Season 4: Smuff

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Episode 1: Ill Suited

Scene 1: Playin the Field 

"You do me proud Ron Stoppable, by just being you." Kim Possible said with a smile, loving the hug she and her boyfriend were wrapped around in. They were celebrating Ron breaking the Middleton all rushing record at last night's football game. Ron wanted to prove that he didn't need Kim's super suit to help him get on top of the high school food chain, to prove that he was worthy of being a cheerleader's boyfriend, no matter what other people thought about him.

"Yeah!" Ron said, breaking the embrace. He never thought that running like a coward would lead the team to victory last night. But, he proved to do the impossible, just like Kim. "Who knew my mad running away skills would have real world applications." Kim softly giggled at that before Ron's coach and principal, Steve Barkin pulled him in, wearing a stern look.

"Too bad you had to go and cheat your way onto the team. Cheater…" Barkin hissed at Ron. Ron looked at Kim, knowing that it was probably her that told Barkin what happened. Hey, I forgave you for stealing my battle suit, but your cheating can't go unnoticed. Kim thought, trying to send Ron a message by wearing a frown and an arched eyebrow.

Ron nodded at Kim, and faced Barkin. "Does this mean I don't get to be the quarterback anymore?" Ron asked, hoping that Mr. Barkin wasn't gonna kick him off the football team, much less expel him for cheating. He wanted his senior year to be the best year of his life, and the last thing he needed was getting kicked out of school and being separated from the girl of his dreams.

"It's called disciplinary action!" Barkin said. "It's what we coaches do." Ron looked at Kim with pleading eyes, wanting her help to save him from Barkin's wrath. All Kim could do was give a sympathetic frown. Sorry Ronnie. I know we're a couple, but sometimes you got to deal with the consequences of your actions. Like I did on Halloween. Ron knew by Kim's frown that she couldn't help him.

"Awww, man." Ron whined, expecting his punishment to be huge and either painful, or embarrassing. With a tough but fair principal like Barkin, no good deed goes unpunished.

"That's right! I want you to think about what you've done..." Barkin started to yell. Ron cringed, expecting to be expelled or get detention for life. But what Barkin said next surprised him. "...when you're playing as the new Middleton running back!" Barkin was in a smile when he said those words. Ron smiled too and looked at Kim, who was also smiling. See Ron? You do everyone proud by just being you.

"You mean I still get to be on the team?" Ron asked hopefully. He now had a good feeling that this school year was gonna be the best year of his life. He was dating his dream girl, who was at the top of the food chain and the most popular cheerleader, and now he was now an official school athlete. Man. I'm dating Kim, the girl of my dreams, and now I'm a football star. Ron thought to himself. If The Rock appeared here in person, I must be dreaming.

Barkin leaned in closer, wearing a stern look once again. Like always, no good deed goes unpunished in Barkin's book. "Talk to me after 20 laps." Barkin said. Ron thought that Mr. Barkin wanted him to run on the football field. He was about to go there when Barkin pulled him back again. "Save your running for game time." Ron sighed as he knew what Barkin really meant. He then got into a crab position and started crab walking.

"Thanks for letting Ron on the team, Mr. Barkin," Kim said with a smile. "I'll make sure he doesn't try to do anything stupid like cheating again." Kim then thought about it for a moment. "But I can't make any promises, with Ron being Ron." She then glanced over at Ron doing his crab walks and giggled. Teenagers, Barkin thought. Hopefully once they turn 18, their hormones will subside.

"I understand, Possible." Barkin said. "I do want to thank you for telling me about Stoppable's cheating though. I was almost ready to expel him before you used that puppy dog pout on me to let him stay on the team. He makes a great running back." Kim giggled some more at Ron's crab walking. Barkin then faced Kim with a stern look on his face. "But, that'll be the only time you used that heartbreakingly, adorable pout on me. Got it?" Kim nodded. "Good. Get to class."

The red headed teen turned one last time to see Ron still doing his crab walks. Kim smiled and went inside the school to head to class. Ron, sometimes you're too brave for your own good, Kim thought to herself as she walked the halls. I wanna do something special for you to take your mind off of those painful crab walks.

"19..." Ron said, counting his last laps around the football field as Barkin watches on. Man, this is brutal! Ron thought to himself as he started his 20th and final lap. Just one more lap to go. "...and 20." Ron then collapsed onto the field with exhaustion. Man, it's almost like being on The Challenge. Ron then sat up and faced Barkin. "That's 20 laps, Mr. B. Am I still on the team?"

"Well, I take it that you learned your lesson, so yes. Welcome to the team, Stoppable!" Barkin said with a smile, shaking Ron's hand. Ron smiled to himself as he was still breathing heavily from all those laps. "Now you better get to study hall before you miss the bell."

"Oh man! I can't be late!" Ron said, grabbing his backpack and running back into the school to make it to study hall. He was able to squeeze into the door before the final bell rang. "Made it." Ron then took his seat, and groaned as he still felt his muscles cramp. Why did Barkin had to put me though that? Ron thought to himself. He then felt a familiar presence, rubbing his shoulders. Ron smiled and closed his eyes as he felt Kim release all the tension.

"Had a rough time on the field, Ronnie?" Kim asked sweetly.

"If only you knew." Ron said before smiling again as Kim massaged his shoulders. "This is nice..." Ron was almost lost in his own world when he remembered something. "Look KP, I'm sorry I misinterpreted you and Monique's conversation. And for stealing your battle suit. And for using it to cheat my way onto the football team. And for putting your life in danger."

Kim giggled softly as she leaned into Ron's ear. "All is forgiven." Kim whispered. Ron smiled as he heard that. "And to really show you that I forgive you, I'm gonna do something extra special this weekend, just for you."

"No Kim. I appreciate the thought, but you don't have to go through any trouble. I'm happy with what you can do. And what you're doing right now." Ron said with a smile as Kim kept rubbing his shoulders. Kim blushed at Ron being modest.

"No arguing about this one, Stoppable. I'm doing something extra special for you this weekend, and you're gonna love it." Kim said with a seductive grin as she pushed down on Ron's shoulders.

Ron just sighed happily. "OK. You win. So, what you gonna do for me?"

"It's a surprise." Kim then gave his boyfriend a peck on the cheek before continuing the massage.

At the Middleton Mall, Kim made her way through the food court till she caught her best friend Monique, testing out her new iPhone. "Hey Monique," Kim said with a smile, approaching her table. "Is the iPhone as ultimate as I said it would be?"

"Girl, I'm never going back to my old celly ever again." Monique said. She and Kim giggled at that. "So, how are things going with Ron? Did he get any flak by Barkin for cheating?"

"Yes and no. He's gets to be the running back, but Barkin made him do crab walks as punishment" Kim said. The two girls laughed at that. "I'm so proud of him. He really stepped up in his own special way. I wanna do something special for him this weekend."

"Like take him out to a dress up meal?" Monique asked.

"As much fun as that would be, I was thinking something that me and Ron never done before." Kim admitted. "Something that involves a little risk."

"Risk?" Monique asked with a fake gasp. "Who are you and what have you done to Kim Possible?"

Kim just giggled. "Seriously Monique. Me and Ron have been going out since May. We've been a cute and sexy couple. And I'll never forget our first time..." Kim flashed back to the night when she and Ron finally lost their virginity to each other. Kim seduced him into coming over while her parents and twin brothers were away. When Ron entered the room, he found Kim wearing a naughty black dress that she was sure he would love. One thing led to another, and finally, they did on Kim's bed. Kim snapped back to reality. "Anyway, what's life without a little risk or being just a tiny bit mischievous?"

Monique just smiled slyly. "Girl, you're more right than ever. And lucky for you, I have the perfect idea to spice up you and your man's love life." Monique pulled out a set of keys. Kim gasped as she recognized those.

"Are those Barkin's keys?" Kim asked, shocked. Monique just shrugged, still smiling slyly. Kim then turned angry as she thought that Monique stole them. "Monique! You know how much trouble you could get into with him?!"

"Girl, chillax." Monique said. "First off, these aren't really Barkin's keys. They're a copy of them." Kim breathed with relief when her BFF told her that. "Second, Bonnie gave them to me."

"Bonnie?" Kim asked, confused. "Why?" Kim couldn't believe that her rival would give her BFF a copy of Barkin's keys.

"Well, she had Brick's locksmith uncle made these so she and Brick could sneak into the school during breaks and on weekends to, 'play the field'." Monique said, using that phrase in a suggestive tone. When Kim got the phrase, she just laughed hard. "Yeah. It's funny and dirty. Anyway, now that Brick's on to college, he gave these to Bonnie, who then gave it to me. Just in case I wanted to hook up with James Fregler."

"Oh that's right." Kim said, remembering that football guy that Monique had a crush on. "But, what's this got to do with me and Ron?"

"Your family is going out of town this weekend, right?" Monique asked. Kim nodded. "Well, since no one would be in school on Saturday, not even the teachers, you could lure Ron onto the field in your uniform and seduce enough to..." Monique jingled the keys as Kim puts two and two together.

"I don't really know about that Monique. It's really dangerous and stupid." Kim said in a doubting tone.

"Kim, almost no one is outside on Saturday. They're stuck inside eating sugary cereal and watching mindless cartoons." Monique said. Kim arched an eye brow, indicating to Monique that while Ron was 18 he liked to do those things too. "No offense to Ron. Besides, you were the one who wanted to do something risky, right?"

Kim thought about it for a while. Doing something like this could get me expelled and grounded. But, I did say I want to do something that involved a little risk anyway. Monique has a point. After all, what Barkin and the rents don't know won't hurt them. Kim then smiled. "Give me those keys." Kim said.

"That's what I want to hear." Monique said with a grin as she handed the keys to Kim. "So, how do you plan to seduce him onto the field this Saturday?"

"I have my ways..." Kim said with a mysterious smile, flashing her Kimmunicator.

Ron was asleep in his bed next to Rufus on early Saturday morning, wanting to do nothing but sleep in and watch cartoons while eating cereal when his cell phone rang, waking him. "Man..." Ron groaned as he sat up to answer his cell. "It's 7:30. Who calls at 7:30 on a Saturday?" Ron then picked up his cell and answered. "Hello? Who's calling me? And couldn't it wait till later today or tonight?"

"Stoppable!" Barkin's voice yelled through the other end. At least that's what Ron thought. Barkin's voice was enough to get Ron fully awake. "Where in the world are you?! Practice starts today in half an hour!"

"Half an hour?" Ron said, shaking off the sleepiness from his voice as he knew that he didn't have practice on Saturdays. "But it's Saturday. We don't do practice on Saturdays."

"Who's the coach here Stoppable?!" Barkin asked. "I want you on the field in 29 minutes or you could kiss your running back jersey goodbye!"

Ron shuddered at that. He didn't want to be kicked off the team now, not after all the crab walks he's done. "I'll be right there, Coach B!" Ron said, hanging up his cell and rushing to his bathroom to get ready. He took a quick shower and got into his football uniform. Once he went downstairs, he saw Rufus holding up a box of his favorite cereal, Lucky Charms. "Sorry little buddy! I got to get to practice in 18 minutes or I'm off the team! Bye!" Ron rushed out the door and ran to school. Rufus was confused when Ron said he was going to practice on Saturday. He then shrugged and opened the cereal box himself, drowning him in a sea of cereal and marshmallows.

Ron then made it to the school and rushed to the football field with two minutes to spare. "I'm here Coach B! Let's get practice..." Ron said, expecting to find Barkin and his team there, but when Ron made it to the field, there was no one in sight. "...started?" Ron looked around to find someone, but found no one. "Where is everybody?" He thought it was strange for Barkin to call him early in the morning and not be here. "I knew practice wasn't on Saturday!" Ron growled as he thought that he's been pranked. "I could be in bed right now watching cartoons! Those stupid prank calls! Why did they have to pick a worse time to fool me?!"

Ron turned to leave before he heard an all too familiar voice say, "Oh Ron..." Ron then turned around to see a smiling Kim wearing her senior cheer uniform, looking seductively at him from the bleachers.

"Kim?" Ron asked, now even more confused about the whole thing. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be sleeping in or something?"

Kim just giggled at Ron's cluelessness. "You cutie..." Kim said, sweetly. "Come over here..." Kim waved for Ron to join her.

"OK." Ron said with a smile as he walked to the bleachers and sat down next to Kim. "Man, I had a weird start this morning. First, Barkin called me to tell me that I was supposed to be at practice today. Then, I come here to find out there's no one here." Kim giggled softly. "Kim, why are you giggling?"

Kim then laughed. "It was me, silly." Kim said with a grin. Ron's eyes went wide at that. Kim prank called him to come out to the football field? "I told you I wanted to do something extra special for you this weekend. And since my parents and brothers are away, and no one would think to come to school on a Saturday, we could have a little time to ourselves right here. Doing all sorts of naughty things that would get us in detention..."

Ron was able to put two and two together and smiled. " naughty, KP." Kim giggled as Ron started to kiss his lady on the lips. After a few shorts kisses, Ron became curious again. "But, how did you get in here anyway?" Kim replied by jingling Monique's copy of the school keys in Ron's face. "Are those Barkin's keys?"

"A copy of them, actually. Monique gave them to me. It's a long story." Kim said, sparing Ron the details.

"Oh, OK. And I must say you did a great impression of Mr. Barkin. How did you pull that off?" Ron asked with a smile.

"With this." Kim simply said, pulling out the Kimmunicator. She then pressed a button and spoke into the microphone, changing her voice into Barkin's. "Stoppable, are you falling asleep in class again?!" Ron was speechless for a while until he started laughing alongside Kim. "Wade hooked it up. I can change my voice into 20 different people. Even Shego. But enough about that. Let's get to the fun stuff..."

"Oh. I know what you mean..." Ron said with a grin before leaning in and giving his lady a full on kiss on the lips. Kim closed her eyes as she got lost into the world of sweet pleasure. Such a risk doing it on the school football field. Out in the open. But luckily, no one would even know. Kim moaned as Ron moved his kissed down Kim's neck. She loved it when her man made her feel so good. Ron continued to kiss her neck as he trailed his hands to Kim's chest, playing with her breasts through her cheerleading blouse. Kim pushed him away playfully.

"I got something to show you..." Kim said with a smile. She then stood up and slowly removed her skirt. Ron was expecting to see a new pair of panties Kim bought. But his mouth dropped when he saw that Kim wasn't wearing any panties. She giggled at Ron's shocked expression. "You like what you see?" Kim turned around and bent over, showing her bare ass for her boyfriend to see.

Ron then smiled as Kim twerked her ass playfully, a move he liked. "Oh man...I want spank that tush till it's bright red baby!" Ron said. Kim giggled at that.

"Well, go ahead." Kim said, inviting Ron to do just that. Ron then used his left hand and slapped Kim's ass cheeks. She moaned with excitement as Ron continued. Ron spanked that behind with as much strength as he could, but enough to not hurt Kim. She then felt the familiar sensation of Ron licking her buns, something that he likes to do. Kim just giggled at that. "You sure know how to make a girl happy..."

Ron smiled slyly. "Well, that's the Ron man specialty..." He said. Kim then turned around and laid on her back, spreading her legs for Ron. Ron then started licking that pink butterfly slowly, making Kim moan. To Ron, Kim's pussy tasted like a sugar cookie. Just the way he likes it. Kim moaned louder as Ron sucked on her clit.

"Oh Ron..." Kim breathed as Ron continued to play with Kim's love button by using his mouth. He then used his fingers, first inserting one finger and then two. Ron picked up a thing or two about sex from the internet. Kim was amazed when Ron did it to her during their first time together. Pretty skilled for an amateur. "Faster..." Ron picked up the pace and fingered Kim's pussy faster and sucked on her clit harder. Her moans became louder as she felt her orgasm was coming close.

"You wanna cum, baby?" Ron asked with a grin, giving his fingers another deep thrust into Kim's pussy. Kim could only nod as Ron put his mouth back on her clit and prepared to bring his lady to orgasm. Kim felt herself rise and when she finally reached her peak, a silent scream escaped her mouth as she came. Ron smiled to himself as he tasted the sweet nectar of Kim's pussy juices. After a final kiss to her clit and one more lick of his lips, Ron leaned up and kissed his girl.

"I never get tired of that..." Kim said with a smile and blush as she sat up and gently laid her boyfriend down on the bleachers. "Now, it's your turn..." Kim then undid Ron's pants and pulled them down, revealing that he didn't wear any underwear. Ron was red with embarrassment as Kim giggled. "I think it's sexy..." Ron smiled at that as Kim began to give head, by licking the tip of his twelve inch dick. Kim was nervous about Ron's big cock fitting during their first time, but it was worth it. Because both that cock and Ron made her feel so good.

"Lick it..." Ron moaned with a smile as Kim started to suck on that cock. Kim was making audible slurping sounds as she went in and out, something that please Ron greatly. "Oh yeah baby..." Kim then used her hands to massage Ron's balls. Kim continued to suck and massage her man's private parts as he continues to moan with great pleasure. Kim then removed her mouth from Ron's dick, a stream of saliva connecting from his cock to Kim's mouth.

"Now, for the favorite part..." Kim said with a smile, getting off the bleachers and grabbing a blanket, laying it down on the field. Kim then took off her cheer blouse, leaving her fully naked. Ron then took off his football jersey and shoulder pads, leaving him nude. Ron then laid down on the blanket and rubbed his dick, inviting Kim to join him. She smiled as she got into a cowgirl position and put his cock into her pussy. Kim moaned as she started bouncing up and down on Ron's huge cock.

"Kim baby..." Ron moaned as he grabbed Kim's ass and tightened his grip. "I love your ass..." Kim smiled as they continued to romp, with Kim's ass slapping in time with Ron's thrusts. Man, the stuff Ron could do with that cock. Kim then leaned down and gave Ron a too short kiss on the lips. Ron then went faster, making Kim moan louder, wanting to send her on a trip of nirvana. Kim held onto Ron's shoulders as they continued to go faster, feeling both their orgasms close.

"Ron, I want to feel you...I want us to cum together..." Kim breathed as they both started to peak. After more fast thrusts, the young couple opened their eyes and gazed lovingly into each other. That was what sent them over the edge. A scream left Kim's throat as Ron groaned and the two felt their combined releases, their juices mixing with each other. After a while, they just laid there on the field, not saying a word as they were trying to catch their breath.

"So..." Ron spoke up. "...what else are we gonna do today?" Kim giggled at that as they both were still connected to each other, in each others arms and Ron's dick in her pussy.

"Whatever we want, baby..." Kim said, tracing his finger down his chest. "With a copy of Barkin's keys, anything is possible. But now, let's just stay like this just a little longer..." Kim then laid her head down on Ron's shoulder, loving their relationship and their senior year.

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