Electric Love

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: _I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss_ Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS_

The sights of the city were always the same for the KISSterian. Without her makeup, Mary appeared like any of the other women around her on the bus. She held her bag on her lap, her days shopping. Like many, Mary would shop for dinner that day, making sure everything is fresh. She was thinking about how to make the meat itself when a text came through her phone. She smiled as she read the message from her lover, Tommy. Smiling, she quickly sent a message back.
"Looks like someone stole your heart."
Mary brought her head up, then looked over at a woman across the way.
"You could say he stole my heart many years ago."
"Must have been nice to fall in love like that."
"To be honest, it scared me so much I ran away for three years, returned when I found out he was still single."
The woman gaped in surprise, "But...why didn't you chase him sooner?"
"Because I was scared. I was young and didn't know what to do with the feelings I had."
Partially true. Mary realized her stop was next, and stood up, gathering her bags. 
"It was nice talking to you, but I have to go, I have dinner to make."

Tommy looked up from the magazine he was reading, an article about KISS none the less. He watched as she seemed slightly annoyed. 
"What's wrong babe?"
"Oh nothing, you know strangers."
He smiled, closing his eyes. He closed the magazine, having finished the article and watched her set to work on dinner. 
"What's for dinner tonight?"
"Oh, something easy. How does chicken sound?"
"Easy in terms of throwing it in the oven, or easy in terms of Mary's way?"
She chuckled.
"Ok, it'll take a few hours to get this done."
Smiling, he got up to help her.

Tommy offered to clean up, allowing Mary to get a shower in. He ran the dishwasher, closing it with his foot. He turned the lights off, locked doors and windows before heading up the stairs to bed. He could hear the shower going once he entered their room. Unlike many rock stars, like Gene and Paul, Tommy and Eric preferred more cozy homes. He shut the door behind him, then begun to dig through the closet for his Spaceman costume. He pulled one of a few out, the Love Gun era one. He put it over the chair in the room, pulled the boots out and set it with the costume, along with his makeup case. He had an interview with Eric in the morning, both needing to be in KISS costume and makeup.
He opened the door to the bathroom, "Just getting ready for bed, babe."
"It's fine, I'm nearly done anyway, just need to wash out the conditioner."
He proceeded to brush his teeth, staring into the mirror until she pushed open the door, stepping out with her towel wrapped around her body. She joined him at their double sink, him looking over at her briefly before spitting out the toothpaste and reaching for the mouthwash, wiping his mouth with the hand towel he planned to throw in the laundry basket. 
"I got laundry to do tomorrow." She said as she let the towel drop, brushing her hair out. 
"It can wait a bit. We both have places to be tomorrow. Don't you have to go to KISSteria for something?"
"Hmm. Mama. She's not doing well. I gotta convince her to let Kris come to see her, you know she hasn't wanted a thing to do with her since Kris married Eric on a whim."
"Not sure if that was a whim," Tommy said, smiling, tapping his toothbrush against the side of the sink as he turned the water off and put it on the side. 
She looked at him, "You don't' think it was a whim?"
"If it was, don't you think they both would have gone to the Elder by now, before the kids, to get a divorce recommendation? The Catman and The Geisha is our longest running married couple with The Starchild and The Wavestorm following behind."
"Yeah but Star and Wave are the longest running couple out of our little group. You and I are the shortest..."
"And I wouldn't change it. I just wish you never ran."
"I had no choice."
"Ready for bed?"
"Yeah, let me braid my hair."
He smiled as he moved to the bedroom, changing out of his day clothes into his pajamas, a pair of briefs and sat on the bed, waiting. She walked in, slipping into a pair of panties and tank top, joining him.
"Tomorow's gonna be busy." She said, curling up on her side next to him.
He smiled at her as he settled down in bed, turning off the lamp next to his side of the bed. He rubbed her arm, pulling her close to him. She smiled. It felt good to be this close with him. In a way, she did wish she hadn't run away, but now she realized how close it made them.

She groaned as she woke up, seeing blue and red lights flashing through the room, and Tommy at the window, a shirt on. 
"What's going on?"
"A drug bust I think."
She sat up, stretching and looked at him, tired. She slipped out of bed, walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his body. He put his hands over hers, still looking out the window, then over his shoulder at her, smiling. 
"Ready to go back to sleep?" She asked, yawning.
"Don't know if I can sleep now, the sirens got my heart beating, woke me out of a dead sleep, dunno how you slept through it."
"I slept through the Destroyer ordeal..."
"I believe it."
He turned around, wrapping his arms around her waist. She hugged him, still tired.
"What can we do to get you tired then..."
"Well, I got an idea." He smiled, cupping her elbows. 
"What's that?"
He kissed her lips gently, putting a hand behind her head and holding her there. She kissed him back, despite being tired, but she came to slowly realize that may not be for much longer. She put her arms around him as he reached down, cupping her rear and picking her up. She rested on him as a child would to their mother. He gently carried her to the bed, planning to be as loving as he could be that night. 
He gently laid her down, getting over her and kissing her passionately. Her arms stayed around his neck, although lazily, Tommy had no desire to remove them from his body. She let him nuzzle her, moving to kiss down her jawline to her throat. His tongue dipped into the hollow of her throat, making her back arch slightly. She had her eyes closed, her hands gently traveling down his arms. 
He sat up on his knees, hard as a rock, wanting to take her but wanting to be careful. He slowly took his shirt off, getting back over her. He kissed her, gathering hair in his hand and pressing his closed fist against the back of her head. She pressed against him, her nipples hard through the thin shirt she had on. He put his hands on her waist, slowly pushing it up over her breasts, his lips taking a hardened pink nipple into his mouth. She moaned softly, her back arching slightly as he played with the other. He heard her make a noise, enjoying the pleasure he provided her. 
She felt him pull her nipple to a peak in his mouth, his tongue working at it. He let her nipple be, moving up to her neck. She moaned, her hand resting on the back of his head, her fingers intertwined with his hair as he licked and sucked on her neck. Pressing against her, she could feel the bulge between her legs. 
"Tommy please.." She begged in a soft voice, yearning for him now. 
He knew she wanted him, but he wanted to still go slow. He spread her legs apart with his knee, his hand trailing down her belly and thighs. He felt the heat and moisture before he even had a chance to cup her womanhood. She made a few noises, her cheeks red as he reached up, removing her panties. He pressed his hand against her, a finger working its way inside of her. She whimpered, wanting something bigger. 
"Hang on for a bit." He said, pressing his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes as his finger worked in and out while his thumb rotated her clit. 
She moaned out, arching her back, wanting him badly. He wanted her too, but he wanted to please her, to take her to an electrifying high. He bit her lip gently, pulling away enough when he kissed her. He nipped down her body, adding a second finger. She quivered, her back arching, expecting him to give her her orgasm, but he pulled his hand away, settling between her legs. He used his fingers to pull her lips apart, tasting her as he dipped his tongue in. He enjoyed that taste, wanting it more than what he normally got or gave. 
Yet he knew he expected it in return, perhaps this time, he'd focus entirely on her. He felt her core quiver, knowing she was that close. He pushed for her, feeling the contractions on his tongue as she came. He removed himself after giving her one last line from the bottom to the top, flicking his tongue at her sensitive clit.
Getting over her, he gave her a kiss, knowing that later on in the week, when she would blow him and he came in her mouth, she'd make sure she'd kiss him back. Her arms wrapped around him as he went to remove her shirt, making it just in time. He positioned himself, reaching down to guide his cock into her core. When he entered, her body clenched and shivered, her arms crossing her breasts as her toes curled. 
Once he was in entirely, it was like pressure released, she was able to relax. Once he felt her relax, he started moving. She moaned out his name, back arching and arms circling his neck. She held him close, feeling his arms hug her tight to his body. He squeezed, biting her shoulder, trying to prevent himself from going faster than what he was. Feeling himself calm down, Tommy continued on, thrusting into her body.
She moaned his name over and over, feeling his lips against her jaw, ear, and neck. He licked, nibbled and bit the sensitive skin. He loved the taste of her, every bit of her. He never could get enough. He wanted so much more, wanted to try so much. An idea came to mind, something he hadn't tried before. He brought his hand up to her breast, grasping it and shocking her, sending electrical currents through her breast. She yelped, looking at him with wide eyes.
He smiled, having a hell of a time not laughing at her reaction. He knew it wasn't enough to hurt her, but enough to bring attention to it. He did it again, hearing and feeling her reaction. She arched her back, slightly enjoying the ever so slightly painful sensation of him shocking her. He pinched a nipple between his fingers while his teeth worked at the other, his member moving slowly but constantly inside of her core. 
She moaned, wanting to kiss his lips. The lips that were normally black, but now they were slightly red and swollen, like hers. She reached down, pulling his head up and forcing a kiss onto his lips, nibbling and sucking, fighting tongue to tongue. They kept against each other, not wanting to let go of their partner. She held onto him tightly, biting into his shoulder as she felt the tension build up in her belly. He kept it up, starting to go a bit faster, slowly losing control of his powers. He could feel electricity building up in his arms and hands, gathering her up in his arms and holding onto her. 
She moaned his name against his neck, trying to muffle the noise even though she knew no one could really hear her but him. Not that he minded, but it embarrassed her, she just couldn't help it, however. It came naturally. As was she. He felt the contractions around his member, his back arching slightly, pushing him against her body. Close himself, he discharged some electricity against her back, making Mary jump.
He had to laugh, hearing his KISS name. He kissed her, biting her lips, making her feel it there. She gave an angry groan, hitting his shoulder. He grunted, moaning softly. He could feel it making it's way up, feeling the high of him about to blow. He held onto her arms, bruising them. Mary felt Tommy swell, heard his moans of pleasure, knowing he was about to blow. When he did, he moaned her name, throwing his head back, coloring her walls white. 
He collapsed on her, panting hard. She wrapped her arms around him, breathing heavily herself. He slowly and shakily pulled himself out, interlocking their fingers together as he rolled them over to lay on their sides. He rubbed her sides, staying close to her. 
"Tired?" She asked, sleep dowsing her voice. 
"A bit. Go to sleep. I'll be right behind you."
As she drifted off to sleep, he watched her for a bit before turning his head and shoulders to see out the window, seeing that while they were a bit busy, the drama outside died down. He smiled, turned back, settled down and fell asleep not long after.

Seeing her naked body the next day after their shower, and while he was getting ready, adding the last touch, his black lipstick, Spaceman instantly felt guilty. She had marks on her body from where he had shocked her. 
"It's fine Space! Besides my costume can cover this up."
"You're not wearing the full body one today, are you!? It's over a hundred out!"
A small chuckle welcomed his ears, and he closed his eyes, relishing in the sound, "Don't forget my power dear."
A smile graced his face, eyes opening. 
"Right. Wind."
"Love you too, Tommy."
"Love you, Mary."

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