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Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Steven Universe and any of its characters. I am not making any money for the writing of this story.

Hope and understanding are always traits that one should strive for.  They do come with certain risks however. The world is a myriad of darkness, light, and grey, with its primary existence squarely in the grey.  This tale too, has many grey sections, but I warn you, it dips deep into the darkness. It may be so dark you question why you should ever hope or try to understand someone, why that risk is ever worth taking.  Well, to answer that, we must hit rock bottom first, rock bottom in this case referring to a most foul and treacherous string of events that starts with hope, plummets into darkness, and then drags itself through pitfalls, snares, shades of grey, and despair to once again reach the light of hope.

We begin our story with an optimistic half human boy named Steven Universe, and his unconventional family of sentient alien rock people.  He has recently come to terms with the fact that his mother was not exactly who he or really most gems and people thought she was. She was in fact a Diamond, and not a Rose Quartz soldier.  This revelation had caused dissent and disharmony among the team, but as with tight knit families, they learned how to use the divisive revelation to bring them closer together.

Steven, being the kind-hearted boy he is, decided that Jasper, another quartz soldier made on Earth, deserves to know the truth, and deserves to be healed.  Jasper had fused with something called a corruption, which is a gem whose mind has been destroyed by the direct attack of three Diamonds. The corruption spread to Jasper when she forced a fusion with such a creature, but its hold on her was much, much, weaker than those who actually sustained the attack, so Steven was able to heal her with his magical healing spit.  There was other damage though to Jasper, that no one predicted, and the way she acted because of this damage, well… is so horrible that I implore you to look away, stop reading this sordid tale, and continue on with your life.

Still here? Well, you have been warned.  


Jasper was still reeling from everything that had just happened.  She had failed her mission, she had failed to defeat the Crystal Gems. And now, now, her entire life was a lie.  The one she hated and her Diamond were the same, and they were both gone, gone and stuck inside some half-organic brat.  But the Crystal Gems were inviting her to join them. Join them.  Like any gem would ever accept her.  All the other gems that emerged from her Kindergarten were beneath her; Homeworld gems always looked down on her because of her colony and its infamy. Now these Crystal Gems were pitying her.  She wouldn’t stand for it. She was going to forge her on path, she was going to seize power. She smiled and thought of a plan. As the other gems walked away, expecting her to follow, Jasper was pleased the one she had in mind was closest.

“Wait, hold on,” Jasper grabbed Pearl’s arm, “you knew Pink Diamond right?”

“Um, I was her Pearl for a while, so yes. Why?”

Jasper glanced at the other gems as they got further away, “So you knew Pink Diamond better than anyone here.  You knew more of what was going on than any other gem.”

Pearl looked at the ground and fidgeted, uneasy with both the topic of conversation and the grip Jasper had on her arm, “Well, yes.  Why do you care though?”

Jasper grinned, “No reason, I just needed to distract you while the others put distance between us.”


Jasper yanked Pearl to her chest and held her tight with both of her arms. Her gem glowed and her body reverted more to its light form, then started to combine with Pearl’s.

“S-stop it! What are you doing?! Agh,” Pearl tried to pull away to free her hands but they had already turned into light and began phasing into Jasper’s chest, “No! I don’t want to fuse with you!” Involuntarily her body was releasing its physical form and merging with Jasper. Pearl tried to focus on reforming her own body and getting away, but between Jasper’s desperate thirst for power and what she believed was companionship, the pain that was spreading through what remained of Pearl’s body, and the shock from being pulled into such an unexpected situation, Pearl was losing.   Pearl screamed in pain, fusing usually didn’t hurt, but because Jasper was forcing it and Pearl resisting, it caused Pearl to feel like her whole body was on fire and being ripped apart a little at a time.

“Jasper! Let her go, she told you she doesn’t want to fuse!” Garnet yelled as she charged.

Pearl panicked. She didn’t know what to do, and she was being overpowered. She froze with this uncertainty and Jasper enveloped her. The two’s monstrous form began taking shape.  She was even more hideous than Malachite. She had two sets of arms and legs. There were two arms at her shoulders, the right one slender and the left muscular. From her midsection sprouted two legs, the right one muscular and booted, the left slender with a high sock and ballerina-like shoe. She was quadrupedal. On her right side, her limbs were a muscular arm and slender leg, and on her left she had a muscular leg and a slender arm. She wore a sleeveless bodysuit that initially was a vee neck but then turned upwards and went around her neck. The top half of the suit was bright orange with a black band around her waist, and the lower section of the bodysuit was a dark brown.  There was a yellow symbol centered on her chest, the top half the three points of a star, but the bottom a singular point of a diamond.

Her face, instead of combined features, looked more like Jasper’s face sandwiched between Pearl’s. She had two sets of eyes, the top set light blue and the bottom bright orange with jet black pupils. Pearl’s nose was above Jasper’s gem, and below were two fanged mouths. Her skin was orange-brown with darker brown stripes randomly on her body. Her messy short hair was white with a few streaks of light pink.  Bangs outlined Pearl’s gem and her entire face, and the rest spiked around her head to about shoulder length in the front. The back of her hair was a similar length, but it traveled down the center of her neck and back like a horse’s mane.

The top set of eyes started crying. Jasper’s mind decided a name for them, based on a Homeworld gem with similar coloration: Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye easily intercepted Garnet’s attack and then swatted her away. She laughed, her voice was mostly Jasper’s with Pearl’s barely audible under it, “That was even easier than I thought.”

“Stop this right NOW!” Garnet yelled, “You’re hurting Pearl with this abomination you’ve made!” Her glasses had been knocked from her face and all three of her eyes were narrow with rage, her blue eye had also started to cry.

Tiger’s Eye summoned her weapon, the combination between Pearl’s spear and Jasper’s helmet created a horn on her head.  It started spinning as a powerful drill. Tiger’s Eye dove into the ground with a cloud of dust kicked up from the sand on the beach.  Amethyst, Garnet, and Steven couldn’t see for a moment and the giant gem combination disappeared.

“G-g-garnet?” Steven was shaking from shock but trying to stay focused, “where did they go?”

Garnet strained and her red eye started crying as well, “I-I don’t know! This was so unpredictable.  I never imagined a gem could force another gem into that twisted form of fusion, even in the worse case scenarios for healing Jasper I didn’t come close to predicting this.  I don’t, I can’t know where they’ve gone.”

Amethyst ran over to the crater Tiger’s Eye created, “Fine, let’s try to follow them through this tunnel then!” She considered Jasper to be family, in the sense that blood relations worked for humans.  However, she considered Pearl family too, not by “blood,” but by choice. She had seen Pearl as a big sister for thousands of years now. They fought, they laughed, they bickered, and they loved each other.  In this situation though, Amethyst felt the fact that Jasper was made here on Earth instead of Homeworld meant nothing compared to her bond with Pearl.

Before the trio entered the recently dug tunnel, the ocean started filling it, Tiger’s Eye was escaping into the sea.  Steven hastily made a bubble to follow Garnet and Amethyst under water. They followed the tunnel until it opened into the vastness of the ocean.  From there they tried to search, but there was no trail, no trace for them to follow. The three of them continued to search, even though they knew it was hopeless.  Night fell and then morning broke. Steven started falling asleep despite his best efforts.

Garnet grabbed Steven as his bubble popped from exhaustion and started swimming to the shore.

“What are you doing? P. is still out here!” Amethyst demanded.

“We lost her Amethyst.” Garnet looked away from the purple quartz, “we lost her, but I won’t lose Steven too.”

Amethyst opened her mouth to continue to argue but no words came out.  She knew Garnet was right. Tears started streaming down her face as she followed Garnet with the unconscious Steven back to the shore.

...To be continued.

Author’s Note: Rather than a lengthy note in the beginning to set the scenario up I decided on exposition heavily inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, which I also do not own any rights to.  I won’t start every chapter that way, but I will likely use it in the next chapter and a few more times down the line to establish facts for this version of the SU world.

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