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Rubbing her belly, the mother peered out the window, a teenaged girl staring at her with a mop in one hand, her head in the other. Her ocean like paint stood out from the rest of her family. Neither her mother or father no longer wore their makeup, both retired from their duties of guarding the guardians of the black diamond. Next to her sat a man writing. The black star on his face stood out. 
"So how's training going Starchild?" 
"Fine Mrs. Sawyer."
"Labor progressing yet mom?"
"Bit by bit Wavestorm. The twins aren't active. They haven't been for weeks. Then again I get the feeling the girls are just too big for the womb now."
"You staying for the show Paul?"
"No thanks, Julie and I are gonna go out to a movie, I am not gonna stay to watch your mother birth two demons."
"Now now," Milena smiled, "Don't insult Demon."
Laughing, Starchild got up, putting away his material, "I'm gonna go before this gets messy." He bent over, giving the same age girl a kiss on the cheek, making her smile. 
The two watched him leave, with Milena sighing.
"It's fine mom. Dad is busy with the Elder as he always is. He may have retired from guarding The Fox, The Ahnk Warrior, and Starchild's and Demon's parents, but you know he can't sit still for two seconds."
"I know quite well he can't. If only he did the dishes while he was at it..."
Wavestorm started to laugh until she cried with her mother. Milena quit laughing to hold her stomach, feeling a contraction hit hard enough.
"Oof...I'm gonna go to the bedroom now, go outside and wait for your father, I think the first of the twins are coming. The Elder will probably be with him."

Reed and the Elder crested the hill, talking quietly between them. He eyed the book in her hand, knowing what it as for. 
"Do you think it'll give it didn't with Wavestorm until she was nearly six."
"I have the feeling it will. Those twins are going to be strong."
Sighing, he felt a jolt run through him seeing his eldest child staring down the hill at them, glowing black against the purple and blue sky. He knew what this meant, and his legs sped up, carrying him to the door. He tore it open, being welcomed by the sound of a child crying. The Elder followed, eyes widening. She was looking down at the book as he raced into the bedroom. Upon opening it, two faces and two names appeared. She closed it, eyes moving to stare into the hall before following him down it. 
She found them, smiling, each holding a tiny daughter. She only assumed that the youngest was in her mothers' arms, while the oldest was being held by daddy. 

"Are you sure? Neither of those run int he family. I can create tornadoes and hurricanes, and he creates ice, both of us able to use water, which is where Wave gets it from."
"I'm positive. One is Samurai, the youngest is Geisha. This is their face paint." The Elder held out two pallets, Both with red, black and white, and a sheet of paper showing what it was to look like, "Their powers should show up in only a few days."

Wavestorm was leaning back in the recliner, holding her twin baby sisters weeks after they were born. Next to her, playing his guitar and tuning it was her boyfriend, Starchild. He was tuning his guitar, playing it to hear if it was done right. She watched him, noticing how one of the twins seem to be a bit more pink than usual. Not thinking too much of it, she returned to watch him when they noticed, as he played, the sound got louder and louder. Wavestorm noticed something glowing pink, and quickly looked down, wide-eyed.

"So she has her powers than...which means Samurai must as well."
"Lucky them...they'll be able o get a handle on theirs early on.."
"Oh, do just find yourself."
Geisha and Samurai were happily sleeping in their bassinet, not like being separated from the other in the least bit. Staring at her children, Milena wondered slightly what their lives would entail.

Crawling around on the floor, chasing the other, the twins had fun, knowing they were never far from the other. Milena looked at them, then at the paper, she had been drawing on, variations of the face paint the girls would be wearing once they were five. She looked down at them again, smiling. They were having fun, plain-faced, hardly using powers fun. 
"Oh girls, what to do with you two when you are older..."
The twins only looked at her, before continuing their little game. They raced around the place, having fun with the other, knocking over multiple pieces of equipment. 

The twins got into more messes than their older sister ever did, but Milena supposed that was the life of having two under a year old. She picked up some blocks the girls had left littered on the floor and looked at her girls. Geisha was constantly using her power without realizing it, and Samurai didn't even try. She wondered what the girl could do. Until she found out, she supposed that the power of her twin wouldn't harm her sister
She smiled, watching as they started to doze off on their playmats. She went over, gently picking one up and putting her in her bassinet, then the other in hers. The girls slept for a bit while their mother caught up on her cleaning. Geisha woke up first, looking around quietly with her fingers in her mouth. She rolled her lower half a bit, doing something to just move. Looking around, Geisha heard a noise, realizing it was her mother.
She cried, wanting her attention, effectively waking her older sister up. Milena ran over, picking up both her girls up and cradling them in her arms. She gently bounced them, putting Samurai back to sleep then taking Geisha with her to the couch where she held her while watching her favorite show. Once she noticed her little girl was watching, she changed it to a child's show that she thought her daughter would perhaps like. 
The little girl happily watched the show with her mother, snuggling down for the rest of her nap.

Trying to work on music around the twins was nuts. No matter how many times Wavestorm yelled at them to stay out of her music room, they would run back in. She finally had enough and chased them out, slamming her door shut and locking it. It didn't take long before the sound of something entering the key area rang in her ears. She stopped dead, wondering who, besides her and Starchild, had a key to her bedroom. 
"Starchild, is that you?"
The door swung open to show two very unapproving little girls, and a tall teenaged boy, confused, with a key in his hand.
"Why...are they outside your room?"
"Cause I just kicked their AAAA--....rears out."
He looked down at the twins, who looked up at him with puppy eyes, before pulling a face and looking at their older sister for help.
"Oi, you two, out. Starchild is gonna help me music."

Geisha looked from her mother to her older sister, listening to them arguing over something her sister had done. She didn't understand it at all. She turned her attention back to her twin, watching her sister trying to do something she didn't understand either. She went near her, watching. 
"Hey girls, why don't we go outside?" Their father asked, scooping his nearly one-year-old daughters up and took them outside, away from the screaming match between mother and first born. 
He didn't want them hearing that, especially what it was about. They were far too young to even understand. He watched them run around on the grass, thinking about his twins. However....he wanted more.

"You want another baby!? Jeez, let these two grow up a bit first! I do NOT want three under three!"
"Well, yes. I would like another. But we can wait." He handed her Samurai for sleepwear. 
The toddler looked at her sister, who shrugged and continued beating her teething ring. Their mother switched out their rings for cooler ones, letting them chew on them until they fell asleep in her arms. She tucked them in, knowing in just a few short days, the twins would be a year old.

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