Naked Cribs

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Kim took off her cheerleader outfit and stepped into the shower. She was exhausted after spending most of her day with a difficult new routine. She grabbed her cellphone and put some music while she showered. While cleaning her pussy she suddenly got horny probably her body wanted to relax after a day full of stress. She grabbed her long hair and did a ponytail with it and started fingering herself while pulling from her ponytail. She also played a little with her ass slapping it and calling herself a slut while doing it. Kim wasn't into that sort of stuff, but recently she started to feel the need to experience new things in bed but she was afraid Ron might think she was a big pervert and break up with her so she decided to keep those perversions to herself at least for now.

After the relaxing warm shower, she covered her wet body with a towel and jumped on her bed. Just when her eyes started to close her phone rang up. "Oh come on!" Kim said in an annoyed voice. Can't they tell when a person wants to sleep after a long day?! Kim thought to herself. She managed to calm down and answer the phone in a polite manner. "Hello?

"Hello Kim, it's me!" said a cheerful voice on the end of the other line.

"I'm sorry… you have to be more specific." Kim was starting to worry that it might be a prank call, and she was in no mood to tolerate it.

"It's Britina calling! Don't tell me you have forgotten about me." said the girl still with a positive vibe. Kim cracked a little smile, remembering her celebrity friend, platinum pop super star, Britina. She has helped the young celebrity bunches of times, and basically became her closest friend.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! It's just that I had a long day and I'm really tired..." Kim said, hoping that her friend would get the hint and let her go back to her sleep.

"Well Kim, I have some news that might cheer you up. I have a new mansion!" exclaimed the celebrity girl in an almost childish voice.

"Oh well, I'm very happy for you." Kim was happy that her friend was doing well for herself, but she felt that she was only calling to brag to her.

"Wait silly! I want you to come to Los Angeles and see it for yourself!" Kim's eyes went wide and she cracked a wide smile when she heard her celebrity friend say that.

"What?! You're serious?" Kim asked in disbelief.

"Of course I am Kim! You have helped me a lot and I want us to enjoy spring break together. You sound really tired and like you need to rest." Britina said in a caring tone. Kim then frowned as she remembered about her boyfriend, Ron.

"I don't know what to say Britina, I'm grateful but I…I cant. If I just leave, Ron would feel devastated. I was hoping to spend spring break with him and I can't afford a ticket to Los Angeles or afford to stay at a decent hotel." Kim said. She really wanted to go to Los Angeles but there was simply no way she could afford such a trip and on such short notice.

"Kim, those problems have an easy solution. I will send my private jet to pick you up, you can stay at my mansion and your boyfriend can come along too! The more the merrier. Los Angeles has a lot of romantic spots you can visit with him and my mansion is also pretty damn entertaining." Britina said, reassuringly.

Kim was almost speechless. It was almost like she had won the lottery. She would spend the whole spring break in a luxurious mansion and with the man she loved. "Please tell me you're joking." Kim said, still in disbelief.

"No. This is real. I will send my jet to the airport and I want you both in Los Angeles." Britina said with a happy tone.

"Sounds like a plan. I will see you soon. And thank you. It's almost like a dream." Kim said with a smile.

"Well Kim, the real fun starts tomorrow." replied the celebrity girl before hanging up.

Kim ended the call and turned off the lights, lying naked on her comfortable bed with a smile on her face dreaming about the vacation she would be able to go on with Ron. In the middle of the night Kim woke up again feeling way more horny than usual. She got up, took a good look at herself in the mirror and admired her body. I wonder how a dildo would feel up here... Kim thought to herself as she started fingering herself one more time.

She sat on the floor while looking at her reflection. She could see the lips of her pussy were a little red, probably from the previous masturbation session she enjoyed earlier in the shower. Kim got in the doggystyle position and opened her cheeks to look at her asshole. It looked pretty tight and with a pink tone that matched her white skin. I wonder why guys like to fuck this hole so much... thought Kim. Even her boyfriend Ron had a desire for that particular hole. But Ron wasn't like other guys, and he liked to play with her pussy more than her ass but still Kim was fascinated by the reason behind that dirty desire of anal sex as she continued to finger herself before glancing at her alarm clock. It was getting late so she climbed into bed and closed her eyes.

The next day, Kim met Ron outside of her house on the last day of school, with her backpack in hand. "Hey KP, ready to get this last day over with so we can enjoy spring break together?" Ron asked as they walked together before Kim stopped in her tracks with a wide smile on her face.

"Actually Ronnie, we're not going to school today." Kim said, surprising Ron.

"What?! We're cutting class?! Who are you and what have you done with Kim?" Ron asked, shocked that Kim would consider cutting school. Kim just giggled before explaining what their new spring break plan were.

"Ron, Britina has arranged for a private jet to pick us up, take us to Los Angeles to spend the whole spring break with her at her new mansion." Kim said.

"What?!" Ron cried out loud excitedly, "a private jet for us?"

"Yes." Kim replied.

"Not only that but we get to spend the whole spring break in Los Angeles?!"

"Yes Ron." Kim said, playfully rolling her eyes.

"And at a mansion?!"

"How many times do I have to say yes, Ron?" Kim said with a amused smile. "Are you coming with me or not?"

"Of course I am Kim! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm not gonna pass it up. Not even for dealing with Barkin. Besides, I would go anywhere with you." Ron said with a smile, making Kim blush.

"OK. Good. We'll stop by your place to gather your things, and then we'll head to the airport." Kim said as they walked to Ron's house, which is right next door. "Let's hope your parents are OK with this."

"Not to worry, KP. The rents are out of town for a Actuary convention. Left just last night." Ron said with a smile as they reached his front door, but Ron realized something before he went inside. "What about your parents?"

"Out of town, with the Tweebs. Going all the way to Florida to visit Nana. Just left this morning." Kim said with a reassuring smile.

Ron smiled back as he entered and went upstairs to his room to gather his things. He decided to pack light. Just a few clothes, his bathing suit, and a few comic books. Ron then looked back at Rufus, who was still asleep in his bed. Better tell Wade to check in on him while I'm gone, Ron thought to himself. He then reached for his Kimmunicator and contacted Wade. "Hey Wade. Epic news." Ron said with a smile.

"I know. Kim told me." Wade said with a smile, knowing of his friend's new plans.

"Good. Then you wouldn't mind checking in on Rufus, making sure he's fed?" Ron asked.

"Sure thing. I'll check in on him first thing tomorrow. See ya in ten days." Wade said as Ron hung up as went outside to find his girlfriend waving at him, right next to a taxi. They got in and rode straight to the airport.

The teen couple arrived at the airport and exited the taxi, looking for the promised jet with Ron looking very nervous.

"Kim what if we are too late? Or too early? I mean we skipped school so perhaps she sent the jet after the school is finished. You should call her or…" Kim then put a finger to his lips.

"That won't be necessary Ron." Kim pointed at a pilot holding a sign with the young couples names on it, meaning that her friend really wanted the two of them to come to her mansion. Ron breathed a sigh of relief as they approached the pilot.

"Did Britina sent you?" asked Kim in a curious manner.

"Yes miss. You must be Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Miss Britina's jet is already waiting for you." replied the man in an extremely polite fashion.

"Why thanks. This is such an amazing day so far. It's almost like a dream." Kim said with a smile.

"I hope you haven't waited for too long." said Ron with a shy smile.

"Why nonsense, young man. Miss Britina gave us explicit orders to wait for you all day if necessary." Kim and Ron smiled sheepishly at that, knowing they could have just waited until school was out and rode to the airport.

"Well, it's already done with. Let's get going!" Kim said as she and Ron boarded the jet. It was almost the size of a small mansion and as elegant as a five stars hotel. Sound equipment, plasma televisions, video game consoles and even a bar where some of the commodities it contained. Her friend made a living as a singer and Kim knew rich people buy all kind of stuff but never in a hundred years Kim would have even dream about riding one of those planes.

Both Ron and Kim were impressed at such glamour. They guessed their rich friend used it not just for transportation but to throw parties as well. Kim suddenly remembered that she had seen the jet on a gossip magazine. It was built specifically on Britina's desires and it was one of the fastest on the market. They would be in Los Angeles in no time.

"I can't believe it..." Kim said to herself as she and Ron buckled in, still in disbelief over the amazing situation. The jet then took off, on it's way towards LA.

"Kim this has to be either a dream or heaven!" Ron exclaimed while kissing Kim on the cheek, making her blush.

"Ample down, Ronnie." Kim said with a smile. "Why don't you go bash some zombies on the PlayStation 4? Keep yourself busy for a while." Ron nodded at that and went towards the plasma televisions, complete with all the latest video game consoles; PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.

While Ron spent most of his time on those consoles, Kim just sat in her seat, still in shock and amazement while trying to come up with ideas to try out during their time in Los Angeles.

After a while of flying Ron returned to his seat next to his girlfriend. Kim started to feel Ron's hand touching her breasts and kissing her neck. She moaned happily at her boyfriend pleasing her, but pushed him away, not wanting to get caught. "No Ron…stop it…someone could catch us..." said Kim while trying to keep calm.

"I don't think there's anyone besides us and the pilots Kim. Besides, don't tell me you have never wanted to do it on a plane!" exclaimed Ron while grabbing Kim's pussy and licking her neck.

Kim grinned at that as she continued to moan with sweet pleasure. "Oh, who am I kidding? You're right." Kim said, grabbing her boyfriend, giving him a passionate kiss on the lips while he continued to rub her pussy. "But if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do this right...meaning we're gonna join the Mile High Club!"

"That's what I'm talking about baby!" Ron said with a smile before turning confused. "What's the Mile High Club?"

Kim rolled her eyes playfully again, knowing that while Ron was no stranger to love making, he still had a few new things to learn. "It's when we have sex while in the air, in the plane restroom." Kim explained.

"I love the sound of that!" Ron said, grabbing his girlfriend, pulling her into the jet restroom, and locking the door behind them. Both teens were amazed by the size of the bathroom. It had a fancy toilet with jewels embedded on the seat, huge diamond sink, and a walk in shower.

"I've so wanted to do this for a long time." Kim said with a smile as she slipped out of her pink t shirt, revealing her perky breasts, and Ron out of his hockey jersey. They then removed their pants, revealing Kim's shaven pussy and Ron's huge erection, leaving the two teens naked. Kim then got on top of the fancy toilet seat while Ron got on his knees and started licking Kim's pussy and asshole. During their love making sessions, Ron mostly ignored her butt and asshole but it actually seemed like that he was going all in this time. Kim wanted to refuse at first but Ron's tongue skills had improved and she eventually let him continue holding up her legs so Ron could lick her ass and pussy much as he wanted to. She grabbed the toilet seat, closed her eyes, and moaned loudly. "Oh god're improving so much..."

Ron smiled to himself as he continued to taste Kim's sweet nectar. Sometimes when Ron fucked or sucked her she would close her eyes and imagine a sexual scenario like doing it on a public place or with with herself in a more revealing situation but this time she grabbed Ron's head and bit her lips letting him doing most of the job. Ron masturbated while sucking Kim's tight ass his imagination also helped him to concentrate and give better oral sex to his girlfriend. Ron had fantasized about buying a dildo or a vibrator and seeing how Kim's body would react to them if he had the money he would probably buy an entire collection with different forms and sizes and try them all on Kim's tight pussy.

Then, Ron grabbed hold of the sink, not noticing he activated a hidden door, revealing a hidden compartment filled with tons of colored dildos. Kim came out of her pleasure filled haze to notice it, and smiled. Britina has her own collection of dildos on her private jet? Kim thought to herself, shocked that her celebrity friend was so dirty. She so wanted to try them out for the first time ever. "Oh, Ron..." Kim said, tapping Ron on the shoulder and gesturing his head towards the hidden compartment. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Ron smiled widely as he grabbed a purple dildo, wanting to put it into Kim's pussy immediately before Kim grabbed it out of his hands. "It needs lubrication. Watch and learn..."

Kim then started to suck on the plastic cock, making all kinds of slurping noises imaginable. Ron couldn't help but get more turned on by Kim being so dirty with the sex toy. After making sure it was properly lubricated, Kim handed it to Ron, who smiled widely as he teasingly rubbed the sex toy on Kim's wet, red pussy lips. "You want this, KP?" Ron asked, teasingly.

Kim couldn't help but chuckle at Ron's new behavior. Usually, she was the one who teases him. Kim moaned some more as Ron started to insert the purple dildo into her hot pussy, and began to fuck her. "Yes Ron...fuck me with that toy..." Kim breathed.

Ron grinned as he went just a little faster with the penetration. Kim moaned more as she tweaked her nipples lightly, while wondering what in the world is Britina doing with a compartment filled with dildos in her jet. But all skeptical thoughts left her mind as she felt Ron's finger enter her asshole, making Kim shake with pleasure. Ron continued to masturbate while making his girlfriend feel so good. Kim's pussy and ass were very wet from her juices and she noticed Ron's cock was dripping cum already. She then smiled as she grabbed Ron and pulled him into a passionate kiss. "I need your big cock...I want you to fuck me on this toilet seat..." Kim breathed through the kiss.

Ron nodded at that as they changed positions. He settled himself onto the jewel covered toilet seat while Kim took a moment to browse through the selection of dildos before she saw something a different kind of toy. It appeared to be one of those wand massagers that people mostly use on their backs, and sometimes on their clits. Kim then got a perverted idea as a smile formed on her lips. "Hey! You don't want this cock to be all limp, don't you?" Ron asked, making Kim giggle more as she reached him, got onto his laps, grabbed his penis, and rubbed it on her pussy lips, teasingly.

"You want it? You got it." Kim said with a grin as she put Ron's cock inside her aching pussy as the two teens settled into a reverse cowgirl position. Ron started to fuck Kim very fast while rubbing her clit with such intensity. Kim just moaned, loving how good her boyfriend was making her feel, but before he could make her cum, she removed his hand and put the wand on her clit. "Keep fucking me..."

Ron nodded through moans as he went faster while Kim continued to use the wand on her clit. Finally, the two teens looked at each other and shared a deep kiss, sending them both over the edge. They came at the same time, with Kim screaming and Ron grunting, Kim squirting, and Ron shooting a huge load in her. Lucky for Kim, she was on the pill.

After a while, Ron pulled out, spewing his cum out of Kim's pussy as it continued to squirt between intervals. They took a while to catch their breaths before smiling at each other and sharing a kiss. Kim and Ron then put on their clothes and went back to their seats as if nothing happened.

After arriving they were led to a limousine and the driver drove down the busy highway to Britinias mansion. Kim and Ron were shocked to discover the limo also contained almost the same luxuries the jet had. "Kim, you have to pinch me. This has to be heaven..." Ron said in awe over the luxuries their limo had. Kim just smiled, loving to see her boyfriend extremely happy.

"This is how Britina lives everyday." Kim said to herself. She knew Britina was rich but had no idea how wealthy she truly was. The way to her mansion was in one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. During the drive, they noticed billboards promoting Britina everywhere. Also, the radio also kept talking about how her newest album broke record sales and she was the one of the most acclaimed singers not only in the country but worldwide as well. They had no idea why she was inviting them to meet them and giving them so many luxuries. Perhaps she wants to ask me to go on a mission for her? Kim thought to herself as they came across yet another billboard promoting her friend in a sexy navy outfit.

"Kim, if this is just how she travels imagine how she lives!" exclaimed Ron like a kid on his first vacation. Kim felt a little jealous that Ron was so amazed at Britina's rich lifestyle but she couldn't help but feel the same emotions. But Britina was her friend she had invited them because she cared for them and she was decided to spend the best spring break next to her. She wanted to tour the beaches with Ron and her and spend some quality time with Ron. She had even packed the two piece swimsuit that turned Ron's cock harder than any porn video could. Perhaps the three of them could even enjoy a shopping trip in Los Angeles malls and buy some lingerie to turn Ron on and practice some new positions in their room.

The limousine stopped just outside of the mansion where Britina was already waiting for them at the gates. She was wearing a white and somewhat revealing dress that matched perfectly with her slim figure. "Britina!" Kim squealed with delight at seeing her celebrity friend again.

Kim approached her and Britinia extended her arms for a hug. "It's so good to see you Kim!" Britina said as she hugged Kim and held her close to her. Ron stood behind Kim until the girls were done hugging and Britina approached to him as well. Usually, whenever they were on mission, people usually forget about Ron. "And you too Ron! Come here and give me a hug!" Ron was more nervous than happy at this point and awkwardly looked at Kim while he hugged the girl. But then he smiled as he realized that Britina said his name.

"Hey! You remember my name!" Ron said happily.

"Of course I do silly! I was sure to remember it sooner or later." Britina said with a giggle.

"Britina, you have no idea how grateful we are to you! The whole trip has been amazing!" Kim said in a sweet and low pitch voice.

"Nonsense! As I said, the real fun hasn't started!" Britina said with a smile.

The trio entered the mansion, but before they stepped further they stopped in their tracks.

"Guys, I want to give you a full tour! But I also want this spring break to be free of restrictions. This mansion can be our playground in more than one way." Britina said lustfully, reaching for the clasps on her dress.

Kim and Ron looked at each other a little puzzled at what Britina was saying, but before they could ask what she meant she let her dress fall off her body and revealed her smooth and completely naked body.

Ron and Kim were shocked. Ron was erect just from watching and Kim was a little curious herself, but they both hesitated and stood just watching.

Britinia stepped in the middle of them and whispered to both, "Take off your clothes and follow me..." Under normal circumstances they probably would have left after such behavior, but they both were bewitched by the scenario and their bodies craved for sex.

"Kim…what do you think we should do?" exclaimed Ron at a low voice trying to hide his lust.

"Well, it doesn't seem like we have much choice. We are her guests and it doesn't sound too bad." Kim said with a sheepish smile while trying to hide her lust. Britina saw her guests hesitation and smiled.

"I promise I won't bite you guys. I want this to be an unique experience to you. And who knows…perhaps you will love each other even more when the spring break ends." Britina said.

Both Kim and Ron took off their clothes while Britinia delighted and sighted watching Ron's erect cock and Kim's shaved pussy as well ass her round ass as she walked down the hall to the interior of her mansion. Ron as always followed Kim. Britina didn't particularly thought of Ron as attractive but he had a kind soul and his hard cock dangling between her legs has fairly big even for Britinia's standards. "So Britina, is there anyone else here besides us?" Kim asked nervously.

"Don't worry Kim. I've given my staff a full ten days off, so we can basically be naked whenever we want." Britina said with a grin, much to Kim and Ron's relief. The trio climbed a marvelous white staircase. But before Kim and Ron got far, the redhead smiled as she came up with an idea. Kim whispered it into Ron's ear before Britina came back down the stairs and smiled at her guests. "Are you guys coming?"

"I don't know...I usually hate climbing big stairs...would you mind carrying me, Ronnie?" Kim asked with a sweet tone that turned both Ron and Britina on.

"My pleasure, Kimmie..." Ron said with a smile before grabbing Kim in his arms. She then wrapped her legs around Ron's waist and smiled sweetly at her boyfriend. Britina's heart melted at the cute sight in front of her before they continued to climb the stairs with Ron right behind Britina, still carrying Kim. Britina then took a quick glance to admire Kim's bubble butt of an ass before they reached a gigantic pool with two giant slides, expensive statues and a huge dome covered the beautiful construction. It looked more like a small and private beach than an actual pool.

"This is amazing..." Kim said with a smile.

Britina inflated an enormous beach ball and tossed it at Ron, who almost dropped Kim when the ball hit him in the back of his head. "Well don't just stand there! Throw it back." The blonde superstar exclaimed in her now usual Britina tone as she ran towards Kim and Ron who then threw the ball back at her and smiled. Any sense of shame had left the room and the three teens happily jumped into the pool and started a playful game with all the toys the pool had to the while the couple checked out their hosts body and she too glared at their hot and wet bodies.

"Hey KP! Look at me! I'm Michael Phelps!" Ron said with a grin as he swam around his girlfriend who smiled back while also looking over at Britina who was riding on a unicorn pool floatie, looking extremely cute and sexy.

"Very nice, Ron. But you should try this on for size..." Kim said with a grin as she started to swim around her boyfriend, moving in perfect rhythm. Britina just smiled, loving the sight of her naked guests, and Kim swimming around her boyfriend, like a water ballerina. "How was that?"

"Beautiful, like you..." Ron said, making Kim squeak with joy as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss while grabbing hold of her round ass, rubbing it sweetly and romantically. Britina basically got more turned on as she watched.

"Be right back, baby..." Kim said with a smile before blowing a kiss to her guy. She then swam over to Britina's float and hopped on to join her. The two girls just giggled together while cuddling. "Britina, this is truly incredible..."

"Thanks...I knew you and your beau would love it..." Britina said with a happy tone before coming up with an idea. "Wanna play hide and seek?"

"Sure. I'm game. Hey Ron, you wanna play?" Kim called out to her boyfriend.

"Sounds badical! I'll be it!" Ron said with a smile as he began to cover his eyes while Kim and Britina tried to find hiding spots while Ron started to count. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come!" He then uncovered his eyes to find both girls gone. Ron grinned as he started to swim towards the big pile of pool toys. Making his way through, Ron spotted Britina hiding behind a huge beach ball. "Found you!"

Britina laughed at that. "That you sure did!" Britina said with a smile as she and Ron got out of the pool to find Kim. "Kim, come out wherever you are."

Kim giggled softly as she stayed still in her hiding place, right behind a palm tree. Ron smiled slyly as he snuck over and grabbed Kim. "Got ya!" Ron said, kissing his laughing girlfriend on the lips. "So, what should we do now?"

"What do you say we put one of your slides to the test?" Kim asked Britina.

"Sounds great!" Britina said as she and Kim started running towards the giant red water slide.

"Come on Ron! We'll race you to the top!" Kim yelled as she took the lead and sprinted to the top while her breasts and ass bounced product of the speed.

"Yeah, come on Ron! Are you gonna hurry or do you prefer to stare at our asses?" said Britinia with a joyful and lustful voice as she too ran to the top. Ron's cock started to get erect once again at the wonderful sight of Kim and Britinia's asses bouncing as he too ran to the top.

"Ready?" Britina asked as she and Kim reached the top and prepared themselves. As soon as Ron arrived, all three of them threw themselves down the slide at the same time. Ron held Kim's breasts as they fell and Britina's had the audacity to grab a hold of Kim's clit as they went down. The sudden mix of being groped and the adrenaline of the ride made Kim get instantly wet but Ron didn't noticed such movement and also was ignorant to Kim's soft moan of pleasure as they landed don the crystal clear waters of Britina's pool.

"That was so fun!" Kim said with a smile, directed towards her celebrity friend. "Of course, it could have been the company..."

Britina blushed at Kim's compliment. "I usually just play with myself in here. It's so good to have some decent company." Britina said as a clear sexual remark towards Kim that made her blush but Ron totally didn't get but still smiled product of the ride's thrill.

The girls pulled out of the water and dried themselves under the same towel. Kim and Britina looked at each other and smiled, a twinkle in their eyes. Britina squeezed Kim's bare behind, making the red haired girl giggle as she did the same to her. Ron watched the two naked girls enjoy their time together and tried to hide his erection, to no avail.

Kim saw her boyfriend's awakarness at hiding his erect cock, and giggled along with Britina. "Ron, it's okay. It's normal to have an erection. After all, it's not the first time i have seen it..." Kim said with a playful grin.

"Well, it's the first time I have seen it and I love it..." Britina said with a perverted look towards Ron's groin.

Ron not only felt much comfortable, but wanted to fuck them right there on the spot. Man, Kim and Britina both look so cute and hot...I just want to seriously do it right here, right now... Ron thought to himself. But before he could act on his perverted desires Britina led them to another room. "Don't get so comfortable being dry guys." said Britina as she activated a remote control and the wall suddenly revealed a secret pool. It was as big as the last one and with two giant water slides that led somewhere else in the mansion.

"What's on the other side?" Kim asked, squeezing her nipples in a attempt to turn on her naked host. She could tell it was working by the lustful smile on Britina's face.

"Why don't we race and find out?" Britina asked while giving her a kiss on her forehead and swimming into the pool in direction to one slide.

"Come on Kim! We cant let her beat us!" Ron said as he grabbed Kim, carried her in his arms and jumped into the pool as well. The teen couple managed reach their slide before their host could do it and they found themselves going full speed down it.

Kim, imitating Britina's actions from earlier, grabbed Ron's hard cock and stroked it softly, but the feeling of the water and Kim's hands was almost too much for Ron. By the time they both landed into another small pool, he was almost about to cum. "Kim...what was that?" Ron asked, feeling a little surprised by Kim's behavior.

"You didn't liked it, Ron? As Britina said, I want to experience new and dangerous stuff. You have problem with that?" Kim asked in a playful yet a little perverted fashion.

Ron simply smiled. "Why fact, I actually love this new side of you..." Ron said, making Kim gasp.

"Really?" Kim asked with a hopeful smile. "How much?"

"This much..." Ron replied, about to grab his girlfriend into a kiss, but before they got far, their host finally came out of her water slide and landed right in the middle of them, splashing water on them.

"Whoa, you guys really came out fast!" exclaimed their host. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"Nah, it's cool. We're used to it." Kim said with a smile as Ron gazed towards a gigantic tree in the middle of the garden where they had landed.

"Hey Britina, what's over there?" Ron asked, pointing towards the tree.

"That? Its a an unique type of tree and not only that, but on top of it is my treehouse. Wanna check it out?" Kim and Ron smiled and nodded as Britina led her guests out of the pool and into the garden where the treehouse stood. On the way, Britina explained to them how most of the designers and architects told her it was almost impossible to build such a treehouse, but her determination and money soon proved to be capable of almost anything. "You guys are gonna flip out once you see this." After a long walk they entered the tree house. It's interior was more like a cabin than a tree house. The roof had a glass ceiling that provided their guests with a view to the sky. "Well, what do you guys think?"

"Man, this is way more badical than my treehouse back home." Ron said with a smile, while laying down on a chair to relax in front of a fireplace.

Kim stopped covering herself with her hands and walked proudly in front of Britina. "I have to say, this spring break is sure to be one of the best..." Kim said with a smile, shaking her ass a little. Britina smiled and licked her lips as she admired Kim's bubble butt of an ass. Kim then laid down on her stomach in one of the chairs and felt Britina lay down on top of her, exposing both of their asses for Ron to see.

"Ron, I want to ask you something, and I want you to be honest." Britina said as she and Kim twerked their asses to turn on Kim's boyfriend.

"Sure...I'll be honest," were the only words Ron could get out while trying not to masturbate at the incredibly hot show in front of him.

"Which one of us has the biggest ass?" Britina asked while massaging Kim's ass with her own.

"Yes Ron, tell us..." Kim said with a seductive grin before purring as she felt Britina rub her bare ass up and down on her ass, loving how horny her host was making her feel.

"Well, both are great, but I will say Kim has the biggest..." Ron was trying to be honest, but he didn't wanted to anger either his girlfriend or their host.

However, Britina and Kim both took it with great humor, confident that Ron was telling the truth. They simply laughed and appreciated Ron's honesty. The idea of a threesome had crossed Ron's mind a few times but he didn't wanted to make Kim feel sad or angry at him. Still he sometimes masturbated thinking about Kim being with another girl and both pleasuring him at the same time and themselves while Ron watched and enjoyed the lesbian show. "You got that right, baby..." Kim said with a smile.

"Well then Kim, since you apparently have the biggest ass, how would you feel with being on top?" Britina asked with a seductive grin as she and Kim changed positions.

"I would be thrilled..." Kim said with a lustful smile as she settled her ass down on top of Britina's, with the blonde girl purring in excitement. Ron couldn't help but be more turned on as both girls twerked their bare behinds, wanting to show off to Ron.

The tow headed boy tried to fight the urge to give both girls a double licking and fingering, trying to quell the thirst to please both Kim and Britina. After a few minutes of ass rubbing, both girls noticed Ron's erection growing and smiled. "Say Kim, how would you feel if Ron came over here and showed us his stuff?" Britina asked. Even though she hasn't known Ron that well over the years, recently she thought that not only was he handsome, but very hot. And she was curious about his woman pleasing skills.

Kim grinned at that. "I think we'll leave that up to Ron...what do you think?" Kim asked seductively.

Ron smiled as he got up from his seat. "It would be my absolute pleasure, ladies..." Ron said, approaching both girls' asses to start the love making.

"Wait...something to set the mood..." Britina said, reaching for a remote to the plasma television. The TV played a threesome porno; two girls and one guy. "Go ahead, handsome..."

Ron immediately dove straight in, starting off slow and sensual. He put his mouth on Kim's pussy, taking his sweet time to taste the sweet nectar while he rubbed Britina's clit. Both girls moaned happily while Ron continued to do his thing, making them both wet and horny. While this was happening, Ron looked nervous about doing this with Kim in the room, but from the lustful look on Kim's face, she didn't mind. Smiling to himself, Ron started to masturbate while continuing to please both girls while the porno played in the background.

"Wow Kim...I can't believe how amazing Ron is..." Britina moaned happily while Ron started to slowly finger her pussy. Kim smiled at that, actually liking the slow paced pleasure her guy was giving her and Britina. If he's that great with oral and fingering, I wonder how he does with that monster cock? Britina thought to herself while she and Kim let themselves go with the pleasure while the porno continued to play. Ron continued for about the length of the porno which was about 20 minutes. After he stopped, Britina and Kim looked at each other and giggled softly. "So Kim, be honest, have you and Ron had anal sex before?"

Kim was quiet for a while, she was being aroused since the moment she got there, but she didn't knew if Ron would get mad if Kim revealed such details but Ron grabbed Kim's hand assuring her in a quiet way that it was alright. "Yes we have had anal sex. Ron is seriously good at it and I haven't felt as much pain as other people have said they had." Kim explained.

Britinia couldn't hold her instincts much longer, and finally said what she had in mind all along. "I want you guys to go to my grotto. That's where I keep much of my toys."

Ron and Kim where a little shocked at how direct Britinia was but she had succeeded in perverting the young couple and they both agreed to see what awaited them in the grotto.

They went downstairs of the gigantic tree house and entered a small but cozy grotto, in the middle of it sat a hot tub with rustic appearance. "Oh baby, that's what I'm talking about! Hot tub!" Ron said happily, wanting to jump into the bubbling waters.

"I'm sorry Ron, but only girls are allowed in it..." said Britinia with a teasing tone as she lead Kim in it and sat next to her. Both girls sighed happily while Ron sat down on the rock floor with a mock pout.

"But you can still masturbate..." replied Kim with a smile directed to Ron, who smiled back.

The young boy didn't need much convincing and quickly stroked his cock at the young girls, wanting to jump into the hot tub and satisfy them both and himself, but he also enjoyed the idea of watching Kim getting pleasure from another girl as hot as her. Ron was pretty sure it had to be a dream and never wanted to wake up.

Britinia went underwater while turning the temperature a little higher, her tongue was much quicker and precise than Ron's, it quickly wrapped itself around Kim's clit. She wouldn't dare to say it but she was much better than Ron in that area. Britiana introduced her finger inside Kim's tight pussy and it quickly grabbed Britiana's finger like she would do with a cock. She wouldn't need to use her toys to make Kim have an orgasm. She had experience with both men and women and knew what a woman like Kim needed to reach such state. Her tongue moved in a circular and then a zigzag fashion while her hands firmly held Kim's legs open and finally to ensure that Kim would cum in a matter of seconds, she stuck her small finger inside of Kim's asshole. Such movements and the feeling of her boyfriend watching how another girl gave her pleasure made Kim's body quiver. Her pussy let out her fluids directly into her friends face and fell almost sleep into the hot tub satisfied and feeling a little dirty for doing it with a girl.

Ron's cock immediately unloaded on the grotto floor leaving a huge cum stain on it. He had started to get used to cum several times since he started having sex with Kim.

Britinia cleaned her face and hands of Kim's fluids when suddenly Kim grabbed her by the shoulders. Kim was finally having sex with another girl and she was going to make the most of it.

"Its my turn..." said Kim while Britinia took Kim's place in the hot tub. Kim wanted to show Britiana what an orgasm felt. She opened Britinias pussy and fingered it with her index and middle finger in a rotating position while her hands took hold of her friends nipples. Kim's mouth pressed against Britiana's asshole letting her tongue explore the little and tight hole

"Yes Kim! Lick my ass!" let out Britinia while holding onto the hot tub with both hands.

Kim knew that was what Britinia needed to cum so she was going to fulfill her wish. Britiana's asshole felt as Kim crept inside of her and how her hands wouldn't stop rubbing her hard nipples. She let out some soft moans but maintained her composure better than Kim. Kim took that as a challenge and her hands grabbed Britianna's ass and bent her over in a doggystyle position. Kim slapped her ass indicated that it needed to be much closer to Kim's face to which Britianna obliged. Kim opened Britianna's buttcheeks while her tongue pleasured both of her holes with her slippery tongue. She knew Britinia would need extra stimulation so she fingered her again but this time with four fingers at the same time. Britinia moaned and yelled and her body, much like Kim's started shooting fluids all over Kim's pretty face.

"Kim, i think its time we take this a step further..." said Britinia as she stepped out of the hot tub and went looking for something. The girl pulled out a glass dildo and indicated Kim to get out of the hot tub and get closer to her.

"What the hell is that?" said Kim having never seen a similar sex toy before.

"Its a glass dildo you silly! Now lay on the floor and spread your legs."

Kim, desiring to try out such interesting toy did as Britinia said and laid on the floor. The dildo had a decent size and a curious shaped. Britinia laid on top of Kim's soft body and fingered her pussy with it. As expected it easily got in thanks to the lubrication of her own body. From Ron's point of view he could enjoy seeing Kim's pussy being penetrated by the glass dildo and Britiana's naked body as she laid on top of his girlfriend.

Kim attempted to lift her head and look at Ron but Britiana kissed her on the lips and laid her back on the floor as the stimulation continued. Kim decided to help her friend reach climax too and her middle finger went up Britinias ass. The tight asshole, almost acting as a pussy held Kim's finger tight and close to her. The glass dildo then went deep inside of Kim, making the girl lift her legs up to the roof and her pussy spreading open. The dildo was bigger than Ron's cock when it was inside of her.

"You're too good Britinia!" yelled Kim as her body trembled with pleasure, feeling legs get weaker and weaker.

Britinia got up and grabbed Kim in a 69 position but both standing up. She grabbed Kim's legs and stuck her fingers inside of Kim's asshole as she penetrated her pussy with the glass toy. Kim opened her mouth enjoying every bit of perversion that her friend was teaching her.

Ron's cock was again fully erect, even after cumming a couple of times watching the hot lesbian show his girlfriend and Britiana were putting up for him.

Britinias eyes finally met Ron's, "Youre so fucking hard Ron… you enjoy so much seeing how I fuck Kim?" Ron immediately ejaculated on the floor. "I'll take that as a yes!" exclaimed the blonde girl as she continued to penetrate Kim with her glass dildo. Knowing that Ron was enjoying the show, Britiana pulled the dildo out of Kim and licked it before sticking it back inside of her.

"Oh god! Its …..Oh god!" Kim climaxed and Britinia let her rest on the floor for a while, while Ron approached them still erect. "Come on Britinia! Let Ron join the fun. I've enjoyed fucking with you, but I need a mans cock and I'm guessing you do too."

"You are totally right Kim..." said Britiania, enjoying the sight of Ron's cock. "Why don't you show me how yo suck your boyfriends cock?" Exclaimed Britinia while fingering herself preparing to enjoy the show.

Kim got close to Ron and started licking his balls, her tongue moved up and down on Ron's testicles. He grabbed Kim's soft head and his fingers caressed her face. Kim looked up to him giving him a cute smile while he shoved his erection down her mouth. Kim's technique changed and she wrapped her tongue around the base of the penis and sucked it whole,.Kim grabbed Ron's hands preventing him from moving too much while her boyfriend let his load inside of her mouth and also falling on Kim's breasts.

"Now i want to try it..." Said Britiana as Kim watched them from a close distance and Britiana imitated Kim by licking Ron's balls.

"Do you like it soft or hard?" asked the curious girl

"Either way its fine..." said Ron embarrassed that another girl was sucking his intimate area.

Britiania's hands rubbed the shaft of Ron's cock and her mouth sucked the head of this cock, This new sensation almost made Ron cum on the moment his lust took over him and he suddenly grabbed her head and started face fucking her. Kim was surprised at seeing Ron in such state but she couldn't help but feel how lust invaded her too. Meanwhile Britiania was enjoying the treatment Ron was giving her. She grabbed Ron's legs and pushed herself against Ron's hard cock, His balls crashed at a fast pace against Britiana's chin he grabbed her face still and unloaded another load inside on Britiana's mouth that she happily swallowed and smiled afterwards.

"Wow Ron! I was wrong about you. You really area stud in the bed after all!" exclaimed Britiana as she laid relaxed on the floor.

"Girls I have to be honest…I'm still horny and I want to fuck you both..." said Ron with a confident voice.

Both girls were pleased at hearing such bravado coming out of Ron, especially Kim that felt that Ron acted as a child too often and was finally starting to see him as a man. A man that was so good in bed that was able to please to girls at the same time. Britiana was also full of shock and delight at hearing Ron talk that way. She turned Ron down before he was Kim's boyfriend. Now she was the one who was a little jealous on Kim's luck. Both girls opened their legs at the same time and laid exposed for Ron's pleasure.

Ron approached Kim's pussy and started licking it sticking his tongue at a fast pace. He also started fingering Britinias pussy, but at a slower pace wanting to feel her insides and reaching for her clit with his thumb. Both girls looked at each other and started kissing and groping each other. Soon both girls legs were opened far and wide and Ron had to take turns between licking and fingering each girl ensuring that both girls got the same attention at the same time.

"Oh yes Ron…don't stop!" yelled Kim while her friend sucked her nipples

The girls got in position with Britinia on top of Kim, exposing her pussy, awaiting Ron's hard cock to be inside of her. He then shoved his cock inside of Kim's pussy while eating Britinias ass, but he no longer took turns. He was determined to fuck them both at the same time. He got up and penetrated Kim a couple of times before changing to Britinias asshole. He shoved his cock into both girls holes at a much faster pace than before, the three teens were covered in sweat and their own fluids, but neither of them showed signs of wanting to stop yet. Both girls got in doggystyle position with Ron fucking Britiania's pussy and fingering Kim's asshole. Ron pushed himself against both girls with all the strength he had left. Kim climbed on top of her friend like if it was a cheerleader routine and spread her ass open for Ron. He grabbed both girls by the hip and fucked them, filling Kim's asshole and Britinias pussy with his hot cum.

Both girls marveled at how fast the cum went out of their holes and left a sticky way on the floor. Britinia got up and handed Kim a pill. "Its a birth control pill so you don't have to worry if Ron feels you with all his cum..." Kim was a little surprised that her friend was so prepared with so many toys and sexual scenarios, but she was really enjoying how it was turning up in fact it was almost like a wet dream coming true.

Ron, meanwhile sat for a while and grabbed his cock to try to comfort himself of the friction pain.

"Ron, don't tell me you are already tired!" exclaimed Britinia after swallowing the birth control pill wanting to continue the fun going.

"No… i'm still…" said Ron, but Kim interrupted him

"I'd say this orgy needs a grand finale..don't you think it too Britiania?"

Both girls kissed and then did a 69 standing up again with Kim being the one held upside down once again, but this time Ron stood behind Britiania and shoved his cock inside of her asshole. Kim was soaking wet and so was her friend from being fucked by surprise by Ron. He grabbed her breasts and started kissing her neck. Unable to take such pleasure, the two girls had to get on the floor and Ron full of renewed vigor joined them.

Soon the three teens where one on top of the other, the sunlight started to fade away and the lights on the grotto went out. But that didn't stopped the lustful teens in any way. Kim was laying on her back while the other two sucked on each of her nipples and touched her clit at the same time. She closed her eyes and as the pleasure doubled, she fantasized that every night would be like this with two sexual partners always ready to satisfy her every need. Both of the teens grabbed a leg each and soon the crime fighter felt as two tongues entered her pussy at the same time. The feeling of two mouths touching her at the same time and using different techniques was like feeling two cocks fighting over her and it was driving her crazy. The grotto was full of moans and sometimes even curses as the smell of sex filled the room.

Now it was Ron's turn to lay on the floor and let the girls take care of him. Kim started sucking his cock while her hands massaged his chest and Britina shoved her glass dildo into Kim's ass while kissing. Ron then grabbed Kim and started fucking her doggystyle while Britina went under Kim to admire how Ron's cock went in and out of Kim's pussy and opened her mouth to catch Ron's cum and Kim's pussy fluids as they went from the young couples genitals into Britinia's mouth. Britinia once again pleasured Kim with the glass toy while this time Ron fucked Kim's ass. Kim was feeling two hard objects penetrating her and she was starting to get used to this feeling. Perhaps deep down she always wanted to try a double penetration and just now her body made it clear to her.

"Fuck me harder both of you!" yelled Kim wanting to be heard by everyone.

"As you wish, Kim!" exclaimed her sexual partners at the same time as their shoved even harder into her insides. Kim's holes were being tested on her sexual limits. Her perversion was more and more abundant soaking both Ron and her friend with her juices. Ron grabbed Kim and decided to try out the sexual position that Britiania showed them. He grabbed her ass tightly and turned her around. Kim, now an expert on this position sucked Ron's cock hard without letting even an inch escape her warm mouth the teens licked each other without missing a beat. Britinia got in front of Kim and joined in licking Ron's cock at the same time. Ron closed his eyes and realized both girls use different but equally enjoyable techniques. Kim was upside down as she happily sucked Ron's cock leaving little space for Britina to pleasure, but his shaft was totally Britinias territory with her sucking and massaging his balls with a firm grip making him cum into both girls mouths.

"Ron, you just keep cumming and cumming!" exclaimed Britinia while cleaning her and Kim of Ron's cum with a towel.

The trio exited the Grotto naked as their host assured them that all the servants had been given the week off so they could enjoy being nude as much as they wanted. She showed them their room and waved good night to her room. The whole scenario still felt unreal to them. Just a few hours ago they were still back home enjoying their typical routines and now they had just performed every sexual act that came into mind. Was this what sexual liberation felt like? Neither of them felt jealous watching their loved one having sex with Britinia.

Ron and Kim hugged each other tightly. Perhaps Britinia was right after all and the sexual experience helped to lit a spark of sexual fantasies and positions between them. Spring Break had a total new meaning to them and they were determined to keep trying this new side until they had to go back home.

"Well Ron…you think we should stay?" asked Kim with a smile

"Yes Kim. I think this vacation is going to be the best..."

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