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16 year old teen hero Kim Possible woke up and got out of bed, ready to start her day. One thing was different about this week, though. Her best friend and partner, Ron Stoppable, was going to be in Orlando, Florida with his parents during Passover since he's Jewish. It was going to be quiet without him around, but Kim thought to herself, It'll be fine.

Kim then reached for her Kimmunicator to contact her young tech friend Wade for updates on her arch foes and anything else that could be going on in the world right now. "Morning Wade," Kim said with a smile. "Anything sitches?"

"Everything's been quiet for the last few days. You might have a record week without any missions or villains." Wade said.

"That sounds really great." Kim said, loving the sound of a normal week.

"Kimmie! Breakfast!" Kim's mother, Anne called out. Kim then hung up her Kimmunicator and rushed downstairs to find her breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs already made. Anne then came into the kitchen carrying a suitcase and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead. "Morning honey. Hope you like it."

Kim's father, James then came in, also carrying a suitcase. "Honey, we better get going if we're gonna catch that flight." James said.

Kim turned confused when James said that. "Flight? Are you guys going on vacation?" Kim asked.

"Your father and I are going to the Annual Rocket Science Conference in Florida." Anne explained. "We'll be gone for about a week."

Kim then frowned as she thought about one thing. "And I suppose you want me to babysit the twins?" Kim asked, not really wanting to deal with the tweebs.

"No! Cause we're going too!" Jim said, already heading out the door with his brother Tim.

"Hoo Sha!" Tim said, as Kim sat in the kitchen with a shocked look on her face.

"So, does that mean you're gonna leave me home alone, for the first time?" Kim asked with a hopeful smile. She's been waiting for a chance like this. No parents, no annoying twin brothers. Just her and her alone.

"We trust you to be responsible." Anne replied with a smile. "You can have at least 6 people over for slumber parties, but no wild teen parties." Kim nodded at that with a big smile on her face.

"And absolutely no boys!" James said sternly. Kim nodded at that and James smiled. "OK Kimmie Cub, you're good to go." James then kissed his daughter on the head as he headed out the door.

"Have fun, and we'll see you on Sunday night." Anne said, giving Kim a hug before leaving the house.

As soon as they were all gone, Kim let out a loud, "Whoo Hoo! I'm free for a week!" She then rushed upstairs to change into her clothes for school.

In the halls of Middleton High, Kim was telling her BFF Monique about her incredible situation. "Home alone?" Monique asked in disbelief. "For a whole week?! Girl, that is amazing!"

"I know, right?" Kim said with a giggle. "I just can't believe that they trust me, especially after what I did on Halloween." Kim then pushed that memory of her getting grounded for a month out of her mind as she continued to walk and talk with Monique, thinking of the things she could do while she had the house to herself for 7 nights.

"Girl, this calls for a party." Monique said with a smile. Kim then glared at her.

"No Monique. The rents said no wild parties. They said I could have at least 6 girls over, but that's it." Kim said. Monique nodded.

"Got it. No parties." Monique said. Then, they were approached by a blonde girl carrying books.

"Excuse me? Does anyone know where Room 237 is?" The blonde girl asked. She had an amazing body with double D breasts and a curvy bottom. From Kim's first look at her, she could be mistaken for a super model.

"Yeah. It's across the hall, two doors down on your left. We'll walk with you. That's where we're going too." Kim said with a smile as she and Monique walked with the new girl to her destination. "You're new here, are you?"

"Yeah. I just moved." The blonde girl said. "I'm Molly."

"I'm Kim, and this is Monique." Kim said. Molly's eyes lit up in recognition.

"You're the Kim Possible?!" Molly asked with a gleeful smile. "I'm such a huge fan. The stuff you do is amazing." Kim just blushed. She really liked people giving compliments about her heroics.

"It's no big, but thanks." Kim said with a smile as they reached the room and took their seats. As the bell rang, Kim's principal and often substitute teacher Mr. Barkin entered the room.

"OK people, before we get started, I would like to introduce a new student. So please welcome, Molly Brown." Barkin said. The students all exchanged greetings to the new girl who was seated next to Kim. "Now that we're covered, today we'll be watching a PBS documentary on the Holocaust." The students all groaned at that. "This isn't a movie theater people! This is history class, so be quiet!" The students then fell silent as Barkin started up his VCR and pressed play. But instead of the documentary, the studnets were treated to something completely different.

"What the..." Kim asked as she became shocked at the picture in front of her: a lesbian gang bang porno. While the female students were grossed and freaked out by it, the male students all cheered with delight at the sight of nude girls.

"I said quiet! What is so hard to..." Barkin started to say before he realized he played the wrong tape. "What the heck?! How did I get those tapes mixed up?!" Barkin then stopped the porno tape, much to the displeasure of the boys. "OK, sorry about that. I must have left the documentary at home and got it mixed up with my rental from Blockbuster."

"Excuse me, Mr. Barkin?" Bonnie, Kim's fellow cheerleader and rival asked, raising her hand. "Why would you want to watch those Violation porno tapes anyway?"

"Somethings are best left private, Ms. Rockwaller." Barkin said, through clenched teeth before continuing. "Anyway, I'll go to the library to see if they have a copy of the documentary. I'll be back in a few. Please use this time for silent studying."

As soon as Barkin left, Kim and Molly started talking to each other. "Barkin renting a porno? I never imagined that." Kim whispered with a smile.

"I know. But I really hate those kind of dirty movies. The ones where the girls are all jerks and just want to violate the single girl. That's just so wrong on so many levels." Molly said.

"Wow, you really have a good moral compass." Kim said. "You wanna come over to my house later tonight? My parents are gonna be out of town for a while."

Molly smiled at that. "Sure, that'll be great." Molly said as Barkin came back into the room with the right tape.

A few hours after school, Kim and Molly were at Kim's house in Kim's room, talking about the porno they watched during history. "I mean, I like to be rough when it comes to fighting off bad guys, but I'm a nice girl. I just can't believe girls would be that cruel." Kim said. "Choking her with a dildo while trying to fuck her in the pussy with two. That could seriously break her."

"I know, right? There's all kinds of those lesbian movies. Some sweet and erotic, and some hard and mean. But I really hate those movies where the girls are bond, sometimes gagged, trying to please a mistress who is just plain old mean." Molly said. "If I were a mistress, I would be a nice mistress, who would reward her special girl when she deserves it. And while she punishes, she's always make it up by simply giving her submissive sweet pleasure." Kim smiled at that.

"Wow, it seems that you know a lot about that kind of stuff." Kim said. There was a awkward silence between both girls before Molly broke the ice.

"Kim, you mind if I tell you something? And please don't take it the wrong way." Molly said, wanting to get something off her chest.

"Sure Molly." Kim said with a smile.

Molly took a deep breath before she confessed, "I'm bi sexual. I like both girls and boys. I had this crush on you for two years since I heard about you. And when I finally saw you, I wanted to try you." Kim was shocked when Molly said that. A girl had a crush on her? She found nothing wrong with that, but she has never tried girls before, having been focused on boys.

"That's...I don't know what to say." Kim said with a light blush, feeling just a little embarrassed.

Molly simply smiled warmly at her new friend and put Kim's head on her chest. "It's OK. Have you ever kissed a girl before?" Molly asked.

Kim then looked up. "Well, no." Kim said. Then, suddenly Molly planted a full loving kiss on her lips. While shocked at first, Kim decided to return the kiss, getting lost in the feeling, loving the taste of her cherry chap stick. After the kiss broke, Kim smiled at Molly. "You taste like cherries."

Molly and Kim shared a giggle fit over it. "It's getting a little warm." Molly said, pulling up her shirt to reveal a blue lacy bra. Kim then lifted her shirt, revealing a red bra. "You have such a great body Kim." Kim blushed lightly under her smile. "No really. Your boobs are so cute."

Kim giggled softly. "Really? Even though they're a little small?" Kim said, holding her arms under her bra.

Molly smiled warmly again. "It doesn't matter about size. Let me show you." Molly said, unhooking Kim's bra to reveal her perky boobs. Kim then started to get more comfortable, not covering her boobs. Molly then started to lick one of Kim's nipples, with the red headed teen moaning with sweet pleasure at her first time with a girl. "You like that?"

Kim simply nods, still moaning over Molly sucking her nipples. Molly then reached Kim's lips again before slipping her hand down the hero teen's pants, starting to rub her mound through her panties, getting it wet. Kim still couldn't believe that she was about make love with a girl...and she likes it! "Thank you..." Kim said through moans.

Molly simply smiled again. "Lay down." Molly whispered. Kim did just that, with Molly's hands on her hips. After undoing her belt, Molly pulled down her jeans, revealing her now wet red boy shorts. Molly giggled at Kim's wetness as she pulled down those panties, revealing her pink pussy. "Just enjoy the moment..." Molly then kissed Kim's mound, making the red head moan louder.

Kim kept moaning as Molly licked that pussy of hers, loving the feeling of pleasure. "How does it taste?" Kim moaned. Molly smiled while still licking.

"Like a cookie..." Molly said, her voice muffled by her lips on Kim's pussy lips. Molly then sucked on her clit harder, making Kim moan louder. "You wanna cum?" Kim nodded, feeling her orgasm close.

Kim just twisted and turned, loving Molly's tongue. With the blonde hair teen's tongue deep in her pussy, Kim finally came. "Ahh!" Kim exclaimed as the waves of orgasm came over her. Molly continued for several seconds, loving the taste of her new friend's juices. After one kiss to Kim's clit, Molly then leaned up and kissed the red head lovingly. "Mmm...I do taste like a cookie." Kim and Molly just laughed at that. "I don't know how I can repay you."

Molly just smiled slyly. "I know how. And I can teach you." Molly said, removing her jeans and blue panties, revealing her shaven pussy. She then settled Kim until her pussy connected with her face. "Just lick it right there. And just forget about everything else."

Kim nodded as she started to lick Molly's clit, making the blonde girl moan with sweet pleasure. This was Kim's first time pleasing a girl, and like her website said, she could do anything. Molly then ruffled Kim's hair playfully while moaning louder as Kim sucked on her clit.

It wasn't long till Molly reached her peak and finally came, letting out a loud moan. Giving Molly time to recover, Kim waited till she caught her breath and reached and kissed her. "Thank you." Molly said with a lustful smile.

"No big." Kim said with a sly smile before kissing Molly again.

"Kim, can I be your mistress and you be my submissive?" Molly asked after the kisses broke.

"A nice mistress, like you wanted?" Kim asked, playfully.

"Of course." Molly said, giving Kim a peck on the cheek.

"Sure. After all, you lighted up my world. Besides, my parents and brothers are out of town for the week. You can stay here if you want." Kim said with a loving smile. Molly then laid on top of Kim and kissed her again.

"Then we're set. I have the stuff all in my backpack." Molly said, grabbing her back pack and pulling out a collar. "Would you mind wearing this? Just for the week?"

Kim settled herself up and grabbed the collar. "Sure." Kim then put the collar on her neck, making Molly smile. "I'm all yours." Kim then kissed Molly again, loving the taste of her cherry chap stick.



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