Kids Next Door: Operation: C.U.R.I.O.U.S.I.T.Y

BY : Ken-SliceNSFW
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Disclaimer: CODENAME KIDS NEXT DOOR FANFIC MATURE! Yaoi/gay base. do not read if you are not fond of it. Kids Next door is created by Mr. Warburton and Cartoon Network. I own NO rights to this except for OCS and make no profit!

                     Sector V was still going strong. Even still one of the highest ranked sectors. But as they are two year away from being teens. Some grow worried. But Numbuh 5 told them they got information they get to stay as they were relieved.


They were all at school. It was lunch time. Numbuh 2 was eating a chili dog. Numbuh 3 and 5 were looking at a new video posted on youtube from their favorite youtuber. Numbuh 1 was going through if there is anything new for missions. Numbuh 4 on the other hand was oddly quiet just sitting there. Surprisingly no one noticed. Numbuh 4 was starting to go through puberty(or he’s an early bloomer) and usually his manhood would get pretty solid at random times. He didn’t know what to do and he didn’t want anyone to see. He tried to figure a way to get away without anyone or his team to see it. But Numbuh 3 scooted over to him, “Heyyyyy Numbuh 4! Wanna see this new funny video?!” She asked squirming with excitement. Numbuh 4 gotten even more nervous. “U-uh no thanks Numbuh 3. I don’t feel good.” He lied. He didn’t want her close or anyone to see or noticed his thing is hard as a rock. Numbuh 3 slipped a bit getting back up. “huh? Numbuh 4 do you got something in your pockets?” She obliviously asked. Numbuh 4’s face became red as he noticed his thing shifted over by his right pocket. Numbuh 2 was too busy reading a comic while Numbuh 5 looked up and already knew what he was going through but decided not to say a word for his sake. Numbuh 1 looked at him slightly surprised by the fact he knew EXACTLY what he’s going through. He gets records for KND medical exams since he’s their leader so he knows that Numbuh 4’s vitals were changing lately Numbuh 2 wasn’t ready yet. Numbuh 1 already started puberty so he knew ways to handle the situation. Numbuh 4 got up at his perfect timing and walked off. Thankfully his jacket is big enough to hide it. Numbuh 1 had to find a way to help Numbuh 4 in the situation. “Well anyways…..Im gonna go to my locker where my secret computer is at. If you need me, ring my sooper secret phone.” He said. Walking off he looked back and seen Numbuh 5 looking at him with a slight smirk. She knew what he was planning to try to do. “Tsk..” He clicked tongue. Numbuh 5 knew he had some feelings for the blonde for a while so she already knew his plan. Numbuh 1 went to Numbuh 5 for advice when things got personal. Besides Numbuh 5, he’s pretty close to Numbuh 4 as well since they knew each other since Pre K.


         Walking down the hallway. He knew where Numbuh 4 would most likely be. As he reached the first boys restroom, walking in. “Numbuh 4.” Numbuh 1 said in a fixed tone. He heard a slight reaction. “Look I know you’re in here.” Still nothing. He saw his shoes at the last stall from under. He went under the door and there was Numbuh 4 sitting there. “W-what are you doing??” Numbuh 4 asked shocked. “I know you weren’t using the jon literally. Also. I know why you been acting weird.” Nigel said as Wally’s face became red. “W-why are you telling me this then?” He asked thinking he’s being teased. “Im not teasing you if that’s what you think.” Numbuh 1 said. “You’re going through puberty. Meaning certain things will change such as you will grow hair…..down there. Your uh….thing will start becoming bigger and also….” Nigel trailed off as he remembered when he discovered his changes. “What??” Wally asked confused. “Your penis will become sexually alerted!” Numbuh 1 said slightly red in the face. Numbuh 4’s face was now at this moment red as a apple. “I don’t know how to handle that though…” Wally said. If he did, he would of thought about Numbuh 3, but that didn’t’work. So why when Numbuh 1 is near him he gets frustrated? “Thinking about Numbuh 3 didn-“


“No! It didn’t. But when yo-“ He cut himself off and smack his hands over his face. Luckily Nigel didn’t quite catch it. But in Nigel’s POV he did. “Tell you what. When the others report to Moonbase tonight for their inspection since you and me are up to date, I can help you out.” Numbuh 1 said looking away slightly. Numbuh 4 was a bit lost. “Huh?” Wally said. “Meaning Im gonna help you relieve yourself okay??” Nigel said getting pink in the face as Numbuh 4 finally caught on. Nigels gonna ……..what? But am I that way… way.’ Numbuh 4 thought to himself. On the inside he was a bit excited about that.(No pun intended)





         After 2, 3 and 5 were gone. Numbuh 4 was in the lounge area were Numbuh 1’s door was at too. He was sitting there nervous. He was about to do something he never thought any kid would cross. And with his own leader. To distract himself, he picked up a game controller but was suddenly snatched from his hands as he turned around and to see Numbuh 1 taking the controller away. “hey!” Wally said annoyed. “Distracting yourself will make things worse. Trust me.” Nigel said with a slightly stern toned. Numbuh 4 sat back down feeling defeated. But got nervous again. Numbuh 1 came around the couch an sat next to Numbuh 4 and gotten close to him where their hips were touching an shoulders. Numbuh 4’s entire body stiffened up. Numbuh 1 rubbed his head. “Its okay. I know you’re nervous I was too when I had to do this myself.” Numbuh 1 said. “But it was just you! This is me and…..” Numbuh 4 started to say but stopped as he was gonna say his name. “What you mean?” Nigel asked. He knew what Numbuh 4 wanted to say but was too scared. “Well uh…i-its…” He was really nervous. Numbuh 1 had to find a way to calm him down. He pressed his lips against Numbuh 4’s lips as Numbuh 4 stopped and his shoulder untensed and dropped. His eyes gotten relaxed too. “Better?” Numbuh 1 asked as Numbuh 4’s face became a bit embarrassed and slightly shocked. “Why did you do that?” he asked.


“Wanted to see how they felt and taste.” Nigel said. Wally caught on that Nigel has been wanting to do that. But to him? Numbuh 1 into me? No way. “Taste…?” Numbuh 4 asked as that was a bit odd to hear from his leader and best friend. “Has it not caught onto you yet?” Numbuh 1 asked. “It has. I never knew.” Numbuh 4 said with a coy tone. “So do you still wanna learn?”


“yeah.” Wally said replying to Nigels question. “Then take off your clothes then.” Nigel said boldly. Numbuh 4 looked at him shocked. “Don’t be so bold!” He shouted as Nigel laughed and Kissed him again. Nigel took off his sweater and shades. Numbuh 4 forgot how pretty Numbuh 1’s eyes are. Numbuh 4 looked away in flusterness as he forgot the situation. Numbuh 1 couldn’t help but smile and kiss him as they removed their garments. Nothing to separate them now. “Just lay back like I am.” Nigel said as Wally slowly leaned back. He felt warm hands wrap around his penis moving up and down as he suddenly let out a maon. “uh! Sorry!” Wally said face beet red. “Don’t be.” Nigel said again kissing him. Nigel grabbed Wally’s hand and moved it over to Nigel’s penis signaling him to do what he’s doing to him. “It feels so good.” Wally said as Nigel nodded and continue to kiss Wally. Both of them were jerking each other off as they were making out. It felt like an awesome dream but it was real. “Ah. Its feeling more good the more you do it.” Wally said wincing at the sudden intense pleasure that’s rising up. “Same here just keep doing it.” Nigel said slightly moaning as well. Both of them let out a cry as they both cummed at once. Catching their breaths now as they were both relieved of their system. “What is this crud…?” Wally ask. “cum.” Nigel flat out said. “Does it feel good again if I do this?” Nigel said as he teased Wally’s Nipple and Wally let out a moan. “Y-yeah!” Wally said and Nigel’s penis became hard again so did Wally’s as they both continued this in Nigel’s room that night.

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