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Kim opened the door to her house and entered with a little precaution, her boots and clothes were  dirty from her mission overboard and didn't wanted ruin the carpet.

“I’m home! Is anyone here?” Kim waited for an answer but only found silence, it seems Kim had the house all for herself.

The young girl took off her dirty clothes and threw them in the laundry bin, she took her long hair and arranged it in a ponytail. The mission on Spain had required her to crawl through mud and she could smell the filth still attached to her pale skin, she covered her naked body in a towel and double checked she was truly alone. Once she was certain no one was in the house Kim closed the curtains and went to the bathroom, she turned on the warm water and climbed into the hot tub, the mud quickly sank on the bottom of the tub and Kim started rubbing her body with the liquid soap that made her forget about the burden she had to endure on her mission, the soft sounds of the warm water flowing and the liquid soap making bubbles around her started to make Kim feel sleepy.

She opened her legs wide open in the hot tub and cleaned the mud off them, her  pretty white skin once again was visible and her legs occasionally moved side to side due to the soft feeling, a warm bath was one of the pleasures Kim wanted to enjoy once her mission was over, the soap was starting to make more bubbles than expected which made Kim giggle like a little girl.

She started popping the bubbles that flew too close to her and sending some flying off with a smooth puff of air, her naked body was totally covered in the brewing bubbles and hot water that almost made her look like a mermaid, it made her feel like she was wearing an almost invisible dress that cleaned and protected her, like a soft pair of hands rubbing her breasts in a soft and circular movement, Kim poured more of the liquid soap on her shaven and soft labia, the tingling sensation crept up to her groin in a delicate fashion unlike any other, the soap had lubed her vagina which stimulated her small clítoris and made it get hard and poke out of her hands.

Kim blushed a little like if she was being watched, she turned around to make sure there was no possible way any of her brothers could peep on her if she was careless, the idea of being spied turned her on a little bit but it also was enough to make her stop her urge to masturbate on the tub, once she was totally sure she was all alone or her family were asleep she was determined to give in to her lust and urges and masturbate in the tub.

Just the idea of masturbating in an inappropriate place made the girl blush once again, she held her breath underwater while the bubbles hid her underwater. The idea of masturbating all night in the tub was tempting, but if she wasn't careful her parents would be suspicious of her motives to her long sessions on the hot tub, suddenly a noise caught the attention of Kim which made her jolt out of the tub.

Someone had entered the house and rushed to the bathroom, the footsteps moved faster and faster and Kim knew she had no time to get dressed she covered her naked body with her hands and the door opened a few seconds after she did so.

Her father's eyes opened wide in and shocked expression, the door behind him with a loud  noise echoing across the bathroom, he blushed as much as his daughter did and the small bag that he held fell to his side.

“Daddy! I was…taking a shower...” Kim said with a clear intention to hid her urges and embarrassment, Kim wondered why her father was still standing in front of her.

“Kim…baby…I'm so sorry it's just… that.. well.” James’s eyes went down to Kim’s groin, her erect clit was sticking out of the palm of her hand that covered her genitals.

Kim´s face was as red as tomato and she wanted to flee out of the house, she had been too reckless and now she was exposed to the man that gave her life, tears started to roll down her cheeks .

“Baby, don't cry... it's nothing to be embarrassed about, I just got surprised that's all.”

James started caressing Kim´s shoulders and she stopped covering her naked body, and hugged her dad close to her, the feeling of getting exposed was now filled by the feeling of sadness, perhaps her father now saw Kim as perverted woman that only had sex in her mind and she was no longer his little girl.

“Daddy, please don´t think I’m a slut, I…I just got curious.” James held his daughter in his arms and started caressing her back, the feeling reminded Kim of the soft bath she was enjoying seconds ago.

“Don’t say that Kim, I would never dare to call you that word.” Kim was starting to feel something more than her father’s arms around her, his penis was fully erect and pushing against her erect clit.

The idea of her father being turned on by her body made Kim feel wet, her father started to take off his clothes and threw them in the same laundry bin where Kim left her dirty clothes.

His cock was bigger than Kim could ever imagine, deep in her mind she knew what was about to happen wasn’t right and she should leave and tell her mother or Ron about it, but deep down she also wanted it, she was getting excited to taste the same cock that pleasured her mother every night and fathered her and her brothers.

Kim smirked and walked towards her father with her hands behind her back, erotically like she used to do to seduce Ron and using the movements she was taught when she joined the cheerleaders.

Kim kissed her father´s cheek and moved her fingers on the shaft of her father’s cock, James kissed Kim’s neck and she did the same with his right cheek.

“Do you still love me Daddy?” Asked Kim to her father.

“I do baby, you’re my baby girl and daddy loves you very much, how about I join you in your bath?”

James helped Kim into the bath once again and he climbed inside after her, each of them facing each other.

James too had a struggle within himself, Kim was his prized girl and she wanted her to be happy all her life, but he also had spent years looking her grow from a small girl to a beautiful woman, she not only reminded him of his wife when she was younger but Kim was even more beautiful to his eyes than Ann.

It was a horrible thing for a father to imagine but James;s desire for Kim couldn’t be hid any longer, her body was too tempting for anyone to resist even to her own father.

James started caressing Kim’s bubble butt softly, using the same soap his daughter was using with the same purpose, her soft skin felt almost elastic with the lube dripping from her big ass.

“teehee, Daddy stop it! You're making me giggle!”

“That's what i want baby...”

James knew there was no turning back and used both of his hands to enjoy his daughter’s soft ass, his hands started to explore every inch of the bubble butt that was being squeezed and groped by the much older man, Kim’s giggling echoed across the empty house, her ass opened and fondled by her beloved father.

James was feeling a rush running across his body, groping Kim’s body was much better than playing with Anne’s, Kim had a much softer skin and the innocent look on her face made James’s passion to be even stronger for Kim, he loved Kim deeply and he was going to please her more than any boy could, he was determinated to make Kim enjoy the true pleasure of sex.

Kim´s body was more beautiful than any girl of her age, not even full grown women could compare to Kim’s natural beauty, James’s right hand groped more her right asscheek while his left hand took care of the other one. Kim smiled widely and hugged her father like she has always done when she needed her father’s comfort, the warm water soaked the incestuous couple as they embraced and groped each other following their desires.

Kim’s legs started to wrap themselves around James’s waist, Kim bit her lip while looking at her father with a carnal desire and James knew what Kim was asking for, he took his daughter´s legs and rubbed the tip  of his cock against her hard clit. The tip of his penis pleasured Kim´s shaven pussy while she looked down on her groin admiring the perverted movements her father was doing to pleasure her, James’s eyes couldn´t stop admiring Kim while he kept humping her, he was very careful not to penetrate Kim just yet, if he was going to enjoy Kim’s perfect body he was going to explore, tease, and savor every single inch of her.

¨Daddy, you are doing it a little rough...”

Ï’m sorry baby, am i hurting you?”

“No Daddy, I like how you do it...”

James took Kim´s face and gently squeezed her cheeks, it was almost impossible to believe that e¿he and his wife could create such a beautiful and perfect woman. James leaned forward and kissed Kim more passionately than he used to kiss his wife, he loved Kim so much that he was willing to leave everything if that was necessary in order to be and please her little girl.

The small kiss quickly turned more hot and wet, his tongue entered Kim’s innocent mouth and started exploring it, playing and teasing Kim’s little tongue while she did her part and grabbed her father by the neck and leaned forward to the direction of his mouth. Her small hands caressed his back while her James kept kissing her and groping her erect nipples, Kim’s eyes remained closed wanting to enjoy and picture the erotic scene on her mind, Kim’s mouth started to mimic James’s movements and kissing him back, her hands holding his neck firm and her long legs rubbing against his strong waist. James once more started to move against his daughter in a firm but soft manner in order to please her hips, holding her in place and kissing her soft neck while doing so.

Kim started to shake thanks to the nerves of going further with her father but he held her still, there was nothing to worry about as long as Kim held closer to her daddy.

“Daddy, I want you to do everything you do with mommy, only with me this time....”

“Kimmie Cub, you know I love mommy very much, but you are everything to me, you’re part of my and I love you more than I love her. It would be impossible for me not to.”

Kim started to feel more happy and horny by the minute, she wanted her dear daddy to make her feel good.

James kissed her once more in the lips and then smiled, Kim leaned backwards and spread her legs wide open on the hot tub, trapping him in a delightful and playful manner, the both of them laughed and giggled as they used to do when playing on the park when Kim was a toddler, James started to lick Kim´s hairless pussy, James started sucking on her hard clit, Kim moaned while holding her father more tightly between her legs and pressing him against her cunt.

¨Daddy, i love you!” Kim moaned to her father.

James took this words to the heart, sticking his wet and long tongue deeper inside of Kim’s warm insides, licking her clit and then switching to the interior with a switching fashion, a younger man couldn't have been able to withstand the force that Kim was applying to his neck, Kim was so horny that her body begged to her that she held James closer to her, his tongue crept inside of her all the way to to her. James tickled and groped Kim’s ass once more, he opened and closed Kim’s asscheeks admiring the way it felt between his fingers.

James licked Kim from side to side, probing to Kim that her daddy loved her as he claimed, her pussy tasted a lot sweeter than Ann’s, he fingered with his index and middle finger fucking her with them while the cunnilingus session kept getting faster and faster, Kim lifter her ass but kept applying the same pression to her father’s neck.

James wasn't bothered at all, it helped him to keep sucking and licking Kim as much as he wanted, his mouth completely covered Kim’s cunt and his clit was no pressed against his nose, Kim’s sexual secretions started flowing inside her father’s mouth, who happily opened it and tasted Kim’s sweet juices, his fingers going further inside the young cheerleader.

After a series of short moans Kim let James free of her grasp.

¨Daddy, please get up, I want to lick you as well.

James happily granted Kim’s lustful request, he stood on his feet and pointed his long and erect cock directly to Kim.

Kim crawled on all fours and started sucking him off, at first she sucked him shyly, rarely moving her tongue but kissing  his ballsack and the tip, James caressed her pretty face and kissed her eyes in a fatherly fashion, Kim smiled back and started swallowing his cock full.

James grabbed Kim by her ponytail and pushed his groin towards her mouth, Kim was a little taken by surprise by the harsh movement but she quickly started following James´s pace. Unlike his wife Kim had a better gag endurance, she could swallow his cock fully and without needing to take a rest, James cock was getting erect inside of his daughter mouth which made her giggle and made James cum a couple of drops inside of her mouth, Kim didn’t moved an inch and kept exploring his cock with her young tongue, her tongue was so delicate and soft that contrasted with his hard and erect cock, the texture of her tongue was almost going to make him cum.

Luckily for James Kim decided to switch positions, masturbating his shaft with both of her hands while licking his balls once again. She also started giving him soft and sometimes deep kissed directly to his legs, all while looking at him with her beautiful green eyes.

¨Daddy, I love your cock so much, I’m going swallow it!”

And true to her word Kim swallowed his erect cock once more, Kim didn’t even gagged, she enjoyed the feeling of her daddy´s cock getting harder and dropping more drops inside of her mouth.

“Daddy loves you Kimmy!” Moaned James while trying not to cum too early, he wanted to test some toys on her daughter’s young pussy before that.

James made Kim get up and gave her a warm kiss on her mouth, James stepped out of the hot tub and went to the bag that laid on the floor.

¨I have a surprise Kim, i want to use these on you...”

Kim was a little confused but her pussy was still soaking wet and wondered what her father had in mind.

¨What do you have there daddy?”

Asked Kim while James kept looking inside the bag, he had a more lustful smile in his face which made Kim start to finger her pussy in anticipation to whatever perverted idea her father had in mind for her.

James pulled out a couple of sex toys Kim had never seen before, she knew about sex toys, but she had never used them and never seen the ones her father was pulling out of the bag.

¨Were you going to use those on mommy?” Asked Kim while sticking two finger inside of her.

¨Yes…I was, but now they are going to make my little girl reach an orgasm.”

Said James while holding one of the toys and stroking his cock to keep his cock erect,he grinned at Kim and put her on his lap. Kim laid face down on top of his father’s legs as she used to do do when she was younger, he kissed her big bubble butt and slapped it a few times, Kim couldn’t help but feel like a little girl again, her face was red and her mouth dripping saliva and bits of her father cum, she was enjoying the taste of a forbidden and taboo desire and was enjoying every single moment of it.

¨Your mommy could never have an ass like this...” exclaimed James while kissing and licking Kim´s big asscheeks.

Kim spread her ass open and shook her ass for James, she was ready for whatever her father had in mind for her, she wanted to know howe perverted and kinky her own father could be with her.

¨Daddy, do whatever you want with my body, make me feel good...”

James took the rabbit vibrator and started shoving it inside Kim’s holes, her asshole was very tight and Kim even attempted to change positions and stick it out of her ass, but James kept her still and started showing Kim the pleasures of anal sex. Kim’s asshole was as clean as her pussy, completely without a single hair too, perfect for the sex toy James was using. Both of her holes attempted to close and wrap on the vibrator, whenever Kim’s holes attempted to force the toy out James pushed it harder but without hurting kim, luckily for her the soap and whatever had been useful to lube her holes and avoid any accident or pain.

Kim moaned and struggled, her beautiful body experiencing anal like never before, James did it in such a way that she didn't felt uncomfortable at all, it felt like a couple of fingers on the same hole at the same time, or a pair of tongues eating her out but at the same time always pushing deeper and tingling her most dirty but pleasurable spots.

The rabbit vibrator was so wet by Kim’s own pussy juices that it started going it and stretching her holes, Kim’s moans were so loud by this point that her father knew he had to keep doing it at that fast pace, the fluids dripped from the vibrator to Kim’s legs. James fondled and slapped Kim’s ass while she rode it to an orgasm.

¨Daddy…..Ahhhh! Don’t stop Daddy, I….I’m gonna!”

Suddenly a squirt was expelled from Kim´s pussy, the sexual secretions fell down to the floor while Kim gasped for air and James gulped from the intense scene he had just witnessed, Ann would have never reacted that way to an orgasm, Kim’s innocence was what made her so attractive to her father’s eyes.

Kim went down to the bathroom’s floor and spread her ass while on all fours, she knew her father had more in mind for her pussy and ass and she wanted to experience it all, James slapped her ass in a cute and playful manner while taking out his other toy.

James approached Kim from behind and held her by her waist.

¨Take a deep breath baby, daddy is going to test a little something on your butt...”

Kim did as her father instructed and lifted her ass for him, proudly moaning knowing her daddy was going to use her again.

Kim felt something starting to enter her ass, it was lubed enough to avoid any pain but she still felt something of a considerable size entering her body. Kim’s relatively virgin ass felt as a plastic invader made its way all the way to her rectum, a long plastic sextoy with ten plastic balls on it. Two of them entered very easy to her ass but when the third one attempted to follow the rest Kim’s ass tried to expel them, James started fingering Kim in order to stimulate her body and applied some of the liquid soap to her small asshole which helped greatly to the entry of the rest of the balls.

“Daddy! I…I don’t think I can take them all!” Moaned Kim while staying still and enduring the entry of the sex toy, her father kissed her forehead while firmly shoving the rest of the toys inside of Kim.

She wanted to make her father proud, prove her body was as capable as her mom´s. Kim kept a cool face while James shoved almost half of the rest of the balls. Kim moaned as a way to tell James that she was ready to feel them all, James gave Kim another kiss on her forehead and penetrated Kim with the rest of the toy.

Kim had achieved her purpose, she endured it all like a woman, her father had also accomplished his fantasy and gave her daughter a new pleasure and viewpoint of anal sex, Kim was soaking wet from the feeling of getting her ass full. She could even feel the sextoy around her wettest and warmest spot, her father was masturbating very agitated enjoying the view of his daughter´s bubble butt opened wide and the end of the sextoy sticking out of her cute and pink asshole.

Kim’s ass started to want to expel it once again, she shook for a little bit and her legs trembled as she tried as best she could to hold the toy in, her father once again slapped playfully her ass and started pulling it out, Kim’s ass barely could endure such pleasure, it stretched wide and Kim moaned and whailed while her ass too started to soak wet, another orgasm was imminent and she wanted to share it with her dear daddy.

“Daddy! Hold me close…to you!”

James lovely held his little daughter in his arms, groping her breasts while pulling out the toy and throwing it far across the room. Kim started kissing her father not with just love but with raw lust, she craved to be his personal girl, she wanted to always be with him and remember this little secret with him.

¨Daddy, I think I have always wanted you inside of me...” said Kim while gulping saliva.

¨Me too baby, I’m always going to be part of you after all...”

Kim arched her back backwards and started making out with James, she took his hands and together they groped her breasts and caressed her hard nipples, their tongues exploring each others mouths and James feeling more alive than ever before.

He was having sex with one if not the most beautiful girl in the world, she was his daughter but he didn’t saw her just as little Kim, she was the most stunning woman and wanted to satisfy his lust with her, both of them desired each other and if they were wearing clothes they would probably rip them apart out of pure passion.

James laid on the floor while holding his hard cock out for Kim, Kim already knowing what her father desired out of her little girl quickly put herself on top of him.

She lowered herself to a squatting position but James stopped her on her tracks.

“Wait baby, I want you to face the other way” Said james in his fatherly tone.

Kim smiled and faced the other way, her spectacular bubble butt facing the lucky man, she shaked it a little more while giggling and started riding her father.

“Yeah daddy! Fuck me harder than you do mommy!” Kim said while helping James by putting his cock right inside of her pussy, Kim´s heavy butt smashed in a hard way against his waist, but James was enjoy every single second, he put both of his hands while Kim´s juices fell above his balls.

James opened her butt and started penetrating her asshole, luckily she was so wet thanks to the juices, the water and the liquid soap that she was ready to give her anal virginity fully to her father.

Kim put both of her hands on top of James and stared riding him like a cowgirl riding a bull, Kim even yelled “yeehaa!” from time to time, James blushed at how happy his daughter was for riding him, truly it made him feel proud to be able to satisfy such a woman like Kim.

Her asshole was starting to feel tighter ,his hands quickly slapped Kim in order to tell her to move faster, Kim obeyed and mover as fast as her young body allowed her too, with his right hand James reached for the last gift he had for kim, the hitachi wand.

The wand vibrated and quickly found itself inside Kim’s tight hole, the sudden feeling almost made Kim jolt out of the bathroom, but her sweet father made sure she kept riding him like a cowgirl. The wand reached a new speed inside of her pussy and Kim gladly rubbed against it, she could feel the device scrambling and vibrating inside of her, it was even more pleasurable than her deepest and nastiest fantasies.

“Kimmie….I’m going to!” roared James.

“Yes….me too daddy!!! Me t….” Kim couldn’t finish her sentence and cummed all over her father, the sexual fluids dripped all across James’s body who in returned emptied his hot and big cumshot inside of Kim’s asshole.

The daughter- father couple fell into each other and kissed deeply, Kim even licked the cum off her father with the same innocent look he liked so much.

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