Circle of Friends

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Didi stood at the base of the stairs listening to the kid’s conversation in Dil’s room. She had a smirk on her face as she heard them discussing the events that took place in the room.

“All of us,” Dil began, “for one night, we all have sex in this room.”

“Are you crazy?” Tommy asked, “There’s no way we’d pull it off.”

“Pull what off boys?” Didi asked from downstairs.


“We were planning to see a movie next Friday night,” Dil lied, “but Tommy’s right, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off because were planning on going by ourselves and we remember the last time we did that.”

“Well it’s a good thing I caught you before you made that decision; that night the adults are going to a party and Grandpa will be in charge. If you want to go to the movies, you’ll have to ask him.”

“Fair enough.”

The doorbell then rang and as Didi went to answer it, she had already formulated a plan that Friday. She opened the door and shook hands with Betty and Howard with a big grin on her face.

“What are you so happy about?” Betty asked.

“Meet back here at midnight,” she whispered to them, “we’re going to have a meeting.”

“About what?” Howard asked.

“We’ll discuss it at the meeting.”

“Alright, Di,” Betty said before calling Phil and Lil down.

Chas and Kiara came about 5 minutes later and were told the same thing. Stu came back with Chaz after having a fun night with the guys and was told about the meeting. Didi then called Charlotte, Drew Lucy and Randy, telling them to come to her house at midnight for a meeting. Once all the kids were in sound asleep, the parents snuck out and drove to Didi and Stu’s place. They sat in the dining room conversed among themselves before Didi got their attention by ringing a bell.

“Thank you all for coming,” Didi said taking her seat, “I promise this won’t take long as we all have work in the morning.”

“Alright, Di,” Betty said, “let’s hear it.”

“So, I over heard the kids conversating with one another and they talked about having a get together this Friday.”

“Oh,” Chas commented, “like a party? What’s the occasion?”

“They’re going to have an orgy.”

The adults conversed amongst themselves in confusion before Kiara asked, “What’s an orgy?”

“It’s a sex party,” Charlotte said, “that we are going to put a stop to.”

“Actually, Charlotte,” Didi said, “that’s not why we’re here.”

“Then what is this meeting about?” Randy asked.

“To discuss having a little get together of our own.”

“What?!” everyone except Didi exclaimed in unison.

“Think of it this way; for as long as we’ve known each other, we’ve never once considered having an orgy amongst ourselves.”

“That’s because we’ve never had the time,” Chas said.

“Correction: we’ve never made time. If the kids are making time to plan this out, then we’ve had no excuse to put off an orgy for this long.”

“She has a point,” Howard concurred.

Everyone turned to Howard as he continued, “I mean, with the responsibilities of work and raising the kids, we’ve put off having free time for ourselves. It’s all worth it in the long run, yes; but every now in then we owe it to ourselves to take a break from all the responsibilities and just have a little fun. Take Charlotte for example-”

“What about me?” she asked, looking around the table.

“How often have you taken time off just to enjoy yourself?”

“…As often as I need to.”

“What about when you want to?”

Charlotte was dead silent as Howard said, “I’m not asking for anyone to quit their job, just to take at least 1 day off every other month.”

“I’m with Howard,” Randy said, “time to ourselves is not only good for us, but I dare say it’s necessary.”

“I second that,” Chas commented.

“Me too,” Stu said.

“Why not?” Lucy asked rhetorically, “I say we’ve earned this.”

“I’m actually interested in this orgy,” Kiara concurred.

“You said it, sister,” Betty said.

“What about you Charlotte? Drew?” Didi asked.

They looked at each other before Drew said, “Sure, I think this could be fun.”

“And it has been 5 months since my last day off,” Charlotte said.

“Then it’s settled,” Didi announced, “We’ll all be going out for an orgy this Friday.”

“Out where?” Chas asked.

“Stu and I will rent a little place on the other side of town.”

“Like a hotel?”

“Even better.”

That Friday evening, they all met on the other side of town to a small little brown house with a white door and grey roof. As the adults stepped into the house, they gawked in awe upon entering the living room. The white sofa popped against the brown wooden wall with pale rugged floor being glistened by the ceiling light. To the left was a kitchen with all the essentials for a kitchen as well as a dining table with 2 chairs.

“This is nice, Didi,” Chas said in a gaze.

“I’ll say,” Betty concurred.

“So glad you like it,” Didi said as she took her dress, “And at only $70 an hour.”

“Hold up!” Charlotte exclaimed, “are we getting started now?”

“The bathroom’s the first door to your right if you have to go.”

“No, what I mean it-”

“You’re not getting cold feet, are ya?” Betty asked taking off her shirt.

“No, it’s just-” *clears throat, turns to Didi* “-first door to your right you said?”

“That is correct,” Didi replied undoing her bra.

“I’ll just be a moment.”

As Charlotte headed to the bathroom, all the other adults began stripping themselves. Once they were all in the nude, Didi wasted no time before embracing Betty and grabbing her fat ass. Kiara then bent down and began sucking Chas’ cock as well as Stu’s whilst Randy and Lucy began embracing on the sofa.

“My wife won’t be long,” Drew told Howard.

“Then let’s not waste time,” Howard said bending down to Drew’s cock.

“Wait, I’m-”

“Nervous? Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

Howard took Drew’s cock and shoved it in his mouth, his tongue slobbering all over the prick as well as the shaft. Drew leaned back against the wall and moaned as he placed a hand on Howard’s head.

Betty and Didi engaged in eating each other’s pussies, whilst Betty slapped Didi’s ass in excitement. Their tongues smeared around and penetrated one another’s vagina, filling them with immense pleasure as they moaned. Chas and Stu, meanwhile, shoved their cocks in either end of Kiara (Chas in her mouth and Stu in her ass) and groaned blissfully as her insides compressed their members.

“Damn, Chaz,” Stu grunted, “your wife has a tight ass.”

“I know,” Chas acknowledged, “it really was quite an experience when we tried anal for the first time.”

“I can relate; when Didi and I tried anal, it was like entering a condensed cave of ecstasy. Well for me anyways, Didi was going nuts.”

“She screamed?”

“Would’ve woken Tommy had she not reached for the pillow in time.”

“Yeah, Kiara had to bite down on the blanket just to keep her sanity. Thankfully she got used to-”

Kiara then popped Chas’ cock out of her mouth and said, “I need to excuse myself.”

“Oh, of course dear,” Chas replied.

Stu reluctantly released his cock from her ass and complained, “I was about to blow my load, too.”

“Well,” Chas began, bending backward, “mines open if you really need it.”

“Thanks, Chas.”

As Stu shoved his cock in Chas’ ass, Kiara made her way to the restroom, where she saw Charlotte (still fully clothed) on the toilet reading a book.

“Oh!” Charlotte exclaimed, shielding her eyes, “I’m sorry, I’ll just-”

“No, it’s okay,” Kiara said.

Charlotte then stepped out as Kiara closed the door behind her. Charlotte then took a peak at the living room and gasped at the sight of the orgy at play. Betty was fingering Lucy as she was sucking Randy’s cock, Didi was sucking both Stu and Howard, and Drew had his head tilted back with as smile as he fucked Chas in the ass. Charlotte slowly crept back to the restroom but suddenly felt a tap on the shoulder.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she turned to Kiara.

“Sorry,” the Asian said.

“No, don’t be. I’m just so…I don’t know…”


“That’s being too nice; I’m terrified.”

“Of what? We’re all friends, yes?”

“I just…I don’t want to come across as…perverted.”

“…What do you mean?”

“Growing up, I was taught that having sex with anyone that wasn’t your husband was considered perverted. I was taught that sex is the driving force behind a good marriage. If we’re just having sex for the sake of it, why be married at all?”

Kiara then placed her hands on Charlotte’s shoulders and said, “I cannot speak for you or your husband, but when I married Chas it wasn’t for sex. It was for love. This orgy won’t make me forget why I married him. It would truly be perverted if I slept with another man behind his back. But because we’re all friends and agreed to this, I won’t feel guilty in the morning. I’m not going to force you to partake in this orgy, I’m just saying it wouldn’t make you a pervert if you did.”

Kiara then walked back into the living room while Charlotte leaned back against the wall. She sighed as she looked at her book for a moment. Starring blankly at the cover, the sound of various moaning went on in the background as she thought about what Kiara said.

That’s why I married Drew, she thought.

She recalled when she and Drew first fell in love. It wasn’t something planned or expected. It was just two young people who enjoyed each other’s company. They laughed, they argued, they compromised, they helped each other out when they needed. They even had a kid together. All that time, sex was just an afterthought.

She then put the book on the floor and started taking her red vest off. She then pulled her dress down before undoing her shirt, revealing her magenta bra and panties. She them off and starred down at her naked body before taking a deep breath and walking into the living room.

The room went silent as they all gawked at her. As she blushed, Kiara walked up to her and placed her hands on her shoulders.

“You got something on your face,” Charlotte said, pointing out Kiara’s cum covered lips.

“Is that a problem?” she asked.

“Not in the slightest.”

The two women smiled as they embraced and kissed each other passionately before knelling down on the floor. The each shove a few fingers in their respective pussies and moaned with ecstasy as they embraced one another.

Everyone else went back to what they were doing before. Chas and Stu were fucking Didi in the ass and pussy respectively, grunting and groaning with intense pleasure as she whaled blissfully. Betty and Lucy scissored each other on the sofa, with Betty squeezing Lucy’s tit whilst they both moaned with pleasure. Finally, Howard shoved Randy’s cock in his mouth as he gave Drew a vigorous handjob; all men were moaning and clenching up with ecstasy all the while.

When it was all said and down, they all let out a cry of ecstasy as they came one after another. Charlotte and Kiara held each other tight as they quivered blissfully, while Stu and Chas winced as they blew their load in Didi. Lucy and Betty let out a faint cry as they quivered before relaxing on the sofa. Meanwhile, Randy and Drew splurted over Howard’s face, who had his mouth open taking ever last drop of semen. While taking a breather, Charlotte began to laugh (much to everyone’s confusion).

“What’s so funny?” Betty asked.

“<inhales> I actually thought this orgy would turn me into a pervert.”

“Hah! By that logic, we’re all perverts!”

Everyone than burst into laughter before cleaning themselves up and heading back to Didi and Stu’s place to pick up the kids.

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