keys out of the ignition.  She leans to the backseat and pull out her bag in her right hand. Gently, she shut the door then made her way to her home in a slow manner.  Some of the sunlight from above hit Kim’s face causing her to tense as she shield her eyes with her left arm as best as she could.

“…too much…I shouldn’t have taken off my sunglasses…”  She thought to herself then quickly steps towards the front door of her home.  She uses her keys and venture inside to a dark, cool atmosphere of her home. “Mmm…that feels nice…”  She complement while moving among the grounds that was her home. In no time, she made her way upstairs and reaches her room in no time.

She went inside of it and turns to the window of her bedroom.  The sight of her neighborhood and surrounding areas brought a great deal of discomfort to Kim as she sigh again and made her way towards her bed.  She discards her bag to the floor; reach the edge of her bed then fall forward onto the made up sheets of her bed. She remains still for a good amount of seconds while taking in light breaths along the sheets until she roll over onto her back.

Her arms spread from her person, her legs slightly apart and her eyes half opened to the ceiling above as she soak in the atmosphere around her and the quiet of her bedroom.  “This is just…so boring…and I don’t know what to do now…” She thought with a blink of her eyes. Shutting her eyes again, she sits in place and moves her arms to her front.

Resting her hands along her lap, she blink once then look down at the attire everyone knew her for.  The green, sleeveless tanktop that hugged onto her small yet supple chest, the blue Capri jeans and her white tennis shoes on her feet along with her white socks, she stare at her attire for a bit until she shut her eyes.  She pushes herself off from the bed and move about her room at a slow pace.

First, she removes her top, revealing the passion fruit colored bra on her chest with much of her bust present to the air.  She kept her eyes shut while shaking her head back and forth until she toss the shirt to her right on the floor near the door.  She slips out of both of her shoes with ease left first then right only to turn around and press herself against the wall close to the door.

Much of her demeanor had changed from before as she now had a welcoming smile on her face.  She blinks once and widens her smile from the sight of her cleavage and the softness of her skin.  Using her right foot, she moves her toes towards the folds of her left sock then lower it down. Once her foot was freed, she did the same, but with her left foot until her sock was off of her body.

She pushes herself off from the wall then step away from where she was.  During her steps, she undid the folds of her jeans and allows them to slowly fall down from her alluring hips and the folds of her backsides.  She step out from her jeans with a matching pair of passion fruit colored panties on her backside which shield much of her bubble butt.

Once freed, she approaches her bed, but pause and turn towards the bag she had discarded.  Her focus change to the clothes she had discarded then looks down at herself once again. First, she stares down at her chest, taking in the features of her bosom she had known all too well.  After looking over her mounds, she shifts herself from side to side in admiration towards her hips and the shape of her asscheeks.

After looking herself over for a bit, she reach behind her back and unhook the bra she had on.  It fall forward a bit with Kim moving her hands forward and pulling the bra off of her person; revealing her slightly rose colored nipples that remain soft and the rest of her flesh belonging to her breasts.  Afterwards, she drops the bra to the floor then moves her hands to the outer folds of her panties. Much like her bra, she lowers them down as well exposing everything of herself to the air around her.

Standing fully nude in the open of her bedroom brought a great amount of enjoyment to Kim.  She couldn’t help but stretch her arms above her head with her smile still intact then lower them down to her sides.  However her enjoyment of the situation drops with her sighing in disappointment. She turns towards her bed and slowly approach it.  

She falls down onto the bed once again only to crawl to the head.  When close to her pillows, she turns over onto her back and stares up at the ceiling above.  Everything seems to pass by for Kim at this point with nothing moving about with in her person. She did her best to relax though it fad and change to restlessness the longer she remain on top of her bed.

“I can’t stop thinking about this…I don’t want to be bored…”  Kim thought to herself then rolls to the edge of her bed. As fast as she could, she made her way to the phone that rest on her nightstand and pluck it from the receiver.  She push a few buttons in a matter of seconds the phone ring. She places it against the left side of her head while laying down on her right side. Her demeanor and mannerism was in complete allure though it didn’t appear that she was doing it purposely.

She blinks once keeping her eyes slightly open while listening to the ringing of the phone.  After a bit, the ringing went straight to voicemail as Tara’s voice fill her ear. The familiar voice of Tara made her sigh in disappointment as she pulls the phone from her ear and cut the call.  “I guess it was a bit much to ask that she would pick up…I guess they took her phone from her…” She thought further in her disappointment.

She look back at the phone before her person then dial another number with her eyes showing some boredom from before.  After a few seconds the phone ring and from it the sound of Ron’s voice came out from it. It brought a great amount of joy to Kim’s being hearing Ron’s voice again as she states happily, “Hi Ron…sorry that I called you so suddenly.”  

“Eh, don’t worry about it Kim.  I was away from the others for a bit so I can talk.  What’s up?” Ron asks curiously much to Kim’s delight.  “Oh nothing…just laying her…naked…kinda bored…” Kim tease follows by a giggle much to Ron’s shock.  “Um…you know…you shouldn’t tell me that…” He replies shyly much to Kim’s further delight. She giggles to herself from Ron’s response then move her right hand before her person.

Gently, she swirl her index finger around along the sheets in a circle with her focus now shift towards her moving finger.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t help but tease you a little since I can’t see you for a week. I would send you a picture…but I don’t want your parents finding out about something like that…”  She continues which she heard Ron panting a little bit from her words.

“Ron…for the most part I called you because there’s nothing really to do around here…I have no missions to go on…most of the girls are gone…Tara and Wade are grounded and my family went to this rocket science convention with…”  “With your brothers. I know Kim. You told me about it. And I get ya. I’m sorry there isn’t much for you to do.” Ron cut in despite his compassion in his words.

“Thanks for that Ron and thanks for helping me cut a few minutes out of my boredom.”  Kim continues happily. The two laughs together lightly until Ron states, “I’ll call in on you from time to time, okay Kim?”  “Sure…and thanks for that Ron. I appreciate that.” Kim replies as the two express together kindly, “Take care…” They hang up their phones with Kim staring at it calmly.

“Thanks Ron…”  She whispers to herself while listening to the dial tone of the phone in her grasp.  After a few seconds, she press a few buttons on her phone then listen closely to the dial tone.  The ringing begins and in seconds, Ann calls out, “Hello Kim…are you doing alright?” “…I’m fine mom.  Just a little bored is all…” Kim answers. The two remain quiet with Kim blinking and listening to the sounds in the background.

“Sounds like you’re all having fun.”  Kim points out which Ann replies calmly, “Oh honey…its nothing new for us at this point.  The boys are enjoying themselves, your father is mingling with the others. I am sorry that we asked you to watch the house.  We got the message from the school about the cheery bombs. Sorry about that.” “Its okay mom…Just gives me more time to figure out something.”  Kim replies while shutting her eyes.

“Hey mom…”  Kim asks a little shyly which Ann answers, “What is it sweetie?”  “Would it be alright if I had a couple of friends over? I’ll make sure the house is nice and clean before you guys get back and nothing will be broken.  I swear.” Kim explains as best as she could having a bit more emotion in her person. For the moment, Kim and Ann said nothing much to Kim’s concern as she blinks in wait of her mother’s answer.

“That’s fine honey.  You know I don’t mind if you have company over.”  Ann answers kindly much to Kim’s happiness. The expression of joy in her entire being was quiet as she clenches her eyes shut, pull her knees close to her stomach and smile from ear to ear.  She couldn’t hold back her wide smile from her mother’s words with more happiness building within her.

“Just do me a favor and keep things to a minimum.  I don’t want to find out some villain of yours attacked the house or something exploded while we’re gone.  The boys cause enough havoc as it is we don’t need more being added to the list.” Ann jokes follow by a giggle much to Kim’s enjoyment.  She slowly sits up in place on her bed and answers kindly, “Of course mom. And thanks for this. I’ll follow everything you asked.”
“I love you…”  Kim express sweetly which Ann replies in a motherly tone, “I love you too Kim.  Now, I have to go and get your father from this group. They’re chewing his ear off and I don’t know how long he’ll last.”  The two giggles together from her words which they end the conversation at the same time. The dial tone soon follows, but Kim turns the phone upside down and lay it down on top of the sheets.

“Now it’s just a matter of what to do…”  Kim thought to herself curiously on the matter then roll back onto her back.  Numerous possibilities run through her mind as she stares up at the ceiling with her arms behind her head.  She slowly pulls her left leg close to her person as the possible thoughts of others in her home played out through her mind.  A few blinks and a couple of possibilities, she smirks to herself happily and roll back to where she left the phone before.

She grasps it in her left hand then roll back onto her back with her focus now on the buttons.  Pressing the needed ones rapidly, she pulls the phone to her ear and listens to the ringing. Unlike her previous phone calls, Kim was a bit more composed in wait of the voice on the other end.  The ringing end and in turn Britina answers sweetly, “You’ve reached Britina, what’s up?”

“Hi Britina.  Nice to hear from you again.”  Kim complements with a smile. “Oh God!  Kim! It’s been so long since I heard from you!  How’ve you been!?” Britina exclaims at a louder pitch of happiness which cause Kim to pull the phone away from her ear.  There was a small painful smile on her face now as she had shut her left eye, but her demeanor hadn’t faded during their conversation.

“Oh, I’m doing just fine, but could you calm down a little…you’re a bit too excited…”  Kim replies happily with her giggling slightly afterwards. “Sorry…sorry…” Britina states quickly then cough into the phone sounding slightly away from it.  “So, I’ve just got through finishing a new song and now I have nothing to do for the next month until my tour starts. It’s been a bit too stressful for me and I really need to relax somehow…”  Britina continues though each word made her sound less and less enthusiastic.

Kim raises her right eyebrow intrigued by Britina’s words then offer kindly, “How about spending some time at my home?  It’s not like your mansion, but you could have a normal time…just us girls and if you have any friends you can bring some.  Just though so…” “I’LL BE THERE IN TWO HOURS!” Britina exclaims loudly; fully cutting Kim off much to her surprise.

The conversation turn to a dial tone which Kim stares down at the receiver puzzled by what had happened.  She giggles to herself, shut her eyes then place the phone down onto its original spot. “I should have told her the theme of this, but I’ll show her when she and the others arrive.”  Kim states to herself happily then slides herself back onto the floor.

“I wonder who she’ll bring.  She knows a ton of people just like I do so it could be anyone…”  Kim thought to herself showing more interest after her conversation.  She moves about her room for the moment, looking around her surroundings while doing her best to think of a theme.  She pause her movements among the middle of the room, pull her legs together, rest her right arm across her person with her left elbow on top of it then tap her left cheek a few times with her index finger.

Numerous thoughts race throughout her mind as she shifts her half opened eyes back and forth among her surroundings.  After looking about them a few times, an idea pops into Kim’s mind. Her eyes widen from the possibilities which she burst out into playful laughter that she couldn’t contain.  “That’s it!” She screams while tucking her arms to her chest and wiggling in place, namely her hips.

“Britina always wanted a normal life sometimes and this will be the best thing for her…It will be a great party and I don’t care who she brings to it!  I’m going to help them all enjoy themselves and forget whatever lives they normally have!” Kim exclaims as she dash towards her closet as fast as she could.  “I just have to make sure I have everything I need! And I better double check the kitchen for snacks. If not I’ll just make a dash to the store and pick up everything!”  She screams to herself while rummaging through every item she had present before her person.

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