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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss_ Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS

The heat was unbearable, it drove him right insane. He kept himself in another room, constantly purring and mewling, cooing as he tried to keep cool under the open window. Panting, he didn't know how long he could take this, but he had to stay away, had to keep her safe. Every so often he dealt with this, unable to hold himself back if he was near her. Thinking about leaving, the rocker stood up, only to be dealt with more heat, sending him out the window and running for the nearest body of water.

"Eric?" Geisha asked as she emerged from their room, yawning.
She stepped into the kitchen, looking for the drummer, unable to see him.
"Eric? Catman? Where are- oh...shit."

The ringing of the phone woke him up, and the man rolled over, first hitting his alarm then picking up his phone.
"Paul? Have you seen Eric?"
Starchild sat up, concerned, "No, is everything ok?"
"He's gone...You don't think..."
"Shit...the Elder said this may happen when you two got married..." 
"He's in heat..."
"Which is weird since you only hear of female cats doing it...any ideas where he could have gone?"
"No...the window in the den is open."
"He left then. Give me a week or so, he'll be ok."
"Bye Geisha...try not calling at six in the morning again..."

It was still unbearable. He had to have her, but he didn't want to hurt her. Normally he was on tour when this happened, and he used the heat and energy for his drumming, but being off a tour this one tie was throwing him off. He whimpered, the pain in his cock drove him nuts, pining for her body. He dropped to his knees, whimpering, mewling, cooing constantly. If he didn't have her soon, he was going to go insane. How to deal with this was beyond him, but he had to do something, anything, just not that thing. The lake didn't help him and if anything it made him hotter. He mewled, sitting against a tree he saw, hoping maybe this will wear off.

"Eric, Eric! ERIC!" Kris yelled out, wondering where he was. 
The rain poured down hard, but he had to be here somewhere. The Elder gave her the only hint of advice she could: look by water. The lake was here, so he should be too. Should, didn't mean he was.
"Eric, please...I haven't seen you all day, I miss you!"
She heard mewling in the distance, realizing her could hear her, but he was moving away. Thunder and lightning cracked above her head, rain pouring hard enough to drench her. 
"Eric! Please! I'm sorry you're dealing with this, but I can't help!"
"Please babe! It's probably hurting you worse!" She yelled out, trying to and him. 
"Stay away! Please! I don't want to hurt anyone!"
Geisha realized the noise came from above her, and she looked up, grabbed the lowest branch and started climbing. The farther she got, the louder his whimpering got. She had him cornered. She found that last branch.

She covered him up after making sure he got a nice hot bath in. He was breathing heavy in his sleep, and she had the place locked down to prevent him from running again. He clenched the pillow, gritting his teeth in his sleep. Geisha sighed, gently rubbing his shoulder before going off to the shower herself for a nice hot bath. 
His eyes popped open, glowing green. He sat up, hearing the shower, smelling something he knew he liked. Something he didn't get to smell as well out of heat as in heat. He knew it too well when up close. He could smell her, she was dripping wet. He heard water churning, and realized she just got in, masking the scent. He just sat there for a moment, planning. He had to take this, he was snapping, losing all control. No more waiting, no more promising, no more, no more, no more. He would hurt her, rape her, do whatever he had to do in order to have that warm wet heat, to impregnate her. 
Kittens...he wanted to love her, push himself to the brink and back, force it on her. As the last of his sanity bled away, he thought how he knew he wouldn't want it this way, but he lost. Lost to the heat that ravaged his body.
Geisha's head snapped up as she heard the animalistic cry. He was awake, and fully in heat, yowling as the pain throbbed in his member. She quickly stood up, stabilizing herself as the door started to splinter out. He was breaking in.

"Now listen to me, Geisha. When he's in heat, Catman isn't going to know right from wrong, he's going to want sex, rougher than anything you've had. He'll bite, scratch, possibly do things you have never done before."
"I don't know your sex life. Now listen, once this happens, try to talk him down, but don't anger him. If that doesn't work, let him do what he wants."
"What does he want?"
"Children. He's aiming to get you pregnant."

"Eric stop! I don't want to replace that door!"
She heard him, still cracking the door.
"Eric! I'll open the door, just stop!"
The splintering stopped, and Geisha took a deep breath, slowly opening the door, or tried to. Catman flew through it the minute he saw it opening, pinning her to the floor. Her eyes wide, looking at his. 
"E-Eric, calm down! Please Catman....think about this. Shouldn't we really sit down and talk about having children?"
"Ok, ok, but could we at least move to the bed, be a bit more comfortable? I don't want to smash my head off the tub, plus I need to drain it."
"No, no no no! I want you now!"
She could see it, see the pain, they want. He was frantic. 
"Fine, just...move me? The bed will be so much comfortable than a cold hard floor..."
He picked her up, nearly running to the room and dropping her on the bed, grabbing her ankles moved her, more towards him, pressing her body against his. He let a deep growl out, his head tilting back, gritting his teeth. He bent over, taking a nipple into his mouth, hardly waiting a moment now that her soft skin was beneath his hands. Her back slightly arched, feeling his tongue pressing against her sensitive skin. She put a hand on his head, hoping she could keep him semi-calmed. It wouldn't work, but she could try. And fail.
He wanted her badly, able to smell her, taste and see her. Hearing her breathing hitch as he bit down on her nipple. She yelped, hitting his naked back. He growled, quickly flipping her over. He quickly bit the back of her neck, holding her in place. She realized that she wasn't getting out of this at all now, he was territorial towards her, biting her neck as his way to keep her in place. Putting his hands on her shoulders, slipping them down so that his hands were on top of hers, she felt herself becoming filled, quickly. 
He didn't stop to wait for her but continued to thrust in a manner that reminded her of him being upset. He was fierce, and not letting up. She gritted her teeth, trying to move her head but he only clenched down on her skin harder, leaving marks. His hands moved from the bed, slowly trailing up her arms, his fingertips hardly leaving her skin. She watched one of his hands travel up, then his fingers slowly wrapping around her upper arms. He sat up, taking her with him, his teeth not once letting go. He held her arms to her side, his body still moving. She bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut. 
She wanted to tilt her head back, but she didn't want him to bite down any more than what he already was. Though she wondered, if it appeared to him she was giving in, when she already had, if he'd stop. She slowly started tilting her head back, and to her surprise, he did let go. He put his head next to hers, his arms wrapping around her body. Mewls escaped his mouth by her ear, making her blush. She reached behind her, putting her hands on his thighs. She let them run up his body until she was cupping his rear, pushing him forward into her body. 
He groaned, arching his back against her, hugging her against him. He slipped out, panting, grabbing her with one hand and spinning her around. She looked at him wide-eyed, watching as he pushed her down, interlocked their fingers and thrust hard into her core, making her gasp and cry out. He kissed her, this time waiting, but only slightly. He began to move yet again, picking up speed with each thrust. 
"Careful! I want to enjoy this too!"
He looked at her, the heat still there, his eyes full of it, but perhaps she did manage to get through. He lowered his eyes, lashes casting shadows on his tanned cheeks as he bent his head, taking her lips with them, slowing the speed of his hips. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her against his body as his kisses trailed down her jawline to her neck. She moaned, arching her back against his body, feeling his soft lips nipping and sucking, leaving little marks unlike the one o the back of her neck.
She felt those lips, normally painted red, move to her breasts, taking slower strokes inside of her. She felt a hand move down, knowing what he was up to. She was right when that hand reached near her entrance, rubbing her clit. She gave a cry, scratching his back, reigniting his heat. She gasped as he suddenly started back up, thrusting hard. He watched her breasts bounce with his thrusts, enjoying the sight. She decided it was time to fight heat with heat.
She grabbed his shoulders, and flipped them, not understanding how she did it, but the look on his shocked face gave her the oomph she needed. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she rocked quickly, making him moan her name over and over. She loved it, somewhat understanding what he was up to as she watched him, panting herself, saying his name in between pants. He groaned, purring. The louder he purred, the closer he got, and she knew it. She kept going, listening as his purr became deafening. She leaned down, kissing his lips until he busted. He gave a cry, yowling, his body shaking. 
He arched then fell to the bed, bouncing a bit. She shivered herself, feeling her own orgasm from that last thrust.

Whether that one night worked or not, Geisha was entirely unsure. For one, he didn't act like a cat in heat anymore, however....if that was the case...She looked down at her hands, waiting for the response.

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