Operation: G.E.T. T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R

BY : Ken-SliceNSFW
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Disclaimer: CODENAME KIDS NEXT DOOR FANFIC MATURE! Yaoi/gay base. do not read if you are not fond of it. Kids Next door is created by Mr. Warburton and Cartoon Network. I own NO rights to this except for OCS and make no profit!

         Saturday night and The girls of Sector V went back to their homes for the night as it was a day off for the weekend for Kids Next Door. Sector V Boys though had other plans. A plan made by Numbuh 1. Some boys of Sector V been going through horemones. And they wanted to have a get together. Something they normally do not do. Numbuh 4 was pretty nervous about this since he’s going to be……nude with other guys especially his three team mates and…….numbuh 1. His head spun at the thought. “Well you guys ready?” Numbuh 1 asked with a confident expression on his face. Numbuh 2 nodded so did Numbuh 8 as Numbuh 4 nodded with nervousness. “It’ll be okay Numbuh 4.” Numbuh 1 said walking by numbuh 4 and snuck a kiss on his head surprising numbuh 4.





“Sector v boys finally arrived to where they went to which was Moonbase lounge. Some boys were already nude as some were fondling with eachother. Numbuh 4’s face became red as he felt his undies become tight. Why was this a thing we planned? He thought to himself but actually he wasn’t mad about it but in denial. “Changing room is in the back guys. “Numbuh 60 said. Numbuh 1 was surprise that numbuh 60 was pretty big. “Wow go you.” Numbuh 1 said with a hand on his hip. Numbuh 60 smiled “Bet you would want it huh?” Numbuh 60 said grinning getting close to nigel which angered numbuh 4. Numbuh 1 though said, “Theres someone Im keeping my eye on.” Numbuh 4 wanted to know who. But ignored the situation and went to the changing room. Which had a camera to whos changing. Quite frankly the camera numbuh 4 see’s is a camera where numbuh 1 is stripping. Numbuh 4’s 6 inch sprung up as he felt his face get red. ‘Im surprised Numbuh 2 got in on this……Numbuh 8 probably talked him into it too.” Numbuh 4 said to himself. Numbuh 8 was Nigel’s cousin but they were total opposites. Looked alike, but different. Numbuh 4 started to feel doubtful. He was staring at Numbuh 1 through the camera. He sure did have a big ass but his cock was really big. It made the blonde starting to touch himself. Little did he know was Numbuh 1 had a good view of Numbuh 4. Numbuh 1 decided to walk out the changing room which numbuh 4 noticed only to turn around to hear HIS changing room door open. “Well my.” Numbuh 1 said with a grin as he approached Numbuh 4. Numbuh 4 backed up slowly. He felt weird about this. Numbuh 1 continued to get closer. Numbuh 4 knew he agreed in on this but his leader looks so hot that he feels he’s gonna go crazy if he doesn’t back up. “Why are you backing up Wally?” Numbuh 1 said as he gotten inches away from Numbuh 4. Wally turned his head away feeling weird. Numbuh 1 started rubbing on Numbuh 4’s cock as it leaked pre cum. That interest Nigel a lot. “Did you know you’re the one Im keeping my eye on? Numbuh 1 said as Numbuh 4 looked up shocked. He didn’t expect someone he likes a lot to like him back. Suddenly Numbuh 1 picked up Numbuh 4 and tossed him over his shoulder as he ran out into the lounge where all the others were playing around. “W-what are you doing?!?” Numbuh 4 said confused but slightly annoyed. “Were gonna have fun that’s what.” Numbuh 1 said with a bright tone that he believes Numbuh 4 will enjoy this. “Don’t you wanna have fun with me Numbuh 4? You like me right?” Numbuh 1 said slightly blushing a bit. Numbuh 4 nodded in agreement. “Whoa Numbuh 4 has a huge ass I didn’t know that!” Numbuh 60 said in shock. Seeing Numbuh 1 and 4 both having big asses made all the other KND boys hard. Numbuh 1 making out with Numbuh 4 on a couch hearing Numbuh 4 moan with pleasure. Teasing Numbuh 4’s nipples. Some boys were already engaging into intercourse. Meanwhile Numbuh 2 was sitting back. He was actually shy about this. He felt out of place for how he looked. Some guys approached him but he felt too nervous. Next the other Sector V boy Numbuh 8, numbuh 1’s cousin sat next to him which made Numbuh 2 more nervous. He always had a thing for Numbuh 8 but was too shy to say it. Without his goggles or hat, he can’t hide his expressions. Numbuh 8 was touching himself follow by nipple tease to himself. Numbuh 2 felt his 7incher sprung up. Numbuh 8 caught that and grinned a little. Moaning at the pleasure he’s giving to himself, He got closer to Numbuh 2 laying his head on him. Numbuh 2 felt even more red at this. Was this a dream? No its real. But it cant be. Numbuh 2 thought to himself freaking out. “Hey Numbuh 2, I want you to help me.” Numbuh 8 said as he maoned. Numbuh 2 still red as an apple slowly started to lean into Numbuh 8 and kissing him still nervous. “Don’t be nervous, I know you like me and that makes me happy!” Numbuh 8 said. Numbuh 2 looked at Numbuh 8 which he showed the same smile as Numbuh 1 makes. Thank god it wasn’t numbuh 1 he would of felt awkward and plus he knew Numbuh 1 had his eyes on Numbuh 4 for a long while. “I wonder how you’ll sound when I do this. “ Numbuh 8 said as he started to play with Numbuh 2’s cock and kissing him up and down. Numbuh 2 was feeling good while Numbuh 4 was on the verge of cumming after him and Nigel are engaging in intercourse. Numbuh 1 finally getting the rhythm right, Numbuh 4 trying to hide his moans but Nigel moved his hands so he can hear Numbuh 4 moan. “It feels too good.” Numbuh 4 said panting. “It does. Im glad its with you though. Even though this is get together for us Kids Next Door male operatives  that are 11.” Numbuh 1 said as he maoned a little himself. He can’t believe him his team mates and some KND male comrades agreed to do this. He doesn’t regret it but he has to make sure to keep this a secret from the others that do not know or they all can get in huge trouble and probably kicked off. “Numbuh 8 inserted his 9incher inside Numbuh 2 as Numbuh 2 let out a moan. He didn’t think it would feel good, but practicing for a good bit helped him out. “Ooohh you feel good Hoagie…” Numbuh 8 said moaning as he felt coyish suddenly at this sensation. “Its because its with you Carson.” Numbuh 2 added in hiding his face from saying Numbuh 8’s name. “Stop being so dumb and let me see your face!” Numbuh8 said moving Numbuh 2’s hands from his face. Seems like the rest of this night Some KND male operatives had a time of their life, especially Sector v Boys. 

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